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1. raining cats and dogs (Lije ko` iz kabla, padaju sekire) pouring, raining very heavily
- Where are you going, cant you see its raining cats and dogs? Youll get soaked in a minute
if you go out now.
- They didnt go to the theme park because it was raining cats and dogs almost all day.
2. face like thunder (izraz za smrknuto lice ) kada je neko veoma ljut , being clearly very
angry or upset
- I dont know what was happening, I just saw that a man with a face like thunder was chasing
a little boy out of the grocers shop.
- She didnt say anything but her face was like thunder; she slammed the door as she left, and
we havent seen her ever since.
3. storm in a teacup oluja u oljici aja preterivati, suvie brinuti o nemu exaggerating a
problem, anger or worry about something unimportant
- Their debate was only a storm in a teacup actually neither of them took the problem too
- The reports about the demonstration are a storm in a teacup there wasnt as much violence
there as they say.
4. chase rainbows juriti za dgom, traiti vreme waste time trying to achieve something
- My wife never believed I would make it as an executive manager; she always thought I was
just chasing rainbows.
- Cant you see youre only chasing rainbows? Theres no way to get this girl marry you.
5. lightning fast svetlosnom brzinom izuzetno brzo extremely fast
- I dont think we can keep up with him, hes got a lightning fast bike.
- The robbery lasted only a minute, and then the robbers disappeared in a lightning fast car.
6. head in the clouds- glava u obalcima , nerealna oekivanja I nepraktine ideje having
unrealistic or impractical ideas, daydreaming
- Is your sister in love? I see her walking around all day with her head in the clouds.
- You have your head in the clouds if you think Mary will come to your birthday party after
the nasty things youve done to her.
7. snowed under suvie puno posla, zatrpan having too much to do
- Id love to help you, but Im completely snowed under at the moment.
- Could you come over and fix the tap in the bathroom? But of course, only if you arent
snowed under, its not so urgent.
8. under the weather neko ko je boleljiv, neosea se dobro. ill, sick, feeling unwell, sad or
lacking energy
- Do you mind if I stay out of work today? Im feeling under the weather, I may have the flu.
- I heard you were ill yesterday. Are you feeling better now or are you still under the weather?