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Song Service.............................................................................
Opening Song....
Scripture Reading...............Matthew 5:3.............................
Opening Prayer.
Welcome..........................................................Aubrey Williams
Thought Focus....Aubrey Williams
Mission Story .Earl Biggs
Lesson Study.....The Humility of the Wise..........Classes
Closing Remarks/Point Summary .Aubrey Williams

Praise & Worship.Jeanne Munro

1. Please pray for the members who have
made a commitment to a church plant
in West London. They worship each
Sabbath at the Mount Zion United
Church, located at 471 Ridgewood
Cres, off Berkshire, near Springbank
and Wonderland.
2. Youth Vespers for three age
groups, early teens, youth, young
adults (who maybe parents of early
teens) are continuing tonight at 6
pm. The series Beyond Search is
used to facilitate discussion on
topics of spirituality, survival,
relationships and more. Tonights
subject is searching for meaning in conflicts. The format
will include: 25 min video presentation, small groups
discussions, interactive game between groups.

Hymn of Praise........Not I, but Christ..#570

Intercessory Prayer .........................Michael Olawoore
Students, Healing in Families, Potomac Conference
Next Week
Pastoral Family, Thanksgiving, General Conference 2015 and
Illinois Conference

Childrens Story...................................................Lucy Simoes

Offering. Church Budget..Lo Richards
Scripture...Psalm 14:1-3; Psalm 19:14.......Jessica Gyamfi

Elder Teresa Ferreira

A Deadly Weapon
Hymn of Consecration............Under His Wings...#529
Benediction.....Elder Gene Bernardo

Sunset Today: 7:37 p.m. Next Friday: 7:44 p.m.

7. London South Adventurer Club will be meeting on

March 28th from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Type B uniform.

3. Pathfinders Club meets tomorrow Sunday,

March 22 ay YMCA for swimming classes
at 10 am.
4. Prayer meeting Wednesday night at 7
pm. "Experiencing the Fruit of the
Spirit". Come and be blessed!
5. Youth Bible Study Group meets
Thursdays from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. @
785 Nadine Avenue (Ferreiras home).
6. On-line giving option is available
via church website. Please
provide your email and then
respond to a validation email sent
to you. Once the account details
are set up you could make direct
donations, pay tithe, and make contributions to the
church Budget without writing cheques, by direct
deposits from your card. This is the QR code for your
mobile devices to access the site.

8. London South Adventurer Club will be attending the

Adventurer Camporee from July 22-26. Please see
Lucy Simoes if you wish to make a donation of food
or funds to cover costs of the event.

9. If you are over 55, you are invited to join our Golden
Agers. We are planning a mall walk at Westmount
mall on Sunday March 22nd, at 10 AM sharp at the
Sears inside upper level door. The mall has a secure
area for coats and boots or you may choose to park
underground and lock your coat in your car. This is a
great opportunity to visit while walking in a safe and
warm environment. Please see Don Topper, Adrien
Intering or any members of the Senior's Ministry for
more information.
WASA Celebrates
their 10th
Anniversary on
campus in the
form of a special
benefit concert on
Sunday, March
22, 2-4 pm with
proceeds to ADRA. The SMILE Project Concert will
benefit mothers and infants in Cambodia. All ticket sales
$15. Please e-mail westernadventists@gmail .com for
the ticket link or visit
https://www.facebook.com/WesternAdventists for more
11. Are you in grade 8-11 and still deciding on
what high school to go to in September?
Join us on April 17-19, 2015 for a campus
tour, a showcase of our touring groups, and
the opportunity to mingle with our students,
faculty and staff! Food and lodging is free
and travel expense reimbursement is available, where
conditions apply. You must have a parent/adult guardian
with you for the weekend. To register, contact 905-4331144 ext. 211 or admissions@kingswaycollege.on.ca.

