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CEC Lesson Plan: Template #1

SUBJECT/Grade: English 10
LESSON TITLE : Re-creating opening scene of The Maze Runner
(written as critical challenge)
LESSON Description: Students will get into groups and work on script relevant to the assignment

Suggested Time: 3 periods

Planning Information:
Curriculum Connections
Overall Expectation(s):
Listening to Understand: Listening in order to understand and respond appropriately in
for a variety of purposes
Speaking to Communicate: Use speaking skills and strategies appropriately to communicate
with different audiences for a variety of purposes

Specific Expectation(s):
Identify and use several different listening strategies before, during, and after listening to understand both
and complex oral texts
Identify the important information and ideas in simple and complex oral texts
Extend understanding of both simple and complex oral texts by making connections between the
ideas in them and personal knowledge, experience and insight.
Communicate orally for several different purposes using language suitable for the intended audience.

Identify and use appropriate words, phrases and terminology, and several different stylistic devices,
to communicate their meaning and engage their intended audience
Learning Goal(s) or Enduring Understandings:
I will be able to utilize my knowledge of the characters and plot from the Maze Runner to
create an alternate beginning
I will utilize my knowledge of high school archetypes and incorporate it into my skit
I will brainstorm ideas with others in order to convey a high school experience relevant to the


Essential Questions:
Based off the high school archetypes we have previously identified in the Maze Runner how
can I alter their role in the story?
Does my skit give evidence that I am knowledgeable on the events of the Maze Runner?
How will I use props and the classroom space effectively in order to incorporate the events of
Maze Runner

Prior Knowledge Required (the knowledge/concepts and skills students must possess to be successful in this lesson)
Character names and personalities
Archetypes from previous lesson

Differentiated Instruction Details

How will you differentiate your lesson? Provide details

Knowledge of Students
Differentiation based on student:
Readiness Interests Learner Profile:


Other (e.g., environment,

gender, culture)

Need to Know
Knowledge of characters in the novel
Understanding of high school archetypes

How to Find Out

Assessment of assignment in last class
Differentiated Instruction Response
Learning materials (content) Ways of learning (process) Ways of demonstrating learning
(product) Learning environment

As this is a more
Resources (for items in appendix, indicate with asterisk)
Paper with skit instructions
Marked High school archetype assignment

Agenda (to be listed on blackboard, in student language)

1. Review high school archetypes relative to the
2. Go over instructions for assignment/read rubric

Minds On (Hook)


Establishing a positive learning environment

Connecting to prior learning and/or experiences
Setting the context for learning

L: Literacy
AfL, AoL: Assessment
for/of Learning

Whole Class or Groups of ? Name of Activity and/or Strategy

Discuss previous class and high school archetypes


Introducing new learning or extending/reinforcing prior learning
Providing opportunities for practice and application of learning (guided > independent)

Whole Class or Groups of ? Name of Activity(ies) and/or Strategy(ies)


Have students read out the instructions for the skit, discuss the steps as a class
Have the students read the rubric out loud, give exemplar for each category
Assign groups strategically (jig-saw) and allow students to work on their skit (20 min)
Students will be expected to show their progress in 20 minutes, I will provide feedback


based on what they have accomplished thus far.

Students will have time to work on their skits and practice for a total of 2 periods


AforL: Group

AofL: Skit
AforL: Two stars
and a wish

Consolidation and Connection

Helping students demonstrate what they have learned
Providing opportunities for consolidation and reflection

Whole Class or Groups of ? Name of Activity and/or Strategy


AfL or AoL:

Students will be introduced to three stars and a wish one member from each group will be
responsible for writing critical feedback on their peers skit in the form of two stars and a
wish this will be counted towards their participation in the assignment (students will be
given 2 minutes after each performance to discuss with their group).

Exit Card

2. Exit Card: Did creating this skit give you a new perspective on any of the characters or
events in the story? Why or why not?

Extension/PREP/Hwk (activities completed outside of class to reinforce/extend learning or prepare

for next class)

AfL or AoL:

Practice roles.

Accommodations/Special Needs: (this may have been identified above in DI section) How will you accommodate
for students with IEPs, ELLs etc.?

Indicated in DI section.

Teacher Reflection on Lesson: (to be completed after teaching, you do not need to fill this out for this
assignment, just an FYI for reflective practice)

Aspects that worked:

Changes for next time:

Students thrived in group work

Students discussion was on task most of the time
Students had fun with the skit and re-creating
the event within a high school setting

Next time I would extend one period and ask for

a copy of the rough draft