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125 kHz Prox Technology Basics

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125 kHz Prox Technology Basics

In order to properly order and implement 125 kHz
Proximity products, you must first have a working
knowledge of the technology that runs these
This course will provide a thorough overview of the technology
that runs the 125 kHz credentials and readers. You will learn
the basics of communication between reader and credential.
You will also learn about the wires coming from the rear of the
reader and how they are used by the access control panel
At the conclusion of this course you will have a basic
understanding of the 125 kHz Proximity technology as it
pertains to credential to reader communication and reader to
controller communication.
There is no charge for this course. It will take
approximately one hour to complete. At the conclusion of the
course, there is a short quiz. A passing grade earns a printable
certificate of completion! You must have a student profile in
order to register for this course. If you do not have a profile,
you will be prompted to set one up when you register.

The 125 kHz reader is the gateway to
physical access. It's the reader that provides
the energy for the credential, receives the
binary data the credential transmits,
translates the data and sends it to the
This course will go through the process that
occurs when the credential is presented to
the reader.

Student Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you should be able


Describe the process of reader/credential


Click to

Identify and apply the color coded wires on

the back of the reader

125 kHz Prox Technology Basics

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