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Domain One Reflection on Lesson Plan

Domain 1a is demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy. While I was planning

my lesson plan I was also reviewing the material I was going to be teaching to make sure I
understood what I was to be teaching. My lesson plan demonstrates awareness of possible
student misconceptions and how they can be addressed. My plans also reflect recent
developments in content-related pedagogy. My lesson plans have clear and accurate classroom
explanations. I will accurate answers to the students questions. I will also have feedback to the
students that furthers their learning. There is interdisciplinary connections in plans and practice.
Domain 1b is demonstrating knowledge of students. While planning my lesson plan with
this domain in mind it is very important that I know where each one of my students are
developmentally. Not every child is going to be at the same place developmentally. Some
students may require more help with this lesson plan than others. Learning requires active
intellectual engagement. My lesson plan shows how students are able to learn by their level of
knowledge and skill. By me finding more information out about the students and their families, it
will help me have better knowledge of students and their success of this assignment. If students
have special needs I will know that and be able to accommodate them better with this lesson plan
if they need it.
Domain 1c is setting instructional outcomes. In this domain it is important for me to have
the outcomes represent significant learning in the discipline reflecting, where appropriate, the
Common Core State Standards. My lesson plans states the Common Core State Standards. My
lesson plan also states what students will learn and not what they will do, and permits viable
methods of assessment. My lesson plan also reflects different types of learning, such as

knowledge, conceptual understanding, and thinking skills. My lesson plans are also suitable for
diverse students.
Domain 1d is demonstrating knowledge of resources. In this domain it is important for
me as a teacher to make sure my materials align with learning outcomes. The materials I am
using in my lesson plan with help with the students learning. I as a teacher have other resources
available to me that will help with furthering my professional knowledge. Not only do I have the
Everyday Mathematics teachers guide and I also have the ability to turn pages into transparency
sheets so the students can see what they are doing. The materials in my lesson are also
appropriately challenging for the students. Evidence that I am demonstrating knowledge of
resources: I am using materials provided by the district, materials provided by professional
organizations, internet resources, and community resources.
Domain 1e is designing coherent instruction. In this domain instruction is designed to
engage students and advance them through the content. Aids to instruction is designed to engage
students and advance them through the content. Teachers intentionally organize instructional
groups to support students learning. Teachers produce clear and sequenced lesson and unit
structures to advance student learning.
My lesson plan supports instructional outcomes and reflects important concepts. My
activity for the lesson plan will help to represent high-level thinking. My lesson provides
students with the opportunity to choose if they want to work with a partner or finish the graph on
their own. My lesson plan is designed to engage students and advance them through the content.
The students are tallying what food is everyones favorite. They are then taking that information
and putting it in a graph.

Domain 1f is designing student assessments. In this domain it is important for

assessments to match learning expectations. The criteria and standards must be clearly defined.
Assessments for learning must be planned as part of the instructional process. Results of the
assessment will help to guide future planning. My lesson plan indicates correspondence between
assessments and instructional outcomes. My assessment is suitable to the style of outcome.