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BJ Hemphill

Lesson Plan Grade 8

Ratio & Proportion, Functions, Expressions/Equation
Differentiated Lesson 1 Goal 1

Math Concept Analyze and solve pairs of simultaneous linear equations

CCSS Math Content 8 EE 8.a, 8.b Understand that solutions to a system of two linear equations
in two variables correspond to a point of intersection of their graphs, because pints of
intersection satisfy both equations simultaneously. Solve real world and mathematical problems
leading to two linear equations in to variables. For example, given coordinates for two pairs of
points, determine whether the line through the first pair of points intersects through the second
Big Ideas: Infinitely many ordered pairs of numbers are solutions of a linear equation. When
finding the solutions of a system of two equations, you are looking for the one ordered pair of
numbers that is a solution for both equations.
Lesson Goal #1 To connect algebraic equations to real-life situations. To determine at what
point which cell phone company has the better deal.
Open Questions: How can I determine if my solution for a system of linear equations is correct?
Expected Responses:
Solve the equations
Look at the graphed lines to see if they are linear
Look at our tables to see if any ordered pair is the same
Look at our graph to see if there is an intersection
Students are working in groups of 4
Teacher questions to probe thinking: How do you know an equation is a linear equation?
When looking at your graphs, which is the independent and dependent variables? Could
you explain in your words what the graphs mean? If so provide a brief explanation.
Academic Language: Start listing which words they choose to describe what information they
are going to need to be successful with this lesson and replace them with appropriate academic
grade level vocabulary.
The answers on table solutions for the linear equation
Where they cross solution
Straight line linear equation
Two lines system of linear equations
The line goes up positive slope
The line goes down negative slope
The line crosses over the X axis X intercept
The line crosses over the Y axis Y intercept
Put a point on the graph plot
Connect the points plot a line
Beginning of the month has a cost - constant

Debrief: Have students work on pre selected systems of linear equations. Students will write
their about their solutions, using academic vocabulary.
Each month the cost of the cell phone service ____________________.
One cell phone company has a _____________________ cost at the beginning of the
One way to determine if they will both cost the same looking at the
The ________________________ variable determines the ______________________.
At the end of one year I can see how much it will cost for the services by looking at
Summarize what they have learned: Provide students with the following paragraph frames on a
strip of paper. Each student completes the frames and tapes them in their math journals. They
each need to do one, but the can continue discussion with their groups. Remind them to use their
academic vocabulary. Have students read their responses to a table partner.
I can graph the relationship between cell phones companies and their by graphing
___________________________ on the x axis and __________________________ on
the y axis.
I can determine at which point the cell phone companies ______________________ by
looking at where they ___________________________.
Formative Assessment: (Exit sticky note on numbered board) Explain how you can determine the
solution of a system of equations.

BJ Hemphill
Lesson Plan Grade 8
Ratio & Proportion, Functions, Expressions/Equation
Differentiated Lesson 1 Goal 2

Tiered lesson: Students will be divided into two groups depending on the responses from lesson
#1 ticket out the door.
Lesson Goal #2: Students will draw conclusions about the relationship between x and y axis as a
function of independent and dependent variables and will briefly explain their determination.
Group 1 Students will write and continue working on graphing linear equations.
(Targeted problems supplied by teacher). Students will explain their determinations in
complete sentences using academic vocabulary.
Group 2 Students will work with the teacher to clarify, discuss, create linear equations,
and graph solutions.
Direct Vocabulary Instruction: work with group 2 to develop a deeper understanding of academic
Academic language check: Students will review their work making sure they used correct
sentence structure while incorporating academic vocabulary.
Debrief: Discuss their graphs and findings. Guide students in drawing the correct conclusions:
Each linear equation has a line of its own. The solution to the systems of linear equations is at the
intercept. The dependent variable is in direct relationship to the independent variable. It might
take a long time determine the solution.