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Kitab Book of Dead Names

Sura 1. Preduvedomlenie reading the book, even
A book is this - the mysteries of those who wrote it opened in dangerous journey
s on earth and heavenly deserts countries.
2 Se is The Book of Laws and Customs of the sleeping dead, written by me, Jabir
ibn Abdallah ibn Abdallah ibn 'Amr al-Khazraj Al-Ansari, your servant, and a poe
t famous volhovatelem.
3 Use the secrets of this book, I said to the dark spirits, koi bestowed upon me
the treasures of the great - as wealth and knowledge.
4 I have tasted and know the unknowable, led by the Ancients, the power of which
I knew.
Five had forgotten about them Zardusht, Musa did not know, is not comprehended D
aoud, Yahya moved away, but Jesus told the faithful, Mani knew, but concealed, M
uhammad denied.
6 But I learned about living and existing before men in dreams to this day, Velm
a, and found them awful.
7 One of them taught me these things, and powerful sorcery.
8 The book tells the story of those wonderful places, of which I visited, the ho
rrors of the heartless, with whom I encountered, koi to genuine madness took me,
as shown in my notes, memoirs of a madman.
9 For to be crazy, in order to believe in those things, I saw the koi in those c
eremonies, koi, I have worked for, in those places, of which I visited, and the
times I have visited koi.
10 Yes naidet mukarrib still up in the pages of all the knowledge I have gathere
d some of the time so maddening journey.
11 But is this book will serve as a warning against those who expect to Outland.
Sura 2. Certificate Majnun , a wanderer and scholar
Majnun - (In Arabic) Obsessed jinn, a madman.
1 Behold there is evidence of all that I saw, and all that I learned for those o
f summer, when I had three seals of the mountains of Ararat.
Two thousand and one moon, I saw with my birthday, and it is true only so for th
e life of a human life, though in the book of Moses recheno that many more were
living prophets.
I have 3 Weak and ill, and bear the burden of fatigue and exhaustion, and a sigh
hangs in my breast, like a lamp extinct.
4 I'm too old.
5 jackals sing my name in their midnight psalms, and the voice of this quiet, su
btle appeals to me from afar.
6 And the voice which cries out closer to the ear of my thirst with wickedness.
7 The severity of my soul will determine the final resting place of my.

8 before this same hour I shall trace here all that I can, I, of the horrors of
the koi come close Outland and koi are waiting at the door of every man, for beh
old there is a secret ancient ancestor bequeathed, but forgetting all but the fe
w fans of the Ancients (May be crossed out their names!).
9 And if not, I will conclude this work, take what is stored here, and look for
stuff, because the time is short, and does not know the human race does not unde
rstand the evil that awaits him on every side, day after all the gates open, and
after every broken barrier , mapping every careless acolyte before the altars o
f madness.
10 For behold is the Book of the Dead, the Book of Al-Khema, koyu I wrote a thre
at to my life, as it gained in the worlds efreet, cruel celestial spirits from b
eyond the stars wandering.
11 May all who read the book, even through her
forewarned that the abode of men vi
sibly and significantly for this people of the Ancients - the gods and devils since before the time, and that they seek revenge for that forgotten battle that
occurred in the distant spaces and split at the worlds Adam's kind of the begin
ning, when the senior wandered in the spaces;
12 people of Marduk, as he is known to the Chaldeans, and Nariks, our mistress,
lady magicians.
13 Know therefore this day that I walked all the worlds of jinn, as well as plac
es of Outland, and went to the place of unclean mortal and eternal thirst, to wh
ich the path leads through the gates of oblivion, built in Ur, in the days befor
e Babylon.
14 Know also that I have talked with all kinds of jinn and the Devas, whose name
s are not known among the nations of men, or have never been led by.
15 And the printing of some of them are here, while others should I take with me
when I leave this world.
16 Yes, have mercy on my soul Naksir!
17 I saw the unknown lands that are not applied to any map.
18 I lived in the deserts and wastelands, and spoken with the Devas and the soul
s of men were slaughtered koi, and wives, koi died in childbirth: the victims of
Jeannie Idhi.
19, I traveled under the seas in search of the palace of the Lord, and found the
stone monuments of vanquished nations, and was able to read the writings of som
e of them, while others are still hidden from all the living.
20 And these nations were destroyed because of the knowledge stored in this book
21, I wandered among the stars, and trembled before the jinn.
22 Finally, I found a conspiracy, with whom I have passed through the gates of h
eaven, and I wandered into the forbidden area of the wicked efreet.
23 I lifted the devas and the deceased.
24 I Called the spirits of my ancestors to the existent and visible on the tops
of the phenomenon of ziggurats, erected in order to reach the stars, and constru
cted in order to touch the lowest chambers Dzhahannama.

25 I fought with a black magician Azathoth, vain, and fled to the ground, crying
out to Shub-Niggurath and her brother, Marduk, the lord of the double-headed ax
26 I lifted the land beside a horde of the east, calling for the hordes of devas
, I am forced to obey me, and by doing this, I knew Nguo, the god of wrong, brea
thing fire and roaring like a thousand thunders.
27 The fear I have known.
28 knoweth I am the gate leading into the Outland, with which the ancient ways o
f looking at our world, next to whom custody shall be forever.
29 I smell permeated the ancient, the queen of Outland, whose name is inscribed
in the writing of a monstrous Magana, the covenant of the people who died, whose
priestesses, who seek power, opened the gates during the last terrible, ominous
, and vanished forever.
30 I have found these skills under circumstances quite unimaginable when I was a
n illiterate shepherd in the land of Mesopotamia, conquered by the hordes of ser
vants Allahovyh.
31 Behold! for the cross is the beginning of my path and turned koy unexpectedly
eerie laughter Azathoth, Him who is the second of the Great Outer giving rise f
rom the depths of Outland, and whose calling myself as partners in their pride.
32 He made
fun of me because, apparently, insignificant charms of my strength befo
re the Ancients.
33 Official Gazette to me that I have now lost to the ways of men, but I prayed
and gave thanks, and do not bow like this shahinshah wish genies, but despised h
im and cursed him, and therefore, he left me for a time.
34 Perhaps he believed that I was stronger than previously thought to him, or ma
ybe I made something that he did not expect.
35 Once in adolescence, heading north and east of the mountains of Noah, which i
s called by the people living there Masis land, I came upon a gray rock with thr
ee marvelous carved signs.
36 was the same person onaya height and girth of a bull.
37 She sat firmly in the ground, so that I could not move it.
38 Assuming that they are no more than letters, treasured the memory of the deed
s of the king, in order to note an ancient symbol of victory by the enemy, I thr
ew a fire at its foot, in order to protect themselves from wolves, wandering in
those parts, and went to sleep, because it was these things at night, and I was
far away from my village in the Beth-Arabaye.
39 About three hours before dawn, the nineteenth Sabat, I was awakened by the ho
wling of a wolf dog il, extremely loud, and almost at arm's length from me.
Flame died at 40 of its hot coals, and red, bright spark threw its faint gleam o
f dancing on the stone monument with the three characters.
41 I began to quickly grow a new fire, when suddenly the gray rock began to slow
ly ascend into the air, as if she was a dove.

42 I could not stir il publish the sound of fear overcame my spine and skull hla
dny fingers gripped me.
43 Meeting with Iblis himself would have been less shock to me than the vision o
f this, he escapes from the palms of my hands!
44 Soon I heard a voice soft at some distance, and experienced a more down to ea
rth tatyami fear of the night, ready to attack me, and trembling, I fell back in
to the grass high.
The voice of a 45 merged with the first, and soon several men in black robes, th
ieves gathered at the place where I stayed, surrounding the floating rock, befor
e koeyu they did not show the slightest trepidation.
46 Now, I could clearly distinguish between the three characters on the stone mo
nument shining crimson flames, as if a rock enveloped in flames.
47 strangers together muttering prayers il call, from which one could distinguis
h only a few words, and those on a completely unknown language to me.
48 Yes, have mercy on my soul Naksir!
49 Rites of these are not a mystery to me now.
50 Strangers, whose parties I could not discern il admit Created by insane wave
in the air with daggers glittered coldly and sharply in the mountain night.
51 beneath soaring cliffs, from the very firmament, where it was before, seemed
to uplift a broad-tail snakes.
52 This serpent was, indeed, more than anyone I have ever seen.
53 The thinnest part thereof has a thickness of two masculine hands, and as long
as he towered above the firmament, followed by the second, although the end of
the first was not yet clear, and he seemed to have reached the most heat.
54 they appear one by one, and the firmament trembled under the weight of the te
ntacles still, the huge and numerous.
55 Songs of the priests, whom I know now as the ministers of some secret power,
becoming louder and more shrill all.
56 "Y'a! Y'a AZAG su! 57 Y'a! Y'a askak su! 58 Y'a! Y'a Kululu su chickens! 59 Y
Y'a! Y'a! Spirit of the reserved!
Y'a! Y'a! The spirit of unfettered!
Y'a! Y'a! Cthulhu, alien to the spirit!
60 Land where I conceal, became something of a damp, dripping from the place of
action, to whom I became a witness.
61 I Touched the liquid and found that the family is blood.
62 I cried in horror and discovered my presence before the priests.
63 have turned it to me, and I saw with disgust that the daggers, of which the f
irst power, they lifted the stone, they split the sake of their breasts some mys

terious purpose, koyu at that time I could not understand.

64 But now I knows that the blood of the very essence of the food of spirits now
, making the battlefield after the light is shining unnatural fray, giving thus
the presence of feeding the spirits.
65 Naksir bless us all!
66 Cry of my cast ritual into chaos and confusion.
67 bestowed me these things required a moment, and I rushed down the mountain pa
th, which led me here, so quickly, how these things allow me to my feet, crying
out to Nariks, so she brought me safe on the trail.
68 And the priests chased after me, although some seemed to have remained: perha
ps, in order to complete the rituals.
69 No matter how these things when I'm rushing like a madman down the hill in th
e night, coldly, and my heart was pounding in my chest and my head was filled wi
th warmth, - the sound of crashing thunder of rock and rocked for me, and shook
the very firmament of any way I ran.
70 I fell prostrate in fear and haste.
71 Climbing up, I turned around, so to meet face to face any attacker that would
have been next to me, though I was small and unarmed.
72 To the amazement of my mind, I saw a priest of ancient horror, no caster dead
Sim owns a secret art, but only the black robes that had fallen into the grass
and thistles without the visible presence of life il bodies beneath them.
73 I went up to the nearest care and picking up a long twig, pulled her dress ou
t of the tenacious briers and thorns.
74 All that remained of the priest, was puddle of slime, like green oil, the sme
ll of the garments as they were such, if the body lay for a long time, decomposi
ng in the sun.
75 This inversion of the stench and my belly was nearly threw me down, but I was
determined to find the other, in order to behold, whether they suffered the sam
e fate.
76 getting up the hill, to whom only a moment ago was running so scared, I disco
vered the dark and the other priests in the same condition as the first.
77 I went on the path, avoiding garments as they move mine, I will not dare to s
tir them more.
78 Then went I, finally, to the gray stone monument, koy risen unnaturally into
the air at the bidding of the priests.
Now 79, he again rested on the ground, but the writing is still shining flame of
the wicked.
80 il serpents that seemed to me then Serpents, disappeared.
81 But among the dead coals of fire, now hladny and black, resting, glittering,
iron tablet.
82 picked up as the judges and I saw that on it, as well as on the stone, printe

d letters, but dyuzhe intricate, and in a manner whose comprehend I was not able
83 signs have been other than marked on the stone, but I had the feeling of such
, though I could almost read them, but he could still, as if I had known these t
hings before an adverb, so long forgotten.
84 The head of my aching, as if Iblis pounded my skull in, when a ray of moonlig
ht touched the talisman srebryanogo (For me now knows that these things were), a
nd the voice came into my head and told me the secrets of the action, to whom I
became witness to one word: Cthulhu.
85 This in a moment, as if a fierce whisper in my ear told me, grasped me.
86 Signs of these are carved in gray stone, koy gates are in Outland:
116 Secrets of these, I will grant you a koi in the lives of my pain, but will n
ever be entrusted to the uninitiated, the exiled il, il servants of the ancient
serpents, but even these should remain in your heart, always silent to such.
117 Peace be with you!
Sura 3. Dar Ebonor
I had the luck to leave an edge of this mountain and spend the night in the vall
ey, exhausted but alive.
2 Since then, after this fateful night in the mountains of Ararat, on all sides
of the world I wandered in search of the key to the secret knowledge, something
was given to me.
3 But I did not know, not a Cthulhu and His messengers, enjoying my fears, thoug
ht up a long torment for my soul before devouring my flesh in revenge for my sin
4 For I know that the way forward cut off, and returned to the land of Mesopotam
ia, feeling the breath of devs behind the back of mine and saw the tents of the
enemy in front of me, and I hid them in the ruins of ancient castles of Babylon.
5 And left edge of this later, I went further south, until he reached the great
desert, the Rub Al bride-Khali.
6 And the journey was signified painful and lonely, and
I did not take a wife, no home anoint il village of my
ous countries, sometimes in caves in the deserts of il,
learned so far could study them a stranger, in order to
ts and find news and practices them.

at the time these things

house, and lived in vari
and many adverbs I have
bargain with the merchan

7 But I did not know until then that the deal was with my strength, koi in every
country live.
8 When seven years have passed since I left my mother's family, I learned that t
hey all died, putting his hands on himself, for reasons about which no one was a
ble to tell me, and their cattle have fallen, as if the victims of the plague ou
9 And soon after that I was able to comprehend much of what I previously did not
know otherwise than in dreams.
10 There, amid the dunes of the great deserts of the Rub Al-Khali, I found somet

hing that did not look out of the hands and the mouth of the Messenger of the ji
nn, and was able to comprehend much of what I previously did not know otherwise
than in dreams.
11 One morning I awoke and saw that the world has changed: the skies darkened an
d thundered the voice of evil spirits, and color, and life itself have been abso
rbed by them.
12 Then I heard a cry calling, shouting something from the dunes, which called f
or me.
13 Call vozbudorazhil me and threw it into the pot, and finally could not stand
and I decided to see what kind of animal can co-create this cry calling.
14 I left my tent and went into the desert, where the call has surrounded me on
all sides.
15 I went into the wilderness only a great dress, it was with me, and I have bee
n wearied by the heat from the refrigerant during the day and night.
16 But shouting did not stop calling.
17 Three days later, on the eighteenth hour of the day after this, the cry stopp
ed calling, and before me was a man.
18 Her husband was still all black, face and clothes, and he greeted me in my la
nguage and my name.
19 told me the name of her husband, and his name was Ebonor, and he was of the J
Ebonor 20 and published this cry of calling, and I still did not know that he wa
s not just a junior Dev, tortured helpless, but the Messenger of evil jinn, call
ed the Old Ones, which they can not subdue the greatest of magicians and the Mag
21 Jeanne gave me this gift of understanding all sorts of languages, written mol
vlennye il, il human animal.
22 Therefore I could, Abdallah ibn Jabir al-Khazraj, read the scriptures, for de
cades confuses many deaths, but I lost the rest forever.
23 For even when I tried to lie down and sleep, I could hear the creatures besid
e me, talking with me, I could hear the birds and insects of the desert, but, wo
rst of all, dragons, koi growl and bark madly in the coming of the Ancients.
24 Now that the shouting has stopped calling, I returned to my castle with my ne
w knowledge, and spent many sleepless nights, listening to the voices of small a
nimals and devas invisible whispers, and only among the dead, it seemed to me, i
f I could not sleep.
25 After many days without sleep, I went back again into the desert, hoping to m
eet Ebonor, in order to return him his gift, because I found it terrible of curs
26 Three days and eighteen hours I wandered again and on the eighteenth hour Ebo
nor appeared before me.
27 I fell before him and begged him to take away the gift of him, for he has dep
rived me of my mind, but he showed no compassion.

28 Instead of this he said that he will reveal to me more knowledge.

29 He took me by the hand and led me by the Frigid desert sands, down a long lad
der, inaccessible to man, until we reached the gates of the secret chamber.
30 "Here you obryaschesh ultimate truth, but you can comprehend only a fraction
of it," - told me a genie, opening the gates of these.
31 Then I heard a cry calling emanating from the gate, but it was this time a th
ousand times stronger than before, and took my right hand Ebonor and dragged me
through the door.
32 Through these gates, I saw countless knowledge, but only a few kept my mind.
33And, knowing this, I found myself in the desert before Ebonor, koy izgalyatsya
me and sneered that the human mind is much weaker than that of the Ancients.
34 And I learned about in the secret chambers of the Ancients, and they were ter
rible and naizlobneyshimi spirits, were the koi from outside of creation, in ord
er to live on earth.
35 Then, at the dawn of the kind of Adam, were expelled them from the ground, be
cause the stars were unfavorable.
36 All were expelled from the land, except for Nyarlathotep al-Khem , Messenger o
f the Ancients, one of whose faces were Ebonor.
Al-Khem - (In Arabic), Black, or Egyptian, or Alchemist (From al-Khem - Black Ea
rth, or Egypt).
37 turned away from me, laughed Ebonor again and told me that one day's time wil
l come when the stars will rise again and the true ancient gates.
38 Having said this, he vanished, and again I was left alone, like the hapless B
edouin, caster dead, the circumstances I have heard of Ibn Ghazi (May Allaah hav
e mercy on him ancient!).
39 Once, when for the first time in the great desert of Rub al-Khali, the afores
aid saw a tall man all in black, standing on the crest of the dune under the sta
rs, with his head sideways, as if he listened to the sounds of songs, though, ex
cept for the wind, no sound broke the silence of the night is not .
40 his face was hidden in the shadows robe, and his back was turned to the stran
41 emboldened by his inattention, climbed the slope of the dune Bedouin with a k
nife, in order to cut the throat of a stranger, and steal his coat and boots.
42 And when he threw the knife, then realized that he could not move.
43 The stranger turned and beheld the same to him, and shouted, Bedouin, for the
re was no person under the robe, only two stars shining.
44 In the small moments of stars pierced his soul, and devoured as the judges.
45 The stranger is, and was Ebonor koy, rotation, not a word uttered, and retire
d, the caster also fell to his knees and wail because of the feeling of emptines
s limit.

46 I've decided to rest, although my cursed gift was still staying with me.
47 When he came to, I said that I hold in the palms of my book, the book also ha
d many names of Nyarlathotep, messenger of the Ancients.
Only 48, I was able to read the book, even, but others can not, for it is said t
hat the word does not understand them in the pages now.
49 From a book containing the knowledge of these things, I went in search of new
abodes for themselves, because I could not go back more than a village native,
because you need me there was a time in order to study the ways of the Ancients,
and I need a place was dead, so my sleep no one violated.
Sura 4. Voice in the wilderness
1 In order to be possible to become a magician, you should try to accomplish the
most dangerous, because you have to endanger not only your life and your mind,
but the immortal Zu - koyu uninitiated minds called soul - too.
2 Can you beat this, and the difference to become a god, but most likely you'll
become a madman.
3 Or - and this, perhaps the worst - can you do both.
4 O thou, who writes angry, remember: it is always inspired by the evil fathers,
with whom you will meet after preidesh.
5 Because the dark turn your thoughts from the road in Jahan to repentance and p
rayer, which is shorter than that in which you believe you, Let not thy soul wil
l be bad as gloomy as this scripture.
6 O thou grasp the wisdom of secret things, and crossed the shady paths under th
e stars, hear that song of pain, emaciated to those who went unseen before you,
so you could follow the voice of his songs through the shifting sands conceal th
e traces of his feet!
7 Input into the wilderness walks alone, but wherever he went alone, and another
may come.
8 Majnun seeks terror koy powered by human tears.
9 Do not turn away your thoughts from the same fear in the night, but joy locked
them up in his arms.
10 Yes master the horror of your body and let your proidet through the veins, in
toxicating you so deprived of the judgment, the most of your mind.
11 In the madness of the night all the sounds become distinct.
12 He who believes in himself and in his power, he who knows his place, still ig
norant forever.
13 mind its closure.
14 can not learn it in life and death he has no knowledge, just an endless confi
The highest achievement of his 15 - to become food for worms that lurk in their
burrows, and twists, because in his unconscious smooth clean they are not corrup
ted by reason of their purity and elevates them above the pride of Adam's sales.

16 on its belly, groveling in terror pejorative, you ascend in the realization o

f the truth, cries, koi, unbidden, fill your throat, clears the mind from the de
cay of faith.
Believe in Nothing 17.
18 There is no purpose in birth, there is no salvation for the soul in life, the
re is no reward after death.
19 Abandon hope - and, indeed, become free, and combined with the freedom you ob
ryaschesh void.
20 Night Creatures that jump and slide, barely touching the surface and flutteri
ng, flickering in the flames of the fire, only to exist, to teach you, but their
words are not clear to man, if he had not lost in the terror of his name in rem
21 Be as free as the son of the steppes - wild ass, for all the good things of t
he world are not worth of wisdom to that obtained in the travels!
22 Two maidens shall come to you when you're alone vozlyazhesh and'll take you t
o a place inside you, something unknowable, but felt.
23 The fear and despair - these maidens.
24 Let them take you to the nightmares of the night that followed one after anot
her, like a grain of sand carried by the wind, until they cover all the mileston
es in your mind.
25 When you get lost in the wilderness of endless Nothing shall come beasts at n
26 Leave all hope, all the rest of itself leave you, leave only fear.
27 Your name is forgotten, your memory does not make sense, without the desire i
l intentions, unaware of regret, you would lose your miserable existence, and wo
uld become one with the grandeur of the night, if not fear.
28 Be it your fear of your stronghold amid the darkness of the abyss.
29 Do not you be able to avoid him, for he is all that will remain in you.
30 embracing the fear of uncomplicated, it is smooth without shapes and colors,
so the people in a state of fear indescribable is not associated with any produc
t of terror in this world il in other worlds, now and ever.
31 And in the unity of the family, in whom all wisdom is acquired, the mind of h
is creature, and otverznut glagolyut night.
32 Pain is fear of the body, and because the body is but a pale reflection of th
e mind, the pain and the flesh is no more than a distant echo of the horror befo
re the dreams.
33 But even with this and do not despise your pain, for there on her own benefit
34 pain of the mind attaches to the body.
35 No pain, the mind soars and lost in the clouds in the interstellar spaces, an
d dark absorbs it.

36 How the mind can lose their property, but never cease to be afraid, because t
he body can lose their strength and sense of il desires, but will always have pa
37 As long as there is life there is pain, fear lasts well even when there were
no life.
38 Despair is inseparable from fear, but it comes when the fear of weakening.
39 When fear fills the mind, there is no room for anything else, but when he ste
ps back a little bit (As these things happen, because he hath ebbed rolled forwa
rd like waves of the sea), while the mind remains clear and empty, and behold th
ere is despair.
40 In desperation, there is a feeling of emptiness, Koya filled years.
41 Let the night things to fill their whispers, and through these things vzraste
t wisdom and understanding of the secret paths of this world and worlds unknown
to men.
42 Of all the suffering of smoothness is the most useful, because he worries con
stantly, like a worm in the grave.
43 Se there is access to the void, a vast and infinite, no matter how much was f
ood and whatever it is, the void does not saturate.
44 All living creatures have nothing but the embodiment of famine.
45 Man is a hollow tube that absorbs the food on one end and which distinguishes
the stool on the other.
46 It is possible for man to be my only weapon other than a blank?
47 The natural state of mind - emptiness.
48 All efforts to fill it - the interim measures are not able to reject this tru
49 Master the secret wisdom of the problem is simple.
50 Purify the mind with fear.
Cleanse the body of 51 boliyu and iron.
52 Vyidi in the deserts of the world, who are the miserable likeness between the
desert stars.
53 The fact that he lives here, always in sight.
54 For it is only there in order to teach.
55 For fear comes despair, and despair Shadows language comprehensible reason.
56 When you empty your mind away, the night creatures will fill it with his wisd
57 the wisest of creatures now have a black beetle that lives in the faeces of o
ther creatures.

58 dead food is better than the food is alive, because it Jauhar closer to the f
inal state of decomposition, to whom all of us to aspire to.
Jauhar - (In Arabic) soul, essence, quintessence.
59 From the expansion goes back a new life.
60 expansion of the fill itself, in truth, be reborn from it, even bude mushroom
s sprout and shine on the faces of the dead koi are buried in the graves of thei
r long summer.
61 Imitate beetles and worms, and learned the teachings of them.
62 devoured the dead, lest you absorb the emptiness.
63 The living can not teach the dead, but the dead can teach the living.
64 They live in the desert creatures such, koi can not carry the light of reason
65 As a man is a creature of the day and no longer recognize themselves in the h
ours of the night, and the emptiness of these creatures are no longer clearly di
stinguish themselves in the hours of daylight.
66 they sleep during the day and awake at night, in order to get enough.
67 Fear of man are food them, their bowel movements - the supreme wisdom of him.
68 discharge the same entities may be so absorbed only when the mind is empty of
fear and is in a receptive state of despair.
69 If the mind is not fully cleared, the bowel movements of their pluck will per
70 Intoxicated with joy famine keeps all the food and secretes juices are nutrit
ious, even from the shells of beetles and worms.
71 digested the wisdom of darkness and rest during the day.
72 separated himself from the kind of Adam, for what use you from now, the pale,
empty-headed fools and their endless complaints?
73 They are worthless in life and in death they are - just food for the critters
74 separated himself from them, embracing your fears and listen darkness.
75 And shall come thy teachers, and when they will come before thee, to absorb t
he wisdom of them.
76 Grind chitinous shell between their teeth and swallow thy Jauhar them.
77 The noise of their wings, and the rustling of their feet is the sound of the
78 Sozhri everyone, even other creatures, koi shall come to thee: those who do n
ot have bodies, but only the teeth and eyes that glow in the dark.
79 Creatures crawl teach the body, and the shadow creature will teach the mind,
but the wisdom of those and other so absorb you.

80 There is only smooth in the universe.

Devour all 81.
Sura 5. Hiding place of the Ancients
After a decade of wandering in the desert, I was in the cavernous ruins of Irem,
hail a thousand pillars, in any way I decided to stop.
The magnificence of his two still pursuing my dreams crazy, because this place i
s shrouded in silence unbroken, long unknown to men, and avoid even the ghouls a
nd ghosts at night.
3 Many of the eyes of mortals forbidden, I saw my wanderings in the dark and for
gotten under a hail of symmetry.
Four motionless, likening the darkness of the past years, so, great severity of
crushed my soul when I walked in terror with these weaves, fearing that my steps
might awaken terrible creators of this hiding place, where the hand of the time
confused and the wind does not whisper.
5 Great was my fear before this place, but it was a wondrous charm, this dream t
hat gripped my mind and guided my steps through all the following areas unknown.
6 The lamp cast a glow me on his wall of basalt, illuminating the pillars of the
mighty, no doubt, not by human hand is created by, where bizarre stained obelis
ks were covered with horrific images and cryptic signs towered over me in the da
7 Code of inclined unto me, and I went down.
8 Eternity seemed to me a time when I was coming down, absorbed in contemplation
of horrible faces, stretching endlessly at arm's length, representing the wondr
ous deeds of those great, that no mortal womb born.
9 They lived here and gone, but the walls of her palaces still vyscherbleny sign
s them, undeniable similarities with those monstrous creatures of old carved und
er the firmament unknown constellations.
10 Down, all rushed down the path is infinite.
11 The passage of time has left my mind, the lord of dreams, Nat Hortat and eter
nity my soul possessed.
12 How long, how far was I?
13 I did not know this.
14 Then, like the awakening from the dream, Nat Hortata, my eyes have seen the d
oor, barred my way.
15 Seal of the Ancients could be seen amid the pillars of Irem: sign, koy I saw
inscribed in the burial caves of Lang and carried by a mysterious idol before Az
16, I began to tremble, beholding the dark letters, covering the jade stone, win
ding like a thousand hideous reptiles.
17 Sometimes the shape of serpents they dug each other, as if in battle, sometim
es intertwined, copulating and creating creatures even more sickening quantities

in order to break up into a ball of writhing black zmiepodobnyh images.

18 in the sight of my door she turned, as if it pushed, and I stared into the vo
id behind it, where the stars were moving between the marvelous huge darkening s
19 Like the moan of wind great and terrible voices broke into my ears to the cri
es of thousands of tortured souls.
20 names of Yog-Sothoth, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and many other, who are the undo
ubted haram again scorched my brain like a caustic vitriol, returning me to the
day of my meeting with Ebonor.
Haram - (In Arabic) Prohibition, sin.
21 Ancient Minds penetrated my soul and I knew things wicked and snivshiesya dea
th, to which only touched on the day of that memorable, and the area outside of
our time and creation, where the blind Azathoth, shahinshah jinn, inhabit the ab
yss of Chaos countless times infinity .
22 Then, with a thunderous roar the stars whirled before me in a great swirling
vortex, and I was fascinated by this very nameless into the abyss, like a leaf b
efore the storm.
23 Cries of terror drowned in my merciful oblivion, and the darkness swallowed m
24 I woke up amid the silent sands of the Rub Al-Khali, in order to behold the g
reat orb of the sun, proclaiming the dawn.
25 After this many days, nights, I worked in the privacy of my art, and knew man
y of the names Nyarlathotepovyh, and called me from the other Old Ones, with dis
astrous consequences dyuzhe, because I was not prepared for destruction, koi, th
ey cause: no circle is not it a reliable barrier .
26 When the blood of the western horizon of a black and turned around twilight,
I, in my solitude, wandering in the remote areas of the time.
27 In the ancient palace of decay of copper censers strange shadows danced among
the vaulted ceilings and a rich velvet curtain.
28 And they filled the stone chamber of the distorted echo of the language spell
glow illumined the forces of Outland.
The walls 29 intersect at unimaginable angles and devas unearthly, koi crazy hor
rors are in life, wandered among them.
30 Frozen in fear, I remained invisible.
31 And before the rosy glow of dawn approaching Eastern forerunners of the night
I was tricked out of my delirium, and returned to the place, from which I went
to the palaces of dreams.
32 Only then can these images disappeared and melted away with the morning mist,
as long as my release from the evening Morokov really did not give them life ag
33 At the end of my privacy as I got up and directed my steps to the south, so t
hat decades later, to the north, to Damascus led me to my path.

