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Esteem. Empathy. Equity.

The 3E Model for Multicultural Education Cayla Sandlin

INSTASC Standard #3: Learning Environments

The teacher works with others to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, and that encourage
positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.

Name of Artifact: The 3E Model for Multicultural Education

Date: January 22, 2015
Course: EDUC 255
Brief Description: The purpose of the PowerPoint is to educate students on the importance of the 3E ModelEsteem,
Empathy, and Equity. In order to have a functional and purposeful multicultural learning environment, students need to
understand the importance of each of these terms. Not only is understanding the terms vital to a successful learning
experience, but the students need to perform each of these daily, even outside of the classroom.
Rationale: INTASC Standard #3 is relative to The 3E Model for Multicultural Education presentation because it states that
the teacher is creating a supportive educational environmentindividually and collaboratively. Each tier on the model,
esteem, empathy, and equity, build a stronger individual and help each individual to have confidence to associate with peers.
Working on these terms with the students will strengthen their motivation and encourage each student.

The 3E Model for Multicultural Education EDUC


The 3E Classroom Model for

Multicultural Education

The 3E Model of Multicultural Education

respect and affection

understand and share another
persons experiences and emotions

fairness or justice in the way people are
The 3E Model of Multicultural Education

How to Implement Esteem in the Classroom

Praise for accomplishments

Give classroom responsibilities
Display class work
Allow students to make choices to extend self-worth
Acknowledge students work individually and in front
of peers
Express a positive attitude towards my students
Encourage students to do better than last time, but
do not encourage students to do better than another
Analyze each student to see what they are good at
and what they might need to improve on
The 3E Model of Multicultural Education

How to Implement Empathy in the Classroom

Teach students the importance of being sensitive to another
students feelings
Model how I care for each student
Promote expressing feelings in a positive manner
Encourage the class to celebrate ones accomplishments
Build teamwork skills
Assign groups to complete projects

The 3E Model of Multicultural Education

How to Implement Equity in the

Allow students opportunities to promote their strengths

Encourage teamwork
Reducing bullying
Help students find their own individual
Remind students how everyone is different
Teach about different ways of life and different cultures from
around the world

The 3E Model of Multicultural Education


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The 3E Model of Multicultural Education