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Radio News Sample Script LEAD-IN Tax Break © €4(SLUG) (NUMBER PAGE) > 1/1 Black €-(YOUR NAME) 1/14/03 €(TODAY’S DATE) You might be paying fewer taxes next year. At least Governor Doyle hopes so. € (LEAD-IN) Jane Black attended the governor’s press conference at the State Capitol Monday. € (STORY IN-CUE) Outcue: “...I’m Jane Black, for the UW Netcast.” SOT: State Capitol ambient sound (3 seconds) Est. Time: 2:10 End Time: TAX BREAK €(SLUG) (NUMBER PAGES) > 1/3 BLACK (YOUR NAME) 1/14/03 €(TODAY’S DATE) SOT: Capitol ambiance, establish, then under Black: Capitol observers have heard it before, but the governor seemed serious when he proposed a middle class tax cut this week. The governor said the reduction should take effect in 2004. At his Capitol press conference Monday, Doyle said it’s time state government trims its fat. SOT: ambiance fade under... SOT Full: Doyle “For too long now, the people of Wisconsin have worked harder and gotten less take-home pay. This has to change and when this law is in place, it will mean more growth and a stronger state economy in the end, The tax cuts I am proposing today will provide relief to all segments of our population, but particularly to working men and women.” € (COMPLETE CUT) Outcue: “...and women.” € (CUT OUTCUE) Runs; :17 | (CUT LENGTH) Doyle says the cuts could reach ten percent for the average Wisconsin taxpayer. But University of Wisconsin Political Science Professor Ben Walters doubts the governor’s sincerity. SOT Full: Walters TAX BREAK €(SLUG) (NUMBER PAGES) 2/3 Black €(YOUR NAME) 1/14/03, €(TODAY’S DATE) “He's made these kinds of promises before and not come through. And although the Legislature has a lot to say about it, he has to be the one to push it through and get it done if he’s serious.” Outcue: “...ifhe’s serious” €(CUT OUTCUES) Runs :09 €(CUT LENGTH) Professor Walters thinks winning elections is the real reason Doyle is making his appeal. He says Senate Republicans are forcing the Governor’s hand, in hopes of building momentum for acquiring more seats. But Doyle says he is simply living up to his 2002 campaign pledge. In fact, both the Republicans and the governor have proposed tax cuts of about the same size. And both say their cuts are directed toward the middle class. According to Professor Walters, the Republicans and the Governor cannot agree on what income level constitutes the middle class. Walters says Doyle defines middle class as those families making between 20 and $0 thousand dollars a year. SOT Full: Walters “The Republicans, on the other hand, would define middle class as any family earning up to 150 thousand dollars, The differences are huge.” Outcue: “...The differences are huge.” (CUT OUTCUE) Runs :13. €(CUT LENGTH) TAX BREAK €(SLUG) (NUMBER PAGES) 3/3 BLACK €(YOUR NAME) 1/14/03 €(TODAY’S DATE) Walters predicts a stalemate over those huge differences. But the governor says he is witling to compromise. SOT Full: Doyle “It is time to put partisanship aside. if the Republicans want a middle class tax cut as much as { do, they will be willing to sit down with me to find some common ground, The working people of Wisconsin deserve nothing less.” €(COMPLETE CUT) Outcue: “...deserve nothing less.” €(CUT OUTCUE) Runs: :12 SOT: State Capitol ambience, establish then under through end of piece The Governor’s invitation is receiving a chilly response from state Republicans. Senate Majority Leader Mary Panzer (PAN-zer) says she has heard it all before. SOT Full: Panzer “How many times will the public fall for the governor’s political posturing on taxes? He will raise taxes to balance this budget. Of that, I am certain.” (COMPLETE CUT) Outcue: “...I am certain.” €(CUT OUTCUE) Runs: :09 Senator Panzer says hasn’t heard from the governor but is willing to negotiate as Jong as no new taxes are proposed. I'm Jane Black, for the UW Netcast. SOT: State Capitol ambient sound (3 seconds) €(STORY OUTCUE)