34 Here and now I'm writing, the scribe of the Ancients, all that can be written
, from what I tasted, so knowledge of these things are not gone and not lost aga
35 For dreaming black crystal Hastur calls from rocks Jibal al-Tariq.
Kitab II. Book of the Ancients
Sura 1. About the heritage of ancient times and prednachalnye
A book is this - the Ancients, where they were, where they are buried and how th
ey shall come again.
2 Generation of dark stars will be revealed to you today.
These are the stories of three years old: legends, led by only a few, because th
ey make you look calm in the madness of thy terrible.
4 people ignorant of peace, for his vision of the earth due to the hills and sea
5 people inhabits itself on a small island of ignorance, unaware of the seas ins
ane nonsense surrounding this small little world.
6 Do not be assumed that the mighty forces of evil will come before us the great
est in the repulsive appearance of the peri il Devas.
7 There is no though.
8 Smaller, visible devils are merely manifestations of the greatest forces of de
struction, remaining awake: devoid of the shell and is much more sparse wisps of
evil; which attach themselves to live like leeches to the murdered flesh of the
great leviathan depths koy devastated hundreds of coastal castles before death
rather than fall with thousands of abandoned harpoon, quivering in his flesh.
9 For the mighty forces are not subject to death and thrown harpoons inflict the
m, at most, only very small scratches heal soon.
10 Verb, I'll say a before and again, until late obryaschennaya my wisdom will n
ot be accepted as the truth of my brethren unshakable: before the face of Him wh
o was for ever and ever the Lord be upon sorcery, only the shame and despair wil
l know you, bude reassure temporary victory, for it is not can be with them hope
in the triumph of the eternal.
11 Se is the Book of the Ancients and the way they, Or the story of the horrors,
with whom they came to earth, ways, with which they were fallen, and how should
they go back.
12 Se is the Book of the Ancients and the times prednachalnyh, Koya details muka
rribu tell about the phenomenon of the Ancients and the future of their preordai
13 Se is the record of the descent of the Ancients to the ground as they left th
e gates, for wherewith they were expecting, and what horrors and marvels at the
way they left her.
14 Pisano Musoyu the prophet that God created the world in six days, and he has
accomplished on the seventh day of his acts, and he rested on the seventh day fr
om all His work.
15 First, than he began his business, was formless and empty land, and darkness
was upon the face of the deep, and when he finished them, he saw that these thin

gs are well and completely:

16 and the lights in the firmament of the heaven
17, and herb bearing seed,
18 and the tree yielding fruit,
19 And every living soul, koyu the waters
20, and every winged bird,
21 and beasts, and creeping thing and beast of the earth,
22 and the sea, mountains and valleys.
23 And when He created the noblest, He created Adam, the first among men, more b
eautiful than the angels, because his face was created in the image of the face
24 And these things happened at the end of the sixth day, and was this latest cr
eation the Creator, and put a man dominion over the fish of the sea, and over th
e fowl of the air, and over the beasts, and over the cattle, over all the earth,
and over every creeping thing that creeps on earth, for he knew their names.
25 Thus it is written, and those who believe in Allah, take this word for the sa
cred word of his god.
26 But other of our race, koi do not want to take these things for granted unrea
sonable, as the baby takes its milk, must constantly seek out those who are hidd
en, and remember that in the intervals between the different days were created b
y other creators and creation, as the nights were created, they remain invisible
, and they were lurking in the shadows.
27 The ancients were on the ground, and said others, that they have created the
human race as slaves for their evil famine.
28 The ancients were on the ground, but they have brought here life.
29 Long before the arrival of their Ubbo-Sutley, Great Skin, settled in the swam
ps seething earth newborn, for Ubbo, Sutley has a beginning and an end.
30 Se is the record of the times prednachalnyh, long before Adam kind.
31 For the legacy of the Ancients - for times past.
32 A few scientists have tried to explain the wise message them through the inco
mprehensible connection with the elements of the earth.
33 View this so do not bring thee astray: in essence, is not guided by the aspir
ations of ancient men.
34 Judgments of their distorted, and their mysterious ways.
35 These things have not vanished ancient.
36 Wait, they honed in places forgotten where they dream of a time when the star
s will rise again is true.
37 They feed them from the dreams of men and their dreams fed by nightmares of m

en, many men robbing the thread of dreams, and giving only a little, the doomed
elected, that have been taught about the time prednachalnyh, places il stories,
long forgotten.
38 Therefore, only a few will never be forgotten them.
39 The ancient dream and wait.
40 still stained the ground of their presence.
41 For the underground walls, sleeps Y'ig Golonak, responding from his dreams to
the call of those who seek evil.
42 Deep in the caves of the lowest of the BSL, gnawing worm, grows up and feeds.
43 Mukarrib who wants to become a stranger, but to prepare for having cut their
way to such places.
Sura 2. On the Ancients, kind, and their worlds, in whom they live
1 Do not you ever thoughts of that man's oldest il are the last of the masters o
f the land, Or that many living creatures, led him to be moving in this world al
one, without any other entity.
2 The ancients were, is ancient, ancient re-will.
3 At the dawn of time, in the midst of infinity, called the Naksir, were ancient
and not-been, they were swimming in the waters of darkness with no appearance i
n Naksir without form.
4 Tiamat, the great abyss, had not yet been created, because it arose only after
the void Naksir as disclosed this in Sofinerome Astlante priests.
5 In the darkest areas of Nadur uttered his name, and through these things creat
ed a circle of the gods.
6 And were ancient, invisible and terrible.
7 Prior to the beginning of time, they held sway.
8 ineffable horror whispered indescribably harmonious universe from outside: the
re, where you do not hear the dreams of men.
9 Infinite Azathoth, shahinshah jinn, without fear il appearance of the image, t
he primeval chaos, wickedly curling and swirling in the midst of the infinite No
thing - my husband and son Naksir.
10 Pervodvizhitel darkness, the destroyer of thought and image, whose name will
not dare to utter nobody's mouth.
11 Higher expression of the primordial elements of fire, He - The Lion, the rend
ing sword.
12 star Bela him, and he found concealed in his house south.
13 And were declared before Nyarlathotep aeons.
14 And they were created before Nyarlathotep Ahura.
15 Nyarlathotep! Crawling Chaos!

16 he opened the mystery Oth, and his reward was great.

He is 17 - Messenger of the Ancients.
18 And he set his house on the north, at the top of the mountain great.
19 He will remain there, but part of his wandering, the Dead, in infinity, being
born among men.
20 Cthulhu, Lord of the inhabitants of depths!
21 inhabitant of the west, where the howling winds, where the darkness - royal m
22 gloomy place these ever did not know the world.
His 23 Sign - Scorpio sky.
24 Hastur and his brother lives in the heights, which is above the heavens.
25 He chose the east cloister, and there is an invisible throne.
He was 26 - the voice of the Ancients, the avenger and destroyer, one who goes,
furrowing the polar winds on a fiery chariot.
27 He - unnameable, since Taurus he stalk the okoemu.
28 Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
29 Black Kozlitsa a thousand youthful - co-ruler of Azathoth.
30 The image of her sow terror everywhere.
31 And Nodens, lord of the abyss, from which came the gods.
32 And Yog-Sothoth, charioteer of Chaos, the master image, the original proclama
tion of the Word.
33 Gates of emptiness, he - the keeper of the threshold of primordial terror.
34 First of birth of the person they were dark stars, invisible and terrible, th
ey came down to the pristine land.
35 In the sea they were expecting a great many times, until he lifted his right
hand Naksir mighty firmament and not plucked from the sea.
36 And the ancients, and settled in the lands of their generation, and they are
in many voskisheli, and darkness reigned in the firmament, and the children they
will abide for eternity.
37 In the north, they built a mighty castle, and in the southern highlands, they
arranged a place to stay, and at heights - temples to those of no power wherewi
th nature, and who cursed the Elder.
38 Shantaki of Leng - the creation of their palms, ghasty living in the wild lan
ds the eternal vaults of Zin, they revere their masters.
39 And they gave rise to the Nagas and the ghosts of the night; shoggoty - slave
s of them, the great Cthulhu - the brother of the Ancients, but he could only va
guely distinguish the look of them.

40 Dholy forever elevate their paltry honor in the ancient dark valley Pnakota a
nd ghouls shakaloglavye sing praises to him under the peaks of the ancient Troc.
41, they marched among the stars, and they were on the ground.
42 City of Irem in the great desert has known them;
43 Leng in the icy wilderness of saw, as they passed;
44 in the strongholds of imperishable eternal city Khabir wrapped up in the clou
dy haze altitudes Kadafi remained unknown sign of them, for they have establishe
d their dominion there.
45 There they live, and where they will live when they are reborn in the end tim
46 There also remained the ancient, aimlessly wandering the ways of darkness, an
d they were great blasphemy on the ground.
47 All creatures bowed before the might of their anger and they know it.
48 And it came time to divide, and they fought among themselves, the brother bes
ide a brother.
49 And hath Older, first-born kings, his eyes, and beheld the abominations that
co-create their offspring, ruining the land.
50 Truly great was their anger!
51 And it came down to Nariks Betelgeuse, and raised his hand of suprotiv the An
cients, and grabbed them in the midst of their exactions, and overthrew away fro
m earth into oblivion, into the land of Khar, the emptiness of Outland, where ch
aos reigns and the images are not constant.
52 And they dwelt there, separating and connecting again.
53 And when the earth plunged Nariks Khar.
54 And the ancients fled to the underworld, where they laid his older superior s
eal on the gate, and the power of the Ancients has been unable to resist the pow
er of them.
55 Then rose from the depths of monstrous Cthulhu and collapsed in utter rage at
the Three Guardians of the Earth.
56 And they tied his poisonous claws strong enchantments and imprisoned him with
in hail R'leh, where he will sleep, hidden in the waves, the dead sleep until th
e end of the era.
57 And when they were banished to the underworld, they plucked out of the twelve
worlds, so as not to behold them ever again.
58 And there they realized the futility of war between brothers, and they raise
up the world among themselves.
59 And he opened the brave Hastur gates leading to the worlds, and rewrote them.
60 Worlds in worlds that the gate in the gate!

61 Such was the deception of the kings of the firstborn, that the ancient gates
of hell have not found, because while they had not yet come.
Naksir 62, the highest of the first-born rulers, locked in the land of Cthulhu N
63 Hastur - in the lake Khalil Khan of land;
64 Marduk - Lag in the land;
65 Azathoth - the ruins of Haktne;
66 Dagon - in Hug.
67 Nyarlathotep wanders in the wilds of Warne;
68 Yog-Sothoth imprisoned at the threshold of time and space in the ground Nahat
69 Shub-Niggurath wander freely in the vast expanses.
70 Three of the great city founded by the ancient: Thaar, Muun, Lin built them i
n hell.
71 For the gate is now held by the ancient, not in open spaces, led by men, but
in the angles between them, are they silent and wilderness, is the worlds invisi
ble to us.
72 Outside of the land they now prevail, longing, and waiting for the return of
her incessantly moment when they would break through the great gates, for the ea
rth may know them, and the earth knows them.
73 And the ancients chose Shahinshah his vile, devoid of the image appearance il
74 and stay with him in an incomprehensible black cave in the midst of infinity,
75 where the predatory bites He prednachalny amid terrible chaos, blind, insane
battle hidden drums, discordant screech of the wicked, piercing flute and incess
ant lowing of immense, blind, irrational gods of Outland, which is eternal, with
out waddle goals and fanciful waving his hands.
76 Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep - brother, rival and His Messenger, the essence r
emains the same Azathoth in Yog-Sothoth, koy will give the sign of the ancients,
when the stars indicate hour of their coming.
77 For Yog-Sothoth is the gate by koi living in Outland will come again.
78 Driven by Yog-Sothoth weave of time, for all time, united to Him.
He was 79 Gazette, where the ancient broke and he was himself at the time of the
last first, and where they are destined to appear again when the complete turno
ver of your wheel.
He was 80 Gazette, why no one can behold them when they pass.
81 And the descendants of the Great Old Ones recheno also these things:
82 "Sometimes humans can learn about their presence near the smell of them, stra
nge to the nostrils, and similar to that of primitive creatures;

83 is an image of, unknown to men, sometimes recognizable in terms of those whom

they gave birth to Adam's kind of broad.
84 So are a great many, some are like a person, other same - invisible shadows a
nd devoid of shape, and these are terrible to the eye, and three terrible ones t
hat gave rise to them. "
85 But the servants of their similar outburst by a thrown stone surface of the w
ater by how they differ from the true shape of the human and wonderful idols - f
rom the images without any kind of il matter what the ancients have.
86 They are invisible, they are flawed in a secluded place, where say a word and
the rite of the season prorevet your blood is different from the seasons of hum
an koy.
Winds of 87 rokochut indistinct voice them; firmament whispers that the proceeds
from their minds.
88 They bend the forest and they raise their waves, and they destroy the castle,
but no wood, no sea, nor hail shall not see the hand of, means affection.
89 Kadafi in the icy wilderness Kevaal knows them, but whom it is given to know
the wonderful expanse Kadafi?
90 Ice Desert south of the island, and immersed in a deep, stone crypts harbor,
on whom the carved seal them, but who among mortals saw the castle with a deep F
rost captured the tower, wreathed with garlands overgrown with algae and shells?
91 Great Cthulhu spells assigned to the gates of Outland, that no jerk did not d
are to violate them.
92 And the ancients expected, patient and powerful.
93 Cthulhu sleeps in the sunken city of R'leh, waiting for his moment of awakeni
But only 94 said the word Nyarlathotep, he will wake up and come back with horde
s of His land and His kingdom will be brief, but will last for eternity.
During the 95 day fall night, summer becomes winter, summer and winter appeal.
96 people now reigns, where they reigned;
97 days, but the man preidut, and soon they will once again prevail, where he no
w reigns,
98 and when the gates are, nothing can resist them, and all man is inclined thei
r heads before them and serve them as their rulers.
99 Yog-Sothoth are the key to the gate, through the koi found worlds.
He freed one hundred and ascension of earth roads,
101 and those who are led by the gate, awake, in order to make straight the path
of the ancients, and serve them as they wish,
102 but those who unwittingly opens the door, but understand with what will be j
udged according to this.

103 Then the hideous tribe, that will come followed suit, Yajuj and Magog, learn
s it, and the power to break through to the ground.
104 According to the stench of their wickedness, and learns of their humanity, a
nd the curse of flood land and stain it.
105 Hand them forever in the human larynx, from the beginning of time until the
end of the known knowledge of the time, but no one eye does not behold them, as
their house - near the threshold of your fortified.
106 Those few that commemorate the presence of their ancient spells and sacrific
e that was brought into places of power they will command the sons and daughters
of Adam Havva, koi bleat like lambs, and reptiles, like cattle, led to the slau
For the 107 men of the food for them, and the cattle, working in the field.
108 Prayers of the prophets are not able to resist them.
109 Neither the crescent nor cross, nor fire, nor the star does not prevent the
invasion of them, when once again give the sign and the gates of heaven a otverz
110 They shall come to us in the dark, but because of the fires they kindled the
brightness of the night of pure brass, obscuring the face of the sun.
111 These are the acts of the Ancients, beside a rebel and overthrow the kings o
f the firstlings of the underworld.
112 Y'a Nyarlathotep!
113 time these things are here!
114 an hour, when they proidut gates, meaning at times.
115 Therefore, wait.
116 alert, for the hour is near.
Sura 3. On the descent of the Great Old Ones and the gate time
1 is written these things about the descent of the Ancients from the stars in th
e Book of Yvonne:
2 "The first thing that was here, it was black and had these things Tsatoggua, c
ame to the gloomy Saturn koy no further than after the creation of life on earth
Of the three Ancients Tsatoggua naizlobneyshy except Nyarlathotep.
4 The image of his face is a giant toad with the head of the human, property wid
e mouth and eyes bulging.
5 He walked through the interstellar space he, but paths, koi lie between the st
ars, and the verb Yvon, that he appeared before the ascension into the world of
the top to the ground, the place faded through these things.
6 Countless times he lies alone, infinitely Gladney, in the darkest depths of th
e deep underground N'kai, fat and embittering the rivers of blood spilled on the
altars of His ruthless fans.

7 And after that the great Cthulhu was here, and his whole family from long dull
green star of the Labor Code, and the inhabitants of the deep and nasty yuggi,
koi have been favorites of them.
8 And the goddess-whore of Shub-Niggurath followed them with terrible Yaddita, a
nd all her attendants, even a small timber narodec.
9 However, not all ancient generated by Azathoth at the beginning, descended on
this land.
10 Azathoth himself, shahinshah jinn, the one who should not be named, concealed
from time immemorial in the dark world near Aldebaran in the Hyades, and with h
im were his sons, koi came down here to the place of him.
11 Similarly, Ktugha chose to dwell His star Fomalhaut, where he produced a terr
ible Yarnak Aphum-Zhah, the essence of dopolyarnogo refrigerant.
12 And they dwelt on the Ktugha Fomalhaut, and flaming ghouls that are called by
Him, and fires of madness, and Ftaggua, their leader, were in the world, called
13 Pisano Pnakota creators of manuscripts, koi have read these things in the anc
ient tablets Tsanthu:
14 "C Fomalhaut soidet lightning to the ground at the call of magician:
15 Ktugha raleff'ka ETT Ktugha Nuva skarak! "
16 Repeating the mantra these things three times with due expression, you can ca
ll Ktughu the earth, and shall come with His servants, all flammable and incessa
nt changes of its melting steel Damascus.
17 But it is written Yvonne, what must you first find Ktughi rod, or as you come
down on his anger.
As for the 18-Aphum Zhah, she went down and settled before the time of His coldl
y region, where ever a sign of the Senior constrained.
19 Hastur unnameable left a dark Yuggoth, in order to tarnish the ground at the
beginning of it.
20 And Vultum hideous, horrible one koy are black Tsatoggua brother, came down t
o the power of His dying on Mars, the world which He chose for his reign.
21 Next generation of those recheno Azatotovyh, koi do not remain within the sec
ret places of the earth;
22 For when the Great Old Ones descended from the stars in the misty early, they
brought the images and the similarity of their brethren with them.
23 Official Gazette of them, that the hounds Tind'losi serving Hastur, have reve
aled to the world of shining trapezohedron from Yuggoth, where he was created wi
th the skill only in the days before the advent of the first life on earth it.
24 And these things come to pass through radiant trapezohedron, koy are terrifyi
ng mascot Nyarlathotep, when called to the aid of the Great Old Ones themselves
stalking the power of Chaos in its hour of great need, at a time when there were
a senior in his wrath.
25 Just The inhabitants of the depths and brought into this world a terrifying i

mage of zmeibradogo Byatisa son Y'ig-Golonaka,

26 through koy worship Him first before falushiane gloomy appearance of man on e
27 and then the inhabitants of the same primeval Pacifis,
28 until he went down and plunged Senior ancient lands in the boiling water.
29 For it was a prediction of the Great Old Ones of the day and hour of need, wh
en they were destined to appeal to the side of his brethren of the terrible, lon
g the world of koi chosen as the seat of his, and that this brought for the purp
ose of these images here.
30 Now the star of the idols still led by only a few men.
31 Recheno that they were created bizarre charms of art and that volhovateli sor
cerers and the earthly world is not worthy of pochli Great Old Ones, in order to
tell them the secrets of these.
32 But recheno these things in the ancient, forbidden books, that hides a formid
able force in the images of these,
33 and that through them as through outlandish hole in time and space, those tha
t live far away, may be invited, and sometimes are called here,
34 as they were here in the fullness of time, until then, until he came down int
o this world senior in his wrath.
35 Official Gazette as that of the Ancients is a set of minions that inhabit amo
ng men;
36 and that they like and not like men, zealous to do the will of their masters
in return for blessings terrible genie, Nyarlathotep, the Messenger of them.
37 And they worshiped the Ancient through the image and likeness of them, but th
is has to be careful,
38 For these unclean idols, and from ancient times known as the drinks lives of
those who owned them unreasonable il who seeks to encourage the Ancients through
the images of those in this world, and how to survive.
39 There is nothing in the range of human knowledge, in order to destroy the ima
ges of these, and many sought to ruin, what a calamity found her.
40 But now, because the images beside a star sign has the power of the greatest
of the Senior,
41 But beware, lest in the battle between those who dreams of far away, and thos
e who encourages you to destroy the likeness of Him, you have not been absorbed
and swallowed,
42 or he will be destroyed by Him, and, of course, your soul is immortal - too.
43 is written on the Ancients, that they are always waiting at the gate.
44 And the gate is any place at any time, for it is alien to any notion of time
il places, but at all times and in every place they can come.
45 And there are those among them, koi can take full shape and properties, and a

ll ispostas, and every face, and the gates for them everywhere,
46 but first among them the ones I opened the koi made, namely: Irem, the holder
of the pillars, a city of desolation.
47 But wherever uttered the forbidden words of humans, they will call it the gat
e, and through any koi koi should expect those that come through the gates,
48 and between them dholov, and E th, and the people of Cho-Cho, and the inhabit
ants of the depths, and ghouls, ghosts and night, and shoggotov, and Worms, and
shantakov that guard Khadafi in an ice desert plateau of Leng.
49 All of them - equal children of the Elder, but great people and great Yita an
cient, having failed to gain the consent of one with another, and both - with th
e oldest, were divided, leaving the Great Old Ones into the possession of the la
50 people, the great, the gate of the Yita, chose to further his abode at the ti
me of the edge of the earth, unknown even to those who come on the firmament of
the day.
51 And the people staying there Yita long until he will come back are the winds
and voices koi ruled them much earlier, and forever they wander on the winds abo
ve the firmament, and in the interstellar spaces.
52 And all the Ancients seven times seven and one, whose two.
53 And three of them amid the hangings of Nothingness, and behold there are Othe
rs, Great Exterior: Ubbo-Sutley, the root cause unbegotten, Azathoth, the blind
mad god, and Yog-Sothoth, the key and the gate.
54 Of the other is eleven - the most important for men, and behold there Tsatogg
ua, toad-god; Yidra, black mother;
55-Y'ig Golonak Zul-Qarnain, unnameable Hastur, Lord Marduk, the owner of fifty
56 Ktugha, lord of the flame, Shamash, named Utu, Shub-Niggurath, the great Kozl
itsa with thousands of youthful;
57 Nyarlathotep Al-Khem, Crouching Chaos; Nodens Srebroruky, and Cthulhu, koy ou
tside, but one of them.
58 These are the Great Old Ones, and link the names of Amesha, seven of them, wa
ndering stars to heaven, but above the small bodies of ancient date.
59 Not because they live in heaven now, talk about them as ghosts wandering star
s, and not because these stars have power over them, but only from the limited v
iews of men.
60 Names of the other kind of whisper uttered in deep caves, and some of the les
ser of the Ancients at least the Great, but these are the overriding one among t
hem in our world and in our time.
61 Many Faces of Ancient and mysterious are the ways they and their vague desire
for death, and one in which Spenta and Angra, and unfathomable relationship wit
h each other and between them and the Senior.
62 Therefore, in a moment they confronted each other in the same moment a favora
ble one another, but the enmity and friendship for them - like the glare on the

surface of the lake.

63 Do not think, however, that the Great Old Ones are dark, like Tsatoggua.
64 Azathoth is the whole world and all the heat absorbed by them, and balls of Y
og-Sothoth flickering flame of the stars.
65 Attend the ancient land from time to time at the top stars of the metal unkno
66 And the knowledge of Elders will not prevent the phenomena of symmetry, for t
hey did not march on the ground in the guises of their exclusion.
67 Attend the heavens are of unknown lands, and abandoned the high places of the
earth and squeeze the heart of the horror of a lone traveler and everyone who s
ees the signs of them.
68 But none of the men did not foresee the dark purpose of their faces and do no
t contemplate them, because they are carried with great speed on the back of the
wind and tear of time online in their fury.
69 "The beast will predict the arrival of the night."
Sura 4. On-Ubbo Sutley
A Recheno that most ancient of gods prototypes of all the gods of men, led by re
spected and have been before, rather than humans have, and is also known that th
e most ancient of all the gods come from a single source.
2 The source of this call, sometimes Ubbo Sutley, and all are different manifest
ations of the gods and the multiplication of Him.
3 In the farthest limits of the universe where there are no faces and images, th
ere are multicolored swirling haze kept secrets of the universe.
4 And there, in the space now, purple haze, Sutley Ubbo can tell the ancient sec
rets of the Ancients, because he - the oldest among them.
5 But there is Ubbo-Sutley place, the essence of conscious il, il whirlwind of m
ysterious unknown forces and properties outside the knowable universe, no one kn
ows for sure.
6 Indeed, Azathoth, insane and monstrous, that dwelt in the wilds so before, rat
her than any star, wandering round the sun, and still resides here, the essence
of the local vortex of immensity, koy-point Sutley Ubbo.
7 A famous Nyarlathotep, the dark wanderer, and deceiver of all reasonable on th
e ground, not only is there a hand of Azathoth, body, created in the image of th
e earthly life and mind, in order to distort this very life and lead to death as
the judges?
8 And there are not very great Yidra, that there was life on earth and that thro
ugh the era of endlessly interwoven with all the creatures of the earth, teaches
reverence for the Ubbo-Sutley?
9 For he is the beginning and end, the root cause of unforgettable, unbegotten.
10 Prior to the arrival Tsatoggua il il Yog-Sothoth Cthulhu from the stars He se
ttled in the swamps of the earth boiling the newborn: a crowd of flesh without a
head il members of that gave rise to the gray, devoid of outlines beginning and
newts terrible transforms the life of the earth.

11 From him, and there were those who dared to oppose the Elder, who ruled from
12 those that went to war Seniors, Great Old Ones,
13 blind, insane predvodimye Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth, koy are all-in-One and On
14 and have no control over the koimi time and space
15 and the display of which on the ground - at-Tawil Umr Smaller and Ancient,
16 and koi ever dream of those times, when will rule again
17 and whom rightly belongs to the earth,
18 and whom the whole universe in a fraction.
19 Protection suprotiv witches and devas, beside a deep Dwellers, dholov, Worms,
cho-cho, mi th, shoggotov, ghastov, falushian and similar creatures, koi are th
e Great Old Ones and their kind, there is a sign of the Senior, carved in gray s
tone of the Mnara ancient, but much weaker than it is beside a Great Old Ones th
20 Will the owner of the stone to command all sorts of creatures crawled koi swi
m, sneak, prowl il fly, even at the source, from which no return.
21 In Yhe as in great R'lehe,
22-Y'ha ntlei in Yothe,
23 to Yuggoth in Zotikov,
24 N'kai in K'nyane,
25 Khadafi, in an icy wilderness Kevaal, as in Lake Hali,
26 Karkoze in Yibe abide its strength.
27 As long as the stars are not reduced and did not cool down,
28 stars until they die and space between them is not expanded,
29 until the force of all things does not fade 30 Stone signed Agga assigned to the Great Old Senior beneficent spell.
31 But the time will come, as there have been times before when they come back,
because the manifest was this:
32 That is not dead, that he was asleep: sometimes even death.
33 In the madness of ages can die.
34 And in the great return herewith the mighty Cthulhu will rise from R'leha tha
t under the thickness of the sea;
35 and Hastur unnameable izydet of his castle, Karkozy, near Lake Hali, on a dar
k star in the Hyades, in the vicinity of Aldebaran, the red eye of Taurus;

36 and the voice of the Nyarlathotep, finally, his word in the darkness, the way
he lives, in order to hear him, and the Great Old Favorites them;
37, and Shub-Niggurath, the black Kozlitsa forest with thousands of young, breed
and brood again
38 seed and brood her monstrous in its turn,
She is 39 and will reign over all wood nymphs, satyrs, and a small peri narodtse
40 and Ktugha embraces his possession at the Fomalhaut, and put his right hand o
n those who opposed him, and destroy them;
41 and blind, insane, evil will come from the focus of Azathoth world where all
is chaos and destruction, where he bubbles and blasphemy;
42, and Yog-Sothoth, koy are all-in-One and One-in-all, will reveal his balls;
43 and Ytakua return;
44 and Lloygor and cross the expanse of interstellar Tshar and dealt well with h
is servants, cho-cho;
45 and Tsatoggua Abhotom will come from a dirty muddy caves N'kai that in the wo
mb of the earth.
46 Expect them forever at the gates, for the time they close, and this hour in t
he hand of them,
47 and older are sleeping, dreaming, unaware of those who know the spell, superi
mposed on the Great Old Senior, as well as about those people who learn how to d
estroy them, as they have already tasted, wherewith the servants of ways to enco
urage those that are waiting for the gates Outland.
48 And they will gain power over the ancient land, and over all that dwells upon
it, and get ready to battle again with the older, when the lord of the great de
ep learns about them and will return with his brothers, in order to dispel evil.
49 And recheno that all life on earth, the great circle of time proidya, come ba
ck eventually to Ubbo-Sutley.
Sura 5. On Azathoth, blind, insane god
There is a reason why a pipe means so important to the ancient worship in dark p
laces, and secret caves, away from the ears of the uninitiated.
2 In the midst of fire and boiling of the universe on a black throne of Azathoth
its sitting outside darkness.
3 No single man koy saw Him and saved his sight.
4 He is blind and insane, but always plays the flute of his, and pearl sounds ri
se and descend in the dimensional bars, are the foundation of all worlds.
Sounds of these five for more than a song, because they are numbers.
Forever Azathoth 6 calculates the sounds in the fabric of space and time.

