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President, Rene Zernitsky

Vice President, Jay Beaumont
Treasurer,John Strobl

Tuesday, March 13, 2015

7:00 PM
St. James Church - Goshen, NY

AGENDA Marchs Meeting

Februarys Theme was Light
Marchs Theme is Self Portrait
Presidents Message:
Vice Presidents Message:
Treasurers Message:
Monthly Reports from our Committee Chairs:
Linda Fairweather Membership, Welcome Committee
Carl Gilbert - Guest Speakers/Workshops
Aaron Babcock & Paul Bjornsen - Technology - Projector, Calibrator & web pages


Collection of Annual Dues. $12:00 - Please check with John to be sure you are paid in full
Gregs Monthly Workshop Series for 2015

Topic to be Announced

March is Member Image Month - Photographers Night 1

We have always encouraged our members to bring in images, we have set time aside to view member images
and will answer questions and help in any way to answer any questions to help enlarge your photography skills.
Im hoping that this year we have lots to share. Any image is important to us if its important enough for you to
show it! Bring in any image you would like to share.
Please email your images to Aaron or bring them in on a flash drive. Fives images per person please, so we
have time to view everyones images. Your participation in this is important. So, get your images ready
Topic of Discussion - SJCC Facebook page
The page is currently under construction pending feedback from members.

Due to the lack of interest our Monthly contest has been discontinued.
The page has served us well when planning fieldtrips and sharing photographic ideas. With some
members posting images on occasion. We need your input on this do we continue the contest?
Not everyone is on FB, it should not be used as the only form of communication among club members
We will continue to use it to post news updates and events as usual. Please take the time to comment on
member postings and post your ideas and photos to the page to keep it live and active.
If there is time we can go over the FB page and the flickr page.

Committee members needed:

The following Committees are open for membership/ at least 2 members per committee


Contact myself or Jay Beaumont if you wish to serve on a committee

Themes for 2015

(Themes suggested by Greg Miller)

January - Feet
February - Light,
March - Self Portrait
April - Paper Clips
May - Zippers
June - Shadows
July - Paint
August - Industrial
September - Signs
October - Simplicity
November - Ugly
December - Culture
Just a Note: The monthly themes are meant to challenge and inspire. We want to be sure time is allotted to preview
images brought in by members at each meeting. If you have an image you wish to share with us or you have a
question about exposure or editing, etc., let us know and we will be sure time is set aside for it. Limit the images to 5,
so we have time for everyone. Flash drive or printed. And, if you chose, send them via email.

rz/sjcc: Saturday, March 21, 2015 contact # 845-344-1977

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