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To our very supportive Public Schools District Supervisor, Mam Nenita A.

Berina, School Heads who are present today, to the facilitators, reliable
speakers, to our District Coordinator in Mathematics, Mam Analyn Sabilla, and
to my co-participants, good afternoon.
I am tasked to give my impression for this 3 day Division- Roll Out on
Content Development Program in English and Mathematics. First, I would like
to thanks those persons involved for giving us the opportunity to have this kind
of training. This is my second time attending the same kind of training and it
made me realized how important language and communication skills in
teaching mathematics. The knowledge that I got here will serve as my tool in
teaching meaningfully to my pupils not only in Mathematics but also in other
learning areas.
Second, I would like to congratulate my co-participants for our very
active participation and for being enthusiastic to learn something from this
training. I also congratulate the facilitators who managed the training program
efficiently. The program objectives were attained, and this is now a challenged
among us to apply it in our respective school. With regards to the trainers,
they were very good, reliable and resourceful. Proper time management was
observed in every session. The venue was well lighted and ventilated. Tables
and chairs were arranged according to groupings. The meals were good for
those who are having diet. In overall this training was well planned and
Lastly, I would like to encourage everyone to share the knowledge and
skills we learned here to your co-teachers in your work place. Once again thank