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Solvent petroleum ether, sample (Red bean bread).

Round bottom flask was placed into oven at 105 degree Celsius for 30 minutes. 10g of
sample was divided for 2 thimble which were measured by placing in a transparent plastic
container. The thimble then placed in soxhlet apparatus. The round bottom flask was weighed
accurately and 200ml petroleum ether was poured into. The soxhlet apparatus was connected
to reflux and round bottom flask and reflux sample continuously for 8 hours. The temperature
of the water bath was set following the recommendation on the bottle of petroleum ether.
After 8 hours, the petroleum ether was evaporated from the round bottom flask using rotary
evaporator. The round bottom flask was placed into oven for 15 minutes. After that, the round
bottom flask was cooled in desiccators. The round bottom flask together with extracted fat
was weighed.