7 It so happened that his flute suddenly fall silent, all the heavens razbiyutsy
a one by one, and the darkness of the worlds to disappear and everything will be
as it was before the creation.
8 There is a mystery, a little slave, that his pipe cracked and can not make a c
lean sound.
9 Glagolyut others, that when he first blew a mighty sound, which began with the
creation of the
worlds, so great was the power of it, that no one tool could not carry it, even
flute, izvlekshaya it.
10 And behold there is an explanation for infants unreasonable, although there i
s in everything, for a crack in the pipe is there a way to express the imperfect
ion inherent in all created things.
11 All created things perfect, because perfection is devoid of il appearance pro
12 The very imperfect Azathoth, blind and weeping, when he plays the flute.
13 But it may be imperfect uncreated Creator?
14 Recognize that this very secret and become wise.
15 It is only a breath, sound and carries it everywhere raznosyaschee widening c
ircles, invisible and devoid of shape, because the sound is a way of breathing,
but breathing fills.
16 Otherwise, the sound would reach the remote corners of the universe?
17 Do not eat these things breath, slave men, but the thin nature of respiration
, invisible and imperceptible, and it will forever remain unknown.
18 Pipe Azatotova simultaneously creates and destroys worlds in endless combinat
ions, and they are like dancers, whirling on the woven carpet of time.
19 There can be no creation without destruction, and there is no destruction wit
hout creation.
20 To destroy a thing means to create something different, and whenever somethin
g is created, something breaks.
21 Mad God on the throne of his black does not choose what to create, and that m
ust be destroyed, but only maintains a constant balance and order in the amount
and height of sound.
Pipe 22 is the number of these sounds, because they are in the ratio and proport
23 All that exists is made

up of numbers.

24 people are created in the flesh of his on Algebra Azathoth, gathers many guis
es and is building up.
25 None of the establishment is not beheld Azathoth, Nyarlathotep addition, cree
ping chaos, sowing terror, whose name throws in awe.
26 In Azathoth - The order in Nyarlathotep - Chaos.

27 As if they were brothers, and can never be separated, because even when they
are far away from one another, created by Nyarlathotep Azathoth destroyed.
28 play of the flute has created a blind mad god of the universe, but recheno th
at Crouching Chaos in the time of the last day of the flute snatch his pendulous
lips and broke it, putting an end to everything.
Nyarlathotep 29 looks at his brother with contempt, but He knows what He is also
depends on the song flute Azatotovoy, like all the rest of creation.
30 Because he angry and looks forward to the last day.
31 As for the face Azatotova, none Kalam did not describe it, if not lied to wri
ting, because no living creature can look upon Him, and to demolish the terrible
heat and the black lights him like a trembling invisible rays of the red-hot ir
on, and it strikes the skin and stabs it sizzles and crackles il, when too close
Only 32 Nyarlathotep diverse beheld the mad god, and even blinded his flame, and
had He was turned away after a moment.
33 are asking ordinary people in the market at times of leisurely conversation,
why the world was created, but there is no answer, because the world was created
without a purpose of a madman, to whom good and evil are one.
34 It Feels smooth and eat, but never saturated.
35 plays and he hears, but does not see.
36 In his grief he does not know anything.
37 There is no happiness to him.
38 Plays He patiently, and the song of His flute rolls smooth waves, rising and
falling on the breath of the universe, and is filled with the sounds of things,
and will inevitably move to the last day when the wrath of his brother, spill, a
nd there was silence.
Sura 6. About Yog-Sothoth and gates, that he is
Open a pre mukarribom way - no one has known a long road, and sometimes that lea
ds from the power of time in other worlds, and leads to the final void beyond al
l lands, stars and universes.
2 First, rather than to contemplate the unknown and hidden Kadafi, but you will
comprehend the conductor.
3 Yes posleduesh you a guide - a terrible conductor, who lived on the ground cou
ntless times, long before the first of men, animals and plants, when wet, wrappe
d in pairs firmament wandering confused, forgotten shadow.
They built a four wonderful castles, the ruins of which sported the first of the
5 The whole world is afraid of the genie of this since, when Lomar rose from the
bottom of the sea, and the children were the fire-mist on the ground, in order
to teach men the ancient covenant.
6 And as long as there are those that dare to look at the radiance of the veil a
nd accept Him as their leader, will become all the more careful they are canceli
ng previous transactions with him.

7 Woe to them! Prudence, right, left them.

8 For Ibn Shihab told Saddam (Peace and blessings of the Ancients!) Inscribed in
the Book of Thoth:
9 "Terrible price of a single glance at his face, for the strange and monstrous
these miracles.
10 who left behind him the highest through the gate not to go back to the way;
11 For in this boundless immensity that exceeds our peace, hover the ghosts of t
he night, that the capture and captivate the soul.
12 The evil deeds are happening at night, the sign violates the hideous guardian
of the Senior,
13 horrific creatures, fed grains burial, which grows up in the flesh decayed, t
he secret guarded gates that are led by all the graves, and the celebration of a
vicious ever be with them.
14 Creatures of the vyskolzayut these moist and fetid den burrows its disgusting
15 But they were less terrible than himself Yog-Sothoth, koy keeps the gate and
path, and said the word.
16 At the head of the hordes of the dead He passeth all the worlds and the overt
hrow of all the nameless into the abyss of the womb.
17 For behold there is a conductor and guardian of the gate, al-Tawil Umr, oldes
t of the Ancients, whose call Ancient of Days. "
He was 18 - the highest hatred, ever existed in any lands and there is ever any
19 Al-Tawil Umr are people rasi Him - and himself razish, winning him a win.
He was 20 - the threshold of the highest measure.
21 Terrifying fear and surprise upset you.
22 These things will tell you that is acquired He is one of the many guises of H
23 There is no importance for appearances, for he is the master of guises.
24 He calculates the essence, and with it you will fight.
25 And do not give you victory nor glory, nor honor, but, in contrast, forces yo
u to even more despised of men.
26 This, despite the victory shall be yours, because you can not be more differe
nt than in him, as one of his countless servants, swarming into the dust of his
own, in the dust kind of Adam.
27 Similar to the huge shadow he wrapped in a toga, and standing on a pedestal o
28 And He has no eyes, otherwise he sees the world.

29 Refers to the reason he no words, and do thou therefore.

30 Treat the same to him in the highest degree of respect.
Surrounded by 31 Al-Tawil Umr Ancients, as vague as he himself.
32 Song of the essence of his gate by Ancient koi come into other worlds.
33 may know these things and yes mukarrib proidet through the gate, if the condu
ctor will allow it.
34 And then the essence of mukarriba disintegrate and mix with the existence, fo
r existence embodies the all-in-one.
35 Rise up, thanks to him, because he - the last of his kind, and thanks to Him
in the way you otyschesh Kadafi.
36 Do not accept sin before he came to his, as that it should be.
37 He suffers every life koyu repress, but such is the lot of Him.
38 So fight as clean - and clean it, and win himself.
39 In ancient times the priests of his secret teachings called Yog-Sothoth, and
whisper his name passed from mouth to mouth.
40 And he called his Mi-Go, krabopodobnye creature Yuggoth, the language of the
twinkling lights of dwelling-per-edge and ruler inexplicable,
41 and they revere him, things in the infinite unity with all the time and every
one of the world.
42 They dwell in the high lands of the east and north of the yellow desert, and
continue to serve Him as His worshipers and messengers, and the wondrous designs
on their heads.
Only 43 of Yog-Sothoth has power opens the doors between the far country to that
of a star Dubhe and villages on their Yuggoth, that the heaven of Saturn, but b
efore the heavens stars motionless, for the zeal he keeps the gate, even creates
and destroys them at times dancing multicolored their own.
Yasna 44 words of mine to you, man, my congratulations to you!
45 Other End of this Book appeared to intricacies and mysteries.
46 Another mystery was solved.
47 He will be able to get out of this good lesson?
Sura 7. About thirteen divine spheres that make up the body of Yog-Sothoth
Truly a verb Ibn Shihab (Peace and blessings of the Ancients) that the image of
Yog-Sothoth are the face of heaven.
2 And he - the gate, made

up of thirteen balls of nothingness.

3 But to say so would be a mistake, because there are thirteen balls, though dif
4 They are flowing human scum, because they created the Yog-Sothoth in the meann

ess of his divine.

5 And there are the end of the twisted creatures that could not win himself.
6 He and the space around him a great one, and rotating intersecting spheres are
orderly movement of his thoughts of Him.
7 Some of them are moving quickly, otherwise the same - slow, noting the sim run
ning wandering stars.
8 Only his visage is visibly among men, and He has no body.
9 His body are the universe itself: not the flesh of created it, but the size of
the angles and spaces between them.
10 For he generated from the intangible nature, and his face - forever shimmerin
g colors, like a beetle's shell il speech silent winged mi-th.
11 Those honored Him who admire the gates of the One who is All-in-One and One-i
12 they serve Him within the community, built the great stone, and told me that
the chief among them is on the grassy plains lands the Britons.
13 builders forgotten it, but the creation of their perfect, because of it opene
d the way into every corner of the universe and the countless small gate.
14 Behold the gates is a great mother, and the palms of Yog-Sothoth - the keys t
o her.
15 Do not open it inadvertently, but only when the stars are arranged in a strai
ght line at an angle suitable for transmission.
The gates are opened 16 when He comes, and his visage from the glittering multicolored balls, moving and intersecting, the essence of the gate, and a key and p
17 great danger hidden in his balls.
18 Can they come before you as a pure matter, but beware!
19 They will crush you like a straw - a flame of fire.
20 And do happen to meet them.
21 He who passes through them, he becomes a moment of Yog-Sothoth, knowing all p
ast, present and future.
22 But, proidya through the gate, he forgets everything but the lingering sadnes
s and sorrow unspeakable.
23 And so deep and strong is this grief that many of his past life are unbearabl
e after the opening face of the ineffable.
24 But, bowed before the Lord thy before anyone otherwise not made

this more.

25 will serve you his balls, like obedient lambs, but vozleleyut bitter hatred,
because it gives them life.
26 And they - pure shells, devoid of higher life, but life for them constantly.

27, they undergo a thousand years torment her, constantly destroyed and reconstr
28 Do not you dare touch them, for they are being and nothingness, but serve the
m, Rada, because the black power of their vicious and power them.
29 Passion and the dark machinations of strengthening them.
30 not get lost in their frantic network.
31 It defies belief, that they deceived the deceit and praise, for you, my kind,
genuine, and they - no.
32 This is the last instruction!
33 In the dark and damned balls Yog-Sothoth is no longer anything about what to
Sura 8. About Yidre, evoke dreams
Hundreds of a spring wind fluttering her perfume,
2 Thousands of autumn rains wash away the traces behind it,
3 Evil century echoes of her appearances blur.
4 Where the song sounded Yidry ... just the memory of the hills will not melt,
5 Before death came, it appeared;
6 For countless times was life without death, life without birth, life unchangin
7 And, finally, death came;
8 birth appeared;
9 life became mortal and changeable,
10 dead fathers therefore,
11 And the sons were born,
12 and had a son was not exactly that of the father.
13 And the slime turned worm
14 and the worm - the serpent,
15 and the serpent spoke troglodytes mountain forests,
16 and troglodyte - a man.
17 Of all that lives only She escaped death, escaped birth.
18 But she could not avoid change, because all living things must change, just a
s the woody North shed their leaves, that thou mayest live in the winter, and nu
rture them in order to live in the spring.
19 And so she learned to absorb the deadly creatures, and changeable, so that th
e seed of change himself, and that he may be like all mortal at the request of h

is own, and that he may live forever with no birth, no death.

20 Octopus Yidra absorbed and learned to pull the tentacles;
She swallowed the bear 21 and learned to coddle themselves in fur beside a creep
ing ice of the north;
22 indeed, can take Yidra appearance of honest report of the living!
23 However, no shape, koy can take it, is not perfect is true for all the evil c
reatures make up a fraction of her as beautiful.
Admirers of his 24 It is in many wonderful and pretty faces, but only because th
ey did not see her true form, but only that hypostasis koyu wish it, that they h
ave seen.
25 For as the yogis can send your thoughts and visions with each other at great
distances, as well, and sends Yidra thought his men and leads them to see just w
hat she wants.
26 In fact, she thought of his dispatches, which resides in one Yidra soul, beca
use a lot of bodies in it, hidden in the jungles of the south, and the icy waste
lands of the north, and the deserts of the western sea.
27 For these things happening, that churches have it - a lot, and through them s
he expects that will connect with all kinds of fans his own, will not mind as lo
ng as the unity of her extensive.
28 Pisano Idakom Young, lamoyu mad:
29 Yidra, lonely, hungry things of life;
30 Lonely, hungry life of the earth.
31 Yidra, the goddess, the tribe of His incarnations leading;
32 Goddess of celestial hawk Yotha gave
33 Goddess of Labor, whose offspring dream on the body of the earth
34 And awaken smooth satiate your ringing,
35 Goddess of men, bowed before her in the places reserved and distant.
36 Yidra, priestess, loyal to his secrets uchaschaya all kinds;
37 Priestess uchaschaya wondrous land prednachalnyh adverbs.
38 Yidra, generous, in the green hills and meadows of dressing;
Generous 39, the waters in the wilderness the way opened,
Generous 40, crop and herd bereguschie carefully.
41 Yidra, mistress, thirsting for the seed of His devotees;
42 mistress, in any way be a seed of everything,
43 mistress, in any way be a seed of change and death,

44 mistress, whose excellence is transformed,

45 merges with the seed of the past and change
46 In appearance, devoid of past and present.
Yidra 47, a mother, the fetus in the womb of the past centuries bears;
48 The mother of everything that was on this planet,
Mother of 49 offspring of the past and present,
50 The mother, whose offspring will remember everything that was in the world;
51 Fathers of their long immersed in the silence of death.
52 Yidra, giver of life, bearing a long life to His devotees;
53 Life giver, giving countless centuries
54 their paramours, his fans and children.
55 Yidra, insatiable, hungry children from new fathers;
56 Insatiable, sending his fans
57 For endless changes her look for new blood
58 insatiable thirsting for new lovers
59 Out of the blood of His admirers,
60 When she and her clan, and her admirers
61 dry up and wither in the undying death.
62 Yidra, reminiscent dreams, mind clouded admirers;
63 Dreams are reminiscent, for his troubles appearance hides,
64 Dreams are reminiscent, unearthly beauty of his face hides.
65 Yidra, enveloping, with a mirage shade intertwining;
66 enveloping, misguided and enemies forever absorbing,
67 enveloping, men hide forever ...
Sura 9. About Y'ig-Golonake, the ancient serpent - and Byatise zmiebradom
Countless and varied a dull horror land, flooding its way from the beginning.
Between two worlds in interstellar expanse of misty black living creature, that
the rush and whirl and dance in a vacuum, smile and laugh at their meeting a few
edges of the travelers, and try to touch the slimy paws of add their own, if th
e object flying past arouse their curiosity.
3, they sleep undisturbed by stone;
4 Stand up, they of the woody roots of their own;
5 they were moving under the seas and in areas of groundwater;

6 in the sanctuaries they inhabit the deepest;

7, they sometimes appear out of the closed vaults, full of haughty bronze and th
e low graves of clay.
8 Behold is nameless buds of the Ancients, and, like onym, eyeless, they are ins
ane and tormented by great thirst and iron.
9 Among them are those which anciently known to man, and the other, yet unknown,
did not appear until the last days.
10 These are latent until now, there is the most terrible and disgusting of them
11 But among those that found the presence of her before and found the presence
of her now, there is one who can not be named publicly because of his great wick
12 Se there is someone who breeds snakes inhabiting the secret crypts, death, an
d death generated by the generators, of which from time immemorial mankind dread
13 Why are these creatures, reptiles in her womb, and living under the firm, bec
ame the cause of trepidation and fear, have long forgotten.
14 Only in dreams and stories of human naidesh echoes this.
15 Pisano Musoyu that the serpent taught Havva wisdom, and through these things
have become serpents and deadly enemies of humans forever.16 From the earliest t
imes was known as the serpent wisest of earthly and immortal creatures, for the
update, dropping his skin.
17 Why is it hateful and terrifying was the wisest?
18 Know that wisdom is the wisdom Zmiyov Y'ig-Golonaka, Ancient.
19 In the dark times come Y'ig-Golonak ancestor of human and vozglagolil silentl
y with their minds, so that the mystery of eternal life tasted our nation as a r
eward for his devotion and worship.
20 But the wisdom of the prophets feared snakes and decided it would be rejected
by the union with men Y'ig-Golonakom, lest their souls joined the poison snakes
21 Therefore destroying serpents, barely seeing, bude, even harmless and they do
not cause any inconvenience.
22 But not all of the men followed the prophets.
23 Others have concluded a secret alliance with the lord of serpents, and they a
re known by his devotion to the creatures of this generation.
24 The face of the serpent is the image of Y'ig-Golonaka, hypostasis of its orig
inal, because sometimes he goes in the guise of a man with the head of the snake
, but the cross is the only way, he takes the koy to communicate with humans.
25 In the original guise of His He crawls on its belly, and deprived of His memb
26 Blacks Barbarians Maghreb styled His Damballa, the people of the same al-Khem

a, firaunovoy earth, as He has guided Apep.

27 Behold the world is the snake, entwined around the world, and He has no begin
ning or end, and he is not immune to death.
28 In many lands glorify Him.
The powerful 29-worshipers Y'ig Golonaka land in the eastern churches, where he
is honored as Sheikh snakes, because snakes devouring smaller and is right on hi
s tail, his eyes also entangles the minds of those who looks into his eyes.
30 Unable to resist the temptation to His human.
31 Only the sound of the flute have power over him, and when he listens to the s
ounds of things, which he began his dance and can not strike, as long as it soun
ds the song.
32 Experience the same great mystery, a little slave, for the sound of the flute
is the song of Azathoth, the blind mad god, koy are the heart of the universe a
nd had created a song whose countless worlds.
33 All creation is subject pipe Azatotovoy even bude who does not want to obey H
is will, in their hearts hated ruler of this world for the madness of him.
34 Yes otrinet mukarrib teachings of the prophets, neither let it ubiet serpent,
bude, even one attack and bite, for killing a small snake means incurring the w
rath of Y'ig-Golonaka, to whom serpents - his eyes.
35 Wherever the serpent groveled on his belly, it observes Y'ig-Golonak, even th
is small snake bude no more than the worm.
36 All of them are his children, because the carry the essence of this ancient.
37 elder of the sons of Y'ig-Golonaka, Byatis zmiebrady, came with the Great Old
Ones from the stars, called to worship before the image Created by Him, koy was
brought to earth the inhabitants of the deep.
38 It may be called upon to touch a living creature in His image.
A closer look 39 He brings darkness in the mind, and recheno, that those who beh
old him in the eyes, caught his eye will be.
40 He revels in those who come to Him, and by which he revels, they nourish his
life force, and through these things he grows.
41 For these are the images of the Ancients, brought from the stars when the ear
th was young, that psychic link connects Byatisa Y'ig il-il Golonaka other image
s with them,
42 and falushiane and others who worship the ancient, and who serves them in thi
s world can communicate with their owners through these idols.
43 But the darkest horrors unimaginable fate and theirs will be those who shall
find by chance these idols of the Outland, for vypiyut ancient life force throug
h the thin connection plain, and their dreams will be distorted by the horrific
sight of prednachalnuyu abyss.
44 snakes are great in many, but pathetic, when they kill them one by one.
Recheno 45, which should kill any snake, so Y'ig-Golonak left our world, but the
truth is this, no one knows, and this will see none of the men, for the kind of
ancient dragons kind of Adam and survive it when you turn humans into dust .

46 Even the pets of Cthulhu dare not utter a Y'ig-Golonake, and yet the time wil
l come when Y'ig-Golonak rises from his centuries of seclusion, in order to re-a
ppear before men.
47 For the edges of the abyss, in the valley and under the vaults Pnakota Zina,
in the underground night ends with a passage behind the wall where the rose-Y'ig
Golonak, in order to serve him with disheveled bezokie shadows of darkness.
48 He rested for a long time behind the wall, and those that were crawling on a
stone through his body, never did not know that this is Y'ig-Golonak.
49 But when his name is pronounced il read, he is in order to worship and to soa
k up enough of il look and soul of those who feeds him, as stated in the manuscr
ipts of these things Pnakota:
50 In the depths of the earth, in chain of caves,
Y'ig 51-hour waiting Golonak, to be reborn to life.
He dreams of 52 deaths. It would be arrogant
53 In the day and the moment among those who have to go back.
54 It is cold like ice. He strangers killer.
55 worlds in the void around the curl Pnakota
56 He was a foregone conclusion as his black willy ...
57 And he it blacker. He is reborn to life!
58 For those that are preparing and looking evil in the minds of its content to
the evil urge, and through these things can go back Y'ig-Golonak, in order to ap
pear before men, and then wait for the time when the land is cleared,
59, and Cthulhu will rise from the grave of his broad slime,
60 glaaki opened to the gates of crystal,
61 Tribe Y'hurtu breed in the light of day,
62 steps of Shub-Niggurath crushed eye of the moon,
63 Byatis will escape from his prison,
64 Daolot otrinet wraith, in order to reveal the reality hidden behind it,
65 Aphum Zhah-sprout from the womb of an icy mountain Yarnak, distant and improb
able that in the middle of the North Pole, near Kadafi unknown,
66 Ghatanotoa will come from the crypt under his mountain fortress Yaddit-Gho in
pristine Pacifis,
67 and Zot-Ommog rises from the depths of sea.
68 Y'a Nyarlathotep! Previous images of them read his spells.
69 The prophecy that not in vain, for the legacy of the Ancients as truly as it
was revealed these things mukarribu . Vetom place the manuscript of Theodore Filet
a located "Legend of the Segha, they do not know that there is" not belonging to

the authorship of al-Khazraj and therefore placed us in the application.

Sura 10. O mighty Hastur unnamable, and his voice, sounding in the forgotten spa
ces of the stellar
In a bleak expanse of the universe Hastur mastered the mighty worlds, full of mo
rtal slaves.
2 Hear the voice of his is - mournful sigh of the vortex and destructive tornado
es, insane speed darkly swirling wind prednachalnogo that crushes and tears vici
ous life, to rise between the silent stars.
3 He lives above us, watching, to the great universal design was completed.
4 He panders to his Chosen, and in his anger nebrezhet slaves what they are doin
g their obstacles.
5 The power of His uproots forests, castles and crushes crushes men;
6 but no one will know the hand of destructive and destructive of the soul, beca
use he acts without the appearance, cursed slave, and the image of his unknown m
7 Therefore take heed His call, man, when in the dark hours of the night his voi
ce elevates ancient hymn.
8 Responses to call him, but bowed down before him elected.
9 Then the path of salvation will be opened.
Or would you prefer 10 you resist his wrath?
11 Then you will hear of him who cries in the womb of the lower land.
12 teeth and claws of the dragon hawk feel you, grab and fling in vihryaschemsya
tornado into the womb of the earth where it endureth forever hidden from the ev
er-Leng frosty skies his, where the roar of incessant quivering fill in the eter
nity of the fragile and vicious members of yours.
13 This is a choice that is given to you.
14 So do not delay same by following those who are always in wait, ready to grab
your mortal remains.
15 Song of Hastur mighty awaken you from your sleep millennial, bude you wish to
listen to him.
16 He Will you like him as thou wilt.
17 Great is your choice, not rastrat him in the miserable fears il vain doubts o
f men.
18 Therefore leave your everyday life, in order to begin the journey that will m
ake you immortal.
19 Rise up, thanks to the mighty Hastur, because he freed the essence of you.
20 Hearken unto the voice of his, now, in the hours of darkness, answer the call
of His own thy, bowed down before Him and pray, when he passes, but do not say
his name out loud!
Sura 11. On the great Shub-Niggurath and her one thousand youthful

1 There is no limit fertility of the land.

2 Lono it creates monsters, invisible to the living under the sun, and bends her
womb teeming with creatures pale and blind.
3 Behold there are children Shub-Niggurath, koyu Kozlitseyu styled with a thousa
nd youthful those who dare not utter the name of her.
4 Shub-Niggurath - the mighty mighty international.
5 All given her!
6 It rises in the brightest His dwelling in order to excite the men in the dark,
when she pleases.
7 And behold, it works wonders surpasses all imagination.
8 It saves the righteous and punishes the wicked, preventing her elected.
She is 9 - the ancient goddess of justice and power.
She is 10 - Ishtar and Shub-Niggurath, powerful and dark with thousand Kozlitsa
11 It is - strength and power of the universe.
12 It is - the universe itself.
13 Beware insult her, hears about, because you can not even comprehend it.
14 Those who worship her images depict her with a head kozlitsy.
15 Do not these things are true her subsistence, like the beast, an unknown pers
on, but she was Kozlitseyu through his lust.
16 Behold, she stands erect, with three horns on his shaggy head, with mouth gro
wling, ferocious with fangs, like wolves!
17 Arms and hands her like a female, but her legs and feet - like a kozlitsy.
18 It is always naked, and her body is covered with an infinite number of round
breasts in order to nurture one thousand youthful and naked bosom of her yawning
19 For Shub-Niggurath is the bosom of the night, from which emanate all the crea
tures of nightmares night.
20 Mystery of Shub-Niggurath is hidden in it.
21 close to it - and you will understand.
22 But if you get closer to her and will not be ready, black rebel in his anger,
and a thousand horny that howl, will rise above the firmament, and thou shalt b
e torn to pieces by your arrogance and ignorance.
23 This is Shub-Niggurath.
24 bow, man before her, but do not pray for compassion, for there to have her.
25 Koli purged you in due measure, he'll be you master of your salvation.

26 But Shub-Niggurath - out of this world.

27 It Takes care of the maintenance of the waking mind of the Ancients, cast out
into the world of mortals.
28 It strives to awaken the flame of wisdom that illuminate the ground on a sing
le day, and returning light the thrones of the Ancients.
29 This is Shub-Niggurath and this is because she has two faces: Spenta, Ishtar,
Mistress loves, and Angra, Kozlitsa, Mistress of lust.
She gives birth to 30 is not so, as women, and not as a mouse, but a thousand yo
uthful for thousands of proceeds from the bosom of her nezatvorimogo.
31 Do not you dare call out to her, because she will not come.
32 But she stays forever by your side, if you - one of her beloved children.
33 In former times the great Cthulhu went with her, and she generated a host, ko
i ousted Elders.
34 But the era passed since then, when she was lying with the mighty Cthulhu.
35 Their children are dead il took refuge in the depths of his deep sea and unde
r the firm,
36 because they hate the light of the sun and, being of the same blood that anci
ent, can not easily make the harmful rays of the stars, holding the prisoner in
Cthulhu R'lehe.
37 But when the stars will be true and the darkness shall cover the earth, they
vyidut from deep wells and lakes of its own, and from the sea and will be perfor
med by the Ancients, as these things were doing in the beginning of time.
38 Go, man, and remember the words that told me.
39 And, perhaps, one night, when the whole world tremble, and the stars and the
wandering motionless face before the blazing sun, behold thou, how clearly stand
out from this dark shadow, catching you relentlessly.
40 And then you will understand.
41 You'll understand what knowest not now, what you were pretty.
42 Shub-Niggurath is, and will continue forever.
43 Goddess, do not vanish, and that would bring down the heavens and the firmame
nt His dark phenomenon.
Sura 12. On the ubiquity of Nyarlathotep and the development of the Worlds
1 "I hear Crouching Chaos that calls beyond the stars."
And when the two came Nyarlathotep, the messenger of the Ancients, they clothed
him in the chaos, so that his face was always hidden amidst the stars.
3 Who is given to know the mystery of Nyarlathotep?
4 For he is - a mask and will of those that existed prior to the beginning of ti
5 And he - the sacraments the priest Oth, the inhabitant of the air and winner o
f many faces, so that no one will remember a single one.

