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Locust vs.

Have you ever seen a small insect jumping in the air?
Most of us would think its just a grasshopper. But it
might be a locust. What is the difference between the
two? Continue reading to find out!
Physical features
Grasshoppers are light green in color. Some
grasshoppers have dark green stripes down their
body. Grasshoppers have small yellow antennas on
its head Locusts are usually dark brown. Some have
red or yellow stripes down their body. They have dark
brown antennas on their heads. Both have three sets
of legs. Two sets are short and in the front of their
body. Their back legs are long and are used to help
them jump!


A locust

A grasshopper

Grasshoppers can be found all over the world. They
like to live where there are mild temperatures and
lots of green grass. Many grasshoppers will live on
farmers fields. Locusts can also be found in grassy
areas. However they can survive in many types of
places like hot sandy desserts. Unlike grasshoppers,
Locust will migrate to where there is food.

Lots of locust on the dessert


A grasshopper on a
farmers flower


A Locust is considered to be in the same family as a

grasshopper. Many say that a locust is a type of
One major difference between a grasshopper and
Locust is how they behave. Grasshopper are calm
and usually do not bother people or plants. However,
Locusts are aggressive and can be mean. They can
quickly destroy plants and crops. This leaves people
with out food. Locust can swarm in front of people
making it hard to see. There have been many old
stories about how locusts have made it hard for
people to live in an area.

Locusts destroyed
all the plants

A swarm of locusts