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264 --- Assignment 5 grade: A

Points: 30

Great choices for the 50 items, with a wide variety of books and media for
our tween age group. Twenty novels included all great choices for tweens.
Award winners and newer books included along with some classics as well as
some media items. Your opinion shines through, and you didnt just give us
plot recaps. Great programming/lesson ideas (Recommended Curriculum
Development) included. Sources listed. Thanks, Penny Peck
Discussion grade: A

Points: 20

Clear and thoughtful discussion entries, adding something for everyone to

learn from or think about. Consistent posting each week (except our most
interesting Discussion, on Multicultural book awards). Thanks for contributing
so much to the class. Thanks, Penny Peck
Overall grade for the course: A

Points: 100

Excellent work! Your assignments and discussion posts were outstanding. You
clearly displayed a knowledge and interest in library materials for children.
Thanks so much for taking this class, and being such a great participant.
Thanks, Penny Peck