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CHEM 611

Fundamentals of Biochemistry

Spring 2015

Instructor: Monica Marie Arroyo, PhD

Original Review Paper Instructions
Learning Objectives

Develop analytical and critical thinking skills for problem solving and the interpretation
and evaluation of biochemistry information sources.
Apply the basic professional writing skills.
Demonstrate professional, ethic and Christian behavior through participation in class.
Access and use information ethically and legally.

Assignment due date

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 before midnight (AST) (-0400 UTC).
Submission detail
The paper will be submitted online through the course LMS in PDF format. Week 14 of the
course will have a submission box to upload the assignment.
Scoring rubric

The assignment will be marked using the rubric found in a separate document in the


This is an individual assignment. You are expected to work individually and

professionally. You will choose a topic from a list provided by the instructor in the LMS
such that each student in the course has their own theme to develop. Topic selection
will be in Week 3 of the course in the course LMS.

Mechanical details

Font: Times New Roman size 12

Margins: 1 in
Spacing: 1.5
Minimum of 3000 and maximum of 5000 words of text excluding the front cover, figure
legends and bibliography
Maximum 20 pages
Language: English or Spanish


Minimum of 10 primary literature references.

Do not use informal sources such as Wikipedia, Rincn del Vago, Monografias.com, etc.
Reference format: APA 6
o You may use Son of Citation Machine to help you in formatting the references:


Introduction with literature review essential for the comprehension of the chosen
Narrative focused on the biochemical nature, characteristics, and disease process of
chosen topic.
Significant figures and images properly mentioned in the narrative.
You may use Jing (http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html) to capture
If the images are not original you must include the reference.


You may read the document on what constitutes plagiarism and its varieties in the
course LMS.
You may check your work for plagiarism using various free tools such as
http://plagiarisma.net/ or http://www.plagtracker.com/
Penalty for first plagiarized sentence or phrase: 5 point deduction.
Penalty for second plagiarized sentence or phrase: additional 10 point deduction.
Penalty for third plagiarized sentence or phrase: additional 15 point deduction.
Penalty for fourth plagiarized sentence or phrase: 0 in the assignment and citation to
speak with instructor in the office. Student may be referred to the Vice-president of
Student Affairs, at the discretion of the instructor, as per the Student Handbook.