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CASLR Grad Intern Individual Budget Assignment ‘The Center for Academic Service-Leaming and Research has given you a budget of $350.00 to support and strengthen your individual position and/or program. As the Coordinator for Student Professional Development you must create a budget proposal to explain how you intend to enhance your program responsibilities and increase the level of professionalism amongst our undergraduate interns, as well as create a spreadsheet to show how you plan to spend your budget. This is your opportunity to be creative in expanding your role and/or program as you deem necessary. Be sure to demonstrate your rationale for how you chose to spend your budget and the overall benefit it will bring to the Center. Write two or three paragraphs describing your program or project. + Explain the who, what, when, where, why and how * Be sure to include at least two Student Leaning Outcomes (SLOs) to demonstrate program purpose and how they will be measured (if applicable) + Explain the benefits, expected outcomes or impact Proposal: As the Coordinator of Student Professional Development, my responsibility to enrich Service Learning Advocates professional development while they work at the Center for Academic Service-Learning and Research. Therefore, I propose to C.A.S.L.R. a yearlong rewards incentive program that applauds Service Learning Advocate’s acts of professionalism in and outside the workplace setting. It will begin during the first day the Service Leaming Advocates begin work, in August, and end a week before finals week during the spring semester. The Service Learning Advocates will be informed about the dynamics of the incentive program during August training and then surveyed about what incentives they would like to receive in the following categories: favorite snacks, drinks, and restaurant gift cards. A pretest will be distributed that contains questions that measure topics such as the frequency of dressing in a business manner, punctuality, attendance, and initiative to assess for professionalism skills as ‘well as a post test to measure their growth, Name: Fatima Elali One of the professionalism behaviors that the Service Leaming Advocates will be rewarded for is promptness at work and staff meetings, which will be measured at the end of fall semester by looking at time cards of only the fall semester when observation is not possible. Attendance at any workshop that teaches SLAs the knowledge and/or skills in becoming a better professional is another behavior that will be awarded when he or she gives me proof of attendance. It is only this that offers up to four opportunities that can be taken advantage of until the end of the academic year in spring. Furthermore, perfect attendance at work and staff meetings will be awarded at the end of the spring semester, which will be determined through time cards and through recording attendance at staff meetings. The S.L.A. who covered the most orientations/evaluations for other coworkers out of the entire academic year will be awarded at the end of the spring semester. Also, the buddy team who knows each other best will be awarded through the means of a friendly competition during mid-fall semester. Overall, SLA’s will only be informed that their promptness and attendance as well as workshop attendance will be considered for the receiving of incentives so that they cannot always expect everything that they do is for an incentive. ‘My budget includes the incentives that fall into the categories: snacks/candies worth up to ‘two dollars, drinks worth up to four dollars, and a set amount of ten dollar restaurant/fast food gift cards. A certificate, also, is included along with every incentive to support positive affirmation, I specifically plan to buy four packets of fifteen certificates that typically cost about six dollars each to accommodate the maximum number of incentives SLA’s can receive. Moreover, I plan to buy up to eight restaurant gift cards for the recognition of perfect staff ‘meeting and work attendance. Work promptness results in up to eight of the S.L.A.’s preferred beverages and workshop attendance will account for up to thirty-two snacks or candies of their Name: Fatima Elali choice. The person that covers the most orientations and evaluations for another coworker will be awarded a ten dollar gift card and the buddy team winners will be awarded two ten dollar restaurant gift cards, After the end of this rewards incentive program, Service Learning Advocates will be knowledgeable about what professionalism looks like and how to apply it for their benefit. The pre and posttest will evaluate their knowledge of professionalism as well as the conversation between them and I can serve to assess this $.L.O. They, also, have increased their professional skills in at least one arena of professionalism that can include time management, organization, teamwork, and being a great sport. The pre and posttest will be a conducted to measure their growth in this SLO as well. I hope to create a rewards system that has a balanced manner of expected and unexpected rewarding of incentives since this can motivate the SLA’s to hold productive habits even more. Affirmation is a significant part of building professional's self- esteem, skills, and knowledge and feel that a reward system is one way to achieve that Proposed Budget Trem / Exp Cost per item Number of ftems Total snacks $2 32 364 drinks $4 8 $32, Restaurant gift card 310 i $110 Certificate pack (15) 36 4 $24 Final: $230