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RTC (QC)- Information was filed against Edwin Dalipe y Perez of the crime of RAPE (3 counts)
-the above-named accused through abuse of moral ascendancy and influence over AAA, his
stepdaughter, then under eighteen (18) years of age.
-appellant, assisted by his counsel, signed a Pre- trial arraignment that contained 3. The victim in
this case, Mayia P. Ponseca was born on 23 May 1990 as evidenced by her birth certificate,
-decision: finding the accused guilty of raped
CA- affirming trials court decision with modification
At the pre-trial, the parties mutually worked out a satisfactorily disposition of the criminal cases.
Purpose of pre- trial [criminal case] is to consider the following: (a) plea bargaining; (b)
stipulation of facts; (c) marking for identification of evidence of the parties; (d) waiver of
objections to admissibility of evidence; (e) modification of the order of trial if if the accused
admits the charge but interposes lawful defenses and (,) such matters as will promote a fair and
expeditious trial of the criminal and civil aspects of the cases. Facts stipulated and evidenced
admitted during pre trial binds the parties.