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Sembreak Travel Tips

Writer(s): Katrina G. Pimentel, Andrea L. Chua

Angle: In light of Ateneos last ever semestral break, Vantage compiles
a list of five (5) vacation destinations along with a bunch of useful
travel tips for saving money and making the most of your trip. These
getaways will be a mix of easily accessible road-trip destinations and
activities doable within in a day, or a more flexible trip spread out over
several days outside the Metro. The article will include budget
information such as gas consumption, toll fees, and helpful discount
websites to assure getting the best bang for your buck.
Two-sentence thesis statement: Vacations arent cheap, and travel
companies have learned how to sneak in more unnecessary fees into
online bookings to empty our wallets. Learn what to look out for when
planning your last Ateneo sembreak hurrah with quick tips and tricks
about travelling: from land to air weve got you covered!
Photos and Photo Suggestions: Sourced photos of the destinations.
Interviewees and Questions: N/A
A. Introduction

Emphasize the academic calendar shift change and how this is our
last semestral break

Talk about the usual expenses in planning a trip (whether on the

road or outside the city)

Cite common mistakes we make in online booking (hidden/extra

fees charged)
Segway into list

B. Common Mistakes in Online Booking (Tips and Tricks)

Airlines (Cebu Pacific, PAL, ZestAir/Air Asia)
- pros and cons of each
Discount websites
C. List of Each Place (5 places total)

Destination name


Destination description
- brief background
- activities you can do there
How to get there
- Road: price of gas, toll fees, number of hours (as well as best
to travel)
- Plane: cheapest airline companies, number of hours
Recommended duration of stay

D. List of Discount Websites (brief description of each)

Cash Cash Pinoy
Deal Grocer