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Radio Trails Analysis

Trail for

KFC Radio Spot

Target audience

Anyone who enjoys fast food and good deals, who would like to either dine
out or take their food away. This advert would primarily be aimed at children
due to the nature of the comical radio trail.

Tone of voice?

Gothic, creepy male voiceover which tries to imitate the voice of a narrator of
a horror film. Narrates the sales at KFC as though they are components of a
horror film. Used for amusement so that their audience remembers it. There
are also other voices which represent 'victims' of the KFC horror ad.

Sound effects?

Horror-based sound effects which make the KFC advert sound like a comical
horror advert. The sound of lightning and screaming are incorporated to
match the theme of Halloween.


Scary ambient sound which makes the atmosphere seem eerie and fearful.

Use of music?

Chilling and scary background music, which emphasizes the comical element
of the KFC advert.

How many tracks?

Two music tracks, and two sound effects. All of them were used in
combination with one another to create an authentic parody of a horror film
trailer, for KFC chicken which is ironically nothing to do with horror.

Sound levels?

Uses a mixture of silence as well as chilling music, combined with thunder

strikes to make it sound comically horrific and amusing.


1 minute. This is the maximum length of a conventional radio trail. It is enough

to be able to successfully sell their offers, although it may be considered too

Other notes/common

Uses the name of the product being advertised at the start to make the
audience aware of what they are listening to and make it stick in their mind.