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Rubric for Content Knowledge and Understanding of the PBL Project - google website presentation and team presentation

to the class EPA board

Developing (2)

Proficient (3)

Completeness and Accuracy of Required Information:

1 or more pieces are omitted

from presentation

all required information


1. Detailed description of environmental disaster

missing videos embedded in the

team website
missing 1-2 videos

Advanced (4)

Part 1: Google Website Presentation on group PBL project and design

all required
information is
3-4 videos
documenting each
phase of design

2. Videos embedded into website

4. Illustrations - pictures/digital pictures / sketches of design solution

Significant information is
Key terms are used

5.how does oil impact that water system and supply

important details missing

6. How do clean up solutions differ between salt and fresh water

lack of pictures/images

3. Illustrations- pictures/digital pictures/sketches of disaster - scenario

7. What common kitchen household materials effectively cleaned oil from water in 3 lacking complete information

most significant informatin is

correct; although there are
some errors and missing
details and data

all information is
correct and
discussed in detail

explanation is
explanation is clear, accurate, complete, clear,
and detailed
accurate, detailed

text heavy

explanation shows
evidence of


explained completely

different ways: absorbing, dispersing, and skimming

8. Are there any natural animals involved in oil clean up from water?
9. Design, evaluate, and refine a solution to clean oil from salt and/or freshwater
10. Group determined which clean up solution was most effective and explained

not explained very much

11. Google Website includes 3-4 videos; videos documenting each stage: planning, videos not embedded and
design, experimenting, final design/solution
playable from within website
12. Collaboration tool embedded and used on the google website ; a discusison
board or a web 2.0 tool like padlet
collaboration tool not used

3-4 videos
embedded correctly
and working
collaboration tool
collaboration tool slightly used utilized throughout
3-4 videos embedded, not all

Part 2 : Group Presentation to Class - group acting as environmental engineers to an EPA cleanup Board

Below Standard (2)

Approaching Standard (3)

At Standard (3)

Present Scenario to the mock panel -composing of EPA, WSDOT, stakeholders,

etc. Presenting group website as the presentation piece
Presentation is 20 minutes in length - no shorter than 15 minutes

Group uses presentation aids ; group website

Response to Audience Questions

Presentation is 10 minutes or

Group website not used

does not address audience or
Panel questions (goes off topic
or misunderstands without
seeking clarification)

Presentation is 20
minutes - 25 minutes
Presentation is 10-15 minutes long
Group website is
used along with any
other supplementary
Group website used
resource or handout
Does not address all audience Answers all audience
or Panel questions
and Panel questions


Presentation from Team - Eyes and Body

All team members

participate equally
Not all team members participate
with their voice in the
All team members participate v presentation
All team members
All team members visually and visually and verbally
Team members do not look at
verbally look at Panel and
interact equally with
Panel or Audience
Panel and Audience