6 waves freeze before Him; Ahura, the gods of the earth, call of his fear.
7 In his dreams of men whispering sounds, but who knows the look of him?
Eight founder nations soared ubiquitous Nyarlathotep between stars and galaxies.
9 Chaos, They pierce, absorptivity were those who approached him in vain.
10 They did not know they are secrecy, Koya are Nyarlathotep!
11 He was molded right hand divine, that humans have known the Epistle of the un
iverse, but he himself was the Message, the Messenger whose terrified of men.
12 They did not understand!
13 Do not they have disclosed his appearance, dressed by the will of those that
were strengthened when the time of timelessness.
14 Do not they heeded the insidious whisper of His compelling lose traces of hum
an in order to receive divine covers.
15 Too much fear of man, therefore, too many people today are men.
16 Divine creation faded a little, overthrown by the water time.
17 And these pieces of divinity could not follow a winged Nyarlathotep because h
e now has left the younger worlds, and whispered his message out there, try to b
ring with him the last of the gods.
18 But vain were his efforts.
19 Then he took to himself great companions and the empty silence of the univers
20 he went to the worlds, koi, when he stood over them, were not yet inhabited.
21 There he stopped and began to dream, because everything else was also forbidd
en to him.
22 Dreams of His divine bosom steel, and filled the land demi-gods - demi-gods,
generated by him.
23 The long period he spent with children of His transcendent moments of happine
ss, but the plague of an adult in this paradise, and everything was clean from t
he unclean beast in human guise.
24 Many have given Nyarlathotep, many admit, but in a moment the audacity to ris
e in excess of mortals, and he destroyed all that He created.
25 Thus hath the regal crown of Nyarlathotep his men.
26 After he left again, turning no more than to save his true children.
27 And with them went to sleep he kept secret, the great black onyx castle Khabi
r city, located on the top of Kadafi - great mountains that uplift in the Leng d
28 But he shall come in the flesh of men, and once again reveal the mysteries of
this book Dinawari , as revealed verses of these shared in the same writer.

Dinawari - (Persian), True Believer, net (in faith).

29 But now all his dreams izmyslivaet Nyarlathotep his paradise, that from the t
ime of the gods, and a tear furrows his visage grim, death and change through hi
s dreams.
Sometimes he is 30 with a pipe, because he lived with his brother Azathoth in th
e midst of the universe and through the open gates, not sealed Yog-Sothoth, can
sometimes hear the sounds high, from whom are Blasius on end at the back of ever
y human being.
31 Easier to other Ancients He may be in this world, but the cause of this unkno
32 It may be that the human face, worn by Him in His incarnations, keeps him fro
m the poison of the stars.
33 Therefore he is the Messenger of ancient among men.
34 Keeps it Ahura hostage in Kadafi, in the desert north coldly, deprives them o
f their reason and causes the dance to the flute Azatotovu.
35 These are the inhabitants of the strange visions that afflict him.
36 Of all the Great Old Ones only Nyarlathotep sometimes embodied in the exact l
ikeness of man.
37 unstable images of the Ancients, but they express them through the nature of
the correspondence between appearance and intent.
38 Nyarlathotep prefers to be with His devotees in various guises of men, and He
has no face, but only darkness, instead thereof.
39 As the face of Azathoth dusky-bright and emits a glow, so the face of Nyarlat
hotep, the brother of his, there is a void, and absorbing heat, and light, and n
ever uttering.
40 He is the devourer of souls.
41 Why is he in the guise of a human, no one knows this,
42 But, perhaps, that it was easier to get along with men,
43 For He enjoys the company of when they piyyutim wine and playing dice, and th
e bodies of women, with whom he falls in lust with His.
44 The verb he, like a man, but his voice is cold interstellar refrigerant, and
few are willing to hear him laugh, because then the reigning death.
45 for him - like toys for baby: He briefly amused by them, and then throws them
away and also tramples on His feet.
46 Mysteries of the Great He teaches those who worship Him, but always leads to
evil deeds, for reveling in them.
47 Those that live in deserts and strive for knowledge in the crypts and caves o
f the earth, sometimes seen as Nyarlathotep walking alone in the sand, as if los
t in thought, wrapped in a flowing robe with a cape.
48 On his face blurred, flashing rings on his fingers, like a lot of stars.

49 Beware approach him then!

50 Things He is with men are created according to His will, and not accustomed h
e is now suffer a lot, as have given before.
51 single word he can incinerate the flesh to the bones in the blink of an eye,
so that the skeleton of the accident remain standing for a moment before the cra
sh with a dry clatter at the feet of him.
52 But he is volatile and can be at the whim of the great mysteries of His teach
ing the ignorant fool who applied to him.
53 Behold, is that there abide forever Nyarlathotep.
54 The last time the same zrili of Al-Khema coming
55 of this outlandish dark, before whom bowed fallen;
56 bent in the mysterious and silent pride,
57 wrapped, like a flame of sunset, in a scarlet cloak.
Sura 13. About Sleep and dreams His Cthulhu
1 Whoever uttered about Cthulhu, but do not forget it forever, that only he seem
s to be dead.
It sleeps two, but not asleep.
3 He is Dead but not dead.
4 Sleeping and the Dead, he dreams in his own house at the bottom of the sea cou
ntless times, but will rise once again.
5 Know then, that the great god Cthulhu are a warrior, and of all the Ancients H
e - the most formidable, because the main pleasure for him - to kill and devour
all that lies beneath the feet of him.
The greatest pleasure of His 6 - to conquer what had previously been free - chas
es him through the heavens and the worlds.
7 In His offspring from the stars he threw Elders, koi owned the land before he
came down rather than the gray leathery wings to pass through the upper gate, th
e open Yog-Sothoth.
8 Like Gladney wolf defenseless flock, he collapsed and crushed the Great Stone
protective walls of the ancient castles of the desert.
9 Even shoggoty were swept away like straw storm, the fury of his.
10 Who can measure the force shoggota? - But primitive creatures inhabiting the
depths, knows that the strength thereof - is nothing compared to moschiyu Cthulh
11 elders cast into the sea, still cherish the hope that fate will change after
the accession of centuries back they are the greatest ice-stone of his castles i
n the south, and Cthulhu will rest trapped beneath the waves the sea.
Many of the 12 th century Ancient ruled this world, after the expulsion of Elder

13 under the protection of Cthulhu and his armies were their palaces and castles
14 No enemy could not slay them, except for the time, because heaven has always
revolved on its path, and were indifferent to the will of men and gods.
But the 15 stars were not favorable to the ancients, therefore, they retreated i
n bitter anger, so wait, when the skies once again become favorable to them.
Only 16 Cthulhu did not leave the land he conquered the koi.
He created 17 powerful spells, koi kept him safe in his house, erected on the mo
untain, looming over the island teniyu hail him R'lehom.
18 In the crypt, protected the great seal, he lay dead, but dreaming and his dre
ams continued to rule the world, for his thoughts possessed wills of all subordi
nate creatures.
19 But come to pass, as these things are destined, and he was taken by those who
m he despised, and cast down his hail into the abyss of the deepest.
For water depths of 20 - the only barrier, through koyu His powerful mind can no
t penetrate.
21 Therefore elders and many centuries ago sought refuge beneath the waves, in o
rder to conceal from the yoke of Him.
22 And He was imprisoned in the tower of the great elder, were covered with shel
ls plastered and sealed it, dead but dreaming, his press amid the ruins R'leha d
23 and with his brethren, abhor them, to those who should not be named, and the
other, did like, imprisoning and expelling them into the far reaches of the star
s motionless,
24 and freed them from the land before time, and peace reigned on earth.
25 And they came back, led by Senior Naksir, who lives in the fire tower on Bete
lgeuse, in the region amid the stars, whence they came, and he was not to be see
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26 And they looked to the ground from the time when the tree loses its leaves, t
o the days when a farmer is taken for plow their fields for their own.
27 Obstruction of the same water, Koya treasured Elders, as long as the Cthulhu
raged upstairs, kept from that hour the human race from the wrath of Cthulhu.
28 For not for a moment he did not lose control over his powerful intellect, whi
le resting under the stroking of the sea in his dreams.
29 But the star is not always unfavorable, and a short time in endless rotation
of their take on the rays of those corners, koi are at the dawn of the world.
30 Then R'leh rises, and the house of Cthulhu turns on the surface.
31 The mind is filled by a new Ancient moschiyu, and he uses his power in order

to send a command to His Chosen to break the press, fastening his grave.
32 For behold is his only weakness: he can not himself overthrown his dreams, bu
t must rely upon the palms of the flesh, that they broke the press.
33 And gathers his favorites, and look for ways and means to free him and his br
34 And they float to the R'lehu, and overcome great obstacles to many, and they
are waiting in the city of deep awakening him, powerless to touch the mark of th
e Senior, fearful of their great power:
35 waiting for them when the stars stand true when the sons of Adam will disturb
the ancient mysteries, visiting the place and opening the gates protected in th
e Outland.
But the 36 stars are never in the proper position for more than a few days,
37 and it was during the past, because before one could reach him Favorites R'le
ha distant, rock star bends light hail allowed to dive again, breaking the bonds
between the will of Cthulhu and the flesh of those whom he has enslaved, and le
aving them to cry in dismay, and despair at the indifference of the sea chest.
38 But one who fell asleep long before the birth of man, one who is dead, but ex
pects dreaming - but will rise and the time of His coming!
39 Dreams of His inhabited worlds.
40 On the walls of castles and lost in the drawings of madmen uzrevshih him in h
is dreams, he is his appearance.
41 Height of His great, like a mountain, and he goes to the clawed paws, paws li
ke a hawk, so that a rock shudder at his gait.
42 On the back of his - vast wings like bat wings, and now he flies between the
43 his body like a human with two arms and two legs, but his head is impossible
to describe without a shudder, because it is devoid of shape, like the inhabitan
t of the depths.
44 A lot of tentacles hanging and twisting it, which should be represented, and
watery crown sways and moves his since he is deprived of the skull.
45 His eyes are small, and their three on each side of his head.
46 His skin color green, with shades of gray on the terms and tentacles, but lig
ht gray on the wings, and they keep He usually folded, and therefore they hang d
own to the ground behind his heels and tower over his head kolyshascheyusya.
47 The worm does not distort distorted; time - nothing for his continuity, age d
oes not Eastleigh unholy flesh The one who is not from the dust of the earth.
48 Do not eat the flesh of these things in the usual prudence, but soft il cryst
al glass, some crushed to pieces, but, breaking, he immediately takes the same f
orm by the will of its own ancient.
49 To the dismay of his elders know this truth, whose flesh is strange, but it i
s hard, because as soon as they split the body of Cthulhu their guns, as in the
twinkling of an eye, it rose up and took on integrity.
50 is evident from these things murals in the world of Elders, at Castle Heights

51 Like shoggotam him about the rumor of which humans only in whispers, but whom
are not beheld none of them is capable of Cthulhu upon every appearance of his
own understanding.
52 He was born in the misty Vourla, and wandered through the green of the Labor
Code, and spawned from Ancient Idheyu Ghatanotoa, and Zot-Ytogtu Ommoga, and Tu,
whose name are undoubtedly haraam.
53 Others also His offspring like him, but smaller
54 lack of the same size, they make up their numbers,
55 Because they fly into battle, like locusts, and descend on the battlefield, a
s the ripe wheat, the clouds so thick that the sun shall be darkened by their wi
Once E-56 th followed by the start of him, and fought in the battles of his, bec
ause they are afraid of wrath of Yog-Sothoth, the ruler and his fellow Cthulhu,
and were willing to expose themselves to any danger, rather than incur the wrath
of Him.
57 It was these things in times past, but now he is languishing in R'lehe and dr
eams: in the deepest depths of darkness, which was overthrown in early times, co
nnected by an endless sleep that sokroyut hells dark outside and clean up the de
stiny of man.
58 His offspring disappeared and came back to Yuggoth in E th, except for some k
oi watching and waiting.
59 But darkness will prevail, and the rock a person captured and scourged.
Sometimes he wakes up 60 in the short term, and the world is shaking, trembling
with fear, that opened the damned press, restraining him in the darkness.
61 But this does not happen, because the time has not come yet.
62 But Dinawari knows that the circle is complete and the time will come, and Yo
g-Sothoth are led by the gate by koi should go back Ancients.
63 The stars mark the time effects on him, and when they fade and the moon does
not shine anymore, and only the dark of the sun will rise and go, and a thousand
thousand worlds intersect 64 free and mighty Cthulhu will rise once again a great and once again defying t
he Elder, hit them with vengeful talons and rip the soul out of men.
65 His kingdom will be brief, because after he is obsessed with his own source.
66 But the hour will flash a black light land destruction, and will call the dee
p voice of Cthulhu thousand thunders.
67 And otverznutsya gate and the gate ancients, and rise up on their seats out o
f the tree of black and ivory, to protect their pets.
68 Then the earth knows the hopeless night, but now can only dream of Cthulhu in
his grave, in R'lehe.
69 But the press, Senior vosstavlennoy suprotiv Him, should not prevail for ever

70 human ignorance will destroy the stamp: Yes he will rise up!
71 The blind ignorance brought down his man on the yarn, linking his immortality
, and do not know who rules the hand of it.
72, he will break the air and water and fire will cover the sky shroud of ancien
t Cthulhu poisonous shade.
73 Such is the fate of the great Cthulhu, and yes he accomplish!
74 And a nice time to come, is this!
75 But now he is content with the fact that in dreams R'lehe, His gloomy dwellin
g, where he lives his eternal death.
76 But his dreams gathers Selected plunged to the ground, and the ignorant poor.
77 Selected as his live among you.
78 beware, man: they are helpfully disguise, like a thief in the night.
79 Do not hear them man and the gods of his miserable, blind to the will of his
80 He dreams of immemorial antiquity.
81 Great External been before the Ancient Ones, but only about glagolyut radianc
e, in any way they soliyutsya the end of time man.
About 82 elected, carrying the belief in the call of Cthulhu!
83 He will show you the true path, to whom should be followed in order not to ge
t lost in the path of knowledge.
84 Hear the words of his that will reveal your innermost secrets of the universe
85 Koli you manage you understand all of them will become very clear to you, bef
ore you all will find new meaning.
86 Recognize them, and himself become a god.
87 But you're getting close, if understood me!
88 Remember, in his house in Great Cthulhu sleeps R'lehe and creates dreams, in
whom we abide;
89 do not you dare wake him up to the time!
90 He will come to you, when will these things righteously.
91 Now, in the depths of sea listens He, and if you are in righteousness, you wi
ll sign him, and these things make you happy.
92 also lament the fate of your, man, because the earth will sink into the wilde
rness and into the abyss of eternal damnation!
93 I, Abdullah ibn Jabir al-Khazraj, he heard the call of him, my eyes have seen
the signs prohibited.

94 And so my brother called, Ibn Ghazi (may Allaah have mercy on him ancient!),
Saw the end of time bezvekimi eyes of man, but the curse of the Ancients rejecte
d his testimony.
95 Condemned forever, undergoing untold suffering it in the crypts of Zina.
96 His mouth is shut, his tongue will be cut off from the root, it is il bude vo
ice of the suffering of their vozropschet;
97 he bezgolov, shoggota office until the fall of the Great Old Ones.
98 am afraid I am the voice of the wind at night - for I am afraid of men.
99 Ph'nglui mglu'nafh Cthulhu fhtagn R'leh vgah'nagl!
Sura 14. About Dagon, Lord of depths
A Dagon, god of dark, penetrating through the veils of life!
2 He chose His abode deep sea.
3 Sleeps and dreams he is not incarcerated in his grave, like Cthulhu, as DATA h
alf of water over his head keeps him from the poison of the stars.
Dunn (March) - Babylonian measure of length equal to about 10.8 km.
4 He reclines in the deepest cleft, Koya is home to him under the silt, conceal
Sometimes he wakes up five walks, and on the bottom of the sea, in order to visi
t his beloved children, and sacred places on the islands of Ile distant headland
s, where his admirers among men brought him a sacrificial, something they throw
in the waves of the sea, the rumor is his name.
6 He may come close to the shores of the tide up to the band, but not distant, b
ecause the stars afraid of him.
7 Not long can he stay in shallow water, and returned to the depths of his he.
8 The inhabitants of the depths that He created in His image, His likeness - pal
ms and his eyes in the seas, and his admirers among men - the palms and his eyes
on the firmament.
9 His body is huge, with large scales srebristoyu.
His brushes 10 are similar to human, but his fingers are longer, and the membran
e between them.
11 These are the same, and his foot with webbed fingers and thin, and they are l
ike the tail of cod-liver when he puts his feet together and sail the mighty thr
12 Therefore, some people mistakenly believe that He has no legs.
13 His head is like a dolphin's head and sit on a body without a neck.
14 On his brow kupolopodobnom is only an eye, something more than a round shield
of the warrior, and devoid of the century.
15 Do not closes it, even when he sleeps.

16 When he appears in the shallows, he walks upright, and bends forward, draggin
g in the water long hand of his.
17 His voice louder than the bells of the greatest, and you can hear it over the
Dunns, when he comes out of his mouth full and sitting on low his head.
18 Sometimes portrayed him, and a virgin with a tail of a fish, but these things
wrong, for no man's ancient, nor woman, but the combination of the two now.
19 Again, however, that, like a fish, Dagon in Ashdod beats hidden inside his bo
20 and knows that he is only exposed when copulating with Yidroyu Dagon, Or with
Shub-Niggurath, Or with the other of the Ancients.
21 Litsezrevshie Dagon indicate that his body was translucent, so that the moonl
ight penetrates through him like a fog through the crystal,
22 For he dares to surface only in the light of the moon, and never - under the
scorching sun.
23 His body is watery, because it is not out of the ordinary flesh, but of a sub
stance brought from the expanse of the heavens motionless stars.
24 It is immortal and not subject to either aging or decay.
25 done by a long time he doing his work, and he played very solidly his duty.
26 And his duty was to manage and train his subjects, two hundred twenty-two bla
ck servants of the inhabitants of the deep.
27 Black servants lived in the depths of the bottomless, first on the ground in
the western sea beyond the rocks Jibal al-Tariq, then the other, subtle heaven.
28 Therefore, some believe that Dagon lives in the west, but the wise are silent
about this.
29 Great was the fear sown koy Dagon mortal tribes were in those days very few a
nd not quite human.
30 they have been endowed with reason and bestial needed help someone who was mo
re exalted.
31 Great wisdom is poured out on the old man, and two hundred twenty-two black s
ervant serve them, for such was the will of Dagon.
32 Dagon knew that by acting so, he ugotavlivaet his death and that of all his b
rethren, but it was destined to the beginning of time.
33 Thus was born the arrogance of man, and he tried to rise above the Ancients,
koi have given him everything.
34 But this is not tolerated ancient, and they took a fraction of a substance in
broad strata of the earth, and cast it into the crowd.
35 This was the last making of the Ancients, koi disappeared now, but come back
at that day, when the new time is coming.
36 to the scum of the wild and primitive, and rejected those that lifted up and
cast them.

37 were not able to comprehend it, that could not be otherwise, since only men h
ad them.
38 These are the wines of their car and that it is executed when the ancients wi
ll come back to earth in its full splendor.
39 When the same gate Ancient, Lord Dagon would be happiness, and every thing wi
ll shine a new light with him.
40 Brethren, join him in him in order to become a universal polyphony - polyphon
y, what's going on through the merger of their voices.
41 Unity is the unity of these things will be fulfilled.
Sura 15. About inscrutable relationship with the elements of Ancient Earth
1 named Dagon chief inhabitants of depths, but he was the first among the revere
d water entities.
2 In fact, such is the son of Togo, who serve Dagon and the inhabitants of the d
3 Magicians, worshiping the god of the sea, called Zot-Ommogom thereof, the lord
of the depths, and, behold, there is one of three offspring of Cthulhu, koi wer
e powerful lords of the ancient scourge Pacifis before destructive ghost teniyu
covered the edge of the primeval in the days before Babylon.
4 primitive people worshiped deities sonmischu, descended from the stars, when t
he land was JNA.
5 these evil beings were inherently and by a fear of human rights, more devils t
han gods;
6 is styled them all the Ancients, and not even remotely resembled them men.
7 Were they some innate connection with the four elements: earth and with water,
and air, and fire.
8 Thus, the prince of this world, winged, sprutogolovy, hideous Cthulhu was a ge
nie sea;
9 His brother, Hastur, was a genie air, and the eternal enmity of Cthulhu;
10 a well Ktughoyu betrothed, was genie lamp
11 and others as well.
12 they are known as the Great Old Ones, and subordinate to them - a host of you
nger second entity, dubbed the Lesser Ancient,
13 koi are the Great Old Ones as leaders of their favorites il servants.
14 Thus, pets are named Cthulhu inhabitants of depths, led by Father Dagon and M
other Yidroyu.
15, they are friendly to the men, if access them with respect, and helped them p
ick up the network hanaaneyanam their catches of the rich.
16 Therefore multiplied the wealth of the people, to the envy of neighboring peo

17 And the covenant with the inhabitants of the depths of the idols erected hana
aneyane Dagon and gave his daughters to the sons of their own, as a pledge of co
nfidence, and the broad fans of Dagon goes on these things today.
18 The inhabitants admire the beauty of the depths of women and with pleasure ag
ree with them.
19 In gratitude for these things, they decorate the bride of his jewels rich and
elaborately treated, because they have achieved in this exclusive art.
20 Those who are born of this union, they live longer than men, but less than fu
ll-blooded sons of Dagon.
21 When they are born, they are like human babies, but nurtured, they acquire th
e features of their fathers, as long as no more affinity with the sea than with
the dry,.
22 Do not tolerate them dry air, and always he creates his home beside the sea w
here the wind blows damp and salty.
23 Do you recognize them disgusted and wet watery pale faces.
24 With age zevy to expand, and their voices are strong, and when they glagolyut
in their throats is heard gurgling.
25 flaming ghouls anoint Ktughi pets, and their leader - Ftaggua.
26 Hastur same great genie of air, are the hounds Tind'losi under the leadership
of the Notes, and Yidika K'thun.
27 For unto this vile same kind of mi-reckon.
28 The ancient war went beside a superior hostile throng, to whom the name - Sen
29 and they were defeated and driven out to the distant stars (for example, Ktug
ha - at Fomalhaut, and Hastur - by Aldebaran) il imprinted their mark in the dun
geons in different places of the earth.
30 Cthulhu himself locked up under the older eastern seas, in the flooded city o
f stone, to whom the name R'leh near Pacifis, lost ground.
31 of his Son, they closed the Ghatanotoa Pacifis in the mountains, under a blac
k basalt rocks Yaddit-Gho, the way stands the gigantic stone fortress built crea
tures with Yuggoth.
32 His second son, Ytogta, known as the Abomination and the Primal Void, impriso
ned in the depths of Yhe, Pacifis province.
33 Each of the black tips of the fingers of his size with great mountain.
Of the 34 offspring of Cthulhu just Ytogta enclosed in endless halls flooded R'l
eha because R'leh located near the shores of Yhe underwater, and they are contig
uous to each other in worlds unknown to men.
35-Zot Ommog lies, bound, under the waves, on Ponape, an island sacred stone cas
36 flat, tapering His head rests on the wide part of the conical, almost by hidi
ng behind thin twisted strands, similar to worms il zmiyam.

37 Of the two mane still lurking savage, glittering eye, like serpents.
38 Four of the final outcome of his body.
39 Similar to these tentacles of the sea and covered with stars inside chredoyu
40 Yuggi coming through the gates of Yhe, twists and slides in the mucus at the
feet, and Zot-Ommoga Ytogty and relentlessly gnaw shackles that hold them.
41 Cthulhu spawned three divine offspring of the female essence, called Idheyu t
hat dim green double star of the Labor Code il lived beside her for a long perio
d before his descent to the ground.
42 Therefore, the chronicles of Cthulhu and his descendants are called sometimes
arch tales of the Labor Code.
43 As to the two leaders of the uprising of this, Azathoth, shahin-shah jinn and
Ubbo-Sutley, unbegotten source, then they were cast down to the folly Elder, Az
athoth banished from the carnal to the primeval chaos of the universe, from whic
h he can not go back over.
44-Ubbo Sutley just the beginning and end, they are forever locked in an undergr
ound location distant, where only seropylny Y'kaa, under the ancient Hyperborea.
Sura 16. On the Run-Tegote
He appeared an expanse of the universe, and settled in the far north.
Two suggestive inexpressible terror monster, huge, height of twenty shudua , the
body of him almost spherical, with six long, curving tentacles topped with claws
like a crab, and black claws.
Shudua (desyatiperstie) - Babylonian measure of length equal to about 16.67 cm
3 Above the obese body, protruding forward, his head uplift, this cat, three ins
anely bulging eye fish, lots of long, two shudua long trunk, and waving the gill
s on the sides.
4 His body is covered, like fur, overgrown with floppy dark tentacles with sucke
rs, each of which ends aspidovym throat.
5 At the head of his trunks and under the tentacles longer, thicker and marked s
piral bands, and these strands are similar to one thousand snakes.
6 His voice - wheezing, rumbling, barking and roaring trumpet.
7 He once sat on the great throne of ivory, carved in the majestic stone church
in the north.
8 Long before the existence of the country Lomar, and even before the appearance
of Adam's kind of brought him the blood of the victim.
9 He ate his victims blood, leaving only a shell of flesh, dotted with a thousan
d stings, like injections, to a state racked by a terrible and pathetic, almost
boneless heap.
10 But his lishas priest, he ceased to be compassionate, and began to kill every
living thing, as long as, left without food, fell into a sleep like death.
11 He appeared on the earth with a lead-gray Yuggoth: there, under a warm deep s

ea, still lurk ancient castles.

12 And these things written in the scrolls of the people Falushii:
13 "Y'a! Y'a! I go to Run-Tegot!
14 I am coming to you with the meat ...
15 For a long time waiting for you
16, and poorly fed,
17 But now you obryaschesh
18 promised.
It is above 19, the
20 what you expect.
21 You have turned it
22 to Nothing
23 You vypiesh his blood
24, together
25 with his doubts,
26, and through these things
27 shalt be powerful ...
28 And after will
29, he revealed the way,
30 as evidence of
31 Thy glory.
32 On the Run-Tegot,
33 is infinitely great
34 and invincible,
35 I am thy servant
36 and High Priest of Yours!
37 You're a smooth,
38 I will give you food.
39 I read the signs of Thy
40 and led you to power.
41 I will nourish your blood,

42 and you are me - thy moschiyu ...

43 Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
44 Sacred Kozlitsa with a thousand youthful!
45 ai'eey Uzza! I'kaa haaaaa! Bhoo-iiii!
46-Ran Tegot, Cthulhu fhtagn!
47 Y'a! Y'a! Y'a! Y'a!
48-Ran Tegot, Ran-Tegot, RanTegot!
49 Lord of the spawn-Horn Yidika
50 and fumes K'thun!
51 Worm, howling
52 in a whirlwind of Azathoth!
53 O thou, who could be
54 sacrificed
55, and become immortal
56 and now betrayed him
He was 57 and a priest!
58 Watch out - because he suffers from famine!
59 Watch out - because, lishas priest
60 It is no longer to be merciful!
61 Yo! Yo! Revenge for me!
62 Yo! Yo! This, the great god,
63 deprived of food, craves blood,
64-giving him life.
65 Yo! Yo! Great Run-Tegot!
66 Ancient descend to the ground ...
67 It appeared from the depths of Yuggoth:
68 where his temple dwells ...
69 He Needs a victim
70 It is smooth,
71 He is waiting ...
72 Did you hear him -

73 He is here.
74 Worship and serve Him.
75 ai'eey Uzza! I'kaa haaaaa! Bhoo-iiii!
76-Ran Tegot, Cthulhu fhtagn!
77 Y'a! Y'a! Y'a! Y'a!
78-Ran Tegot, Ran-Tegot, RanTegot! "
Sura 17. Why do not die Ancient
Because an ancient are beyond death, and they live, like other creatures.
2 Do not come to earth way of their flesh, but of the spaces outside of the four
elements, and the way this is done then the perfect tangible through the increm
ent of material held by the will of Him whose body it becomes.
3 SBIR moist air and a pair of small crumbs of dust floating in the wind, he cre
ates his ancient body, through the images they show koyu own.
But these
light his
Only five
re always

four bodies - not more than the woven garments, koi put il throw to de
of Cthulhu with a giant in his own body hates to leave it, and therefo
tends to keep it intact.

6 Bodies of the body, elected Ancients can not be called true guises, koi so hor
rible and ugly, that people can not stand their sight and keep your sanity.
7 But in the images so they embody themselves at that level, koy could be seen f
ar away from the carnal mind of the true nature of them is outside the Koya and
flesh, and the way of how we understand these things.
8 When their bodies are broken into pieces, they immediately restore your appear
ance, because the will which creates an image, can piece together the fragments
and a pair of matter, even when these should removed from each other.
9 Therefore immediately tightened their stripes and become smoother with skin, a
nd members cut off by the sword, grow again.
10 These things are distinguished from the Ancient Elders, koi are carnal creatu
res, though they hardly created the world the local clay.
Just 11 and Mi-Go from Yuggoth have flesh, although it may look bizarre onaya fo
r the human eye.
12 The bodies of the Ancients is the essence of the idea rather than the flesh,
because, although they march in the garb of flesh, that the mind of their suppor
t of their appearance, but appearance is not supported, as the beasts of the ear
13 Therefore, when the body is a living creature dies, his mind becomes cloudy a
nd loses its force.
14 But if the body is destroyed the ancient descendant of His only begotten il,
his mind remains and is His will, in order to raise up his face.
15 Lives mind of man in the house of his flesh like a homeowner, and this house
protects it from storms and refrigerant and allows him to raise a family, koi ar

e thoughts of the flesh.

