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Water Vapor and



Water vapor
Relative Humidity

Vocabulary Review
Water Vapor- is the water
in the form of a gas.
Water vapor can be
produced from evaporation
or boiling of the liquid form
of water.
Water vapor is invisible.

When a
puddle dries
out, do you
see the
into the air?

Vocabulary continued
Humidity- the amount of
water vapor in the air.
Humidity shows the
likelihood of precipitation,
dew, or fog.

Vocab. Continued
Evaporation- is the process
where water changes from
a liquid to a gas or vapor.
Evaporation is the primary
way that water moves from
the liquid state back into
the water cycle as water
It takes a lot of energy and
the primary energy source
is the sun.

Vocab. Continued
Condensation- is the
change of water from its
gaseous form (water vapor)
into liquid water.
Condensation can be
seen on:
1. Shower doors
2. Cold drink glasses
3. Dew on grass

Vocab. Continued
Relative Humidity- is the
amount of moisture in the
air compared to what the
air can "hold" at that
temperature. When the air
can't "hold" all the
moisture, then it condenses
as dew.
What do you think will
happen when air reaches
100% humidity?

Golden Gate Bridge on a Foggy Day

If you were on
this bridge what
would you see
and feel all
around you?
What is fog
made of?
If you had a
cold glass of
water on a hot
day what would
you see and feel
on the outside
of the glass?
What is a humid
day like? Where
is the moisture
on a humid

Lets Make a Puddle

First think about why you
think a puddle forms
around a frosty/ cold drink.
Where do you think the
puddle came from?

Lets Make a Puddle continued

Do you think we would get
the same results on a
cooler day? On a warmer
Do you get the same
results on a humid day as a
dry day?

1. bottle one-third full of warm water and place the cap on.
As warm water evaporates, it adds water vapor to the air
inside the bottle. This is the first ingredient to make a
2. Squeeze and release the bottle and observe what
happens. Youll notice that nothing happens. Why? The
squeeze represents the warming that occurs in the
atmosphere. The release represents the cooling that
occurs in the atmosphere. If the inside of the bottle
becomes covered with condensation or water droplets,
just shake the bottle to get rid of them.
3. Take the cap off the bottle. Carefully light a match and
hold the match near the opening of the bottle.
4. Then drop the match in the bottle and quickly put on the
cap, trapping the smoke inside. Dust, smoke or other
particles in the air is the second ingredient to make a
5. Once again, slowly squeeze the bottle hard and release.
What happens? A cloud appears when you release and
disappears when you squeeze. The third ingredient in
clouds is a drop in air pressure.



Water vapor, water in its invisible

gaseous state, can condense into the
form of small cloud droplets. By
adding particles such as the smoke
enhances the process of water
condensation and by squeezing the
bottle causes the air pressure to
drop. This creates a cloud!

Answer these
questions on a
post- it

1. What causes water vapor to

change into droplets of
liquid water?
2. How is relative humidity
different from humidity?

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