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raerarepBy | supong | osntarao0s oe, cacxepsy | esieceg | osataczoos CHEM OVED BY Seong canine PLANT I DEBOTTLENECK PROJECT cermin sy | sieomg | o3.ar2008 shedden uhde REV. DATE. CHECKED APPROVED DESCRIPTION” A 11.Feb.2008 ESJeong ESIeong Issued for approve o 03.Mar.2008 ESJeong ESleong Issued for Construction PTT CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED METHOD STATEMENT OF EXCAVATION AND BACKEILL WORK (8004-$-11-A2-4S-001) ‘AREA CODE TWRE JOB NO. PLANT CONTRACTNO. PTT CHEM JOB NO. ‘THAI WOO REE ENGINEERING CO, LTD g004D fee ELVE - 4 MAR 2008 10f4 BY: Kantitat N. Rev. 0 Date : 03.Mar. 2008 Method Statement for Excavation and Backfill Work Page :2 of 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 General 2.0 Main Equipment 3.0 Survey Work 4.0 Excavation Work 5.0 Flood Protection and dewatering 60 — Backfilling Work 70 Safety cc Method Statement for saline Excavation and Backfill Work ete ane ae Page :3 of 4 1.0 General This Method statement describes the Construction Sequence, Procedure and Material for Excavation and Backfilling soil at Plant 2 Debottleneck Project The Method statement is to give a general guideline for the construction, The details of the procedure may be modified based on actual site requirement. The excavation and backfill shall be follow PITCH specification no.PS-J-05-1 2.0 Main Equipment 2.1 JCB. or Backhoe 2.2 Dump (6 Wheel ) 2.3 Plate compactor 24 Pump 3.0. Survey Work 3.1, Activity ~ Survey and marking existing facilities Elevation 3.2. Equipment and Tool - Theodolite (Elevation) lea 4.0 Excavation work A 4.1 Complete existing U/G facilities verify. 4.2. All obstruction to be diverted or protected. 433 ICB or Backhoe excavated soil from top ground level to design level. 44. Prepare for the flood protection. 4,5. Surveyor marked and checked location and elevation of the excavation work. 5.0 Flood Protection and dewatering Flood protection will be provided for the protect from rainy. Provided the temporary sump or temporary gutter at the working area. With submersible pump sufficiently capacity for dewatering the are during the construction process and rainy. 6.0 Backfilling Work 6.1 Backfill work shall be commenced after structure gain adequate strength. GE Method Statement for ee Excavation and Backfill Work Seen Page 4 0f4 62 Cleaning and other works, which are in backfill area, should finish before backfilling start. 6.3 Spread material around the foundation, carry the backfill on all sides to the same elevation in each lift by backhoe or suitable equipment and level into a layer of 300 mm. 64 The plate compactor or suitable equipment shall compact so as to meet the dry density whilst spraying adequate amount of water. 6.5 Spread material into area and level into a layer of 300 mm. For 1 meter deep from foundation shall be compacted in layer by plate compactor or suitable, 6.7 Repeat above step until specified level 8.0 Safety 8.1 All equipment will be checked prior to use. All electrical cablés will be undamaged, with proper connectors. PPE will be issued to all personnel. 8.2 Work permit shall be submit for approved before start work. 83 All electric hand tolls, electric equipment, ladder, scaffolding must be inspected and got approval before using. 84 House keeping must be performed daily. 8.5. Foreman and safety person must stand by at all time, 8.6 Located and protected the excavation area by temporary fence, 8.7 Around the excavation area must be installed the warning sign.