12. Mission Nicaragua.

A team of volunteers
from London &
Woodstock, Ontario
are going to La
Trinidad, Esteli,
Nicaragua, partnering together with REACH International.
The orphanage Hogar de Ninos in La Trinidad had been
damaged in the earthquake and needs repairs. A home for
orphaned and destitute children in the past, is temporarily
closed and is not operating because of the building
condition. Our plans are to repair the building and open it
after completion either as a food bank and family
counselling center, a day center for needy children, or as
an full orphanage again. Associated with the orphanage
is a modern high school "Colegio REACH," located on
the busy TRANS AMERICAN highway, and in need to
erect a wall to protect children and the school environment
from unwanted traffic. The project began in 2014 with
students from La Sierra University building the wall,
partially, and for the lack of funding the project had been
delayed. The team members had paid for their travel,
accommodations and logistics. We are fundraising for the
construction materials to complete the project. The goals
is to raise $10,000. You could contribute either by giving
to (1) REACH Canada (charity # 895034189RR0001)
http://www.reachcanada.org marking Nicaragua Mission;
(2) contributing to the London Church, marking the
envelop Nicaragua Mission, and funds will be transferred
through REACH Canada; or (3) through

Birthday Wishes for March

Mar 1 Charlotte
Mar 4 Clara Baptiste
Mar 6 Steve Beckles
Mar 10 Rafael Gaspar
Mar 10 Mary-Jane
Mar 11 Adrian Carter

Mar 11 Lee Topper

Mar 12 Malcom Beckles
Mar 13 Barbra Kasule
Mar 15 Daliborka Maletic
Mar 16 Marka Stajfer
Mar 17 Robert Danquah
Mar 18 Neil Elliott
Mar 21 Nevaeh Beckles

Mar 22 Dayna Munro

Mar 23 Raphael Gyamfi
Mar 25 Jenny Jonker
Mar 27 Marko Maletic
Mar 27 Isabel Rusek
Mar 29 Nathan Dowdell
Mar 29 Simone Shepherd

Please send all bulletin related information by WEDNESDAY

9:00 p.m. to larris.biggs@gmail.com

Praying for Revival, for Christ to Come

On March 25, 2015 Seventh-day Adventists around
the world will begin the 100 Days of Prayer for the
upcoming 60th General Conference meeting.
In 1903 Ellen White had a vision, which she recorded
entitled What Might Have Been. She said that the
breakthrough did not happen because hardhearted
participants prevented the unity that God had intended, she
said. Deeply disappointed, she understood that the Lord
could have come back in the lifetime of those members, but
His people would not respond to the Holy Spirits moving as
they should have. God was ready to cut the work short by
pouring the Holy Spirit, but the delegates would not humble
themselves. Had they in humility of soul led out in the work
of confessing and repentance there would have been one of
the greatest revivals since the day of Pentecost! But it
never happened..
The 100 Days of Prayer invites Adventist believers to
spend some time every day praying for the outpouring of the
Holy Spirit, for church leaders, for all delegates, and for the
decisions that will be made at the 2015 General Conference
session. This prayer initiative will continue through July 11,
the end of the 2015 session in San Antonio, Texas.
You can sign up to receive a daily e-mail, starting on
March 25, from the Ministerial Associations
100DaysofPrayer.org website. The e-mail will include
practical, real-life devotional messages, a revolving list of
names of church leaders to hold up in prayer, and significant
needs to remember in prayer as preparations are made for
the 2015 General Conference session.
Pray for yourself, your pastors, elders, leaders,
schools, Conference leadership, delegates from Ontario,
Canadian Union church leaders, North American Division,
and for all the world. Pray that there will be no pride, no
envy, no greed, no anger, no strife. Pray that unity and love
will be poured into hearts of all by the Holy Spirit.
Our church leaders biggest hope is that the 2015
session will not repeat 1901 and Jesus will come quickly.
What might have been can be!
your servant, pastor Alex Golovenko