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Name: Abby Trahms

Date: 11*7*14
Per :5

Its a Gas

Skills Lab

How does the pressure you exert on a syringe affect the volume of the air inside it?

strong plastic syringe, modeling clay, 4 books of uniform weight

1. Be sure to record your data in the data table.
2. Lift the plunger of the syringe to 60 mL.
3. Seal the small opening of the syringe with a piece of clay. The seal must be
4. Make sure your syringe is still at 60 mL. Hold the syringe upright with the clay
end on the table. With the help of a partner, place a single book on top of the
plunger. Steady the book carefully so it does not fall.
5. With the book positioned on the plunger, read the volume shown by the plunger
and record it in the data table.
6. Predict what will happen as more books are placed on the syringe. Write your
prediction on the lines below:
The syringes volume will decrease and the pressure will increase.
7. Place another book on top of the first book resting on the plunger. Read the new
volume and record it in your data table.
8. One by one, place each of the remaining books on top of the plunger. After you
add each book, record the volume of the syringe in your data table.

Independent Variable: books

Dependent Variable: volume of syringe

Data Table
Number Volume (mL)
of Books
Analyze and Conclude
Type your answers in complete sentences with questions rephrased (CSRQ)
1. Graphing Make a graph of the data recorded in your data table. Show the number of
books on the x-axis (horizontal) and the volume of gas (mL) on the vertical axis. Title the
graph How pressure affects the volume of a gas.
{To make a graph drag the two columns of data into a new Excel document. Select the
two columns of data and go to chart selecting scatter: smooth marked scatter. Using the
chart layout make the chart title, and the horizontal and vertical axes labels, and show
the major vertical gridlines as well as the horizontal.}

Pressure of syringe
pressure of gas


Volume (mL)


Number of books

2. Predicting Did the results you obtained support your predictions in Steps 6? Explain.
Yes because when the volume of the syringe decreased, the pressure increased.
3. Interpreting Data Looking at your graph, is there a linear relationship between the
amount of textbooks and the volume of gas in the syringe? In other words, did the
volume of gas change by the same amount every-time you added a textbook.

4. Drawing Conclusions What does your graph tell you about how the volume of a gas
changes with changing pressure?
When the weight on the syringe increases, the pressure also increases
5. Comparison Go to pg 108 in your textbook and read about Boyles Law. Did your
results support or not support Boyles Law? Explain.
6. Communicating Look at Figure 20 on pg 108. Describe how the gas particles in the
syringe were affected by the adding of books, and how this affected the pressure.
particles in the syringe

Extra Credit:
7. Design an Experiment
Looking at pg 110, how could you use ice and warm water to show how the temperature
and volume of a gas are related? Design an experiment to test the effect on the volume of
a gas when you change its temperature.