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Smiths Classroom Guidelines and Procedures

Classroom Guidelines:
1. Show respect for everyone in the class.
2. Work hard and be willing to learn.
3. Be seated and working by the time the bell rings.
4. Directions will only be given once. Listen and ask questions.
5. Be professional and self-reliant. No whining and no excuses.
6. Follow all school procedures.

Classroom Procedures:

Shake hands and say hello to Mr. Smith when you enter the room.

If Mr. Smiths hand is raised, raise your hand, close your mouth and give Mr. Smith your

Homework will be collected at the beginning of class (this includes make-up and late
work). When you sit down before class, get your homework out and place it on your

If you do not have your homework completed, you must fill out a Student Responsibility
Card. Fill out your SRC before class begins and have it on your desk in place of your
homework when the bell rings.

You will receive two Homework Passes per semester. Homework Passes should be used
in case of extraordinary circumstances that prevent you from completing your
assignment. Homework Passes cannot be used on multi-day assignments.

Exceptional work that goes above and beyond the call of duty may be rewarded with
additional Homework Passes.

Late work will be docked 10% per day. If an absence is excused, you have 2 days per
absence to turn in the make-up work.

If you missed a class period, get your make-up work from the Homework Folder before
or after class.

If you finish your work early, do something off of the What do I do next? list.

If you have a scheduled check-out, tell Mr. Smith at the door when entering and raise
your hand to be excused when the time comes.

Do not get up or move around the room unless given instructions or permission.

Mr. Smith dismisses the class, not the bell. Do not pack up until Mr. Smith says, Have a
nice day!

Weekly Goal-Setting:
Each Friday, you will update your Goal-Oriented Action Learning Sheet (aka GOALS). At the
beginning of class on Friday, you will create a goal for next week, make any necessary updates
to your long-term goals, and explain the actions you have taken to progress towards your goals.
You will also complete your weekly Check-In at this time.

Guideline or Procedure Infraction Process:

Tier 1: A Guideline/Procedure Infraction Notice will be placed on your desk. You must then see
Mr. Smith after class to discuss your infraction.

Tier 2: If you receive multiple Infraction Notices for the same infraction or fail to see Mr. Smith
after receiving an Infraction Notice, you will need to fill out an Action Plan with Mr. Smith and
your parent(s)/guardian(s). Mr. Smith will also call your parent(s)/guardian(s).

Tier 3: If infractions continue after filling out an Action Plan or if you commit a severe infraction
(such as fighting), you will be referred to the Student Office.