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S-uccessful completion of the Senior Exit Project is a valuable tool in determining your child's mastery
of the 21sI Century Skills and of the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards. Ple-ase take $ome time io
q-. discuss the project with your student and initial each of the items below to indicate that you have read
apd understand the project requirements.

of my student's selected research paper topic.

Ll I approve
I-Y-* approve of my student's selected project and understand that most of the work will be
/y) completed outside of normal school hours.
t l' I acknowledge that the topic of the project is something new to my student and will provide
my student witn a challenge.
I { I acknowledge that the mentor selected is at least 20 years old and is not a relative of

.{ il^


:3ri?Jrll ,nu, all transportation for work is the responsibitity of the student or parent.
understand that all costs and risks associated with tire proleit are the responsibility of
lhe student or parent.
understand that the final project must be physically at school the day my student will
present his/her Senior Exit Project. lf the product is a service or activity, it rnust be
documented by photos or a video.
I understand that integrity and honesty are just as important as all other components of
the Senior Hxit Projecl Any evidence that my student has plagiarized or has been
dishonest in any aspect of the $enior Exit Project process may result in a referral to
the $enior Exit advisors, administration, or other appropriate authority.
I understand that the Senior Exit Project paper, projecUportfolio, presentation, and reflection
paper are expected to be completed on their due dates. Failure to
rv Ihand
rqr rv rr
inI uvl
I rvl\
work on
i#; Jr* out*u will result in a significant loss of points.
I understand if my child does not pass a part of the Senior Exit Project, he/she will
need to continue working on that part until it is acceptable.
I understand that completion of all components of the $enior f;xit Project to an
acceptable level is a graduation requirement of Highland High $chool.
I understand that the high school, school district, and the State and their agents are not
responsible for all potential risks resulting from the $enior Project" Accordingly, I release
Highland High School, the l-ljghland Ccmmunity School District, the $tate of Wisconsin and their
agents from all claims a
any financial obligation incurred; property damage; mentor
accident suffered while my child participates in the Senior Exit

Yl r

me (Print)*


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