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Business Law - Case Questions
The authorities were not able to keep their end of the bargain which was to sell the tokens
to the public. Instead, the tokens that were there were less and were sold only on certain days. On
top of this, the toll prices had increased. If sued the authorities would have to re-consider as they
stand to loose in court
It is not a good argument. The Castagnas made an offer to sell the house at $2.3 million.
When Buffone accepted to buy the house, he was not supposed to come up with his own terms
For example; with the settlement date being December 31 st 2004 etc. when the Castagnas gave
the offer they did not include such terms. Buffone has no solid base of argument in this case he
therefore stands to loose the case should he sue.
Leonard does not stand a chance to win this case. Pepsi already explained that the harrier
jet was put in the advert for humor and entertainment. Furthermore all the items that could be

redeemed were included in the catalogue, which Leonard had already seen. His deciding to sue
the company is his own risk.
Yes a contract was formed but only once when she replied with a yes the other times
we are told she only merely smiled. By smiling, she did not agree to Vians suggestions so a
contract, which is a mutual agreement between two or more parties, could not have been formed.
No legal action can therefore be taken.

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