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12th July 2013

Dear Haryanto,
Would you please sign the enclosed letter concerning the funds withheld by
Mauve Corporate Systems Ltd on your behalf and return the original to this
office by fax on +357 26 934819 so that we can release the money to you as
soon as possible.
Please could you also return a signed copy by post to:
Mauve Corporate Systems (ROF)
Athinon & Christodoulou Sozou
Evi Court, Suite 201
8035, Paphos
Yours sincerely

Ann Ellis
Managing Director
Mauve Corporate Systems Ltd

To Whom It May Concern:

I request that all funds retained/withheld by Mauve Corporate Systems
Ltd, for payment of tax due on fees paid to me during the period of my
assignment with Mauve Corporate Systems Ltd
From 6th December 2010 to 30th April 2013 be forwarded to my BANK
Account No. :137-00-0733919-1
Sort/Swift Code : BMRIIDJA
I confirm that as per the consultancy/Service agreement drawn up
between Mauve Corporate Systems Ltd and I, I will be responsible for
declaring and payments of my earnings to the appropriate authorities.
I agree to indemnify Mauve Corporate Systems Ltd, Comms Resources
Ltd and Jasco Carrier Solutions PTY Ltd from and against all fiscal costs,
expenses and liabilities including, but not exclusively, Social Security
and Income Tax that may arise during the period of my work assignment,
as detailed above.

Signed: .
Haryanto Wiyadi
Date: 12/07/13