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Informative Leader Speech Assessment

WTCS Course Competency: Develop an oral presentation

Learning Objective: Students will display their ability to research and deliver an informative speech via video about a current or historical successful leader with at least 75% accuracy according to the grading rubric.

Assessment Description: The following assignment description is broken down into five main steps and is presented below.

1. First, students will identify a current or historical leader to research using topic selection techniques

learned in class to post their oral presentation topic on a Blackboard discussion board. Each student will need to pick a different leader to research.

2. In step two, students will collect credible information for their speeches using online periodical

databases, books, and the Internet to obtain research about a current or historical leader with 75% accuracy according to the grading rubric to incorporate into their oral presentation.

3. Next, students will organize their main points and supporting points in their preparation outlines

using one of the following informative organizational patterns: Chronological, Cause/Effect, Spatial, or

Topical. Students will construct an informative presentation preparation outline and reference page in APA form using a word processing program.

4. Students should practice delivering their informative speeches before attempting to record their

performances. Once students feel they have practiced enough and are ready to record their speech performances, they should find 4 friends or family members to serve as an audience for their speech presentation. When students digitally record their performances, they will need to pan and record the audience they have assembled before beginning their speech. Students will then upload their completed videos to You Tube or Vimeo and will submit them for grading by posting a corresponding web link to the recording on a discussion board.

5. Finally, students will assess their ability to construct and deliver an effective oral presentation in the

form of a blog posting. Students will also assess their partner’s oral presentation skills by completing the partner evaluation assessment form and submitting it to the instructor via email.

**Scroll to the next page to review how the assignment is presented to students**

Informative Leader Speech Assignment

Learning Objections:

To locate, read, and present credible research

To refine your organization, research, and delivery skills

To learn how to construct a preparation outline, to properly cite sources in a research document, and to create a proper APA reference page

To expand your knowledge on the traits of successful leaders

Description: The purpose of this speech is to inform your audience about a current or historical leader. A leader is someone who “leads or commands a group, organization, or country.” This person could have been a leader of a nation, tribe, association, or religious group. In this assignment, you will want to explain to your audience why the current or historical leader you have chosen is significant. In addition, you should explore for us the contributions they have made to civilization.

When constructing your speech, be sure to organize your information so that you are able to enhance the class’s understanding of your topic in the allotted time. Do not give your audience common surface information; like an encyclopedia entry, instead narrow your focus and be specific. Elaborate and explore your leader’s life. Strive to provide your audience with new information they may not have heard before. Be careful not to use lingo or jargon to an audience who may know nothing about your subject. In summary, you will need to uncover relevant research about your chosen leader, construct an organized outline using credible evidence, and successfully deliver a competent speech.

Where can I find a speech topic?

If you are having trouble finding a leader, review a list compiled by Fortune Magazine of the top 50 leaders of 2014: http://fortune.com/2014/03/20/fortune-ranks-the-worlds-50-greatest- leaders/

Speech topics that “Off Limits” include:

Fictional Characters

Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, & Mark Zucherberg

Where can I find research about my leader?

In newspaper and magazines articles located on the MSTC periodical databases.

Books!! Check out the UWSP, MSTC, and other local public libraries.

Search electronic books for free on the Google Books web site.

Television programs and Internet web sites including the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, PBS, E!, A & E, etc.

Radio programs found on NPR, WPR, or MN Public Radio.

Podcast episodes of The Stuff You Missed in History Class

Assignment submission materials include:

You will need submit a digital copy of the following items to the appropriate assignment submission area (drop box) on Blackboard by the due date:


Your full sentence preparation outline and reference page


If you choose to use a digital visual aid such as, Power Point or Prezi, you must upload it to the assignment submission area in Blackboard.


Assignment Guidelines




Your speech will be timed and should strive to be 7 minutes in length. There is a one-minute grace period. You will be deducted -5 points per minute over or under the time period off of your final grade. To avoid penalties, make sure you speech is between 6 and 8 minutes.

You may allow one of your audience members to time your speech while you are speaking and warn you that you time is running out. If you have your speech recorded on campus, you will receive a warning at 6 minutes.


You should strive to deliver your presentation as extemporaneously as possible.

Please do not read your speech word-for-word from a computer screen off camera. Instead, use your extemporaneous speaking skills.

To encourage extemporaneous delivery, students should use note cards to assist in delivering the speech. If you do not use a Power Point or your Power Point does not contain any words, you can use 3, 3x5 note cards (-2 pts. per card over the 3-card limit and per oversized note card). If you choose to use a Power Point or Prezi, you may only use 1, 3X5 notecard. You may write on both sides of the notecard.

You are required to have at least 4 people in the room when giving your speech (not including yourself). You can include children in your audience and they will count towards your 4 audience members. Pets do not count! You will need to pan the room prior to giving your speech to prove that you have 4 people in your audience. If you do not have 4 people in your audience, you will lose ALL of your delivery points.

Visual Aids

Visual aids are not required for this speech, but are encouraged.

There are no limitations on the number of Power Point slides.

You should strive to follow the 5x5 rule. Each slide should contain no more than 5 bullets with 5 words maximum per bullet point.

If you use a Power Point or Prezi when giving your speech, you are required to record the speaker, not the Power Point or Prezi.


