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Classroom Observation Form

Teacher: Nicole Nederlk

Grade Level/Content: 1st Grade

Observer: Mallory Weast

Date and Time: 1/30/15 9:00 am

Use the information below and complete based on your observation.

Review Section
a. Describe the physical classroom space.
How are things laid out? How does this
affect learning?
b. Describe the students including gender,
racial diversity, and other factors that
stand out to you.

a. What lessons did you observe?
b. What subject was taught?

a. What kind of rapport did the teacher and
students have for each other?
b. Was there a sense of purpose and
energy around learning?
c. Was there a sense of order (classroom
d. How did the teacher create an inclusive
environment sensitivity to students'
personal culture, gender differences and

Observation Notes

a. There were tables with about 4 chairs at each table. The teacher had a
desk at the back of the room. This layout allows for sharing and group work.
b. The students in the class were either African American or Asian.

a. I observed learning how to tell time and use a clock.

b. math

a. The students and the teacher respected each other.

b. Yes. The children were eager to learn
c. Yes. The teacher was able to manage her class well. When the children would get
excited the teacher would remind them to focus and listen. I noticed a few times she
would say body language and eye contact to remind her students to focus.
d. The teacher helped students that she saw struggling and she gave everyone an equal
chance to contribute to the learning environment.

a. How did the teacher attempt to meet the a. The teacher would pull students aside and help them individually. There was one
needs of different students (ESL/ELL
student who had been absent for a few days and the teacher approached the student and
students, struggling students, students helped her individually so she could catch up.
who have missed class)?

Review Section

Observation Notes


a. What kind of image or identity did the
teacher project to students?
b. What about professional comportment
and appearance?

a. The students enjoyed talking to the teacher and telling her what all they had learned.
b. The teacher conducted herself in a professional manner and acted like she should.


a. What is the layout of the room?
b. How might the way the classroom is set
up affect student learning?
c. What resources do you see in the
d. How do the resources and layout affect
teaching and learning?

a. The classroom was set up with tables as desks with about 4 students to a table.
b. The classroom setup encouraged group work.
c. There were many resources in the classroom including, a smart board, computers,
books, and individual white boards.
d. The desks were arranged in a U shape, so this allowed the floor to be open near
the front of the classroom. Many times the students and the teacher would sit in
the floor at the front of the classroom during reading time or lessons. The white
boards were a way to get the students engaged in learning and all of them seemed
to get excited when the teacher said they were going to be using white boards.

What do you see as the strengths of this teacher and classroom?

The teacher always made sure all of the students were engaged in learning. She was able to get the students attention well and she always
provided individual instruction if it was needed. I really liked how the classroom was setup. The tables as desks allowed the students to help
each other, and this seemed to go well in this particular classroom. Also, the empty floor space in the front of the classroom allowed everyone
to do various activities such as, sitting in a circle to share information with the class. The classroom also had colorful posters on the wall with
helpful and encouraging information on them, therefore this provided a positive and encouraging learning environment.

Overall impression of teaching effectiveness and its impact on student learning:

I like how the teacher used various methods to teach lessons. For example, the in one of the lessons I observed the students were learning how
to tell time. All of the students had little clocks and the teacher had a big clock. The students used the clocks to help them understand how to
tell time. After the lesson the students completed worksheets on how to tell time.

What did you learn about teaching and learning from this observation?

I learned that positive reinforcement helped to draw attention to students who were behaving and it made the students who werent behaving
start behaving. One of the ways the teacher did this was with jelly beans. She would give out jelly beans when students answered questions
correctly or when students were behaving. She would also praise students for what they were doing. I also learned that teaching lessons various
ways is very beneficial because not all students learn the same way.

CLASSROOM LAYOUT.Draw a simple sketch of the classroom to include in yor clinical notes.


Computer area with 4 computers

Student desks


Front of Classroom

Teacher desk

Student desks

Student desks


Reading area