16 But the minds of the Ancients - that merchants koi in their own land and are
sent through ladii the sea, in order to fulfill the will of its own, and operate
motionless ladiyami with these thoughts through his messengers.
17 If the merchant loses ladiyu at sea, he has other, koi take the place of the
deceased and carry out his will without any obstacles.
18 Because you can not kill the Ancient One, do not they live like men.
19 Such is the greatness of their frightening, before whom all the grandeur of t
he mortal world - no more than a children's trifle.
20 What a man, but to bow before them?
Knows the 21 sons of Sirius this truth, but in their arrogance they are pinning
their hopes to find a way to dissipate the body of the Ancients so that these sh
ould not rise.
22 Fools they are, because since the artist draws a portrait of charcoal on a sh
eet of parchment, and the wind rips it from the hand of the aforesaid and tear t
o pieces, he did not draw a new portrait, in order to replace the old one, and a
nother, if one is lost, and so on until the end of time?
23 Therefore, and capable of dreaming dead Cthulhu.
24 Reason is checked out, and his flesh is resting, motionless, and Frozen, stif
f corpse like, but when the mind returns to him, his flesh comes alive and becom
es a warm and soft, and she regains a semblance of life.
25 Do not live the life of ancient authentic in this world, and therefore they h
ave no fear of death and unknown to them the mysteries and horrors of it.
26 The body is merely a convenient receptacle for them, filled with il koy empti
ed at the will of them.
27 Fear of death among men living only amuses them, and they look down with deli
ght as mortals die.
28 Therefore a lot of joy to them in our endeavors to escape their fate, and our
fears, with whom we are trying to resist death.
Sura 18. About Ahura, the gods of the earth
1 Yes, you will present a great mystery, koyu not repeat the wise, unless author
ized in a whisper of his disciples, for it was the cause of death of many men.
2 believe the barbarians and pagans, and secret societies in the Maghreb lands,
which in ancient times, Ahura, the gods of the earth, inhabited by koi in Kadafi
, in the icy wilderness Kevaal were the only children of the earth, and that the
y have created Adam and Hawwa and race them.
3 But, in truth, that dreams and visions of men, brought to life the desires of
the will, and driven them, Ahura made
manifest from the tissue spaces in the dark
days of the beginning of Adam's kind.
4 Man is created along with other useful edge of this ancient creatures for plea
sure them, and when I started dreaming people, having these things through Ahura

Five priests are taught that they have a man power over Ahura through the art of
Arcane, because they created the human race through our dreams.
6 Indeed, still harbor dreams of our Ahura, and without thought of human istayal
i and they came back to into oblivion, from which came.
7 Therefore only a feeble now have dominion over the world of dreams, with no mo
re power anywhere.
8 Official Gazette, that it is easier to behold the gods of the earth on the hig
h mountain peaks than in valleys,
9 For now, on the tops when the moon is high, and heavy clouds swirling below, l
et them dance in their memories.
10 In ancient times, the most mladye of Ahura, like the Guard, joined the carnal
connection with the daughters of men, with whom the children were born that car
ry blood to and possessing similar traits to them.
11 On a rocky hillside Ngranek that Oriab island in the southern sea, knocked th
e face of a mammoth.
12 And behold there is one image, koy created once the earthly gods in his own l
ikeness in those days, when dancing on the mountain by moonlight.
13 Traits of the face on the slope of this dyuzhe outlandish, and everyone will
remember them easily, and then recognizes those who bear the stamp of belonging
to the genus Ahura.
14 The Phantom Wall Ngraneka pierces the heavens bare monstrous rock, koy, like
a ghost, embraced by refrigerant, ice and perpetual snow, covered faults dauntin
15 In some places there are petrified lava flows and ash heaps of fire-breathing
mountains on rocky slopes and ledges.
16 While it is, first, rather than the gods of the earth performed his first dan
ce on top of this, fire raged here, and thunder rumbled secret.
17 But now is this peak stands silent and menacing, melting on the side of his f
ace gigantic, were composed of no tales.
18 In this same mountain has many caves, where there is darkness and the ghosts
of the night.
19 On the highest mountains of the earth inhabited by the gods of the earth, so
that death could not say that beheld them.
20 Once they lived on the tops of the lower, but as long as the children of the
plains tribes went up to the snow-capped mountains, higher and higher had to mov
e Ahura, as long as the mountains were not the only one left in them.
21 Leaving the old top, carefully watched over by Ahura, to carry away with them
all the signs of his stay, and only once, recheno not erased, they carved the f
ace of the mountain, they koyu Ngranek.
22 So, they settled in Khabire on Kadafi unknown, in the icy wilderness Kevaal,
which until now did not get a single person, and have become even more severe, b
ecause, if a man will, to run over them nowhere.

23 Numerous servants of the gods of the earth, ready to fulfill every wish of th
em flying around in a vaulted chamber.
24 Some of them are like the sons of men, for the image and likeness of the gods
of the earth are created.
25 mnitsya sometimes that Ahura living in the midst of a beautiful castle, surro
unded with every possible luxury and variety, of which only willed the existence
of lead-free from care, and enjoy endless happiness.26 There is the same! For t
he darkness hanging over them, muting their voices and erasing their smiles.
27 is not ruled by the gods of the earth completely Kadafi, but suffer spy livin
g in the dark halls of the choir arch.
28 From a simple and rough stone palaces created these, and they are decorated w
ith tapestries, rugs il, and there is in them no chairs, no tables, no light, no
windows, even il the door.
29 In the darkness still lives Nyarlathotep, the dark lord of the distant space,
devoid of a thousand faces, and faces having a Messenger of the Ancients.
30 Ahura whisper among themselves that slumbers in the tomb of His Nyarlathotep
as the great Cthulhu in R'lehe, but in the firmament of whether it is located un
der the waters of the sea-il, that they do not know.
31 In their dreams walks by Nyarlathotep Khadafi, koeyu He ruled like a spider its glittering web of filaments, sensitive to every movement, and to every pres
32 And although it may be wise to beat the death of the gods of the earth, and h
elp them to fight enemies and provide services to them, beyond their own power,
from the Ancient of Outland, the names of which taboo and brought Ahura whom vow
of obedience.
33 Therefore it is better not to annoy and disturb the Ahura of a humble prayer,
that they called those of the Ancients through the Messenger of them.
34 No action has been taken by the gods without earthly knowledge and approval o
f Nyarlathotep,
35 and those who nebrezhet will of Him, He destroys without a trace, so that the
re is no man, even the memory of them.
36 Therefore Ahura hardened, and never laugh
37 and if they once brought into a devil, now forbid them to be, and if they are
, forbid them to leave.
38 looking at us through the mirror of the gods of earth Arcane and help those w
ho worship him with prayers and sacrifices,
39 for the gift presented to demands retribution, but only with the permission o
f dreaming Nyarlathotep not beheld any one of whose Ahura, but there is always k
oy on their boards.
40 And when he robs them of their mercy, they are powerless to act and should lo
ok like fans destroy their enemies the add, and how their own life force decreas
41 happiness of a man that they do not know about Kadafi in the icy wilderness,
otherwise they would certainly have gone to conquer it!

42 Sometimes, longing for their former heights, visit their gods in the windless
night, and weep softly, trying to play them on the slopes, as played before.
43 see a man tears of the gods in the snowy top of Chogori, but these should tak
e a rain,
44 and they can hear their mournful sigh, thinking that there is cross winds at
45 And they see humans wandering Ahura, taking them for ladii swirling clouds,
46 but led by the wise shepherds stories, koi keep them away from the high mount
ains in the misty night,
47 for the gods are not so forgiving now, as before, and they are afraid of Him
who looks down on them.
Sura 19. About devah voluptuous and vicious devah
1 When the winds blow gently over the desert, they bring a vague whisper of temp
tation, kissing with promises of comfort.
2 But when they are accelerated, the howling rage of their unstoppable killer.
3 Bode winds emergence of Devas born in solitude in the rotating pillars of dust
from Outland.
4 One pat driven both kinds of them, because they feed on human feelings, but lu
st and passion are saturated with the first of them, while the latter on the fea
rs zhiruyut.
5 And the second is more dangerous than the first, for fear - among the stronges
t feelings.
6 Beloved winds beautiful!
7 In the dreams, it is the white hand of his, koi hands it to you, and long and
shiny Blasius her, swaying round the head of it.
8 tender smile of her apple-colored Celestial, as her eyes - deep pit, reflectin
g starlight.
9 Dress finest transparent silk adorns her svelte standard.
10 Finger her neck and wrists dotted with gems.
11 Who among men in the flesh can resist her charms?
12 And when the seed is vent your sleeping, feeding, it smells and heat it, taki
ng a fraction of its life force, in order to conceive of her monsters in her wom
b, because those are her servants.
13 And when she visits the sleeper, muttering incoherently and dance round the o
ffspring of his bed, pulling Blasius and Brad with his father, dashing howls.
14 Night after night she returned to her sleeping lover, with joy koy meekly acc
epts her into the arms of their own.
15 And the pleasure lulls his mind, as long as it does not take away from him al
l that he can give, and his heart no longer beating.
16 Similar is the black poppy resin, bringing an indescribable sweetness and bri

nging in a sweet grave.

17 Only a magician and eunuch unable to resist the temptations of her!
18 great disappointment, it leaves itself and carried away with weeping and gnas
hing of teeth.
19 Dev whining comes from violence and possession of the soul sleeping, shaking
it like a dog, a rat treplyuschy paying dreams into nightmares at night.
20 The same incarnation of his many enemies in the human imagination, and it is
easy to find look terrible.
21 It is becoming such a vessel, and the mask of his, because he has no essence,
but only a smooth, thirsting slake.
22 When not bring these images of fear, cause he cuts and scars on the skin of a
sleeping, showing up at sunrise, but only in order to cause fear, because the p
ain is not only a grant him any food.
23 My soul to interrupt the sleep he so often so immersed in the sacrifice of hi
s dreams in reality,
24 and then he will come in the mind of man voidet at the request of her, and ta
ke whatever they naidet valuable.
25 madness and suicide - the fruits of this conduct deva.
Only the death of 26 grants ending torment.
27 That a safe, who learned to embrace my fears as a lover, rejoicing in their s
et and strength.
28 joyful encounters such as the evil Devas desert his other, and finds it fun a
nd variety in their multi-faceted.
29 Seeing as the futility of their crimes, this removes the Devas in the silence
of sorrowful, and his anger subsided, and wandering in the wilderness, he sleep
s and dreams, without being annoyed.
30 By the power of the Ancient seals can mukarrib command with these two kinds o
f devas night and send the add on man, wandering through the wilderness, and eve
n living in remote castles.
31 And in this is the power and revenge.
32 Temptress and the mother of monsters is subject printing Shub-Niggurath, Kozl
itsy with thousands of youthful;
33 Devas also subject to press the great evil 34 Wait for the arrival of the dev
a, when you reclines, lost in reverie, alert and in full awareness of, and befor
e he begins his evil deeds, possess attention to the name and seal of the Ancien
t, a wandering star of which he inhabits, whether Venus is bright and ruthless i
l Krasnooky Mars.
35 But is this will be the star of the firm, because the best time, in order to
conclude an agreement with Dev sensuality - just before dawn.
36 Make a seal in the imagination of your ancient and write as the judges in the
air before you, when you fight with Dev.

37 Then shalt command the deva is about to whom it should be annoying to death.
38 Truly, the moon will not preidet when you reach the desired.
Sura 20. About shoggotah
The only one establishment, the descendants of whom are afraid of Cthulhu is sho
ggoty.of Cthulhu, for the swift fury of him.
2 Monsters these horrific, of which only dreams dope, unknown to the uninitiated
, is able to behold the eye of death, beyond the earth were created during the e
lders is to serve them
3 when they were building their great city, and fiery whips of their masters the
y grazed.
4 Later, they served to protect the soldiers from the Ancients, and whether the
number of offspring of Cthulhu and other creatures created by the Ancients for t
he battle, so great, certainly would have prevailed against the Ancients shoggot
y boundless power and his invulnerability.
5 Recheno that they are immortal and restore his flesh, therefore, does not decr
ease their strength with the years.
6 Do not forget they do, but keep all the events of their lives immortal in the
flesh of their own.
7 Therefore do not allow the same mistakes twice shoggot.
8 What are the words to describe the creature, not possessing il appearance of t
he image, but just taking shape, il form, or color, for the needs of yourself?
9 is similar shoggot transparent bubble filled with water, swim in no glittering
particles, such as stars, and one can see the outlines of the vague and unclear
10 he moves, gliding forward on its belly like a snail, for he has no legs.
11 However, Bodoe vozzhelayet he can grow it in an instant member and upright, l
ike a man.
12 In order to hide, he can turn to stone and boulders il be like rocky cliffs a
round him.
13 In order to discern the path before him when he crawls on the belly of his, h
e is the eyes of his flesh;
14 in order to hear the tread of the enemy, he creates his ears.
15 No shoggotu needs in the mouth, because it absorbs its food, enveloping her a
fore-mentioned soft Teles and acidic juices wetting his flesh, solvent extractio
n under the skin of this.
16 states it is - trumpet Startsev, koy sounds like the voice of the flute: "Tek
17 In the beginning of time created the Elders shoggotov devoid of reason, but t
he era had passed, and the creature grows up these things in mind, until he lear
ned the language of its creators.
18 Therefore elders feared his servants, and drove them out of their recent grad

19 For not only with one command boliyu beings, possessing the will and mind.
20 Shoggot is the strongest of the creatures that ever existed on earth.
21 Making a soft and misty his body to flow under the stone giant, he was able t
o raise them and set up great at the proper place.
22 So, in that thousands of people went to Week One shoggot can raise for a mome
23 never experienced fatigue and do not require rest from their labors, but day
and night, they are able to work, until they perform their tasks.
24 unknown to his own, but the fire is causing them discomfort, and therefore th
ey carry their soft bodies from the flames.
25 Can the fire to kill them, no one knows this, because no one saw them the eye
is not perishing in the flames.
26 But were the ancients through the gate, and have created a body for itself fr
om the flesh of this world, and they are surrounded shoggotov, and many have ove
rcome them.
27 He took a great body of the mighty Cthulhu and smashed them to pieces of thei
r shattered by the light.
28 Others also, the wisest, mightiest, He has subjected to his will, and still t
hey are buried with Him in the city submerged, waiting for his hour of glory.
Sura 21. About Worm chewing, the dead that are buried in the graves is not his,
and the accompanying evil and home
1 Indeed, I became well versed in other universes beyond the gates, stored Yog-S
On two of those that come through the gates of his house and creates in this wor
ld, you can not tell anything;
3 Although Ibn Shihab said (peace and blessings of the Ancients!) Of the creatur
es, crawling from the abyss R'leha, recognizable by the sounds of their koi.
4 In the depths of this world itself are sound, the same substance in it like th
e smell;
5 and our trumpets in this world can create beauty il call an abomination in the
6 For a barrier between the probabilities becomes thinner, and when the sounds o
ccur without a source, we can, indeed, to behold the inhabitants R'leha.
7 They can not suffer much on earth, and fear only the images that koi can creat
e specific sounds of the universe.
8 Truth is real and proven that men between certain close relationships exist cl
oser than the strong ties of family and blood.
9 Therefore is one of those able to learn about all the trials and pleasures of
another, even the experience of pain, passion il who is in the long expanses.

10 In addition, there are those whose abilities are supported by similar acts in
the forbidden spell Y'ig-Golonaka, allowing to pass from the flesh of the flesh
through the dark fortunetelling with spirits and entities in Outland.
11 Finally, I searched for them, men and women, and have always found them sooth
sayers, astrologers, witches, witches, charmers charodeek il dead.
12 All they have done through the wonders of his knowledge of the transition fro
m the dead and the spirits of the dead,
13 But I am afraid that it is often these spirits were evil shaitans, messengers
of darkness il evil far more ancient.
Sura 21. About Worm chewing, the dead that are buried in the graves
and the accompanying evil and home
14 Indeed, there were among them and such, great were the forces of
and What are the move into another body at his will, even at great
nd beside a desire, and often without the knowledge of anyone being
over these things.

is not his,
which could,
distances, a

15 And I dreamed that one of the ancient evil of this is he of whom I am a verb,
and who sleeps in the depths of the silent, almost immortal, because life and d
eath are the same for him.
16 Now a vicious, vicious he is not afraid of death, but when death is indeed ne
ar, prepare myself, threw off his old, his flesh, bude signified the time will c
17 and then split the spirit of the flesh of his flesh, and the sins of the grea
t father of this child will fall on his children.
18 These things I dreamed, and dreams are my dreams were his, for he is the grea
test of dreaming.
19 Oh, yes, I realize how powerful He is, once and for admirers of him, and evil
, koeyu rules he is so strong, so that direct the journey and the relocation of
its essence in a variety of creatures and man - even from the grave because of t
he ground il stone crypt gate .
20 deep grave magicians now, for fear of eternal torment caster that after death
the inhabitants of the desert will be mixed with the bones of it.
21 Arts as Sorcery depends on the use of dead bodies of the dead and Jauhar, rel
ated with these bodies, and no dead body is not powerful sorcerer.
22 Therefore these should highly prized, for great is the power of the mummy fir
aunovoy, but even more the power of the mummy sorcerer.
23 Official Gazette, in truth, that the will of a dead magician has power over h
is own body and can raise from the grave signified, that it accomplished the cas
e pending in life.
24 And these are always for the resurrection of the atrocities and the creation
of damage.
25 The easiest way to revive a corpse, if all the members thereof have remained
26 But the knowledge and cases in which the superior will of the sorcerer gather

s in the death of members scattered, torn into many pieces,

27, and commanded them, that served him finally separated il join up to the pore
28 But each time, ending izmyslennoe, turns the body to its previous state.
29 in the lowest cave not penetrate living sighted eye, but do not grant the tri
bes of grave goods to their fans.
30 small force them, because they have the power for these things, but they detr
act from the great space in the small and tangible doing what is in the world of
the dead other.
31 They have the power, wherever it cried with a song of Yog-Sothoth in his time
, and it can give them those whom they opened the gates to the abode of the fles
32 Nor do those of the flesh in this world, but they are in the body of the eart
h, so that through them to eat,
33 as long as they await the time when the stars will be true and the gates will
be opened boundless territories in order to pluck out those that are scratching
at the door.
34 Where at the time of the ancient past tarnished his curse the ground, dead, n
ot given to know the peace of the grave.
From 35 to rise, they must decay, showing a tribe of ghouls shakaloglavoe: creat
ures, not the life residing il's death, but existing in the shadow world of ghos
36 Cursed is the ground where dead thoughts live new incarnations, and incompreh
ensible, and spiteful minds awake, not stored nicheyu head.
37 prudent verb Ibn Shihab (peace and blessings of the Ancients!)
38 "Blessed is the tomb, where there is a magician, and the blessed city of the
night whose wizards turned to dust!
39 But woe to that place, whose people are burning down poisoner, and the caster
at the stake.
40 I tell you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah than the city o
f these things.
41 Corpses of the wicked witch that they may be buried down their faces, and the
ir palms are so pierced with iron in order to prevent them from turning back int
o this world.
42 For behold there is an old rumor that the soul, Iblis pre-sold, not in a hurr
y to leave the clay flesh, but nourishes and instructs the Worm of the biting;
43 as long as he is cast through the decay is not life a terrible and would pluc
k up the pale terrestrial scavengers tricks in order to harm, and a monstrous fo
rce, in order to torture. "
44 For behold is BSL, undying worm.
45 Only the plump head sits on squat, and snaking his body where the mouth of th

e hideous with three rows of sturdy pink expire canine saliva.

46 Smell it like a loathsome stench Dzhahannama.
47 Nevertheless, some with great power is not subject to death gravestone il hed
ges and the arts constitute the foundation of Sorcery dead essence,
48 in order to create the monstrous serpents of huge il lizards that feed on har
mful remains and gnaw dark passageways to the world of the living.
49 great secret digging holes where the small pores of the earth were before, an
d learned how to walk is born to crawl.
50 There are those that rise from their graves with the onset of darkness and bl
ood piyyutim men and women, sometimes turning into a wolf il bat and other vario
us guises taking.
51 serpentine Idhya and clawed Bast sow excruciating anxiety among the men, beca
use they are always eager to Jauhar, the essence of life, which rejected them.
52 The worm creates a worm, and from the decay of the flesh are the strange imag
53 Dreams of husbands and wives sometimes tormented by nightmares of the night w
ith passionate Devas, which anciently called by incubi and succubi, of whom the
flesh through the merger taking place half-hearted people.
54 In the wastelands inhabited by Efreet and djinn, shantaki shoggoty and ugly,
devotees of Yog-Sothoth mi-east of the mountains and deserts of the north of the
great yellow and my eyes are infected with their wickedness.
55 All these easy to create, and encouraged to obey the will of sorcerers, magic
ians, responsible path and rituals Ancients.
56 But beware of those that exist dead, but living under the ancient sands of th
e earth firaunovoy, and about which I recognized at Alexandria, in the house Kef
57 is almost time for them and none of the hand of death there will be no power.
They are 58 gates!
59 This is the word of Abdullah ibn Jabir al-Khazraj, a priest of the Ancients.
60 Wisdom dwells at its head.
61 "Time is not proidet before idols dumb."
Kitab III. Book Place
Sura 1. On the ground of the earth and outer
A book is this - on the edges of the earth and out of her own which were ground
and dreaming about how, with which they attend.
There are two lands and castles, unknown to the edges of human and precious to t
he searching of the secret,
3 to whom you can reach on foot il il sail on top ladie, although many of them a
re far away and hard to find them, and harder to get to them.
4 Mukarrib wanting to start a journey to the places described in this book, so b

e prepared to discover the secrets of heavenly places.

5 Some of them are still there, from the other as there was nothing more than a
whisper tales of fate and death.
6 Some of those unable to visit these places, and even less of those who returne
d from a journey, remained in a fairly sane, so tell us about them.
7 places of the earth, as they lie on the four corners, dividing the land, will
be described first, because the traveler can reach their paths of men.
8 When the ancients were, they came in their place.
9 The greatest of them were gigantic castles erected by the Ancient il destroyed
10 Made from black obsidian and basalt stronger, they were built by the creators
of their appearance:
11 great streets, according to whom, seated on the winds to sweep them,
12 pillars and towers innumerable, voznosyaschiesya to the skies, as if evil cla
13 arches and windows sparkling crystal, of which there are able to look them up
at the stars, to whom were.
14 Leng in the icy wilderness - one of the castles now, hidden halfway between t
his world and the realm of dreams in the most northern regions of the earth.
15 Hidden in the crucible of the desert scorching, Irem lies, hail a thousand pi
llars, adorned with precious stones like a wall of sand.
16 Other places are the same, for once they are expelled, and in whom wait, drea
ming of a time when they will reign again.
17 places these are not empty, however.
18 servants and favorites of the Ancients still lurk in dark corners of the stre
ets gigantic.
19 Taken together, the dangers of this trip so be prepared to encounter a strang
er to those who still worships them in the dark.
20 With great wisdom and skill of art will be able to find the secret there stra
nger allies and charms of magic in order to make straight the path of most dange
21 way into the outer space, where were the ancient, dreaming about which some o
f them today and where they come back one day.
22 It is impossible to behold these without the help of the Ancients il one of t
heir admirers,
23 For they often lie outside of time and space.
24 spaces of the universe, stay out of the most important places for the ancient
descended from the dark stars.
25 In order to visit places like, so be patient traveler.

26 Only a select few are allowed to travel in time and space, and our eyes behol
d the place where they were born.
27 Madness il's death - the price paid for these journeys.
28 But perhaps these pages will show how to open up a window il gate by koi can
look upon the dark stars.
29 However, Velma dangerous rites of these, for the add Ancient il pets can feel
your eyes close and you track down mercilessly.
30 There are other wonderful kingdom, for once not to get the ordinary way, no m
atter how much you longed for this and neither wanted to go there.
31 Some of them, such as Astlante are in different times: in years past in years
to come il.
32 Others present at this time, but not in space, in any way we live,
33 and therefore a person with ordinary consciousness can pass through them like
a shadow through the fog il, and do not understand the nature of them, except t
hat some will feel uncomfortable at the back of the neck.
34 about the most unusual places as told in the end of this book,
35 For they created dreams of the human race in strange lands.
36 But thou shalt thou therefore, that the ancients - not only the creators of g
iant castles.
37 The human race created the country's most beautiful at times, places, of whic
h even the ancient wills to rest peacefully.
38 Some call them holy places for the gate key srebryanogo, land of dreams.
39 Experienced wanderers can get there in the flesh, through the gates and doors
40 Dreams - the easiest way to visit the castles and lands these neighborhoods.
41 Se is the Book of the places of the earth and hidden castles, where the ancie
nt dream and wait.
Sura 2. On the four corners, dividing the land
With a Cold-north, where towered dark and intimate Kadafi, were at the beginning
of Adam's kind of Frigid predecessors.
2 leaked from the north a great many forces firstborn, and great hail out there
have risen, but they disappeared a long time the lord.
Three great ice caves conceal treasures and revelations of our northern ancestor
Four truly great treasures and treasures, they have won!
5 There they lie now, in order to found and used them again the offspring of the
gods disappeared.
6 Regard, man, to the dangers that come from the north!

7 Beware of your eyes stop on the north dark winter night,

8 For the Black Guardians podpolzut without a soul to you, that grab you and tak
e the kingdom in his coldly secrets.
9 Arid east edge of the promises and expectations!
It rises 10 laryngeal songs that awaken the Ancient and bring them back to earth
11 From that land chosen darkness of night, just and terrible things shall come.
12 The strength and power to gather in a single entity that will bring destructi
on and balance.
13 Abomination crawling all in the footsteps of her.
14 The world tremble, for the first trembled, and flee before men, like ants mad
, before the terrors of the earth.
15 But he who knows, is insane, and that will rescue it.
16 And he opened the gate, locked for thousands of years,
17, and a trickle of blinding light is born from the heart of the earth, sweepin
g away from the path of those who do not comprehend this.
18 Hot south edge of the heat, and power!
19 Thou conceal the wisdom of humanity.
20 Legacy of the Ancients, and sculpted in the inaccessible mountains of your ho
t, spewing the focus of life from the ground forces.
21 No one dares to set foot on the hot southern lands, for the strange creatures
that were men, guarding the secrets of their possessions and their.
22 But every thing is born in the south, can not be otherwise!
23 Great Forest remained primarily in the south, and the great castles with all
sorts of living creatures thrived there.
24 is another advantage was given to the south, but was later taken away by the
will of the Ancients.
25 Beware, man, hot south, it is not glyanete you!
26 When a hot summer night, your eyes would see a dark southern stars, thy spiri
t shall wither in the flows of the universe, which is rapidly rushing to the hea
27 Dark west edge of death and despair!
28 The rich mystery and innermost feelings, the conductor of the focus of unimag
inable force them, the dark forces of the core.
29 The land of despair a comprehensive, that is fraught with beauty and purity o
f the deepest!

30 In the western lands of rising life Koya are non-life and death in existence.
31 Every thing must come out, so get out of this threshold.
32 Shelter essence of the divine and pure!
33 Before the gateway to the ancient land, they crossed the dark expanses of the
West, and the power volietsya there in their veins.
The muscles will swell to 34 and prepare to smell.
35 of Minds will shine like a sparkling dishes from the Bronze Age, and great de
eds svershatsya, because the circle is complete.
36 Beware, man, dark in the west, it horrify you!
37 When the gloomy autumn night, your eyes nizydut to the darkest part of the ho
rizon of, you fall into the darkest depths of space and time, and no more hope f
or you.
Sura 3. About the Rub al-Khali
A desert of Rub al-Khali has the edge, my love for the dead and hateful to all t
he living.
2 Creatures that live in the parched wasteland now, to imitate the dead, thus ta
king away the life of the desert.
3 What are the properties of the dead?
4 Worn they recline with no movement in the soil at the time of heat of the day
in caves under the sand by hiding il sun scorching.
5 Not only they move during the day, otherwise they will lose as their moisture.
6 Their skin is tough and dark, their eyes are dry and sparkle like gems.
7 Only in the light of the moon rise, and they roam in search of prey, in order
to satisfy their hunger and thirst for unlimited.
8 feuding they live in order to stay alive in the land of the dead.
9 The Wanderer, longing to cross the desert sand and stone, to imitate the dead
is like desert creatures, for only so can he survive.
10 At sunset, get up and go in search of sustenance yours.
11 Water is more valuable food, therefore, always look for water, food to cross
the path of your without having to look for her.
12 Desert Life is an endless search for water, koy vanity makes all the other se
13 When the east turns pale, and dawn is engaged in, dug a pit in the sand and h
ide your body in turn il cleft between the stones, plunged into the shadows.
14 Lie, likened to the dead, and sleep in the light of day.
15 Find the deepest crevices between the stones in the lowlands, where the sands
form a cavity, because there naidetsya moisture.

