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Heat Conduction

1. Abstract
The objective of this experiment is to
study the conduction of heat along a composite bar and to evaluate the
overall heat transfer coefficient. This experiment focus on the
heatconduction for the cylindrical metal bar arrangement.
The experimental overall heattransfer coefficient will be compared to the
overall heat transfer coefficient calculated.
2. Introduction

Thermal conduction is the transfer of heat energy in a material due to

the temperature gradientwithin it. It always takes place from a region of
higher temperature to a region of lower temperature. A solid is chosen for the
experiment of pure conduction because both liquids andgasses exhibit
excessive convective heat transfer. For practical situation, heat
conductionoccurs in three dimensions, a complexity which often requires
extensive computation toanalyze. For experiment, a single dimensional
approach is required to demonstrate the basiclaw that relates rate of heat
flow to temperature gradient and area.