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Nature's law is closely aligned to God's law but not completely.

Nature tries it
best all the time to learn about God's law and create objects/design objects to
attune to that law. Anything that does not abide by God's law gets destroyed li
ke we have seen dead stars, barren planets, etc. The prosperity to a planet come
s as it attunes itself more to the Gods law. In that sense, the hindu concept of
trinity Brahma(Creator), Vishnu(manager), Shiva(Destroyer) is a right framework
. Shiva the destroyer then is a more knowledgeable one who knows God's law more
closely and therefore destroys those things which are not attuned to God's law.
Also then Shiva works very closely with Brahma to help him design and create sus
tainable things for the planet. Vishnu then knows everything that is created and
how to maintain it, manage it and when to let it go and look for a new version.
So Vishnu in essense is the soul of the machine. Devi is the power to test Brah
ma's limit then.