16 Bude will not force you to quench your thirst yours directly, preying on crea
tures creeping, moisture gathers under their shells.
17 Corpses, skhoronennye other day along the caravan routes, full of water.
18 The brain remains wet for long weeks of bone marrow as well.
19 Blood hawk hunting is good, but the blood of carrion may be contaminated with
the disease, Koya make you helpless il ubiet you.
20 useful flesh worms and serpents, sweet-tasting and nutritious for the belly.
21 Ways caravans spread out in front, as the band srebryanye, arches and towers
and castles, long applied in the dust and forgotten, once again rise up under th
e starry skies.
Ghostly outlines of these 22 shimmering shine the brightest moonlight alive, but
they fade into the night before the new moon il moonrise.
23 is most clearly seen they are at a distance, but closer, trembling and pale,
until, finally, does not disappear when the foot crosses the threshold of a wand
24 And thou shalt know the shadows sim wanderings of the ancient peoples and the
ir habitats.
25 Above the sprawling wilderness of towering gates in the form of rotating pill
ars, shimmering in the dust, like a rainbow.
26 Day like they are dancing tree, the same night - a flaming vortices.
27 In the rare times you can behold it, when the rays of the stars and the wande
ring stars motionless conspire to reveal them.
28 Open the same way he spells have their image in the space of which have lengt
h, breadth, and height.
29 Guli and the ghosts of night, remember the words of these, but they do not kn
ow the value of their destiny il.
30 offered them a gift to the flesh blackened and decaying, can you get them to
these words.
31 These are some of the beauties of Rub al-Khali, Koya is death for a man, as l
ong as he remains alive.
32 But when he likened to the dead man, repeating the way the dead, she feeds it
and nurtures it as a youthful mother - his firstborn.
33 It is impossible to dwell in the wilderness, without examining how it is rewa
rded for knowledge, but ignorance is punished severely, and those that survive i
n the teachings of this and become wise.
Sura 4. On Irem, the city of a thousand pillars
Irem Zat an al-Imad, Irem, the owner of the pillars and arches glittering, to wh
om this has not been created in countries;
2 degrees in the middle of the desert, away from roads and dwellings of men arou
nd the world and the glorious beauty of his impiety!

3 You were once a great hail, a garden, well-watered, fed koy underground lake,
never dry up, always replenished water flowing under the firm.
4 Residents of yours, made
rich by caravans, which took place during the past thro
ugh your gates on the way to the distant country, grows up in the great loves of
sensuality and luxury.
5 No hesitation to buy great apparel your luxurious
Six obese drank wine merchants are your very strong,
7 for the delectation of his voskurivali thy king and courtiers are your all kin
ds of dope.
8 Ten years I spent in the heart of the Rub al-Khali, the desert land, the great
Red Desert south of Sanaa to Dakma.
9 And they beheld an unimaginable number of pillars of me, and I was therefore n
amed Majnun.
10 Many miracles, wonderful and incredible, I could behold it.
11 Alas! For swallowed sand castle pillars and arches to the inhabitants thereof
, without any sign of il sign;
12 did not come here more caravans of incense.
13 legend that cast God for the wickedness of this people it, but, in truth, a l
ittle knowledge of the cause of his fall.
14 Only then can this secret is revealed, when You come back and behold,
15 But from the time immemorial, has been lost city of Irem for the men.
16 Many anoint this place hail the great evil, but how dare they know the unimag
17 earthly paradise was Irem for the consecration.
18 Highly ascended the tower, the great fortress of the Eighth corners, alas it
19 And there were places of hidden knowledge and power.
20 So long settled in it sort of Adam's offspring that lived long ago forgotten
in it, by whom and for what it was founded.
21 Glagolyut others, that he erected giants, others - that the tribe of Ad,
22 But Irem was here before man, and now absorbed, it keeps its secrets from the
uninitiated, revealing their charge of.
23 Now, just dusty burial mounds but chipped pillars in its place, but the myste
ry of his death is as deep as the mystery of the creation of it.
24 For behold no mortal eye of grads invisible beyond the visible.
25 Thus there still remains in some of the Ancients Irem incarnation, not in thi
s great wilderness, Empty Quarter, this is associated with the emptiness of Outl

26 Given a mukarribu to communicate with unseen inhabitants thereof in the Red D

Sura 5. About Twilight country Inkvanok
Frigid is a Inkvanok, gloomy country beyond the seas, and recheno, lies near the
edge of this gloomy Lang, whose vague shadows at night worried about the fainthearted.
2 And the people are Inkvanoka the imprint of an ancient face, although they pre
fer to keep silent about what lies beyond the northern borders of their possessi
3 Inkvanok himself famous for its onyx quarries, many of which, for the entire c
ity of Inkvanok built of onyx, and a huge lumps of polished onyx are sold at the
market of this city.
4 marvelous spectacle of himself is Inkvanok degrees, vysyaschiysya over the wal
ls and piers own, all of black stone with strange patterns, and carved from the
salaries of gold.
5 The buildings are tall and with lots of windows.
6 Some houses are topped onion-domed, others are also the terraced ziggurats the
mselves, where minarets crowded appearance bizarre and unimaginable.
The walls of the castle seven low, with many gates under huge arches, crowned im
ages of unnamed.
8 adorned with golden ornaments at home, carved balconies and crystal windows everything sparkles and beauty frown blameless.
9 Every now and then caught on the way to a small area chredami black pillars an
d statues of strange creatures.
10 Types of ominous opening of streets and beautiful, but nothing can compare wi
th the beauty of the gigantic temple of the Ancients.
The temple was erected in the middle of 11 walled garden on a huge circular area
on the way the rays like the spokes of the wheel, apart of the street.
12 In the midst stands the same shestnadtsatigrannaya belfry tower with a steepl
e, and much more is all the neighboring buildings.
With 13 floats at regular intervals over the roar of the hail onyx antique bells
14 And sometimes placed on the parapet round the high vault of the temple tripod
s blow fiery tongues,
15 For the priests and the inhabitants of this city devoted to ancient mysteries
and always keep the steady advance of the Ancients, as these things inscribed i
n the scrolls, ancient manuscripts Pnakota koi.
16 And when the great bell in the church thundered over the city raises its loud
call, all the songs and the noise dies away,
17 and residents of the castle, with his head, still in silence, until he calms
down an echo of the last.

18 For in the City of twilight have all kind of bizarre fear and trembling and a
fraid to violate strict local customs, so as not to fall victim to wrath of the
Sura 6. About Leng in the icy wilderness
1 Who is looking in the far north, with the gloomy earth Inkvanok, the naidet am
id barren desert of ice hummocks, dark and powerful, speckled onyx quarries.
For the two great mountains, towering so high in the heavens, that air glagolyut
, not on the tops of them, lies a mountain pasture, surrounded by rocks on the k
oi can not climb, but to narrow steps carved into the rock.
3 Behold the land is incomprehensible, full of mysteries, about which, in truth,
it is better not to write words of careless.
4 Life is out there - non-life.
5 Every thing there Ancients created and tolerated.
6 loses his mind wandered back, because only a select few may wander there.
7 Here, like the border, stands a huge ridge at the foot of a gigantic ravine du
g way leading into the thick though.
8 Here, of course, and the blocks were cut for the wicked towers Kadafi.
9 On the mountain range, near the borders of hidden Leng, towering giant psopodo
bnye mountains, has applied to the monstrous statues held silent.
10 Giant guards, whose feet imprinted in the sand and shining crowns pierced the
clouds, sit here, on top of the world, frightening in a semicircle,
11 sinister, like vampires il wolves' heads with a two-headed, distorted fury, a
nd with the right hand, upraised threateningly over all Adamov was born.
12 darkly and angrily looked upon the world they are on the horizon of humanity,
always store the mysteries of the north.
13 Huge these creatures were once the backbone of the stone, as long as someone'
s hand of giant did not flogged in virgin rock sculptures of these horrific.
14 And in the flickering glow of the swollen clouds of stone double their heads
as if barely noticeable swing.
15Here, the backbone of custody, where skies are contiguous with the firm, sprea
d beyond its remote and hidden plateau of thrice forbidden Leng.
16 On the morning after a rain, when the fog creeps over the hard and the sun ba
rely shines on low ridges of slate-gray clouds, the horizon of the ambient, the
appearance of a great city with huge towers and extended structures of stone lik
e a mirage.
17 But how would the rosary or the outlines of this city, sometimes visible to t
he smallest detail, it will inevitably vary and disappears when approaching him.
18 Glagolyut his priests, that hail Elders rose above it, where is Leng.
19 But the earth are not eternal, for whom the death march, and floating islands
of the deep sea.

Winds of 20 centuries, driven by a firmament in the sea, so that the ever-changi

ng shape of the world, and north becomes south, and east is west.
21 But woe to those who disturb the winged bird, and a mighty rock, fire breathi
ng, which guards the sanctuary Plateau!
22 Do you recognize you have forgotten the time to howl naked Leung, nesting in
the caves of night, and fills the bizarre madness of human dreams;
23 and cursed gray stone church at the lair of the ghosts the night, in any way
remains a lone priest in a yellow mask, ascending its ancient hymns;
24 and on the ever-burning, dull, evil and wicked lights shantakov screeching, s
oaring in the heights of heaven, so in the border lands.
25 Se there are winged, roaring bird that more elephant heads as they are like h
26 Wing they have webbed, and are shared in the same refrigerant and the stinkin
g stench of hell.
27 And instead of feathers they have - slimy scales.
28 And the hoarse scream them, gritting of ground glass like, make you realize t
hat you're dead now!
29 But thine end will be merciful in comparison with the fact that the inhabitan
ts of flexible land grant Leng.
30 From a distance, you behold them randomly scattered stone houses with no wind
Of the 31 homes and villages will carry up to now, hearing your shrill flute, an
d singing a sickening roar of drums, and behold you dancing round the fire shado
ws like ghosts.
32 clumsily and slowly bouncing dancers, twisting and bending obscene.
33 Residents of Lang's clothes do not wear, covered with a thick coat of Teles,
caudate, they have hooves and mouths wide.
34 And they are spinning in their dances in the middle of Shaitansky forgotten c
35 Leng inhabitants worship before their priests, but priests worship Yog-Sothot
h, the Lord of the gate,
36 common with all the time and space, and appear in the incarnation of thirteen
clusters of balls, shimmering like a rainbow.
37 Beware, man, beware of those that wander in the dark ramparts Kadafi, because
their heads crowned uzrevshy knows claws rock!
38 Indeed, they live in Leng, in order to atone for his arrogance to the Ancient
39 Therefore, an extremely cruel and ferocious they are.
40 Annals of Lang's talk about the battles with scarlet spiders from neighboring
valleys and the ancient city of Sarkomonde, whose weather-beaten and decayed re

mains of a long period before the first man on earth.

41 in the middle of an ancient plateau uplift Kadafi, Mount wicked, hiding the s
anctuary of the divine mysteries.
42 stores a key, closing the gods of the earth, and it remains secret dream of N
43 And as long as they spend their time with gladness, the abomination of human
step on the print icy hills of Lang.
44 Infinite Leung - the grave for mortals too often profaned it.
45 Too often, they were doing this in previous eras.
46 But this does not happen now, because the gate was shut.
47 Otverznutsya as they once again only when the complete range of its stars.
48 And the ancients shine a new light.
49 And the ancient flame touches the heavens and the firmament, because these th
ings happen in the glory days.
50 When will these things, every thing will turn full circle, and the time of th
e Ancients will come again.
51 And even bloom Leung, turning to the top, and let every thing shall find unit
y with the universe!
52 And so these things will come, can not happen this because I saw these things
53 The beauty and unity reign, truly, these things.
54 Any debris will be removed, only Dinawari remain, because for them, and only
for them the universe was created.
Sura 7. About Kadafi unknown, thousands of years
Who know a given Kadafi wondrous firmament?
2 No, do not understand it those whose road - to death!
3 Tait is a light in times of imperishable:
4 Meanwhile, what was there, and that will continue!
5 A mysterious, in the middle of Kevaali, unseen icy desert, beyond the boundary
of mountains, towering mountain Kadafi.
6 Much higher than it is, rather than each vertex of the stone, but it does not
belong entirely to this world,
7, and only then can behold the eye of her death, when the heavens are aligned,
8 and by moonlight, for you knows that the moon has the power to reveal the hidd
en light of the sun.
9 On top of the hidden city of the Ancients erected Kadafi Khabir - castle great
, black-prong wall seated way - many of DATA length.
10 Dark clouds shroud it where shine wondrous ancient stars, amid the silent sho

ots gigantic towers and behind the walls of exclusion.

11 Beyond the walls of these vessels and above add - Castle made
ems he is one sparkling gem.

of onyx, so it se

12 Protective curses signs carved on the gates of the hand of the night are forg
otten, and woe betide anyone who dares to enter the doors of these horrible!
13 In the heart of this castle - a spacious hall with walls of onyx and floors o
f the multi-colored smooth stone, and a round arch is so magnificent that the ce
iling it is lost in the fog.
14 Ahura, the gods of the earth, feasting where no time to wander the ancient my
stery, not knowing the halls of time, whose gloomy dungeon forever flashing some
times in dreams through the eyes of the wondrous and the blind.
15 laps, turned inward, here are the thrones of rulers of the gods.
16, they sparkle with gold and silvery, and the temple rests in the middle of th
e mirror of the great, some look down through the Ahura to the acts of men.
17 different sizes of their gods, and less of them more than their servants, the
greatest growth is gigantic and towering over the rest.
18 changeable sizes of the gods of the earth, but they vary from time to time, w
hen many il a few of the human race worship them.
19 Just change and their thrones, as the thrones are the places of their power.
Kadafi 20! Stand it on the evils and fears of men, the intimate plateaus Lang, i
n the northernmost lands of the world.
21 Do not Glagol about it; view it haram are undeniable.
She is 22 - a shelter of the divine, and through it you can achieve your essence
23 Many of the men dreamed about it and did not know what dream, and their stori
es are always different, because every dreaming creates its own world in the bou
ndless lands of dreams, and there are no two identical images of Kadafi.
24 Forbidden these ledges, but you'll be able to get on top of her, if he reject
the fetters of your mind.
25 The power and glory - the keys of power.
26 Power of the essence of Kadafi.
27 Nothing transcends these things to you without it.
28 Blank and everything else is insignificant.
29 who hold out here in the bosom of the universe, the strong-willed!
30 At the top, in black castle towers surrounded by, behold you, as broad banner
s fluttering blue flag Ahura Ancients.
31 Will take it you like a brother, and you will be such, if fully to pass.
No 32 is trouble!

33 Se is sacred mystery Kadafi.

34 winding paths of deception you will Nyarlathotep, but not over him!
35 Hastur, the changed and will show you the way back to the world is yours.
36 Shub-Niggurath devote your eternity.
37 These things happen to you in an unknown and hidden Kadafi, when you behold t
he gods.
38 Koi for you to be supportive, but only because se has a sense of all created
things thee to thyself.
39 Go away! Man, I gave you the right to call it!
40 Go away! And your eyes do not pay back, as the wife of Lut, for your labors h
ave not yet done.
41 fulfilled these things you strength and wisdom, for thy heart is firmly in yo
ur chest.
42 Go victorious, the new god, elect among the elect!
43 The purpose of your near and mighty, just reach out and Grab hand of the fetu
s, so long forbidden.
44 Se there Kadafi, and a thousand other things with it.
45 Go away! And the action begins, as powerful and terrifying ancient dwell with
46 These things perfectly.
47 continues to support the measureless Nothing mysterious Khadafi, hanging like
a sword over the head of a man.
48 Forever and smiling Kadafi!
49 Powerful and silent!
50 All done, written created, the obligation is discharged, now resides in all o
f your palms.
51 Will they support the weight of the earth's wicked.
52 Yes! So it was prophesied these things, even before the creation of your kind
53 Do you expect with confidence.
The past 54 so again, and exalted be the glory!
55 Death and destruction reign, undeniable riches of this world.
56 But these things are destined, and so accomplished!
57 Thou, O my companion careless, but you will absorb the horror at the words no
w undeniable.

58 But thoughts of you think of me as mad, cursed by the gods,

59 and vozlikuesh so that these things are written delirium black flame of unive
rse in my right mind, obsessed by jinn.
60 But no, because the cross is the truth!
61 But do not touch for the first clue of a new era.
62 will turn the ashes of thy poor body, eaten immeasurably the river of time.
63 But he who reads between my many centuries thrill.
For nearly 64 interchange!
65 And the gods, new gods will be the creators, because these things are destine
66 Death, death, death! now you can squeeze me in your arms rock, because it was
67 There remains the expectations for the new circle, and let him be brilliant,
like a pure jewel.
68 Yes, he will be clean as clean your soul!
69 Yes, he will be strong, how strong your hand is!
70 Oh! Blessed golden age!
71 Khadafi, Kadafi!
72 Yes, come to pass, that I could help you!
73 Khadafi, Black Mountain and the mighty, strength and fracture distinguish you
74 Every thing proceeds from thee, and thee is executed.
75 Blessed is he who knows you in your vicinity, unhappy man who defiles you.
76 But these things are destined to it, too.
77 All there is in the great womb of the universe, and everything comes from him
78 That is the time for joy and love.
About 79 new gods, you will banish sorrow from your hearts!
80 Breathing primarily in the depth of your wisdom incense shining stars,
81 cleanse the world with its many centuries old, and vices,
82 will not heal you, but destroy.
83 Powerful Ancient manifest through you for this.

84 Spirits that created Kadafi, you betray yourself in the service, for behold t
hey have a service.
85 Every thing to help you!
86 Great incarnate in you and the jinn Gladney will follow you, because you sati
sfy their greed with the enormity of which was in the world.
87 Great crazy like this, and the divine madness that lifts the bleak plateau of
Leng Kadafi.
88 Dreghood human disappear, frightened, before the hosts of your divine.
89 to lose the way they are the one who grander them.
90 Yes, these things come to pass!
91 There is confusion.
92 The way is open.
93 Few will be saved, because there is no compassion in you, but justice stays o
94 Se is a mystery revealed.
95 Secret key is laid bare.
96 use these things properly on my heirs, on the heavy path of knowledge!
97 The strength and mind be upon you!
98 This is the end of the dark verses of Kadafi.
99 Se is the end of everything.
100 Nothing remains, everlasting, and the sole king of the worlds.
101 And on top of this - Kadafi, eternal and mysterious friend of his.
102 An aran'maha eth'onh ar'skiya Arts!
Sura 8. About R'lehe deep
1 Of all the places where the ancient recline, dreaming, hail R'leh wicked.
2 these uncharted waters ladiyam merchant, and therefore knows its resting place
3 Long before the creation of Adam's kind of in the days of the seas that covere
d the whole earth, the great Cthulhu was in force in the world with the hosts of
their own, with servants and numerous offspring.
4 When hovered over the abyss Ancient Spaces, stayed in some places of the earth
tribe, the great, came some of the Outland, and dwelt in the city and the peopl
e worshiped in the dark depths.
5 and brought it to the owners of their castles on the heights overlooking the f
ertile region, and strengthen them, so that they could not reach to the right ha
nd of the enemy.

6 But now hidden in the depths of these castles, but occasionally allow stars to
emerge from their places of onym deep.
7, they shut their print on the ground of the Senior, but may be released in sho
rt, a little slave.
8 In the old days, the proud city of Cthulhu and servants of his home was for th
e powerful servants of the Ancients,
9 but now reclines R'leh with the inhabitants of it, and the Lord for their tino
yu, sunk deep and dark waters of the South have long been forgotten Pacifis.
10 It was constructed of stone R'leh,
11 and it is gigantic size,
12 and he is like a fortress impregnable,
13 and rests on the ledges chrede,
14 and these are surrounded by walls, ledges a hundred kushnumunov thick.
Kushnumun (dvulokotnik) - Babylonian measure of length equal to two cubits (thre
e feet).
15 of such buildings to the Kaaba, Mecca shrine.
16 green stone, of which they are constructed, a monstrous size, and no human re
sources will not help move them.
17 one to another, they lie flat, so that air can not pass between them;
18 to each other are tightly grappled and parted.
19 So now the fans of Cthulhu glagolyut when forced them to open their secret kn
20 It is not easy these things, because they are not afraid of death, but death
is a terrible torments of the flesh, and life could be worse than the evil.
21 They honored the dead Cthulhu, which is at rest, dreaming, but they have no s
hame nor the desire to repeat the fate of him, nor feel the worms and beetles ea
t the body can still feel them.
22 For, unlike the ancient flesh, their flesh is not reborn again.
23 But the eternal forces of evil, and the boundlessness of their tarnished!
24 Truly Great Cthulhu still stalks of minds and souls of men, even when the lie
s, dreams, enchanted and bound with chains of signs Seniors.
25 still anger and his superhuman intelligence sow the seeds of dark madness and
destruction of dreams and nightmares of sleeping.
26 He was a priest of the Ancients, himself in the flesh of His immeasurable, st
ill dwells in our universe.
27 And he - the sword them, and they tend to move away from his presence, when t

he battle is won,
28 but he keeps his own council ward under the good-natured, and no one knows th
at he is ready to create the seed for his chosen ones.
Among the 29 black giant towers of the palace-temple of His He created a place o
f indescribable gate, where he called people, koi serve him relentlessly until n
With 30 corners and planes unknown to our geometers was R'leh monastery and home
to live in Outland.
31 Through the gates came R'leha Tsatoggua, toad-god, and Shub-Niggurath, the bl
ack Kozlitsa forests.
32 Near the gates of untold sacrifices, and the flesh and the souls of the livin
g creatures were meat for a living there.
33 When dissolved all of the stars of the poison remained in his house, Cthulhu
in R'lehe, bearing his deep thoughts alone.
34 And when was the naked sword of light, and slew mighty kings of star wars, pl
unged in the depths of the sea R'leh.
35 Potent Enchantments imposed Senior, sealed the gates with stones by their sta
36 were not able to overcome them fully Awakened, but bound him with all the law
s of the new order.
37 Mere waters of the sea can hold him, because the star is unable to prevent hi
s thoughts.
38 On top of the mountain stands a solitary stone on the four corners, and so gr
eat, that the greatest of the pyramids firaunovyh low before him.
39 Do not thin it, but wide, and four of its sides are covered with carved signs
the Ancients.
40 still in the crypt under the thickness of the sea, under the obelisk symbol,
in a cave carved into the rock mountain, lies the great Cthulhu, Priest of the A
ncients, waiting and dreaming.
41 Not out of the veins, bones, and flesh is His body, but from an elastic mater
ial, like bone marrow, wound healing, and therefore continued its incorruptible
long time.
42 Recheno also that in the dark ages, when the sons of men were like beasts, an
d go naked, Cthulhu foresaw a time when the rays of stars older plan to destroy
him and the other Ancients, present themselves through space in our world.
43 In His wisdom He created protection from the harmful rays of the stars, the s
tate demanded Koya immobility, like a deep sleep, and called fhtagn.
44 Nothing was left of life in the body of His mighty, just a voracious intellig
ence, the ruling, waiting and dreaming, when the gates star full circle and once
again he will come back to life for the sake of his kind.
45 As long as the island rose above the waves of the seas R'leh east, easily com
manded His Cthulhu elected only by the authorities of his mind.

46 But overthrew Senior island under water, so that even the top of a gigantic a
ncient tomb remained above the waves.
47 stars turned back to his ways.
Age 48 came and went.
49 dreamed of Cthulhu in his grave, because the water column was pressing on the
door of the house captured him, getting his thoughts.
50 Therefore do not hear His voice more Favorites his Lord and could not reach h
im in the depths of the grave, even bude He called to them.
51 Centuries passed, and they forget the mighty sotryasateley delight of the mou
ntains, although they continued to be his servants.
52 And the inhabitants of the desert recheno not only the deeds of his past, but
also about the future:
53 That is not dead, that he was asleep: sometimes even death
54 The madness of ages can die.
55 Therefore, even in prison, his coldly, under lock and guard Nameless, stretch
es the mind of the great Cthulhu for those who intend to serve the dwelling in O
56 He hates the sea, and the weight of water over the head of his own, koy preve
nt his thoughts.
57 He can not wake up himself, bound spell Senior, and therefore He must be awak
ened from his dreams of mortals.
58 Only by the power of his mind he directed the development of the kind of old
Adam, and Dinawari of husbands and wives were foster children to him.
59 He was the Prince for them, and they were faithful servants to Him.
60 For at the cost of their lives, they served Him.
61 The desire is to be set free from the tomb of his Cthulhu when the stars stan
d true, that the danger was past his awakening.
62 But the fate of the ancient is not captured forever, and His worshipers belie
ve that sometimes rises above the city of R'leh waves of the sea.
63 that made their abode in the water and the water is free, and when the time c
omes, and the stars will be true, as these things before, and their situation wi
ll become stable, and the world will be good for the Ancients, 64 Then the word will cause the water to rise up and remove, finally, printing,
65 and the first among other places R'leh rises above the firmament, and shall d
eliver the descendants of the hordes of Cthulhu.
66 Then wake up the great Cthulhu and his servants will convene amid his men mos
chiyu mind, and they shall be opened to the door of his house, and release it ag
ain in our world.
67 And he opens the gates of other ancients, and the gate, they rule the world,

as it was ruled at the time when the tribe elders were not yet sunk under the se
a, and they will be slaves to Ahura and Men, for what they can suprotiv wrath of
the Ancients?
Up to 68 days of a witness whose can we be soon, those wise in the dead of Sorce
ry that worship Cthulhu, bear the stamp of His, scorched the skin of his il to h
is heart,
69 and they sing hymns in honor of him in the language of the Ancients, whom dre
aming Cthulhu teaches his prophets in a dream:
70 "Ph'nglui mglu'nafh Cthulhu R'leh vgah'nagl fhtagn!"
Sura 9. On Astlante and black crystal rests in the temple of Hastur
Not only a single space, but time must cross mukarribu in order to get into the
blessed Astlante.
2 For the heyday of those times when the children lived in the caves of Adam and
Havva and wore rawhide skins, and went hunting with stone, and did not know sig
n the letter.
3 The greatest of human land was Astlante, koyu Byzantine sages called Atlantis,
and the Frankish writings - Atlandom, and still feed her man wisdom.
4 Know ye, O Majnun, heareth me that the church naimrachneyshem Astlante kept bl
ack crystal Hastur.
5 Subject to this is not bestowed upon the earth was, he was distant stars, who
are the focus of the Ancients and housing.
6 He was not inactive thing, he was alive, much more than you yourself can consi
der himself as such.
7 The crystal symmetry priests Hastur, dark god of the secret doctrine, could pe
rform miracles extraordinary.
8 Indeed, the black crystal is allowed priests to get all what they need.
9 With it they could wander in their own fleshly bodies on other worlds and meet
with the gods of earlier eras, of which expires on the flow of knowledge, unawa
re of his peers.
10 But with the passage of time itself tarnished the wicked priests of crimes, a
nd faded black crystal, until it faded away altogether.
11 Thus it is the doctrine in decline, lishas stone of the corner.
12 Soon after this debt is fully paid Astlante blasphemy.
13 And the great chasm opened up, and cast into the firmament is this deep into
the sea with all its inhabitants.
14 But not istayal black crystal with the fall of their keepers.
15 remains as it is to this day, and waiting can be re-used Ancients, that the g
ates to the ground,
16 For the hand of a human ever be able to touch him.

