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Lesson Plan

February 28, 2014

Michael Coleman

TEKS 112.39 6B
Investigate examples of kinetic and potential energy and their
Define kinetic and potential energy (knowledge)
Identify the relationship between kinetic and potential
energy (comprehension)
Diagram the transitions and transformations of potential
and kinetic energy in a graphical form (Analysis)
Big Idea:
All objects are part of systems that consist of energy states and those
states are directly related. Energy is always conserved. (Have
students repeat this back to you)
Assessment Evidence:
Questioning during lesson
Exit Slip
Opening Hook:
Who has the most potential?
Stand up and turn to your neighbor and decide which of
you has the most potential
Bring Large Physics book to show how I have the most
Instructional Strategies / Student Activities:
Lecture (use whiteboard or smart board)
Define kinetic and potential energy
o Potential Energy Energy that an object had
due to its position.
o Kinetic Energy Energy that an object posses
due to its motion
Discuss different types of each and the variable involved
o Potential
Gravitational: E = mgh
Elastic: E=(1/2)kx2
o Kinetic
Motion: E = (1/2)mv2

Discuss how energy flows between these states by

Student Activity
Need two volunteers
Hand Volunteer 1: golf ball and foam golf ball
Hand Volunteer 2: golf ball and random object
They will be asked to drop them from the same height.
Students will first be asked to predict the outcome before
the objects are dropped.
The ball dropping will be analyzed in graphical form to
capture the energy transfer
o The class will analyze the situation and discuss
Materials / Resources:
Large Physics Book
Set of three balls and random object
o Normal Golf Ball (White) x 2
o Foam Golf Ball (Orange)
o Random object
Homework / Exit Slip Worksheet
Grouping Patterns:
Students paired up during hook
Student Volunteers during Activity
Ending, Summary / Reflection:
Ask a few questions as you hand out the homework / exit slip
worksheet (Examples)
Name the two types of energy discussed in class
Is energy always conserved?
Can object have both potential and kinetic energy at the
same time?

If someone tells you that you dont have potential, just stand on a
-Michael Coleman
Give students a couple of minutes to work on their exit slips.

Homework: Potential and Kinetic Energy
Due: March 2, 2015
If this experiment (dropping the ball) was conducted on the moon, the
ball would have more/less/the same amount of energy initially.
Circle one.

Be completely still for 5 seconds. Did your body experience any kinetic
energy? Explain.

Brainstorm and describe 2 real world situations where energy is

transferred from potential to kinetic or vise versa.

Can a ball be dropped from a certain height, and bounce to an even

higher height? Explain.

Neatly tear Just above the Line

Exit Slip


Gravitational potential Energy is dependent on weight and height

(relative to reference frame)? T or F

Kinetic Energy is dependent on velocity and weight? T of F