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Godwin 1

Eli Godwin
English 2
Mr. Mooneyham

Argumentative Essay
With the analysis of the play Julius Caesars characters one may find a diamond in the
rough so to say as a hero, but one may also say there is no hero. The way a person could say this
is by looking into each persons life. Like Brutus may be noble, only sometimes though, if he/she
was to look into the side life of Brutus they would see that he lied to his wife then tried to sweet
talk his way out of trouble. Then Cassius, poor man, he had a problem with Caesar and killed
him for his own personal satisfaction, also he is a master manipulator that talked Brutus into the
plot. Caesar couldnt be he died not even halfway through scene 3 so it would be crazy to think
Shakespeare might do something such as that. Antony was on Caesars side and is trying to
revenge his fallen comrade so he might be a possibility. Octavius has really no motive for him
one might say it was to avenge his family member, others say that he is doing it to gain his right
to power. So one may never know who the real intended hero was.
So in this play there are several characters, the first of those people is Brutus. On one
hand he is noble and lives his life that way, but on the other hand you have the fact that he lied to
his wife and tried to talk his way out of the situation. Also out of all the other people that were in
on the plot Caesars ghost chose him and him only to talk to. He was in the room with three other
people and they didnt hear or see anything so he was the only one to be told. Even though he
was true to his word that he would do it for the good of Rome. Farewell, good Strato. Caesar,
now be still; I killd not thee half so good a will.(pg.216) Caesar still told him he would see him
at Philippi and he did not lie. Out of everyone that died Brutus died the most noble death, he

Godwin 2

killed himself to set things right, to where his best friend Cassius did it out of fear of the
opposing army moving in on his location. So Brutus could go either way, but do to him lying to
his lady friend he could not be the hero.
Cassius would be the next fellow in line to be the hero but sadly falls just short of
expectation. He had a problem with Caesar because he did not give him the positioned he had
wanted. So Cassius used the plot as a way to get revenge on the man who had denied him the
position. I was born free of Caesar; so were you;Caesar said to me, darst thou, Cassius, now
leap in with me into this angry flood,Caesar cried help me, Cassius, or I sink. And this man
now becomes a god, and Cassius is a wretched creature.(32-34) He says that he saved Caesar
and he did not become anything but the man that about died because he cant swim becomes a
god like figure.
Caesar would be another guy one might look at to be the hero but the one drawback is
that he dies in act 3. Even though it is possible it does not make much sense and from the speech
cassius gave he was a bit of a fake. He was swept away in water and Cassius had to go save him
so how would such a great hero do this. So the main argument one may have is the fact he died
not even halfway through the play. The only textual evidence a person would have to prove is his
death right outside the capital and the fact that he made so many people angry.
Antony is a large and in charge player just like Brutus in the competition in the play. The
main reason antony went through all the trouble to avenge Caesar and all is because he thought
he could be the next in power, but one person put a monkey wrench in that and it was Octavius.
no rome of safety for octavius yet; (126). He says it is not safe for Octavius but yet he stays
there this may baffle some people as to why he would say this. Some may say oh its just a

Godwin 3

common little thing other may it was to prove the point he is better and can survive longer than
the other fellow. So in a way he is saying he is better and more superior then octavius.
The last guy that could be a possibility would be octavius the heir to Caesars throne.
Most chose to believe that he was just trying to secure his spot in the chain of command. Or you
have other option that he was just trying to revenge his dead family member. At one point it
looks like his man Caesar does a pretty good job at predicting peoples future and making it
happen. One may not find textual evidence for such claims but other say there may be.
So looking into this play / novel you may find a hero, but there are people who think
there is no hero. When you look at it very close you realize the guys you think would be, have
done various small acts that will put them on the other side of the argument. So even in life today
or in any other novel a person may read, they may think one character is the hero, but think
again, they have, or will do something that will immediately discredit them from of such a
prestigious award.