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Updating Records and Registration of Court Decrees

1. Petition 1 original & 2 photocopies;
2. Court Decision 1 original & 2 certified true copies
3. Certificate of Finality 1 certified true copy, 2 photocopies
Notes: If petition is filed outside of Cebu City, a Certificate of Registration from the
CCR/MCR of that City/Municipality is required and all document must be certified true
copies from the Civil Registrar of the City/Municipality; and all Document submitted
shall be Certified True Copies from the Clerk of Court where the petition was filed.
4. Payment/Fee:
a) Foreign Adoption
b) Local Adoption
a) Php 2000.00
b.1. If both parents for joint adoption are, or if
Lone adopter is, not the Natural/ Biological
b.1. Php 1000.00
b.2. Php 500.00
b.2. If one or both parents for joint adoption are,
or if then Lone adopter is, the
Natural/Biological Parent
Annulment of Marriage
Php 500.00
Legal Separation
Php 500.00
Declaration of Absolute Nullity of Marriage
Php 500.00
Annotation of Divorce
Php 500.00
Annotation of Civil Registry Records of Foreign
Php 500.00
document registered in Manila Civil Registry
Correction of Entry/ies through Court
Php 500.00
Correction of Name through Court Proceedings Php 1000.00
Court Decision recognizing or Acknowledging
natural children or impugning or denying
Php 500.00
Judicial determination of paternity
Php 500.00
Court decision or order on the Custody of
Php 500.00
minors and guardianship
Php 1000.00
Naturalization by Court Proceedings
Php 2000.00
Repatriation or Voluntary Renunciation of
Php 2000.00
Citizenship through the Court
Court Declaration of Presumptive Death
Php 500.00

Registration of other Court Orders/Judicial


Php 500.00