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Laura Godlewski

208 W Washington St Apt 1109
Chicago, IL 60606
September 15, 2014
Venture for America
Re: Mary Cornfield Letter of Reference
Dear Venture for America:
Mary Cornfield worked as a student intern for the Investment Office at the University of Notre Dame
and I had the pleasure of serving as her mentor in the office until I left the office in Spring of 2014.
Mary served on the operations side of the office which concerns itself with tracking investments and
managing the needs of our investment managers.
Mary is a diligent, intelligent and friendly student worker. No matter the time of day or the weather
could prevent Mary from presenting herself in our office with a cheerful disposition. Considering South
Bend weather and the long walk from campus this is really saying something! Mary would be willing to
pitch in on any project available to her and always asked thoughtful questions that would improve her
work. This included the mundane intern duties like running copies or the more complex data
collection projects I assigned her. No matter the task Mary jumped in with two feet and got projects
done efficiently.
An example of Marys excellence is the rapid learning curve she tackled when first starting. The office
has several hundred funds and many manager relationships. One of Marys tasks was to collect
documents from manager emails and websites and log them in the offices CRM database. This required
her to learn each of the managers, what asset class they belonged to and the other small qualities of each
of our investments. Within a week Mary was logging messages and documents with efficient speed and
diligence. Her work was correct and detailed which allowed for the important information to be
retrieved as necessary by office staff.
In that same week Mary also conquered the large task of documenting each of our managers listed
associates. This included fellow investors in addition to Notre Dame and accurately classifying them in
our fund database. This is a voluminous job that required a lot of attention to detail and the diligence to
do the same task over and over correctly. Mary executed the job, checked her work carefully and
reported her results in an exceptional way. These tasks were full of details that could easily be glossed
over by any other intern. Mary directed focus and attention to her task to complete them not only
quickly, but more importantly- correctly. This is how Mary applied herself to each task she was

Venture for America

September 15, 2014
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I want to recommend and commend Mary for all of her achievements at the Investment Office. She is an
intern we looked forward to seeing in the office each day and she will be missed when she graduates.
If you have any questions about Marys performance, or job duties at the Investment Office please do
not hesitate to reach out to me at 814-460-5276.
Laura Godlewski
Currently: Revenue Management Analyst Groupon
Former: Investment Accountant University of Notre Dame Investment Office