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Library Media Program Evaluation

Memo to Administration
To: WCM/HS Administrators
From: Renae Evans, WCM/HS Media Specialist
Purpose: I have recently completed a self-evaluation rubric for this school year. This evaluation
rubric is in regards to the duties, procedures, and responsibilities as the acting Wheeler County
Middle/High School Media Specialist. I was pleased by the amount of areas in which we scored
Exemplary. However, we have room to grow in the following areas:
Basic Indicators:
Category 3 - Staffing
9a. If less than base size: A school system shall provide no less than half-time services of a
Library Media Specialist for each school less than base size and shall provide adult supervision
in the library media center for the entire instructional day. We are currently in compliance with
state board rule.
Action Plan:
A. WCM/HS will employ the services of a full time media specialist in the year 20152016.
B. Adult supervision will be for the entire instructional day.
C. Library staff will be available before or after school and on predetermined evenings, as
events require.
Category 4- Facilities, Access, and Resources
10. There shall be a plan for flexibly scheduled library media center access for students and
teachers in groups or as individuals simultaneously throughout each instructional day.
Accessibility shall refer to the facility, the staff, and the resources and shall be based on
instructional need. Currently, our flexible scheduling makes resources and assistance available at
the time of learning need, but school schedules frequently override this preferable flexibility.
Library media staff is available to teachers and students for most, yet not all, of the school day.
Action Plan:
A. Flexible scheduling and library media staff will be available throughout the day in
school year 2015-2016 to assist teachers and students regardless of ability or disability.
B. The library media center will be available either before or after school.
C. Some evening hours may be scheduled for instructional needs of students and families.
Category 5 - Administrative Support
17. Administrative staff support at both the school and district levels is essential for the
development of a strong library media program. Currently, the school principal provides support
to the library media program and makes time to meet with the Library Media Specialist
Action Plan:
A. A library media advisory committee will be reinstituted and meet a minimum of twice
a year. This advisory board will serve to promote the media services offered at WCM/HS.
B. A manual with guidelines will be published so that all stakeholders understand media
center procedures. All guidelines and procedures will be reviewed with the administration

C. The principal will serve on the media committee which meets at least twice each year.
D. The curriculum director will serve on the media committee. This will correlate with
our Striving Readers Grant requirements.
E. Planning and evaluation of the library media program will be executed monthly.
Proficient Indicators:
Category 1 - Student Achievement and Instruction
3. Professional library media staff are engaged in active teaching role/s. Currently the Library
Media Specialist and teachers plan and teach collaboratively so that the library media program is
an extension of classroom instruction.
Action Plan:
A. The media specialist will meet monthly with teachers to incorporate and use a variety
of teaching styles to meet diverse needs of students.
B. Collaborative planning will take place monthly to determine where and how student
assessment takes place, and whether the teacher or the media specialist will do the
C. The GPS and CCGPS will be integrated into the units led by the media specialist and
classroom teacher.
The implementation of these action plans will ensure the viability and effectiveness of the
WCM/HS Media Center. By following this goal, we will enhance the overall learning experience
of all students at WCM/HS.
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to implementing these changes to ensure we
maintain a vibrant media program that is the heart of the culture of reading we have established
throughout our school.