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Green School

Staff Professional Development

Pine Grove Middle School
November 3rd 2014

How does the entire staff play a role

in the recertification process?
Green School is intended to be a school-wide effort
Part of the school culture students, staff, parents, and
community partnerships are on board and involved
Promoted by school: School website, bulletin board,
announcements, etc.
Provide environmental instruction, document lessons

and student work, and share with GS Committee:

Curriculum and Instruction
Environmental Issue Instruction
Professional development todays meeting!

Environmental Education
Every student graduates
from high school environmentally
Environmental literacy in Maryland includes both in-school

and unstructured experiences for varied audiences

Driven by:
Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement
Stewardship and community engagement
Environmental Literacy
Code of Maryland Regulation 13A.04.17
Comprehensive multidisciplinary program of
environmental education in every school system
Aligned with the Maryland Environmental Literacy

What is an Environmentally
Literate Student?
The Maryland Partnership for Children in Nature
defines environmental literate students as:
students that possess the knowledge, intellectual
skills, attitudes, experiences and motivation to
make and act upon responsible environmental
decisions as individuals and as members of their
community. Environmentally literate students
understand environmental and physical
processes and systems, including human
systems. They are able to weigh various sides of
environmental issues to make responsible
decisions as individuals and as members of their
community and citizens of the world.
Maryland No Child Left Inside Coalition - CBF

Pine Grove MS
Sustainability Practices

Habitat Restoration
Energy Conservation
Solid Waste Reduction
Structures for Environmental


Recommendations from MAEOE in

order to Recertify Spring 2015
Have more staff involved in environmental

education PD (not just science teachers)

Conduct more school-wide professional
Increase community involvement with
students and the green school application
More grade levels and disciplines involved in
environmental instruction

Use the Environment as a Context

for Learning
Outdoor Learning Opportunities
on the School Grounds
Small stream
Outdoor classroom
Butterfly garden
Garden at front of school
Stand of large trees

(near disc golf course)

2014 EPS tree planting

The Valuable Role of Teachers in the

GS Application Process
How can you integrate and emphasize

environmental issues and concepts into your

Conduct lessons and investigations outdoors
Incorporate environmental themes and issues

into what you are already teaching

If you are a club advisor get your club involved
Sustainability (E-lit Standard 8) is a great topic
for school-wide instruction, student actions, and
GS sustainability practices

Green School Lesson(s)

Use the remaining time to work with

colleagues in your discipline/grade level.

Develop or modify lessons/activities to involve
hands-on environmental issues and use the
environment as a context for learning.
Use Maryland Environmental Literacy
Standards as a resource
Ask for feedback, suggestions, or help!!

Exit Ticket
Please complete the half sheet of
paper so that Sarah and the GS
Committee can document
todays professional development
and can follow-up with you
regarding your lessons in order to
get student work for the
application this spring.