17 with black crystal power and domination is erected a castle on a fragile stra
w men.
18 There will come a time when he will return.
19 Only a transient cease to exist because the unshakable foundations of life ca
n not ever disappear.
They have 20, you can not see them, but they are superior over you without your
21 Thus the verb Hastur.
22 Thus will be done.
23 This is the perfect.
Sura 10. On the Ball Sagote
1 Ball is Sagot city on the island of the gods.
Since ancient times, had read two stories that the men in robes vyidut iron out
of the sea, and Ball Sagot fall under the pressure of them.
3 Velma was rich in this city, built of marble, with srebryanymi gates, decorate
d with silk, gold and gems.
4 Residents of this city had once been powerful;
5 ladii they went to sea, and never before did not know they have weapons.
6 In ancient times worshiped at the Ball Sagote Golgorotu genie, whom some belie
ved to the last remaining in this world Astlante founders.
7 And they worshiped him as the god of darkness and as the incarnation of the go
8 Residents of the north as in earlier campaigns have seen their ball-Sagot, and
they are immortalized in the tales of their strange gods, and Golgorota among t
9 thereof, the servants of the genie - Fishers of Outland.
10 In the old days was a Ball Sagot great part of the kingdom, some stretched on
the many islands of the western sea, but some of them plunged into the abyss, d
isappearing along with their inhabitants.
11 And the wild tribes with the skin color of blood attacked some of the survivo
rs, while only island of the gods did not stay free.
12 And the forgotten inhabitants of Ball Sagota old art and glory of his own.
13 Rarely could they defend from savage fighting rooks, as long as they do not h
ail fell overnight ...Sura 11. About Yuggoth and the mi-th
Yuggoth is a bizarre world of ice and darkness, between heaven and the heaven of
Saturn motionless stars, unknown astrologer earth today, because it is invisibl
e for the eye.
2 So far Yuggoth from the earth, the sun - a point of light among the stars in t
he dark sky it

3 and it does not give any heat, for to whom could be distinguished touch it.
4 The only large moon circling temnolilovaya the heavens it is much larger than
the moon, Koya knowledge to us.
5 Weight of the same things in this world is smaller than the weight, koy known
to us, therefore, cast a stone falls slowly, as if through water
Now, six Mi-Go, a creature Yuggoth, we rush to his eyes, and cause us to detect
7 is acquired them in the castles of powerful, like koi caves on numerous ledges
of black rock, and get the heat out of the cracks, emitting sulphurous fumes cl
8 great and beautiful caves in E th.
9 Where the nature of the world they did not meet their aspirations, they cut th
e stone floors and built in order to strengthen the roof and the arches of the g
igantic crevasse.
10 floors of their houses swaying incessantly, but do not interfere with the mov
ement of these things the inhabitants thereof, jump through the small obstacles
on its powerful legs.
11 Since the weight of things less on Yuggoth, jumping these carry their bodies
further than racing a mountain goat.
12 Sparkling lichens on cave walls give a faint light, which is sufficient for t
he needs of them, because accustomed to the twilight of their eyes, and therefor
e they see at night like day.
13 They have other fine feelings, and they do not do windows in their homes and
14 Light even hurts and hampers and entangles them, for there it does in the bla
ck of the universe beyond time and space, from which they were originally.
15 their bodies are covered with horny il shield shell like armor Scorpion il ma
rine crabs.
16 Therefore the soldiers they were formidable, for neither sword nor ax can not
damage it.
17 It is difficult to see the shell of this, because their bodies are covered wi
th strands of white fungus-like coarse hair.
Only 18 individuals of their claws and powerful mobile devoid of vegetation.
19 They have no families, but they live birth to twenty individuals over il, and
grow from their bodies, like a plant.
20 When their offspring mature enough to move in order to harvest and eat fungi,
they fall off the backs of their parents, like ripe fruit with a woody, covered
with a white fungus is that it serves as a garment.
21 Se there is a tribe of warriors and farmers.
22 And when they do not fight, all the care they devoted to the cultivation of f

ungi growing on the shells like them.

23 Fertilizers for the add as rare on Yuggoth, but on the ground in abundance.
24 This fungus is the sole food of the Mi-Go, and it requires incessant care, be
cause they do not grow without their zeal.
25 Indeed, it is impossible to say what they are and this fungus, koy grown they
are separate from each other, because if one dies, dies, and another.
26 Black tarry rivers that flow under the mysterious giant bridges, can lead to
obsessive madness and frenzy.
27, they erected a kind of elder people, extinct and forgotten before, rather th
an reign in E th to Yuggoth bessvetly, appearing from the void prednachalnoy tha
t the stars of Ursa.
28 But, verily, this is not so terrible dark world of castles and gardens of fun
gus windowless.
29 These things just me now seems to us, for our world seemed to be terrible for
them, until they learned it in his old age:
30 Long before the era of Cthulhu, long before the hordes plunged his Elders, lo
ng before it plunged Senior Ancients.
31 Not for the meek guests grace, but as conquerors were the Mi-Go into this wor
ld, for such is their nature.
32 In search of fertilizer for the gardens of their land, they passed through th
e bottomless pit, who are the gateway to the misty realms of the Ancients.
33 It is easy to identify these should, as he looked into the hole these things,
behold it is not the bottom, but only a swirling abyss.
34 The common man may find these pit just on the border of the world of dreams,
35 mukarribu also knows the location of their flesh in the world where they are
invisible to ordinary men.
36 Naidoo bottomless similar, should jump into it without fear, and then, after
a dizzying fall, you'll find yourself in one of the worlds Outland.
37 And there are any holes in the earth's crust, about whom no one knows the men
, now and in the add - great unexplored worlds of unknown life
38 sinepylny K'nyan;
39 krasnopylny Yoth;
40 and black, devoid of light N'kai, from which came to earth a terrible and mon
strous Abhot Tsatoggua.
No 41 in E-pity roamed in search of fertilizers during the past.
42 inversion are our world upside down, leading to the death of a great variety
of plants and animals.
43 protested the invasion of their elders, and fought with them their art, but t
hey were not equal in power, in order to clear spaces of the seed of the Mi-Go.

44 And he drove the E th of the Elders of the northern and mid-land

45 and found refuge Elders far southern seas, where lies the desert of eternal i
46 and they faced them later with the hosts of Cthulhu.
47 in E-fear-of Y'ig Golonaka and Cthulhu, they worshiped Yog-Sothoth, and its m
oon mertvennoblednomu ball, Koya rises and sets on the dark sky of.
48 seasons of its run harvest, koy serve them with food,
49 and they believe that it creates in the heart of the world of warmth, making
you go to the surface of evaporation of sulfur, with which warmed their castles.
50 Forbidden travel to the moon, still under pain of death to the soul and body.
51 Glagol about this il even look at it - undoubtedly haraam.
52 Indeed, the violation of this commandment is the greatest sin, shall koy puni
shment under the laws of their most grave.
53 On the face of the Moon is a bizarre pattern of rings and bands, koy is a sac
red symbol for the kind of mi-th:
54 Koli will cut its caster to his guardian, the sign will still be useful when
communicating with the dead.
55 But the few of the Mi-Go, koi still live on earth, can feel his presence, if
would be close, even bude amulet bearing this seal is hidden from the sight of t
56 And then they will be looking for the owner of his tireless and ubiyut him an
d steal this amulet.
57 in E-Glass is the first in the world of silent, because of its poor air.
58 It is their - their multicolored light heads, koi flashes back and forth, pou
ring all the shades of the rainbow with lightning speed.
59 Glagolyut that few of their kind still live in the deserts and mountains of t
he north east, where they live in deep caves and throw their gardens as they do
these things at home.
60 And the spies reported them to the world of its own affairs on earth.
61 Echoes of a whisper can be heard occasionally in the mountains when they were
rumored tongues of men,
62 and sometimes visible traces of them, printed in the snow, always lying on th
e tops of the mountains and deserts hladny.
63 But the slim and thin these creatures, and seldom behold them.
64 are killed rapidly, they looked down on them, and therefore unknown to the me
n of their doings.
65 Recheno else that will soon run out of fertilizer collected and blown to the

ground in times past, and then host their gates, to take what they need, from th
e firmament of the earth.
66 And the kings or men, or secret knowledge of Elders will be unable to resist
them .
After this surah in the manuscript of Theodore Fileta are two texts that clearly
did not belong to al-Khazraj authorship, and therefore placed in the applicatio
n: "The vision Yaddita" and "Legend of the earth and rock Mnar, who came to Sarn
Sura 12. On the Troc great, gloomy valley, and the labyrinths of Zina Pnakota
A worthy man stands beyond good and evil.
2 Decent people understood the All-In-One.
3 Decent people know what the dreams are true reality, and the flesh - the great
est liar.
4 And about the time these things will be said here:
5 Do not move the time, but it stands on the site.
6 fancies just as if it flows and is a change.
7 This is not replaced by the past and the future - the present.
Only eight events chreda makes time to think about the mind, unfettered by the s
ix directions.
9 In fact, all that was, what is and what will be, remains at the same time.
10 Know also, O worthy, that every image in the space occurs at the intersection
of a figure with a large number of ways.
11 As the plane is revealed to us on a section of the volume of the body, and su
rround our world is only a slice of the world higher,
12 and he has cut more of the higher worlds, and further, to the dizzying depths
of the prototypes.
13 world of men and the world of the gods of men - only a small facet of a negli
gible phenomenon, the six areas of the world.
14 To him are the first gate, where al-Tawil Umr evokes dreams of ancient rulers
15 Know that the fire temple dwells beside the first gate of dreams, moon gates,
gates Nodens, in a huge underground cavern, a set of pillars of fire support me
16 Ibid bradatye sit, crowned priests of fire: Nashta and Kaman-Ta.
17 And the priests of the fire and can you ask for advice and blessings.
18 They are supportive.
19 For as the temple of fire followed by seven hundred steps down the same gloom
y passageway, to the gates of deep sleep.

20 terrible and ominous, towering peaks behind them fabulous Troc in a dark pit
of eternal sunless abyss, they shall smoke is higher than a man can understand,
standing guard over the worst of the valleys, where the crawl, and dig burrows i
ts vile dholy.
21 No one lives among the gloomy granite boulders now, in the land of perpetual
22 In the same lower limits of the dead languages
yss yawns.

Troc dancing flames and black ab

23 At the foot of the valley of the damned Troc stretches Pnakota.

They crawl and 24 burrows dholy giant, but no one man has ever behold them.
25 Official Gazette of them only in vague tales: their presence can be guessed o
nly by the rustle, koy publish them, moving between the bones of the hills, but
on the sticky touch, when they crawl by.
26 Valley Pnakota is boundless sea of bones and bone of the hills, and behold ther
e is the place where all the ghouls of the world waking dump their leftovers fea
27 No one lives there except dholov disgusting.
28 Between the valley and the foothills Pnakota same old Troc are protected unde
rground vaults Zina, home to nasty ghasty.
29 Ghasty is the essence of the creature the size of a horse,
30 they dig in the dust of the earth, and jump, like locusts, in the gray twilig
Muzzle 31 of them have an uncanny resemblance to a human face, even though they
had no forehead and nose, and so these things disgusting.
32 And no one dares to enter the dungeon Zina except dholov of Pnakota, koi ghas
tov hunt here, and a few brave travelers.
33 There will always be beside you ghasty:
34 they will be in the shadows of giant palaces Zina
35, they will crawl on your heels through the Zine,
36 because they do not avoid them for you, as long as you have not left this pla
37 In order to enter the land of Zin, immerse in a shallow sleep and follow this
gloomy passage down the seventy steps to the door of the temple.
38 How to speed his way? for staying on the verge of sleep slowly, and you can s
pend many nights in order to achieve success.
39 What should be the protection? For many people died, crying in the dream part
, as long as ghasty Zina gnawed the flesh of their dreams.
40 How to strengthen the mind? For the gate is too great experience in the crypt
s of Zina, in order to keep your sanity a person in good health.

41 Of course, should correspond to a true on all three questions, otherwise you

can not enter into Zine il do this with false confidence, which will undoubtedly
lead you to your death.
42 And let him be a great way to highlight the key srebryany yours and keep you
beside a ghastov, koi live in a dream world.
43 Zine - the great maze, full of horror, as the greatest of miracles.
44 Much can be found in the ruined tombs Zina.
45 Will he creates Zine dreamers.
46 What are you looking for any in the land of Zin, you find there, bude your wi
ll for these things is quite large.
47 Proidya through vast halls of Zina, you find yourself in the middle of the ma
48 koy diverges in all directions, as long as the boundaries of infinity will no
t be met and overcome.
49 Then shalt thou learn Zin and go wherever you wish.
If you are looking for 50 something specific, go and Naidu this, hidden in dark
areas Zina:
51 wonderful things
52 excellent sources of dust in the ruins
53 number of books old and forgotten, left rot,
54 and the gate to the place is too horrible to doom il is too beautiful to the
Only 55 will need to in order to find the required zing to the land.
56 But what should wish for this?
Only 57 items can be undeveloped Found item out there, such as knowledge and pow
er, rather than objects such as gold and srebro.
58 But how these things can be Found item?
59 But thou shalt wander on high hills, Zina, and yes you will find what you wan
60 Finally, you will find these things, if ghasty not stop you.
61 When otyschesh you this, do not be surprised, but look at some of the place w
here found.
62 When I was searching for ways to power, I came to the destroyed royal palaces
63 great, overturned a statue of an ancient king lay in the middle.
64 What has put it, made as head of the body, the head is struck against the wal

65 These things have been a revelation associated with the same desire of my gov
66 In other times, looking after this understanding of the universe, I crawled t
hrough the narrow maze.
67 Soon I realized that was lost.
68 The idea that I was lost, let me find out, koy led to a long passage.
69 On each side of the aisle were dark holes: the gates to other places.
70 There was this great palace of Zina, a place to get something I can now find
the will of this great palace.
71 Any gates yavyat black magician vision, something can be a wonderful il awful
72 Bodo same pochuesh you anxiety, confusion il, il difficulty 73 I advise you to immediately leave the zing, before one podvergnesh you are in
danger of imminent.
74 And all the dangers of Zina does not count.
75 So, can you get in the crypts of Zina in search of what you wish,
76 but remember constantly that dangerous dyuzhe this,
77 and keep the key is always with you, so go back, if ghasty get close to you.
Kitab IV. Book of Signs
Sura 1. On ABC Nug-Sota
A book is this - on signs, languages, and seals required for the proper use of A
rcane Arts.
2 Yes you will know, the researcher thoughtful, safety signs, printing, sacred a
nd ancient languages, the powerful, if you are acting wisely.
3 Do not you sense prenebrezhesh signs now, because your life depends on them.
4 Behold The book is about the names and seals of Marduk, the offspring of our N
ariks Lady, lady magicians,
5 trampled Tiamat, Tiamat as a slave, the slave as Bovadoyt, in the battle of th
e Sorcerer,
6 trampled the Ancients, that senior may live and rule the earth.
7 In the days before the time
8 in the first period than the heavens and the firmament where they were identif
9 in the era when the ancient sway over being and nothingness, there was nothing
but darkness.
10 There was no moon.

11 There was no sun.

12 Neither was wandering stars, or motionless.
13 No grains, no woody or grass does not grow.
14 The ancients were masters of space, now unknown il forgotten, and all was cha
15 Marduk, was elected Senior of the Ancients, in order to fight with Tiamat and
snatch power from the great sleeping serpents, which has taken under the mounta
ins Skorpionovymi.
16 Marduk was served weapons, and a sign
17 and fifty forces were given to him in order to fight the monstrous Tiamat, an
d all of the forces and weapons was a sign,
18 and shared in the same essence of the powerful tools of the Ancient Elders be
side a threatening of Outland that threatens from the Abyss,
19 Lord of darkness, lords of chaos, the unborn, uncreated, the hungry old Adam
still evil, and senior living among the stars.
20 The Gods forget.
21 They are far away.
22 They ought to recall.
23 Kohl nebditelny they do not follow the ring gate porters, since the gates are
not kept forever the closed, locked and barred 24 And the one who always waits for the keeper of Outland, Yog-Sothoth, and will
appear with him the hordes of the armies of the Ancients:
25 Ihtonha, Azathoth, Ftaggua, Tiamat, Bast, Hastur and Cthulhu, and shakalobogo
v zmiebogov and sea monsters, and the inhabitants of the deep.
26 Signs of Nug-Sota are the keys to the worlds, art and charm to any sacred scr

27 Yes, they will be used in conjunction with the signs of the powerful and sacr
ed seals.
28 For behold is the book of the names, nature, and the seals of the Ancients.
Sura 2. Various powerful signs
1 These are the same gesture may be one mightiest sotvoryaemy his left hand of t
hy during ceremonies, if not stated otherwise.
The first two are such a gesture ARRA city of Ur, and by its nature cross is the
true sign of the Ancients
Three co-create it every time, whenever you turned in prayer to the Lying-in-wai
4 For he is attracted to her il to the outer boundary of all the forces of dark

and evil.
5 The second gesture Bandar are any city of Kish,
6 and he crushes all obstacles,
7 and opens the gate, and the way the worlds prednachalnyh, through the koi are

8 The third should be a great gesture of hail Kuta, which seals the gate, guarde
d way, uninvited, and casts magical strikes.
9 Not in vain this gesture, because it keeps the heart pure, and a sign of its c
elebration of the shackles and scatters the wicked forces of darkness.
10 The gesture is as follows Agga, koy are a sign of Elders.
11 Se is the great seal of the Ancients,
12 and it closes the gate
13 and serves to protect the best,
14, and traced it to the locked gates of the houses in the Cthulhu R'lehe, where
he lies in his grave, and his dreams.
15 dared to Ibn Shihab (Peace and blessings of the Ancients!) Inscribe it in two
of his works, but distorted, therefore, she was powerless.
16 Those who possess it complete, have a treasure of priceless.
17 Know that Yog-Sothoth is the gate and the key, but the print is a Senior Cast
18 inscribed on gray stone Mnar land, it has the parish authorities have warned
of the Ancients and their offspring, waiting at the door.
19 The one who will cut it properly on the door of his house, can sleep peaceful
ly without fear of invasion of creatures so wicked;
20 For it banishes the threat of force and confrontation, and strengthens the wa
lls and windows invisible shield.
21 For as a simple mortal, and other creatures, it does not represent the obstac
les, but only suprotiv invasion of the Ancients and their creations.
22, it sometimes helps, and beside a worship ancient, since these are in perpetu
al awe before the power of its kind, and avoid it,
23 but they were able to cross the afore-mentioned, if dared.
24 No man knows no reason to force it.
25 Perhaps the essence thereof, in the ratios and angles, thanks to whom it gath
ers force Elder, formerly of the Ancients banished from the face of the earth, l
ike a smooth mirror of a curved crystal il.

26 inscribed in the Circle of protected environment, it serves as a reliable pro

tection against Nyarlathotep, koy, even a secret in his wisdom can not comprehen
d what is happening within the Circle, Or hinders his deeds.
27 worn on the neck as a talisman, it keeps the children hungry traveler from Sh
ub-Niggurath, generated from the seed of man, wandering in the desert places, an
d lying in wait for prey.
28 for the next day.
29 In the day when the Big Dipper hangs in the sky humbly quarter of the year wi
ll be meted out onoyu in four directions, as measured through this,
30 gates are open, and therefore, no doubt, be sure that the gates remain locked
31 Even the gates of dreams can be imprinted by it, and none of the kind of the
Ancients will not penetrate into the soul of someone who wears this amulet.
32 Yes, these should be sealed with the proper sign of the Senior rites and inca
ntations proper.
33 is making an appeal Amesha, efreet seven wandering stars, to beware of her, b
ecause she pays nothing, and cooking destroys all the charm of them.
Sura 3. The name, nature and the seals of the Ancients
1 During the last inhabited ancient on earth, but when the stars have changed, t
hey were driven out and separated.
2 However, there are times when the stars are favorable to some of the jinn, and
that which in this time, they may be called, even in the no-guises them in due
In total, three of the Ancients seven times seven and one, whose two, and all th
ese dyuzhe terrible and very powerful
4 Wherefore I beseech you, I did not call them otherwise than in exceptional cas
5 Koli you decided to call them, death is almost inevitable yours, you're not pr
epared bude properly, because the hard drive them, and hardly designed to cause
the destruction of these monstrous.
6 stars are favorable for the Ancients, when the signs of the zodiac roam throug
h the heavens, and the times in the koi must exorcise them, tell me now.
7 Beginning with the seventh degree of the sign of Sagittarius and the following
widdershins, the way I proidu round the wheel of the zodiac, explaining when wh
ich of the Ancients favored by the stars, every print is the proper sign of the
zodiac match.
8 From the seventh to the thirteenth degrees the stars are favorable Y'ig-Golona
ku, koy is like a huge antlered zmiecheloveku of six palms.

9 From the fourteenth to twentieth degrees the stars are favorable, Ran-Tegotu i
s koy in the great and terrible incarnation creature, like a cat with tentacles
kalmarovymi front.

10 The twenty-first to twenty-seventh degrees the stars are favorable Niogte, ko

y is way too horrible to gaze for ever-changing cluster of flesh with those soul
s who are absorbed in Him.

11 Eighth of the twenty-and thirty-fourth degrees the stars are favorable Nodens
is shining like a koy srebryanomu ball, redolent sonmische horrors.
12 The thirty-fifth to forty-first degrees the stars are favorable Ktille, secre
t seed of Cthulhu is Koya like scaly feet giantess with a scorpion.

13 On the forty-second to forty degrees Eighth favorable stars Marduk, no single

body koy, but distinct voice makes your ears bleed whose, and the animal to fal
l down dead.
14 With forty-ninth to fifty-fifth degrees the stars are favorable Shamash, is l
ike a huge flaming koy monster, surrounded by fiery suns.
15 The fifty-six to sixty-second degrees the stars are favorable Balon, koy is a
necklace of skulls and accompanied by five servants.

16 In the sixty-third to sixty-ninth degrees the stars are favorable Ktughe is l

ike a large winged koy husband with decaying ptitseyaschera il head like a lion
with the head of a man.

17 from seventy to seventy-sixth degrees the stars are favorable Tefrisu is koy
from the abyss and then tries to swallow you whole.
18 In seventy-seven on the third degree of favor osmdesyat stars Hukato-Siegel,
appears like a huge white koy essence of the twelve wings, ready to devour anyth
ing that is nearby.
19 On the fourth osmdesyat ninety degrees the stars are favorable Byatisu, koy i
s like a black zmiebradomu Genie with the power to pay into the stone of the man
whose eye he catches.
20 C for ninety-first ninety-seventh degree of favor star Tiamat can not be call
ed Koya because of the size and enormity of her.
21 will be closed until then Tiamat, as long as the stars do not favor her compl
22 with the ninety-Eighth hundred four degrees the stars are favorable Oroble ap
pears like a serpent koy great, but with many small heads of many-eyed.

23 With one hundred and fifth on the one hundred and eleventh degree of favor Se
gha star, has some appearance il image, but a broad zhabopodobnyh creatures.
24 With one hundred and twelfth of one hundred eighteen degrees the stars are fa
vorable Ubbo-Sutley, koy is like a great gray and thunderous effect, neohvatnoy
to the eye.

25 With one hundred and nineteenth hundred and twenty-fifth degrees the stars ar
e favorable, and the twins Lloygoru Tsharu are koi in the guise of the four gian
ts palms and feet, and these are two that one.
Over 26 hundred twenty-six hundred and thirty-second degrees the stars are favor
able Cthulhu, koy is like a great husband with wings flying dragon and the head
of the octopus.
27 The fifty-six to sixty-second degrees the stars are favorable Vultumu is koy
in the form of a terrible, iridescent purple flames.
28 With one hundred and fortieth of one hundred forty-sixth degrees the stars ar
e favorable, Nat Hortatu is like koy koy Goulue enraged and land are the ruler o
f Zin.
29 With one hundred and forty seven hundred and fifty-third degrees the stars ar
e favorable Ghatanotoa, koy are now the weakest of the Ancients, because he can
not harm the owner of the second ring Nerekso
If Ghatanotoa 30 attack on the sorcerer, he must kiss the ring, and utter the wo
rd "Orogot."

31 With one hundred and fifty fourth one hundred and sixtieth degrees the stars
are favorable Tsatoggua is koy in the incarnation huge black toad.
32 with special relativity sixty-first hundred sixty-seventh degrees the stars a
re favorable Shuddi-Mell is a great incarnation of Koya slimy larva with tentacl
es of sea serpent.
33 With one hundred and sixty Eighth hundred seventy-fourth degrees the stars ar
e favorable Hastur is koy moaning like a huge effect, resonant sound is way out
of the heart is able to strike and kill a person.
34 with special relativity seventy-fifth hundred osmdesyat first degrees the sta
rs are favorable, Ran-Ratogu is like a great koy rasteniepodobnomu beast with ma
ny arms and heads.

Over one hundred 35 second osmdesyat hundred degrees osmdesyat Eighth favorable
stars King is koy in the incarnation of the great serpent, and the worm that liv
ed under the mountains during the reign of the Ancients.
36 With one hundred osmdesyat Ninth hundred ninety-fifth degrees the stars are f
avorable Ytogte is koy in hypostasis huge flashy bat with black fingers and craw

ling with worms in the face.

37 is very far away can travel Ytogta, sometimes taking the victim to the distan
t stars.
Over 38 hundred ninety-six to two hundred and second degrees the stars are favor
able Ftaggua, koy is like a huge and ugly flame effect, disintegrating into many
smaller ones.

39 With two hundred and third to two hundred and ninth degrees the stars are fav
orable Ytakua and her family, is a whole army of ghouls koy able to wander throu
gh the dreams of men.
40 With two hundred and tenth to two hundred and sixteenth degrees the stars are
favorable thiophene, is like a dark ball Koya, which can not be damaged, and so
ws alarm madness everywhere.
41 With two hundred and seventeenth to two hundred and twenty-third degrees the
stars are favorable Shub-Niggurath and her offspring, like the koi are fat and s
limy creatures horny.
42 two hundred twenty-fourth to two hundred and thirty degrees the stars are the
most unfavorable, and nothing can be called upon, even the smaller of Nyarlatho
tepovyh faces.
43 two hundred thirty-first two hundred and thirty degrees semmoy favor Yidre st
ar mother, Koya can take the guise of any creature living, the finest il disgust

44 On the Eighth two hundred and thirty to two hundred forty-fourth degrees the
stars are favorable Azathoth, which is a huge and monstrous accumulation of soul
s screaming,
45 or more others will be angry He is being withdrawn from his hiding place.
46 two hundred forty-fifth to two hundred and fifty-first degrees the stars are
favorable Abhotu is like a cloud koy great.

47 two hundred fifty-second of two hundred fifty degrees Eighth favorable stars
Dagon is like a giant with a koy fish dlinnozuboy face.
48 two hundred fifty-ninth to two hundred sixty-fifth degrees the stars are favo
rable Groth-Golko is koy as a great tree, consisting of flesh.

49 two hundred sixty-six to two hundred and seventy-second degrees the stars are
favorable Nyarlathotep has many faces.

50 two hundred seventy-third to two hundred and seventy-ninth degrees the stars
are favorable Zot-Ommogu is koy in a large fluffy zmiecheloveka incarnation of t
he four arms.
51 From two hundred to two hundred osmidesyatogo osmdesyat sixth degrees the sta
rs are favorable Yog-Sothoth is the koy as a great Nothing, gates, leading to Ou
tland through the surface of the vast trinadtsatichastnogo of his body, and now
the time has come to him.
52 With two hundred to two hundred and seventh osmdesyat ninety-third degrees th
e stars are favorable Aphum-Zhah is Koya Cold-like vortex of flame in the midst
of the snow.

53 two hundred and ninety-four to three hundred degrees the stars are favorable
Daolotu is koy in the guise of so intricate that no person can not realize il de
scribe his appearance.
54 With three hundred and first of three hundred and seventh degrees the stars a
re favorable Bokrugu is koy in the incarnation of the water a huge lizard with t
he jaws of an insect.
55 With three hundred to three hundred and fourteenth Eighth degree of favor-sta
r Atlach Nache is the incarnation of Koya spider hissing.
56 With three hundred and fifteenth for three hundred twenty-first degrees the s
tars are favorable Bast, Koya is sometimes in the form of a large crystal tops,
what no one should touch - or lose your mind, but often - like a virgin with a c
at's head.

57 With three hundred and twenty second three hundred twenty degrees Eighth favo
r Tultsshe stars, Koya is in the form of a large moving coma dust of the earth.
58 With three hundred and twenty ninth of three hundred thirty-fifth degrees the
stars are favorable Tsishakonu, koy is in the form of a huge vihryascheysya dar
59 With three hundred and thirty six three hundred forty-second degrees the star
s are favorable Ubbu, koy surrounds the great sorcerer throng of worms.

60 With three hundred and forty third to three hundred and forty-ninth degrees t
he stars are favorable Hada, Hagley is the koy as a giant genie flying.

61 With three hundred and fiftieth three hundred fifty-sixth degrees the stars a

re favorable Golgorotu, koy is in the form of large clusters of dark balls, revo
lving round the sorcerer.
62 With three hundred and fifty seventh to third degrees the stars are favorable
Idhe is Koya as a stream, and grabbing the hand of the heads of serpents.
63 From the fourth to sixth degrees there is nothing to be conjured,
64 and you must perform the rite of the great exile, as revealed this in the tab
les Maclou.
65 Now, when you watch knowest, names and print them, I must again advise you ne
ver to call anyone from now, except in cases of exceptional and very important.
66 If you are the ruler, I beg you, never urged them to battle, or the same chao
s will prevail.
67 If you're curious, I beg you, never urged them to satisfy idle curiosity, or
as great a terror and death shall come to them.
68 If you want to command them, that they performed for you desire is yours, do
not call them
69 but instead conjure this Nyarlathotep il names of Marduk, because the ancient
s did not listen to your will on them and there is no God.
70 Know that there is no reliable way to drive the Ancients;
71 They shall come forth only when the stars change and become unfavorable for t
Sura 4. About fifty names and seals of Marduk
Here I will tell a fifty names of Marduk with signs and forces them koi gave him
senior, so he caught up with the rest of the Ancients, of which there are three
and eleven, and thirty-six, among which one is two.
2 can be designed to force these after the fact, as the priest stepped on the st
age of its luminaries Ladder and reached his entry into the holy city of.
3 Let them be inscribed on parchment il signs stamped in the clay and set upon t
he altar for the invocation.
4 And let it be amid incense cedar scented resin and sharp.
5 And it shall be paid to the invocation to the north.
6 The name of the former is Marduk.
7 Lord of lords, the master magicians.
8 His Name shall be called, except that when the other powerless to do and this
is the greatest responsibility.
9 His invocation of the word - Dougga.
10 Behold His prints are:
11 The name of the second is Marukka.

