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Crarrer 12 Implementation Strategies and Associated Concerns chapter Objectives, ‘ater eadng this chapter and answering the questions athe ed, you shuld beable: + Dafne inplamentatin + dentitythe ferent phases fo mglementing heath promotion programs. {st the concerns that nee to be ares before implementation can ake place. Key Terms Sronyity ey sty chat phedin benacence tity lot testing cnfidetiity legit progam bunch ‘evmision management progam lout Implementation mson cot) Defining Implementation Phases of Program Implementation Phase 1; Adoption of the Program pentedere. However we do want to remind planner tha great ae stg int the ‘arty proves to ensure at ceva ods (ete ath peomonion py {ry planned so huts nthe rosy population wil want opartate ni Phase 2: Identifying and Prioritizing the Tasks to be Completed Space were the progam 4 be bed mak tal equipment i aval gales of program logic that ae important tothe success ofa progam, Othe