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Yvon Delvar

LEI 4724

Flowers and Leaves Collage

Equipment Needed: Cling film (alternative: laminator), flowers (soft, a lot of petals), herbs,
leaves (large/small, dried and fresh), thick board (e.g. cardboard), bowls/baskets
Activity Description:
1. Position group members so that they have the opportunity to greet one another
2. Pass around the bowls/baskets of flowers and leaves and encourage participants to explore
by feeling and smelling the different items.
3. Fan individuals with the big leaves and watch their reaction.
4. Stroke peoples hands and faces with the different flowers and
5. Assist participants to pull the petals off the flowers and drop these into a bowl.
6. Encourage everyone to feel the petals in the bowl and pass them to each other
7. Encourage participants to feel the cling film and listen to the noise it makes
8. Place one piece of cling film on the cardboard and wrap the ends to keep it in place.
9. Assist participants to pick up the petals and sprinkle them over the cling film.
10. Place another piece of cling film on top and seal up the edges.
11. Remove from the cardboard and stick onto the window.
12. Assist participants look at the light shining through the collage.
13. If using the laminator, use small, flat flowers; it may be necessary to dry them first. If they
are too thick, it will be difficult to pass them through the laminator.
14. At the end of the activity, allow the participants to say farewell to one another
Leadership Considerations
Remember to take account of a persons sensory threshold when choosing activities;
some people with low sensory thresholds, who become overstimulated easily, may be able to
cope with the activities as they are presented in a structured way. Others may become so
overstimulated that they will need to be involved in sensory activities on an individual basis.
Safety considerations:
If working with people who have a tendency to eat or drink anything, keep poisonous
substances away from them. Also be aware of any allergies to certain plants or other flora.
Targeted Demographic:
Aimed at pre-school age children (2 5 years of age) but can also be used with those
with sensory-stimulatory issues, physical and cognitive deficits (e.g. individuals with dementia).
As age appropriate.
Objective(s): Cognitive, social, gross motor skills and sensory
Taking everyday activities and incorporating directive play therapy ideals to exercise
tactile, olfactory, visual, and auditory sensory stimulations, as well as build social engagement

Yvon Delvar
LEI 4724

Fowler, S., & Fowler, S. (2007). FLOWERS AND LEAVES COLLAGE. In Sensory stimulation
sensory-focused activities for people with physical and multiple disabilities (p. 180).
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