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apocaliptic city

chapter 1 the infection

i am an 11 year old boy who likes toi was at school doing school work many
of us saw the news last night and it said that there were people who were
eating each other just near the school. our teacher said to us that we should
stay out of there. many police searched the building almost all of them were
bitten except for one police officer that man was carl cooper he is one of our
neighbors. he told me thet ther were police officers that tried to bit him there
mouths were bloody he just started running. there was a person that hitted
one of the police officer that had a bloody mouth he said to police carl 'there
are zombies here and other creature lurking around the building escape now
while you can'. the person in the building had a hoodie he tried to ask his
name he just answered that he was the scientist. and he left of that night
there was many screaming in the neighborhood and i peeked out of the
window then i saw that there were undescridable monsters running around
the moster picked up a person and bit him in the left leg then it just dropped
him he tried to run. but then he suddenly stops and drops to the ground then
he had spikes out of his pine then he started spitting out acid officer carl got
out of his house and started to shoot the man then he bit officer carl in the
right arm and he also dropped but his transformation was differrent he had
many eyes then he started spiting out venom then a person was screaming
we let him in then i asked what is going on out there he said 'we should start
preparing for the apoclypse and this for your your protection'. he gave us a
baseball bat, an ak-47 and many boxes of food. but officer carl grabbed my
parents and then he bit him