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Fact sheet 4

Middle Childhood
Middle childhood starts around 6 years old. Most 6 year olds can dress themselves. Can
catch a ball, run, and hop. School-age children undergo rapid spurts in height and weight as
well as improvement in athletic abilities, ( Zembar|, Blume,2010). These are all physical
developmental milestones. Their gross and fine motor skills are improving.
Language developmental milestones continue to develop. During the school age years,
vocabulary increases fourfold, (Berk, 2013, pg.380). They will learn about 20 new words a day.
Children will learn to read.
Cognitive developmental milestones increase as the child grows. Their memory increases.
Young childrens fast-mapping is supported by a special part of short memory, a phonological
store that permits us to retain speech-based information in long term memory, (Berk, 2013,
pg.381).Children start to show independence from their parents, show more interest in the world
they live in and want friendships.

As children get older, they gain an increasing understanding of fairness and an

increasing capacity to feel guilt, shame, and empathy about moral wrongdoings. As they make

advancements in cognitive development, and especially as they become capable of abstract

thought, they reason about moral issues and dilemmas in increasingly sophisticated ways, and
they are increasingly likely to behave in accordance with general moral principles. Even at the
high school level, however, youngsters do not always take the moral high road, as personal needs
and self-interests often enter into their moral decisions,( Pearson,2015).
Middle Childhood children start school, they may have a hard time hearing the teacher,
this could be because of ear infections, they may not be able to see the board to copy
assignments they may need glasses. Or these could be a more serious sign, always talk to your

childs doctor and their teachers.

Berk, L. E. (2013).Child development. (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson