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enaree | MARVEL rr THE GALE WAS BEEN RAGING FoR + Sie EER SINCE WE LEST Cade THe SIEM TSeED VU RAIN WASHES OVER HIM IN TORRENTS: WArbne Oe Pie tone Farane SICHTNING AND THE SIEEPING F AMS OF A NEARBY 2Baey Concer CUTTER CAST (2's SHADOW LICON TH! SOUND / BILL MANTIO Stones — aw Fi ARTISTS A os DALBERS | RELIFER ae Bur ve IGNORES !T Att. | HE Re | COLORS [ag re re a tio HE 1S SONG HOME f 2 ao = MARVEL PREMIEREMis published by MARVEL COMICS GROUP, James £, Galton, President. Stan Lee, Publisher. OFFICE OF PUBLICATION: 675 MADISON AVENUE. NEW YORK. N.Y. 10022. Published bimonthly. Copyright 1978 by Marvel Comics Group. & Division of Cadence Industries Corporation, All rights reserved. Vol. 1, No.4, Cotober, 1978 ue. Price 26¢ per copy in the US. and Canada. Subscription rate $4.50 for 12 issues. Canada, $8.50. Foreign, $6.60. No similarity between any. of the names, charactors, persons, and/or institotions in this magazine with thos» of any living for dead person or institution is intended, and any such similarity which may exist ‘6 purely coincidental. Printed in the U.S.A. This periodical may not be sold except by authorized dealers ancl is sold subject to the conditions that it shall not be sold or distributed with any part of its cover or markings removed, nor iv a muttilated condition. JACK OF HEARTS {including all prominent characters featured in the issue), and the distinctive likenesses there Of, are trademarks of the MARVEL COMICS GROUP. Application for second class postage pending at New York and additional mailing of ices. CAP'N, LOOK! IT SRE be FOS Stee: HEROES! MAYBE HE CAN HELP US FIND ree THE ge ~~ BUT IT" = SINKING Fast! A ALivine AyD AS Me RELEA = OF es MR BIELE ENERGIE: Mi Wee earne YOu SEEM TO BE IN THE MOS MM (2 DAN- GER, MA‘AM! (Si WIT) Sale et ies HW THE LIGHT OF 2 ad ei M BUT THEN, SUCH UNCERTAIN \ SALVATION BECOMES UNNECESSARY! [ANG WHEN THE RESCUE HAS BEEN EFFECTED. is THAT WAS A WONDERFUL. THING YOU PID, Sol iy EVEN THOUGH TROUBLE ON A COSM/E SCALE! 7 CAPTAIN ? HE MUST'VE S4/PPED) IT IN DURING THE RESCUE / Lind | A YES, SIR/JANDHAVE THE) | MO! I'LL HAVE TO TELOGISTS USE COSMETICS TO| Sig ‘ON, MY -BUT CAN LIVE A RELATIVE- THANK GOD, STARK AND SHIELO DEv- FOF K. THIS MIST! AT LEAST I UT MAKEUP CAN'T ey nar ve EBECOM if “Ze MY SPECIALTY SIN Rane ON POISONING. I ONCE WORKED WITH YOUR, wy >> FATHER! oz a ME Pits Barco / Lt ‘SSIGNEI re Oi ereee V f WATCH OVER ‘AND you! 7 V FROm A LAGY, Ye RPERHAPS, SIR? MAYBE! ONG aa “AT J CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PACE VOMATHAN HEMLOCK, se DO NOT My Is BESPEAK ra nis AVENGER HIMBELF UPON SAPS BBs ( I DON'T £/KE FOOLING AROUND URER- GUYS? THEY'RE TROUBLE! INO--WITH POWER... ER OF SOMETIMES \ ‘PAD T BOTHERED 1 CAN BE SUCH 2 ToL. A NOVICE! z Mab Serone t (OME!) BuT IM NOT HERE TO ADMIRE, He HORT LeT’s GET DOWN TO eeSiess| YOUR LETTER MEN- TIONED THE MEN WHO ORDERED MY FATHER KILLED! IF YOU MEAN MARIS™... YES/ MARIS DIED ~- BUT THE FUTURE! WE WANT THE OF COURSE, Boy-- BUT you MUST HOLD YOUR, BREATH WHILE I HAMMER AT. you! THAT WON'T STOP MES My BODY |S PURE ENERGY! 