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Lander University Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template

Teacher Candidate: Daniel Sorrow

Lesson #
Subject/Grade: 4th and/or 5th grade art
Date and Time
of Lesson:
Learning Objective: Students will be able to express their personal interest in a
drawing of their name using representational objects in or as the letters of their name.
Lesson title: Creative Names
Alignment with Standards:

EEDA Standard(s):
6-8- Identify personal interests and abilities
9-12- Demonstrate an awareness of personal abilities, skills, interests
and motivations

National Standard(s):
Content standard 1: using and applying media, techniques and
SC Curriculum Standard(s):
Standard 1: Students will demonstrate a competence in the use of
ideas, materials, techniques and processes in the creation of works of
visual art.
o SC Academic Indicators:
VA4&5.1- Students will use materials in a safe and responsible manner
to create art

Developmental Appropriateness or Cross-curricular connections: Students will

have prior knowledge on how to handle materials, and will be able to relate their work to
the rest of their own personal life outside of the art-room.
Assessment(s) of the Objectives:
Lesson Objective(s)
1. Create a practice
2. Create a finished

Assessment(s) of the
This will help gain an
understanding of prior
skills and knowledge of
Students will be
assessed by the quality
of their work based on
the practice drawing

Use of Formative
This lesson will give
a general idea of the
level of work the
class can produce so
that they may be
challenged in later

Accommodations: Students will be accommodated as see fit. Students will only use materials
they are familiar with. Early finishers will be given other paper to free draw, or they will be given
previous unfinished art to work on.

Materials: Practice paper, Final white paper, Pencils, Colored pencils, Markers, Other
media if necessary

Lander University Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template

Procedures: Students will first view an example of the teachers final product to give
an example of what is expected of them. Each student will then observe a demo
performed by the teacher to learn different ways that they can draw objects within their
name. After the demo, the students will be given practice paper to start practicing
drawing their name in creative ways. They will be encouraged to include a variety of
different personal interests, for example, sports, hobbies, etc. This will serve as a preassessment and will help the teacher give more define instruction to individual students
if necessary. The teacher will observe and give feedback and advice as they observe.
After a student has a solid idea and good direction to take their work, they will be given
their final paper and materials to begin the final product. After completion, students will
have a creative drawing of their name that represents their own personal interests.
Activity Analysis:

Students will be presented a teachers example and a demo to show how there
could be different ways to make their names more creative. This can help spark
ideas for their own work.
Students will also practice before making a final piece so that they can be given
input on their own ideas to help make a more effective work of art.