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Student Led

Term 2

Welcome parents to my grade 9 term 2
student led conference. Here I will give you
a better understanding of what I am doing in

Here is my writers workshop portfolios and a paragraph I wrote
where I was descriptive.
Now I will show you a paragraph that gives examples of a good
hook, supporting sentences and conclusion.
When I read I prefer to read books with lots of action and
suspense, like the Hunger Games or Divergent series. What
type of reading do you guys like?

We are working on order of operations of rational numbers in math right now . The
outcome of this unit is for me to learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational
Our math class is very chaotic. When you walk into the class while we are working you will see
multiple different groups spread all around the room. Usually there is 2 or 3 in a group some
even work alone. This is so everyone can work at their own pace and work more at their own
level. Each group works very similarly though we start with a pre-test, than multiple lessons, mid
unit review, more lessons, unit review and at last a test to finish the unit off.
A math problem I would see right now is - divided by 6/5

Social Studies
In social we just finished a unit on First Nations where we learned about residential schools,
treaties and mostly how the Europeans didn't live up to the agreement that was set. Now we are
studying government. We are studying things like the 9 different kinds of government and
federal, provincial, and municipal government.
A current event in the world right now is California's drought. Right now California is in a major
drought and they are trying to figure out ways to preserve and reuse water. This is important
because if they don't figure it out then they could possibly run out of water there. If they do
figure it out though then other places where there are droughts can use that idea to help them.


Three ideas of what I am studying are:

Heat can cause matter to change; this means that when adding heat to an object it can change
state or be made into something it wasnt before.
The amount of heat energy in an object depends on its temperature, mass, and composition; this
means that there are factors in an object that will change how much heat energy is absorbed into
that object.
Heat energy is transferred in different ways; this means that to get heat energy from place to place
it can be moved with conduction, convection, or radiation.

Now I will show and explain two labs to you.



The butter test: In this lab we put butter on a wooden spoon, metal spoon, and plastic spoon and
stuck them in hot water to see which one butter melted the fastest on. It melted the fastest on the
metal spoon. This is because the metal has a low heat capacity so it heated up really quick. I
learned that different materials have different heat capacities.
Copper Wire: In this test we strung copper wire from two strands tightly, then heated up the wire
with a candle. After about 5 minutes we saw that the wire was drooping. This was because the
heat from the candle expanded the particles in the wire. In this lab I learned that heat makes
particles in objects expand.

Here is a collage of all of the art work I have done
this year.

The End
Thank you for taking the time to watch my
presentation, I hope you enjoyed it.
Education is not preparation for life;
education is life itself.
~ John Dewey