Your outline needs to be in Times New Roman Font, size 12, double-spaced. You do not need to include every sentence you will say out loud during your speech, but your outline needs to be written using full sentences and should reflect the vast majority of your speech.

Your preparation outline must include and label the following items (see samples):



Introduction elements which include: AGD, Thesis, Establish Credibility, and Preview the Main Points




A conclusion


You should utilize one of the following organizational patterns to organize your speech:



Chronological, Topical, Cause/Effect, and Spatial.



If you copy and paste your information directly from a web site or other digital source, without paraphrasing, summarizing, or quoting the information in APA style, you will be in violation of the MSTC Code of Conduct. You will receive a zero on this assignment for plagiarizing the content.

APA Citations

Your speech outline will need to contain in-text citations using APA style.

& Reference

You need to turn in a reference page in APA style and provide a bare minimum of 4 source citations.



There are no limitations on the types or combinations of sources you must use.

How can I submit my speech video?

You have two options:


You can digitally record your video and upload the video to either YouTube or Viemo. I do not accept speeches via snail mail. Since you created a Blogger/Google account for your blog, you have access to You Tube with the same username and password as your Blogger account.


If you live in the Stevens Point area, I will be providing students a few times and dates to come to campus and to give your speech. I will digitally record your video and post your speech to the class informative speech wiki for you. If you choose this option, you also do not need to bring 4 people with you. There may or may not be other students in the room when you give your presentation in-person.

Video Submission Requirements




You will need to hold either a student ID or driver’s license photo up to the camera to prove that you are in fact the correct student giving the speech. I ONLY need to be able to see your name and your photo on the ID. Please block out the rest of the information with tape or your thumb. If you are still uncomfortable with this, please send me a scanned copy of your ID (with your personal information blocked out). I agree that we need to maintain privacy when using the Internet, but I have to have some way of confirming you are in fact the person in the video.


You can use a phone, laptop, i-pad, or camera with video capabilities to digitally record your speech.

Test your equipment. Make sure that the sound quality of the device you are using will allow us to hear you properly.

You may not digitally alter the video in any way, shape or form. You may not stop the video once you have started recording. You may re-record the entire speech as many times as you like, but you may not pause the video or digitally splice the video together.

You Tube

When using You Tube, make sure your video is set to “unlisted” or “public.” By listing it as “unlisted,” only people with the link can view the video. I would suggest this option.


Submit your You Tube or Viemo URL link by posting it to the class informative speech video Wiki.


**Sample of an uncompleted outline** **A sample completed outline is posted on Blackboard for you to review**

Your Speech Title

Your Name Prof. Kelly Soczka Kaiser Due Date

Introduction: (Write this out word for word in full sentences and label the following objectives in your introduction) AGD:

Thesis Statement:

Establish Credibility:

Preview Main Points (this is your transition):

Body: (Make sure you use full sentences for main points, supporting points, sub-supporting points, and transitions. If you use a signpost, see the example below).

I. Main Point

a. Supporting Point

i. Sub-supporting point

ii. Sub-supporting point


II. Main Point

a. Supporting Point

i. Sub-supporting point

ii. Sub-supporting point

Transition: The final point…

III. Main Point

a. Supporting Point

i. Sub-supporting point

ii. Sub-supporting point


Conclusion: (Write out word for word. Summarize your main points, restate your thesis (using other words) and end with a strong closing statement).


Informative Speech Checklist

My topic is worthwhile and the topic is appropriate for the assignment I have included a clear descriptive title on my outline My specific purpose is clearly stated and narrows my topic My thesis statement is clearly stated and summarizes the main points of the body of my speech

My introduction includes:

An attention-getter to develop interest in my topic A clear statement of my topic or purpose (Thesis) Establishes credibility A preview of main points

My main points meet the following criteria:

Ordered in a way to make them easy to follow (organizational pattern) Clearly stated They are the most important ideas on my topic They are approximately equal and the body of the speech is well balanced Each main point is stated in a full declarative sentence Each main point is supported with facts, statistics, figures, testimony, examples or narratives

Supporting points and body of my speech meet the following criteria:

Each supporting point is clearly related to the main point it follows They are approximately equal and balance their importance For every piece of evidence there is an in-text citation of the source Every citation can be clearly traced to the reference page The reference page contains every source cited in the outline

Transitions make connections in my speech:

Between main points Between last main point and conclusion

My conclusion does these three things:

It summarizes the main points of the speech It reminds the audience about the main idea of the speech and gives them a reason to remember (restates the thesis) Provides closure

My outline/references are in the correct format:

Key words, phrases and complete sentences in the appropriate places Each part and section is labeled properly (i.e., AGD, Thesis, Est. Cred, etc.) Capitalization of the first word of each point Structure is parallel and balanced Neatly typed in Times New Roman, 12 point font Includes a complete references page of all sources Reference page is correctly formatted in APA style (6 th edition) I uploaded my power point to Blackboard and made a copy of the slides (optional) I have printed a copy of the grading rubric, outline, and reference page for my Instructor I have printed a copy of the self-evaluation and partner evaluation sheet

I have practiced my speech several times and my speech fits in the time requirements