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Employability skill
Initiative and enterprise: being creative;
translating ideas into action; adapting to new
situations, skills that contribute to innovative

Examples (SAO situation, action,

S- At my old job in Lo Quay Cafe, Ive been
assigned to work on the Christmas eve shift.
The workplace was most definitely going to
be busy, with the amount of reservations that
day being a total of 20, however I have been
sick for the pass week showing no signs in
getting better and I didnt particularly want to
bother management to fill my shift.

A- I took the initiative and decided to create a

Facebook group chat with all staff members
and asked for someone to cover my shift.
Resulting in the most increased chance of
finding someone to cover my shift.

O- I was able to get someone to cover my shift

that day, and the Facebook group chat I
created is still in use to this present day by the
employees of Lo Quay Caf.
Communication: listening and understanding;
sharing information; understanding the needs of
customers, skills that contribute to productive and
harmonious relations between employees and

S- I was playing an Aussie Rules Football match,

as I would every weekend during the football
season and my football team (Rostrata
Football Club) were down by 5 points after
our opponent just kicked a goal and there was
only a few minutes left until the siren went
and for the game to end.

A- At the following bounce down the midfielders

(including myself) communicated and
strategize to get our ruckman to tap to me
using code words to confuse the opposition
giving them no indication of where we were
aiming to go. Our ruckman tapped the ball to
his left, when I yelled the word trap and the
ball fell straight into my hands and I blistered
through the field and dished out a precise kick
to our key forward who then had the
opportunity after the siren to kick the game
winning goal.

O- Our key forward had the opportunity to kick

the game-winning goal after the siren, which
meant he had plenty of time to steady himself
and gain his composure. He then slotted the
ball straight through the middle giving us the

Teamwork: working as an individual and as a

S- Last year when I played for districts in
member of a team; coaching,
football (East Fremantle Club) which is the
mentoring and giving feedback,
top players in the East Fremantle area, they
skills that contribute to productive
recruited a new good player. The upcoming
working relationships and outcome
game (against South Fremantle), in the first
half we were struggling to break through the
oppositions defence, getting intercepted in
every play we tried to make and the new
player was struggling very heavily in the
midfield which is the position I played too.

A- At half time we all huddled up in where we

talked and strategize in how we could break
through their defence and lock the ball in our
forward half, I told my team to use our
commination more as its an essential skill
when it comes to working together as one. I
also mentored the new player with a bit of my
knowledge due to my previous experience as
a defender. He was having difficulties
containing his man as he was very quick, I
told him to always keep an arm on him telling
him to apply the touch and feel application
in where you get a sense of feeling in where
there going to go before they even start

O- In the second half we ended up breaking

through the oppositions defence due to our
ability to work very effectively calling out
where all the other players are and assisting
each other out when in need, and we ended up
winning the game by 1 point. The new player
also contained his man locking him down and
keeping him to a total of 4 possessions of the
ball that second half.
Technology: having a range of IT skills; being
willing to learn new IT skills, skills that
contribute to effective execution of tasks

S- My older brother received an assignment for

accounting, which he had to complete by the
end of the week. The assignment was to set up
a chart indicating his daily amount of money
he spends each day and average find out the
average, however it had to be done through
the program Microsoft Excel. My brother had
no experience what so ever with the program
and needed immediate assistance.

A- I took the time to assist and teach him on how

to use the specific program, as my dad
previously in the past had taught me on how
to use all the Microsoft programs and the
purpose of what they do.

O- From teaching him on how to use it, he was

able to finish his assessment a few days early,

which gave him the extra time to
identify/correct any errors he may have made
previously on his first attempt.
Problem-solving: developing practical solutions;
solving problems in teams; resolving customer
concerns, skills that contribute to productive

S- In one of my basketball games during the

season, the opposition was playing a strategy
called zone defence (basketball defence term)
in attempt to confuse my team and stop us
from scoring which turned it be effective as
we ended up being outscored in the first half.
Its effective as in my current age level, it is far
to advance to execute the technique in a
efficiently and effectively but they have been
practicing the technique consistently as they
were doing all the right things.

A- After having trouble scoring we decided to

manoeuvre around the court more in a very
high pace, in order to outrun the defenders,
which created space, giving shooters
including myself easy options for more
opportunities to get easy looks and take open

O- Our team was able to overcome the problem

of not being able to score from there technical
defence, and manage to consistently knock
down the open shots we created for ourselves,
and we were able to win the game.
Self-management: taking responsibility;
evaluating and monitoring own performance;
having personal vision and goals, skills that
contribute to employee satisfaction and growth

S- When I worked in Lo Quay Caf, I had a shift

to work the whole day on mothers day, which
is usually a very busy day. That day came and
we were indeed very busy as expected, and
very behind in orders as many people came to
have either breakfast or lunch. Me in
particular was struggling to keep up as there
was only 3 waitresss that day including
myself and there was just too many people to
serve, and this resulted in all my skills
declining, such as my communication skills,
when talking to customers I struggled as I was
just very stressed and had a lot in my mind,
but I had a 20 minute lunch break at 12

A- The lunch break gave me time to reflect on

what Ive been doing wrong and how poorly
my performance have been during the
morning, so I decided to set goals for the next
5 hours until it closes and refreshed my mind
forgetting about what has happened that
morning and prepared to work my but off and

stay focus, I also told my manager that I

apologised for the poor performance in the
morning and promised I would focus and
relax more after the break.

O- From evaluating and accepting in what has

gone wrong, I was able to move pass from it
and improve my performance and regain my
skills that I would usually possess on normal
working shifts, and the following 5 hours after
my lunch break, we were in fact ahead of
schedule and everyone was able to go home
on time.
Planning and organising: managing time and
priorities; collecting, analysing and organising
information, skills that contribute to long-term
and short-term strategic planning

S- During a school week my schedule was very

hectic in terms of how Im going to be able to
be prepared for the upcoming schedule, I had
3 tests in the same week at all different times,
which made me very stressful.

A- I decided to look into my calendar organising

a timetable labelling each subject a specific
time to study for it. I also manage my time
differently that week, such as instead of
training for basketball I took that day off to
study and stick to my plan.

O- From using my planning and organising skills

effectively I was able to keep relaxed and
when the test came I felt confident in passing,
later on after all the tests have been marked, I
found out I passed each of them gaining
marks all 60% and over.
Learning: being open to new ideas and
techniques; having enthusiasm for ongoing
learning, skills that contribute to ongoing
improvement and expansion in employee and
company operations and outcome

S- A close friend has been playing American

Football (also known as Gridiron) for a year
and had recommended I play American
Football with him and due to it being my first
time ever playing the game, I lacked in
knowledge and skill towards the game.

A- I decided to give it a go and participated in the

sport with my friend, at first I didnt really
understand the basics for the game. So I asked
my friend as well as the coach to assist me
through the process on the fundamentals for
American Football, and my coach in
particular really focused on me as his
emphasis to aid me to be the best player I
could be.

O- This led to me understanding the game more

and learning lots of new different skills from
all the assistance I received and my dedication
towards learning new skills and strategies
which I constantly practice wether its during

training or in my own time, I was able to

apply it during our games which was very
helpful and by the end of the season I was
awarded with the teams most improved which
was an indicator of how far I have come in
my first season playing American Football.