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Teacher Candidate Andrea Hadley__________________________________
Grade Level ____5________

Content Area Social Studies/Westward Expansion.____


A. Contextual Factors
23 Students: 10 Boys, 13 Girls.
16 Caucasian, 4 Hispanic, and 3 American Indian
4 ELL students. (Ceasar: Spanish- WIDA 1; Elizabeth: Spanish WIDA 6; Ron: Navajo
WIDA 3; Yareli: Spanish WIDA 3)
1 Student has Tourettes Syndrome (Jared)
4 Students have IEPs (Ron: Reading, Owen: Reading and Math, Alexis: Reading, Yareli:
Reading and Math.)
High Level Learners: Cami, Gage, Lily Darger, Taye, Lilly Lesley
Behavior Issues: Owen- defiant, un-focused, physical limitations that cause anger.
Rayne- Blurts out a lot. Has a hard time being kind to other classmates. Takes things that
arent hers.
B. Utah State Core or Common Core Curriculum Standard
Fifth Grade Social Studies Standard 4: Students will understand that the 19 th
century was a time of incredible change for the United States, including geographic
expansion, constitutional crisis, and economic growth.
Objective 1: Investigate the significant events during Americas expansion and
Roles people played.
a. Identify key reasons why people move and the traits necessary for
b. Examine causes and consequences of important events in the
United States expansion (e.g. Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark
expedition, treaties with American Indians, Homestead Act, Trail of
Tears, California Gold Rush.)
c. Compare the trails that were important during westward expansion
(e.g. Oregon, Mormon, Spanish, California.)
d. Assess the impact of expansion on native inhabitants of the west.
Vocabulary that should be known and used by students:
Expansion, Treaty, Expedition, inhabitant, government, allies, boundaries, coast,
colonists, debt, defeated, disputed, independence, profit, congress, transport, negotiate,
navigate, plantations, ratify, capital, hostile, delegate, raids, rebel.
C. Enduring Understanding/Big Idea
The United States increased in size geographically through purchase and

settlement of land.
Key people in Americas history played important roles in the expansion of this
Key events led to the expansion of America.
The Native American culture was affected by the expansion of America.

D. Essential Questions/Guiding Questions

In what ways can change, progress, and growth be both positive and negative?
What were the objectives of the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
How did the Homestead Act and other events of that time motivate families to
move west?
In what ways did Westward Expansion affect all Americans?
How did the advances in technology and transportation change life in the new
How might the country have developed differently if no gold or other precious
minerals had been discovered in the West?
E. Concepts
How population growth, exploration, trade, and legislation facilitated the
westward expansion of the United States.
The significance of the California Gold Rush.
Patterns of interaction between the United States government, settlers, and Native
What it was like to live on the frontier
Advances in technology and transportation that affected the Westward Expansion.
F. Skills
Define, explain, and use content specific vocabulary related to western expansion
in context.
Identify, examine, and interpret primary and secondary source documents to
increase understanding of events and life during Westward Expansion.
Map and discuss growth and acquisition of the United States.
Discuss the impact the westward expansion has had on our country.
Explain the different events that took place during the Westward Expansion.
Identify key people involved in Westward Expansion.
Understand conflict that came along with the Westward Expansion.
Discuss and research how technology and transportation advances played a role in
Westward Expansion.

1. Pre-Assessments
Multiple Choice Test with 20 questions (multiple choice, matching, and one Short
2. Formative Assessments/Evidence
Analyze primary and secondary sources.
Create and label a map identifying major trails taken by groups who moved west.
Complete exploration guide that identifies key people who played a role in
Westward Expansion.
Complete a crossword puzzle that identifies important events, vocabulary, and
people involved in the California Gold Rush.
3. Summative Assessments/Evidence
Letter to Thomas Jefferson listing the goals that were to be accomplished through
the expedition and if they were successful.
Persuasive letter to Napolean Boneparte giving reasons to allow President
Jefferson to purchase the Louisiana Territory from him.
Newspaper article describing the discovery of Gold in California.
Graphic organizer describing different advances in technology and transportation
during the Westward Expansion.
Write a paragraph from a Native Americans point of view of the Indian Removal
Step 3 Lesson Objectives with Instructional Strategies
Lesson 1: I can explain why people began moving during the 19th century, and the traits
necessary for survival. I can explain how purchasing the Louisiana Territory benefited
our nation.
Unit Pre-test
Object lesson with students in one area taped off in the room to show that
crowding was one reason people wanted to move out west.
Students will use an atlas to identify which current states were part of the
Louisiana Territory.
Students will write a persuasive letter to Napolean Boneparte as if they were
President Jefferson, giving three reasons why he should sell the Louisiana
Lesson 2: I can explain the goals and the significance of the expedition of the Corps of
Write and discuss how they would prepare for an expedition like that of Lewis

and Clark.
Read and analyze primary and secondary documents to draw conclusions.
Have students write a letter to Thomas Jefferson describing in detail three things
found in their immediate surroundings that would be unknown to him.

Lesson 3: I will identify and write about key events that played an important role in
Westward movement.
Complete exploration guide identifying key individuals in Westward Expansion,
and list different groups and their purpose for settling out west.
Read stories and journals of key individuals who played an important role during
Westward Expansion.
Create a newspaper article telling about an important event leading people to
move west. Make an ad for the Homestead Act within the newspaper.

Lesson 4: I will explain how technology and transportation during the Industrial
Revolution played a role in Westward Expansion.
Complete a technology graphic organizer showing understanding of how
Industrial Revolution affected Westward Expansion.
Lesson 5: I will explain the California Gold Rush and the effects it had on Westward
Students will complete a crossword puzzle identifying key events and people of
the California Gold Rush.
Students will participate in a gold rush simulation.
Students will list three things they learned about the gold rush and define a key
vocabulary term on a post it note.
Lesson 6: I can explain how the Westward Expansion affected the Native American
Students will write a letter to President Jackson from a Native American point of
view about the Indian Removal Act. They must provide at least three details and
support their perspective with real evidence.