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JOHN WILLIAMS SIGNATURE EDITION BATTLE OF THE HEROES From STAR WARS" EPISODE lll: REVENGE OF THE SITH Joun Witrrams RO ER Instrumentation FLUTE 1 FLUTE 2 PICCOLO Flute) OBOE 1 OBOE 2 ENGLISH HORN BbCLARINET 1 BY CLARINET 2 @ Clarinet) B CLARINET 3 (Bb Bass Clarinet) BASSOON 1 BASSOON 2 CONTRA BASSOON Bassoon) FHORN1 FHORN2 FHORN3 FHORN4 B TRUMPET 1 B) TRUMPET 2 BY TRUMPET 3 Bb TRUMPET 4 ‘TROMBONE 1 ‘TROMBONE 2 TROMBONE 3 TUBA TIMPANL PERCUSSION 1 (Marimba, Xylophone, Chimes, Large Tubular Bell) PERCUSSION 2 (Marimba, Tam-Tam) PERCUSSION 3 (Piatti, Sizzle Cymbal, Anvil) PERCUSSION 4 (Suspended Cymbal) PERCUSSION SCORE HARP PIANO SATB CHORUS (Opt) VIOLIN 1 VIOLIN 2 VIOLA VIOLONCELLO CONTRABASS Performance Time: 3:40 Complete Set (50 Choral Octavos included) 04490421 Full Score 04490422 In bringing us Star Wars Episode Il: Revenge of the Sith, George Lucas connects and completes the tale of his great epic in space. ‘The fateful encounter of Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi takes the form of a brilliant lightsaber duel symbolizing the eternal struggle between the forces of good and evil. To accompany this moment in the film, I've written “Battle of the Heroes,” for which I've constructed a motif based on four simple pitches which are in tum driven by the full propulsive force of the orchestra. ee ia BATTLE OF THE HEROES vous te 80 . * if @ a ie Bl a @ EF Bl a a a a @ Sian B B “a a “o wo a 8 Dota _ Loy elec rt cee yer err eer ort oor rit a Sian | ) isa l|llzs | | ,