1 DON’T NEED AS) 'SQ/ THE GAS HAS NO EFFECT ON YOU, EH. BOY ? INTERESTING: MY INTELLIGENCE REPORTS WERE NOT AS SOs MPLETE) | AS THEY ‘SEEMED! Z| BUT STILL --IT‘S HARD TO FIGHT WiiAT I CAN'T SEE! JUST KEEP TALKING, HEMLOCK--WHILE MY COMPUTER BRAIN VECTORS IN-ON YOUR COORDINATES! YOU'RE GONNA BE : LAUGHING THROUGH ‘ne BROKEN TEETH, JUNIOR! SS 7 ‘CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PAGE YOU CAN'T USE POWER, MY RESEARCH IN- DICATED THAT THE| WHITE TIGER ONCE Cl RENDERED YOU HELP-| WANNER! YOUR. °\ ZENE WRisrs| PAS IT WERE! ‘FORGETTING SOMETHING, HEMLOCK! --AND YOUR YOYOS| AREN'T NEARLY AS! S7/ AS JH I’M TIRED OF PLAY- me, YOUR LWInG LET'S MOVE THIS FIGHT OUTOOORS-- WHERE I CAN REAM YOU wiTHOUT ATRIPPING OVER YOUR DYACKY ANTIQUES! MY GREENHOUSE, JACKIE-BOY--AMIDST ALL My LOVELY FLORA! YOUR BLUNDERING ENTRANCE HAS Dis~ RUPTED THE TEM ATU) PER. (Re BALANCE! Al e! TYE SLIGHTEST MOCK CAN KILL THEM! ~-WITH AN | MISSILE! Gi EXPLOSIVE WARHEAD! CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PAGE 1S THAT SO? WHAT YOUR’ 4 YOU BL MIT? YOUVE MY PRIZE PUT A SOCK ON THE MEL. MA, HEMLOCK! Z WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THE ORPORATION=- AND WANT TO KNOW > Now! YOU DON'T EXACTLY SMELL OF ROSES YOURSELF, HEMLOCK! aa ‘i ALL RI IGHT, you HERO--YO HIS INFORMATION ABOUT ME HAD GAPS IN IT, OR HE WOULD HAVE ANVOWN NOT. TO TRY IT WITH ME UNCONSCIOUS! Z-AND UNABLE | TO CONTROL THE_ENERGY FLOW! LOT oO} DOES ME, THOUGH! HEMLOCK'S BEEN PUT ff OUT OF Sonne en / WELL, THERE'LL Hl BE OTHER BATTLES/ IM YOUNG? FIRSTCLASS MAIL ROGER STERN EDITOR IM SALICRUP. ASSISTANT EDITOR c/o MARVEL-COMICS: GROUP 575 Madison Avenue New York, New York- 10022 Dave Cockrum dosigned tl trying to keep Jack’s costume stra DEALING FROM THE TOP OF THE DECK By BILL MANTLO Letters. A /or of letters. More letters than I'd ever seen on any book, arid they're still coming, ever since we ennounced @ mail campaign in IRON MAN to find out just how many af you edple out there wanted to see Marvel's newert, most coloriy| superhero—The Jack of Hearts—in a mind bogaling mag of his very own. The response, to say the least, was aver whelming, Sut what did it all meant? Obviously, a great many of you liked Jack’s anrigaranoes in DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU, the HULK, and RON MAN. But did that mean that Jack rated 6 book of his awri? Gould our hand blasting hero sustain your interest through issue after issue, adventure after adventure, month after month? Was there really enough of a character there—a character different from all other characters—that you'd want to see him on your newsstand every thirty days? And, more importantly, would You want to shell out your 35¢ when you already had such great titles as FANTASTIC FOUR, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SPECTAGULAR SPIDER-MAN, AVENGERS, er a/, to choose from? We at the Bullpen decided to take @ chance and find out. No, we haven't giver Jack of Hearts his own book. . .not yet. But we fave given him this tryout in MARVEL PREMIERE, the mag that through the years has brought you such heavies as WARLOCK, DR. STRANGE, IRON FIST, and now. .. JACK OF HEARTS! But a one-shot is chancey. Characters may appear again, or just stip back into the Marvel limbo from whence they came. As Jack's creator \‘d hate to see that happen—but, of course, my feelings aren’t enough. You, thie reader, hes to fee! character sheet of Jack when our ay ht every issue. Dave's ists and colo! is now the de 19 department started going crazy @ JACK OF HEARTS strongly enough about the character and our handling of the mag to demand more. And you have to let us know how you feel—by buying the mag (and maybe an extra copy for a friend}, by writing. ..and mostly, as Marvel readers have done singe the yery dawn of the Marvel’Age of Comics, by caring/** $0, if you do card about the startlingly new JACK OF HEARTS, write JACK OF HEARTS! c/o MARVEL COMICS 575 Madison Ayenue New York, NY 10022 Jack and | will be glad you did!