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Permanent Address

24 Meadowview Rd.
Foxborough, MA 02035

Michael W. Kelly
(774) 571-2676


The Pennsylvania State University

Mathematics- Systems Analysis Option
Statistics Minor
Foxborough High School

Current Address
619 West College Avenue Apt. 4
State College, PA 16802

University Park, PA
Class of August 2015
Foxborough, MA
Graduated June 2011


U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response

Washington, DC
May 2014 Aug. 2014
Engaged in federal rulemaking under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability
(CERCLA) Section 108(b) for financial responsibility of mining interests in the hard rock mining industry
Evaluated financial responsibility requirements of state environmental mining regulatory programs, with a focus on hard
rock mining, for adequacy with regard to the degree and duration of risk associated with the management of hazardous
Assessed environmental liability insurance providers models and gained knowledge of the underwriting processes
employed by insurance companies writing environmental liability insurance
Participated in several young economist development groups and training seminars focused on engagement of young
professionals in the federal government and environmental sector
Bay Colony Group, Inc.
Foxborough, MA
May 2012 August 2012
Rodman on a land surveying crew
Worked on both private and public projects
Laid out property corners, as-builds, and house corners for private work
Performed topography work on highways and property corners for public work through MassDOT
The Black Squirrel
Adams Morgan, Washington, DC
May 2014 August 2014
Engaged and welcomed patrons to establishment upon arrival, adhering to any requests they may have
Catered to local young professional-aged crowd at high-volume bar in Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC
Bartended for private parties in second-floor bar, working as sole bartender
Provided intricate knowledge of over 50 fine draft selections, which were frequently changed
Received both drink and food orders from patrons, serving food orders when necessary


Habitat for Humanity

University Park, PA
Collegiate Challenge Coordinator
May 2013 - Present
Provide cost estimates for the five annual Collegiate Challenge Spring Break trips for Penn State Habitat
Manage travel, food and other expenses for over 60 Collegiate Challenge participants
Three time participant in Collegiate Challenge over Spring Break
Engage in between five and fifteen hours of community service weekly
Group Leader
Worked personally with professor to design a one-handed rake for stroke victim
Hand-picked by professor as one of three students to work on project
Picked as leader of group to organize and run meetings


SAS Programming
R Programming
Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Office
Minitab Statistical Software

University Park, PA
Spring 2012 Semester