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FAK NO. 4 Aug. 87 2000 @9:24 PL rea rand Rabb ake Rebinovuh worn 29 IA Nw of Huakach won 777A Hon. Eric T. Schneiderman Auoraey General Office of Atiomey General State Capital Albany, NY 12224 February 2, 2014 Re: William Rapfogel Dear Mr. Schneidermsn, write this lete to you on behalf of William Rapfogel, a man who I know for some {wo decades and whom I hold in warm regard. At the same time, I make clear my commnitmect and the obligation of al to respect the law of this country. Since the terrible holocuust, parallel to the rebuilding of the Jewish people, with the blessing of the Almighty I have presided ovor the rebirth and growth of the Munkatel, Chassidic dynasty and its communities, schools, yeshivas and somineries across the Jewish worl, In all this time, there wero so many who came seeking inner peace end Purpose and the results have been gratifying and humbling at the same time, One ofthe tasks that fell upon me was to extend suecor and solace 10 those who hed Survived the infermo of Auschwitz and other infamous camps, especially to those survivors from Munkatch itself. Until this day, so many relive those awfil times ‘As a result, em particularly sensitive o those who dedicate their lives and talents to helping these poor souls and other needy in the Jewish community and beyond, Such a Pevson is William Repfogel. For decades he has been a leader spearheading effort on ‘ven though he built and headed an enormous Organization, Willie was never reticent jzaling up hs sleeves and gering down into the reaches’ to extend a helping hand, [ikewise, even the most dawn-an-out would find a friendly voice and shoulder when he would stop to talk to Willie. Frankly, I do not know if there was any case that he eves ‘Tumed away in his activities as a faithful servant. of the community. FOIL 150078 000065 Meishe L Rebinooish FAK NO. 4 fus. @7 2008 es:2e Fe roa Bond Rasis wore a x «f Monkeot woxmin wrx 1s fact, his involvements wont ar beyond his exganization, Ho has taken time out to help many mea and women in New York with ther personal needs - ranging from dental fae oo 20 tition to those needing assistance with ther college and careers. Willie has been there for them and has answered their calls es well as those of clergymen and ‘ommunity leaders who reached at to him, even at very inconvenient times Now Wille finds hms inte mids ofthe moot fol nightmare tha could beset Sug® lgae - ot ony the loss of credibility and the loss ot his very good ‘name, but being acraigned in a Court of Law, facing possible incarcesetion, The Talmud states that a person does not sin unles a spit of folly onters ito him, and Tbeleve that such a spirit wreaked havoc with Willem Rapfogel's sense cr Trsparton. Howover, as he has confronted what has heppened, a well as th shame and isgrace that he has brought not only on himself but on his beloved wife avy family -his, fas hed saleable. It snot easy 1o see tears welling up in the eyes of @ grown man way has had such success and is now so broken, Kindly allow me to make a plea for William Rapfogel on behalf of needy families in the Boro Pack and Williamsburg aad so many others who needed ana still need his help, Sincerely, he Mi Lh Berg Grand Rabbi of Munkatch FOIL 150078 000066