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National Biodigester Program

As we live, we produce massive amount of waste. Is there a way to

process organic waste into an energy? Biodigester is a technology
that converts and transforms livestock manure and many other
organic wastes into a renewable energy such as biogas.
Organic waste such as human excrete and animal manure are put
into a large tank. It is called a Biodigester where it produces biogas
as it gets heated. Anaerobic bacteria (digestion) break down the
microorganisms to produce methane (CH4). Methane moves into the
bladder and the bladder releases gas. This gas is called, biogas. The
remaining waste in the tank is called, digestate and it is used as
fertilizer. The amount of waste going in the digester is almost the
same as the amount that comes out. (SRC)

Biogas is a

decomposition of
organic matter by anaerobic bacteria and it is
made out of 60%
methane and 40%

Co2. It is similar to
natural gas, which is
99% methane, but
biogas includes carbon dioxide. Biogas is a
renewable energy that can be used for electricity, cooking, lighting
and many other sources. The reason to produce biogas is to save
money that goes out to get rid of waste and by having Biodigester
farmers can reduce the odors that come out from the waste and
increase the fertilizers. (Electrigaz)
The amount of energy produced in biogas using Biodigester can
vary since it depends on the design, the amount of waste and the
quality of it. Some digesters can produce 200m3 per tone to 800m3.
Each m3 contains 6kWh of electricity, however when its being
converted in the Biodigester, theres only 2kWh of electricity
produced and the rest turns into heat. The productivity of electricity
may only seem like 1/3 of the process but 2Kh is already enough
amount of energy to use at home.
There are many advantages in the usage of Biodigester. Biodigester
can have social benefits. For social benefits, using Biodigester
electricity, children in the village or the community can have a
better education while saving the cost of electricity. Also it will
reduce the amount of work for women. Farmers can profit from the
biogas by reducing odors and have a better quality natural fertilizer
for farming. It increases the job opportunities because Biodigester

National Biodigester Program

would require people to operate the tank for anaerobic digestion.

Using the Biodigester people can benefit from the biogas, which
they can save money and at the same time, its productive and
useful. Using a Biodigester, there is a way to get rid of all the
organic waste in a beneficial way rather than throwing them into
dumpsites in the forest and rivers. Even leftover wastes are used to
fertilize the lands for farming so to the farmers it would advantage
many things in their life.
As humans, we use enormous amount of electricity every day but
we dont care about the waste that we create. Biodigester may look
like it doesnt benefit a lot but later on in few years, where it will be
hard to produce electricity and the amount of price will increase
massively due to the global warming and all kinds of pollutions
happening including lack of water, Biodigester would be the new
generation of collecting waste and turning it into an energy. Biogas
would benefit a lot in agriculture and in communities because
biogas can cook (use up gas) for at least 2 hours a day, bright light
for at least 6 hours and leftover waste such as digestate will be used
as fertilizers for at least 15 tones per year. Biodigester would grow
as a new type of technology to generate electricity by using biogas,
which is environmentally friendly, and give lots of advantages to us,
especially farmers.

National Biodigester Program

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