12 Knows all things since the beginning of the world.

13 Knows all the mysteries of the human and divine, and dyuzhe hard to call.
14 It must not appeal to him a priest, he bude not clean in heart and spirit, as
led by the Spirit unto his innermost thoughts.
15 Behold His prints are:

16 The name of the third are Marutukku.

17 The ruler of the art security, forged in the struggle against the mad god.
18 shut up in the caves of the Ancients, for the gate.
Owns 19 star Arra, Koya are his word, and behold His prints are:
16 The name of the third are Marutukku.
25 is the name of the fifth Lugaldimmerankiya.
Has paid 26 Chaos to Order.
27 Unyal water.
28 The Emir of ratyami wind devas, who fought the Ancient TIAMAT beside Lord Mar
29 The word used to invoke Him - Banutuku.
30 Behold His prints are:
31 Name of the 6th-Lugaldimmerankiya is Nadia.
32 Sentinel efreet and jinn, the vizier of ratyami devas wind.
33 He will banish any shantaka, vexing you, and He is the enemy shoggotov.
34 Nothing in the world of mountain proidet il Doln world without the knowledge o
f Him.
35 His word - Banrabishu.
36 And his Seal is this:

37 Name of the 7th is Asalluhi.

Possessor of a flaming sword, 38, oversees fravashi tribe Guard, on the mandate
of the Senior.
39 He giveth the best defense, and especially in dangerous enterprises, executed
by the will of the stellar gods.

40 His word - Banmashkim, and seal him as follows:

41 Eighth Name is Asalluhi-Namtila.
42 And the Lord secret and powerful, he has the gift of podymaniya the dead and
communicate with the spirits of the deep, unknown to the queen thereof.
43 No soul proidet to death without the knowledge of Him.
44 His word - Banutukukutukku, and the seal of His is

45 The name is a ninth-Asalluhi Namri.

46 Gives the wisdom and knowledge about everything.
47 Grants excellent advice and teaches the science of metals.
48 His word - Bankakalamu, and behold His prints are:

49 The name of the tenth - Asarri.

50 is this force has knowledge of all herbs and woody and can grow wonderful fru
it in the desert
51 and there is no reason not to be barren for her.
52 Truly, she is the keeper of generosity.
Word of her 53 - Belpiriku, and print it before thee:
54 is the name of the eleventh Asaralim.
55 has a secret wisdom and the light illuminates the edge of darkness, forcing t
he people living there to reveal the nature of their own and cognition.
56 Grants excellent advice about everything.
57 His word - Barmattaru, and printing, you must koyu trace is as follows:
58 is the name of the twelfth-Asaralim Nunn.
59 Se is the power ruleth over the defense, and every possible only knowledgeabl
e in the affairs of the military, chaired Koya ratyami of Marduk in the battle o
f that.
60 It is capable of three days equip the army proper weapons.
Word of her 61 - Banatatu, and print it that way:
62 is the name of the thirteenth Tutu.
63 comforting weeping and gives joy to the hearts of pechalyaschihsya and suffer
64 of the names of the Beneficent and the keeper of the hearth, his word - Dirri
gugim, and print his is this:

65 is the name of the fourteenth-Ziunkenna Tutu.

66 Grants perfect knowledge of the motion of the stars and the meaning of it, an
d drew from him the Chaldeans knowledge of these things in abundance.
67 His word - Gibilanu, printing the same - is this:

68 is the name of the fifteenth-ZIKU Tutu.

69 gives the power is this wealth of all kinds and can tell where the treasure i
s buried.
70 Knows the secrets of the earth.
Word of her 71 - Gigimaganpa, and print her this:
68 is the name of the fifteenth-ZIKU Tutu.
69 gives the power is this wealth of all kinds and can tell where the treasure i
s buried.
70 Knows the secrets of the earth.
Word of her 71 - Gigimaganpa, and print her this:
76 is the name of the seventeenth-Tutu Tuku.
77 Lord ruinous divination, the winner of the Ancients through sorcery, enchantm
ent of the Lord the giver of Marduk, the gate of ferocity.
78 His word - Mashshamashti, and seal him before thee:
79 Name of eighteen is Shazu.
80 Knows the thoughts of those who are far, as well as those who are close.
81 Nothing in the land that is not buried so the water is hidden without the kno
wledge of this force.
Word of her 82 - Mashananna, and print her this:
83 is the name of the nineteenth-Shazu Zisi.
84 Mediator enemies, resolver of disputes between two people, between the two na
tions il, il even recheno, between two worlds
85 Verily, the sweet smell of the world for this force, whose word - Mashinana a
nd whose seal is this:
86 is the name of the twentieth-Shazu Suhrim.
87 Finds Old servants, wherever they are.
88 Priest, on behalf of the sending thereof, are herewith a terrible danger, bec
ause Shazu-Suhrim kills quickly and without hesitation.

89 His word - Mashanergal, and behold His prints are:

90 The name is the twenty-first-Shazu Suhgurim.
Like the 91-Shazu Suhrimu, there are gate of the aforesaid, koy can not be pacif
92 priest exposes enemies with ease, has commanded him not to kill the enemy, si
nce the priest wants this.
93 His word - Mashadar, and behold His prints are:
94 Name of the twenty-second there Shazu-Zahra.
95 destroyed by darkness in the battle.
96 warrior among warriors.
97 May plunge an entire army, if it is the will to be priest.
98 His word - Mashagaranu, and behold His prints are:
99 Name of the twenty-third have Shazu-Zahgurim.
Like the 100-Shazu Zahrimu, a terrible enemy.
101 Recheno that kills Shazu-Zahgurim a slow, painful way.
102 I do not knows this, because I've never called the spirit of this world.
103 Ce is a test for you.
104 His Word - Mashtishaddu, and behold His prints are:
105 The name of the twenty-fourth - Enbilulu.
106 is this force is capable of finding water in the desert il on the mountain t
107 Knows the secrets of water and river beds below the firmament.
108 Useful in the spirits.
109 His Word - Mashanabu, and seal him as follows:
110 The name of the twenty-fifth have Enbilulu-Epadun.
111 Behold, the Lord is all irrigation, and he can deliver water from distant pl
aces at the feet of yours.
Owns 112 graceful contours of the earth knowledge and knows all sorts of land wh
ere water can be Found item in excess.
113 His Word - Ehunginakanpa, and seal him is this:

The name 114 is the 26th-Enbilulu Guga.

115 Power, primacy over all growth and all growing.
116 Bestows knowledge of cultivation, and can provide food for the starving city

of thirty moons and one moon.

117 of the noblest powers.
Its 118 word - Agha, and behold Her prints are:
The name 119 is the 27th-Enbilulu Khegai.
120 Like the previous power, dominion over the art of farming and agriculture.
121 Gives a rich harvest.
Owns 122 knowledge of plowing the earth and metal.
Its 123 word - Burdishu, and print it that way:
124 Eighth is the name of the twenty Sirsir.
Tiamat Destroyer 125, hated the Ancients, the conqueror of serpents, the enemy o
f Cthulhu.
126 most powerful Lord.
127 His word is as follows: Apirikubabadazuzukanpa, and behold His prints are:
128 The name of the twenty-ninth is Sirsir-Malach.
129 came to the back of the Worm and cut it in half.
130 Lord of valor and courage, and give these properties to the priest, he bude
wish, Or otherwise at the will of the priest.
131 His Word - Bahahadugga, and behold His prints are:
132 thirtieth name is Gill.
133 donor semen.
134 Beloved, Shub-Niggurath, the strength of his - a mysterious and ancient.
135 Makes the barley to grow, and women - to give birth.
136 Makes lacking strong masculine power.
137 His Word - Agabel, and seal him as follows:
138 thirty-first is the name of Gilman.
139 Founder of castles, having knowledge of architecture, to whom were erected f
abulous temples of Ur, the creator of DC, which is not preidet forever.
140 His Word - Akkabel, and seal him is this:
141 thirty-second name is Agilma.
142 brings rain.
He worked rains irrigate 143 il brings thunder storms and the great, koi can des
troy the ratification, and castles, and crops.
144 His Word - Mashshaegurra, and behold there his seal.

145 The name of the thirty-third have Zulum.

146 knows where to sow and when to plant.
147 Grants excellent advice in all matters and trade.
148 Protects people against the evil merchant.
149 His Word - Abbabel, and seal him is this:
150 Thirty-Fourth Name is Mummu.
151 The power bestowed upon Marduk, in order to create the universe from the fle
sh of TIAMAT.
152 Bestows wisdom about life before the creation of the state and the nature of
the structure of the four pillars of which are based on the heavens.
153 His Word - Alalalabel, and behold His prints are:
154 The name of the thirty-fifth have Zulummu.
155 Bestows one mighty power of ten.
156 lifted part of Tiamat, the way was destined to become the heavens, above the
part, means destined to become firm.
157 His Word - Andarabel, and behold His prints are:
158 The name is a thirty-sixth Gishnumunab.
159 Ce is the power of Marduk as Lord of all things, suditelya convicted, resolu
te decide koy determines the laws and rule of kings.
The said 160 can not be called except by the destruction of the castle il death
of the king.
161 His Word - Gashdig, and seal him is this:
162 The name of the thirty-seventh is Lugalabdubur.
163 Shredder devas Tiamat.
Its 164 Popratel hordes.
165 imprisoned in the abyss of Cthulhu.
166 Smit with the agility of Azathoth.
167 The great defender and a great ratitel.
168 His Word - Agnibel, and seal him is this:
169 Eighth Name is thirty Pagalguenna.
Possessor of infinite wisdom, 170,
171 and he defines the nature of things, hitherto not established, and spirits,
hitherto not created,
172 and is responsible for power of the gods.

173 His Word - Arrababel, and seal him is this:

174 The name of the thirty-ninth is Lugaldurmah.
175 Lord exalted places, the keeper of the heavens and all the traveling for him
176 Nothing proidet through the starry element, without the knowledge of this fo
Its 177 word - Arataagarbel, and print her this:
178 is the name of the fortieth Aranunna.
179 Giver of wisdom, the mother of our Nariks Vizier, the Knower of things of th
e covenant of Arcane, and laws, and the nature of the gate.
180 His Word - Aramanngi, and seal him as follows:
181 forty-first name is Dumuduku.
182 ruler wand of lapis lazuli, the Knower of things secret and the secret of th
e name.
183 can not open them to you, but can tell the other, just wonderful stuff.
184 His Word - Aratigigi, and behold His prints are:
185 The name of the forty-second is Lugalshuanna.
186 Power of the oldest of the Elders, has secret knowledge of the world, when t
he Ancient and older were one.
187 Knows the essence of the Ancients, and where it can be detected.
Its 188 word - Beldikhu, and print his is this:
189 The name of the forty-third have Irugga.
190 Knows the essence of all spirits, the dead and the unborn, and the star and
Earth, and the spirits of the air, and the spirits of the wind.
191 These things he can tell you, and you'll be able reared in wisdom.
192 His Word - Zidur, and seal him as follows:
193 The name is a forty-fourth Irkingu.
194 Behold a force commander pinned Koya Ancients, the mighty Jean King,
195 so that Marduk could asunder from the womb of His blood and made
dam and the covenant.
196 His Word - Barerimu, and seal him is this:
197 The name of the forty-fifth have Kinma.
198 Judge and Lord of the Ancients, in whose name they tremble in fear.

him kind of A

199 That the ancients were not mistaken, is this force created to monitor the ac
ts thereof,
200 so that they were righteous, and in accordance with the covenant, for forget
ful older and very far away.
Its 201 word - Engaigai, and print her this:
202 The name is a forty-sixth Esiskur.
203 Spirit still holds knowledge of the life of every human being, as well as pl
ants, devas, and Ahura.
204 He Appointed measure for all things and knows these things through space.
205 His Word - Nenigelai, and seal him is this:
206 Name is GIBIL forty-seventh, named Gishbarom.
207 is this power granted to the kingdom of fire and the crucible.
208 Stores This sharp edge of a sword and a copy and give insight into working w
ith metals.
209 It also uplift lightning, born in the land, and makes swords be from heaven.
210 His Word - Belagnitarra, and seal him is this:
211 Eighth Name is forty Addu.
212 uplift storms that fill the heavens and the stars and forcing the trembling
gates efreet shaking in their place.
213 may fill the skies with his brightness, even in the darkest hour the night.
214 His Word - Kakodammu, and seal him is this:
215 The name of the forty-ninth is Ashari.
216 Knows the path of betrayal.
217 Provides understanding of the future, as well as the past.
218 Established in the way of the gods of their time and their meaning.
219 His Word - Bahtandabel, and behold His prints are:
220 is the name of the fiftieth Nebera, to whom should be the first in a new scr
Spirit Gate 221 Marduk, sets all things full circle, and ruled the crossroads of
stars, known as Chaldeans these things.
222 His Word - Dirgirgiri, and seal him is this:
223 Here ends Book Marks for writing gave me a way the gods of time and effort.
224 is this book so will not be revealed to the unclean, profane il, il inexperi
enced, because these things create the means to bring terrible curses of the boo
k for you and your kind.

225 Ghost Books conjure thee!


The book Kitab V. Materials

Sura 1. About Drugs protective
A book is this - the magical instruments, materials and means of protection requ
ired magician, in order to decide the Arcane Arts and call the spirits.
2 A wise scholar but naidet pages so all the necessary arrangements for completi
on of art.
3 Take care of that, that all guns were made exactly as I tell you, and in the pro
per watch, because if you do not therefore, will not be any power in them.
4 In carrying out any required invocation of the basic means to you:
5 Rod cypress with lapis lazuli, a dagger Shub-Niggurath, incense, fire and parc
6 When you wish to exorcise the Ancients, you need also a stone, a sword and a r
ing Fravashi Nat-Hortata.
7 In addition to this they may be due to the magician robes, pure and unstained,
bearing proper printing and signs.
Of the eight other funds as you need and the vessels of the altar, ointments and
powders, Mirror and charms, koi can be useful in the way of thy companions to l
9 Statement me money for the small hours of invocations and the names for them,
and led by my means, koi should be used to invoke the Old Witch, but only a few
ways to protect the Ancients suprotiv knows me.
10 Therefore, I beg to appeal first to the Etonetate, and Badero Nerekso, likam
11 and tell them to speak to you in truth and to tell you any protective agent,
effective suprotiv Ancient, whom you wish to call.
12 Protection of mine, it seems, still holds, but for how long, I can only guess
13 Mark Elder was filled with neglect.
14 Before I leave the sanctuary of this, so I have time to describe what is comp
rehended, that I could hardly reliable to justify before the servants of the typ
e of Adam.
15 Know the protective measures of the same notes, yet, written especially adept
volhovatelem sudden transgression of it.
16 Badge of Ur is applied with a sign of strength and blessed by the priests of
the Ancients.
17 Yes, he will not be created twice;

18 Lord knows that I tried - with disastrous consequences.

Size 19 does not affect the strength of the mark.
20 I saw the signs of both large and small.
21 Rock salt is effective suprotiv shoggotov, Elders and mildew yuggotskogo.
22 Should you get close, in order to impress their flesh ... very close ...
23 Shield of Chaos are a small object with a rounded Eighth arrows of Chaos, dep
osited on the outer side.
24 Recheno about it in the Chronicle of the Black Sword that Marduk created it f
or Himself, when He rose, at last, beside a Senior, and the greatest among them
was trying to do, and even take away the eternal balance of the one who keeps it
25 Therefore he was banished to earth and recheno was him that had once be put t
o death His death blade.
Shield 26 is still the essence of the protection suprotiv Chaos, because the for
ces of Chaos, bude powerful they are in due measure, can destroy any defense, cr
eated from the flesh of the Procedure.
27 Nothing, having the properties of the Order, can not withstand the onslaught
of long-term forces of Chaos.
28 Only the weapon effectively suprotiv Chaos, chaos, and some things were made.
29 But these are typical and the shield of Chaos.
30 By its nature it belongs to Chaos, and therefore there is nothing in it order
ed, to which the forces of Chaos could be affected, and that could hurt.
31 to meet with Chaos Chaos and the forces opposed to be defeated.
32 Surely there is a device to pass.
33 The last time he saw near the Hyperboreans.
34 Grants is protection from bodily attack creatures of Outland.
35 damage the inhabitants of the depths of the ordinary can be carnal means.
36 Greek fire, apparently, the strongest damage is.
37 fire as usual, unfortunately, does not hurt them so how could we believe ...
perhaps because of their skin.
38 fire protection are the first man since ancient times.
39 There is no belief that the earliest and oldest of the Outland creatures are
susceptible to fire.
40 Do not hurt, he never, bude does not contain some oil and a reliable light.
41 silvery, interwoven in the hoodie, a hat helmet il, prevents evil creatures t
o harm your mind or read your thoughts.

To see these 42, who came from other sources, koi are not refuted until now, kee
p my life until now.
43 quick-witted creatures do not confuse Mirror, therefore, use it to distract t
he foolish creatures.
Black powder 44 are effective means of obstructing shoggotam, scoured the trail
Acts 45, he soundly and other creatures.
46 And let them be with thee frontal band and banners invocation, and a belt to
cover up your navel, for through him penetrate the dark forces in the human body
47 And so these things will be fine fabrics and colors Y'ig-Golonaka and Shub-Ni
ggurath; which is black and white,
For 48-Golonaku Y'ig led by the edge of Outland and the ways of the Ancients, an
d Shub-Niggurath conquered the grave, and trampled on the queen thereof.
49 And they shall be consecrated and sprinkled properly.
50 And it shall be crowned at the invocation of osmiluchevaya Star of Chaos
51, and yes, he will be executed in forged brass, decorated with precious stones
Sura 2. On robed sorcerer
1 First of all let thy garments be made
of black cloth from the fabric of the il f
lowers, koi match summoned, and they shall be a robe.
2 Yes, these clothes will be pristine garments, sewed the hand of magician or us
ed for any purpose other than to work, otherwise the same would be unsuitable.
3 Yes, you'll start making them the first day of the week.
4 In the hour of Venus you should make the last stitch of clothing and conceal s
ignified until the next day.
5 The next day, at the hour of Mercury, apply this seal on the left sleeve dress
and shut up until the next day:
6 The next day, at the hour of the moon, apply this seal on the right sleeve dre
ss and shut up until the next day:

7 The next day, at the hour of Saturn, apply this seal in the groin area, and sh
ut up until the next day:
8 The next day, at the hour of Jupiter, apply this seal on the back of garments

and shut up until the next day:

9 The next day, at the hour of Mars, apply this seal on the front of garment and
shut up until the next day:
10 Be careful, these things in order to reproduce as accurately as shown here, b
ecause the cross is the most important of the seals, koi to put you on the garme
In the last 11 days, at the hour of the sun, take the garment to the place where
it is stored.
12 Before proceeding, check these things for any errors in the images, and when
you become convinced of their integrity, you can start the consecration garments
13 For all the guns used in the younger koi rites, but these things you're going
to use the sanctification
14 for the same resources used in the invocation of the Ancients, so you're goin
g to use the subsequent consecration.
15 Blessing of the same for small ceremonies is as follows:
Take the 16 branches of laurel and built a fire, so koy razozhzhesh you a quarte
r of an hour after I started doing.
17 Then, before the fire, the guns in the hand of thine thy over the flame, but
not so low, so they could burn il damaged, and not so high, so as not to touch t
hem and smoke, but you utter these things:
18, "Samak gifts surabel karameka amuranas,
19 Yog-Sothoth Mush'Arat ranerug-Fortin,
20 Dalerinter porafin Marban,
21 Herikoramonus derogeh,
22 Iratisinger,
23 I urge you, O mighty names of the hours
24 faces of the faceless Nyarlathotep,
25 that you may be united in this hour
26, and contemplate the art of mine
27 in order to give effect to the gun, something I made:
28 force, he may have koeyu,
29 For I have made

it without blemish;

30 and he can not be destroyed.

31 Iratisinger,
32 Herikoramonus derogeh,
33 Dalerinter porafin Marban,
34 Yog-Sothoth Mush'Arat ranerug-Fortin,
35 Samak gifts surabel karameka amuranas,
36 Sedhi!
37 Ihdes!
38 All names Nyarlathotepovymi,
39 means to give effect to these things,
40 to give effect!
41 serod Dores! "
42 spell things be learned by heart, and should always do without the book il pa
43 However, where I outlined in this surah and then sign Should these things be
an indication to the caster in order to create a gesture that, koy Nyarlathotepo
vyh names attract attention and help them to come.
44 It is easy to move these things, and should be sotvoryaemo it with his left H
45 Yes, you will touch your forehead with two fingers of yours, then yes you pod
vedesh them to his chest and let you touch the heart.
46 After these things to let your fingers touch the left shoulder, back and fore
head, finally, the right shoulder.
47 And it shall be nadevaemo attire these things only for the invocation of rite
s, in other cases it shall be removed and hidden, so that no one saw his eye sha
ll not, except yours.
Sura 3. O wand, dagger Shub-Niggurath, incense, and parchments
1 But now, when the clothes are made, so you make stick.
2 On the next day after making garments, at the hour of Venus, so you cut down a
branch of fir tree and let vyrezhesh thereof, of the smooth rod length of about
two shudua.
3 And so will you be wearing your clothes during the manufacture of tools,
4, and so you'll be wrapped in the clothes of these tools, koi may you keep hidd
5 cut a rod, take the next day, a copper dagger, clean and without a single blem
6 and in the hour of Mercury Write these marks on the blade:

7 And after these things at the same time consecrate the dagger and place in a f
rying pan, that he was clean.
8 The next day, at the hour of the moon, cut into a rod mark Yog-Sothoth.
9 The sign should be repeated four times along the length of the rod, then turn
the rod a quarter turn and cut the sign of four again.
10 Repeat this until until I went full circle and the rod has acquired sixteen i
mages print, Koya sim looks as follows:
11 Then, place the wand on the top ring of lapis-lazuli, and make signs Mush'Ara
t Fortin sim-way:
12 The next day, at the hour of Saturn, sanctify the rod.
13 It should then be prepared Zakubara incense, something may be the nature of t
he moon il Mercury.
14 Moon incense should always do on Monday, at the hour of the Moon, and sanctif
y always in the middle hours of the moon on the same day, the koy you cooked the
15 Take equal parts thereof, for the mint, frankincense, wormwood, sage, sandalw
ood, musk and spices, mixed together and koi prepare a powder.
16 This powder should be stored in a purple bottle with a cork seal on it, so wh
at will be made
of srebro:

17 Bodo same wish you make incense of Mercury, on the day and hour of this plane
t with the moon rising You should take equal parts of myrrh, civet, storax, bitt
er wormwood, asafoetida, Galvn and musk, mix and grind in the finest powder.
18 Sanctify it in the middle hour of Mercury on the same day, the koy you prepar
ed it,
19 placed in a vessel of green glass and seal the cap of the alchemical mercury
in any way pre-inscribed with characters of Mars and Saturn:
20 Lift up the vessel with incense Zakubara to the four winds, and cry aloud the
se sublime words of power:
21 North: "Zidzhmuorsobet, Naidzhim, Zavaho!"
22 To the east: "Kehadzhya, Abava, Noketonadzhya!"
23 To the south: "Asadzhya, Uram, Tefotoson!"
24 To the west: "Zidzhyaronaifeto, Mugeltor, Mugeltor-Izhe!"
25 lap vessel flap of black velvet and set aside.

26 In each of the seven nights you have to wash the jar in the moonlight for one
27 keep it hidden under the cloth of the cock cry until sunset.
28 For this accomplishment is the fragrance will be ready for use and has the au
thority of such that, used with wisdom, has the power to call the horde Dzhahann
ama and command them.
29 applied in prednachalnyh rituals, incense these things can become more effici
ent, if one part of the supplement it crushed a mummy firaunovoy.
30 Use both types of incense Zakubara in all rites of ancient knowledge, sprinkl
ing onymi teplyaschiesya yew il oak coals.
31 When spirits come close to you, evaporation and carry away the add okolduyut
them svyazuya force their will of thine.
32 If you want to prepare a powder of Ibn Ghazi, take the ashes from the grave,
lay in the way the body more than two hundred years, il - three parts.
33 Take of powdered Amaranth - two parts;
34 crushed ivy leaves - one part;
35 and the fine salt - one part.
36 Mix them in an open mortar in the day and hour of Saturn, and sanctify them p
37 Let us make this mixture over the sign of Ur, and then seal the powder in a l
eaden casket, on which engrave printing Kuta.
38 Whenever you wish to watch the air displays of spirits, a pinch of powder on
the Dun of this in the direction of their appearance, or with your hands or with
a dagger blade Shub-Niggurath.
39 Do not forget to create your good sign when it appears Older, otherwise the s
ame tentacles of darkness opletut your soul.
40 anointing your head maziyu Kefnesa, obryaschesh you're in a dream come true v
ision of the times.
41 When the moon grows up on a light in his place, in an earthen crucible, pour
a fair amount of your lotus oil with three and a half ginami mandrake powder and
mix thoroughly forked twig of a wild turn.
Gene (Blade) - Babylonian measure of weight, approximately equal to 8.3, the
42 has done this, say the following incantation Yebsu taken from disparate lines
of papyrus:
43 "I - Lord of Spirits,
44 Oridimbai, Sonadir, Episgesh;
45 I - Bast, Tsatoggua generated by Nariks bean sphere;
46 names Iveboti, Abataba, Itobevi,

47 Give power to my charms, the Naksir Opkish Shfe!

48 Give power, the Nodens, to whom the names - Khons Thebes, and Nunn, and Nefer
49 Give power, the Nadur! "
50 Add a pinch of red zeliyu unto the earth, nine drops of soda, four drops of b
alsam incense and one drop of blood from the right hand of yours.
51 Mix this with a similar measure fat gosling and place the vessel on fire.
52 When all melted properly and begin to climb a pair of dark, created the sign
of the Senior and remove these things from the flames.
53 When the cream has cooled, put in a vase as the judges of the best alabaster
koyu keep in some secret place, a slave to you, until then, until you need it.
54 Previous invoking any action should a fire, so koy will burn on the north sid
e of the Circle for an hour before one begins the rite.
55 Yes, he will be difficult from a laurel tree and the cypress,
56 and hardly kindled it, so shalt thou blessing.
57 If you have not built the Circle, then it shall be set one hour before the sp
ell and can stay there permanently, or every time erased and re-plotted.
58 Small Circle of invocations, created from flour il chalk on the floor, or dug
in the ground, it is sufficient
59 but for the great invocations of the Ancients but will circle dug in the grou
nd and then filled with a mixture of flour and srebro, otherwise you will die al
so, no doubt.
60 Circle Building, should do the caster's blessing.
61 If you want to call Nyarlathotepovy faces, the spell to be used for other ins
truments, should be sufficient.
62 If you're trying to appeal to the Ancients, then yes you have to create a gre
at blessing, something will be given in the next sura.
63 The latter means you need something for small invocations, the essence of par
chment, on whom you should write down all sorts of conspiracies and spells, koi
need you at the time of making.
64 Done writing on parchment for a day before the start action, in the hour when
it should take place at the upcoming day.
65 must write on a clean, virgin parchment, ink, described sanctified spell.
Sura 4. About sword Fravashi
If one seeks to exorcise the Old Witch, then he should use some extra money.
2 The first tool is the sword of Fravashi, koy, like a dagger Shub-Niggurath, sh
ould not be used to harm a person il beast.
3 In the day and hour of Mars and the moon rising manufacture a sword of bronze

with a hilt of fine black tree.

4 In the day and hour of Mercury Take this sword and carved on one side of the b
lade marks these:
5 On the other side - these:
6 In the day and hour of Saturn's moon with decreasing kindle a fire of boughs o
f laurel and yew, and plunging the blade into frying pan, say five times the fol
lowing spell:
7 "Karyahadzhya, Zodkarnesh, I urge you to powerfully and command you to rise up
, the mighty spirits who dwell in the abyss of the great!
8 Terrible and mighty name of Azathoth conjure appear immediately and to give st
rength unto this blade, made in accordance with the ancient knowledge.
9 Naksir name I command you, O Mighty,
10 named Nariks I urge you, as the ancient,
11 and the greatest name Nadur and monstrous, that is pronounced as Enlil and sh
akes the mountains, I command you at once powerful, on which were the abode of t
he Barbelo: also will appear in front of me!
12 Help me!
13 Give strength to my spell, so that these things arms, on which bears the fire
, acquired the power of such,
14 that would have inspired fear in the hearts of all spirits, koi do not obey t
he commandments of mine,
15 and that would help me to draw all sorts of circles, signs and secret printin
g, the need for action Arcane Arts.
16 In the name of the great and mighty Yog-Sothoth and invulnerable sign Hurrah
(Make the sign),
17 to give effect!
18 Give strength!
19 Give your strength! "
20 When the flame turns blue, consider these things a sure sign that the spirits
obey your demands, then the blade in the same chilled water mixture prepared in
advance of marine and cock-gall.
21 burn the Incense Zakubara as a sacrifice to the spirits, called you, then let
them in the same house with the word of their symmetry:
22 "Names of Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth and Nyarlathotep the Messenger of their stren
gth and character of this (Make the sign of the Elder), I indemnify you.
23 Go to this place in peace and return only after, as I will call you. "
24 Shut the gates of print Kuta.

25 The funds will be koi you ought to spell the Ancients, that they may be kept
separate from those used in small invocation,
and every one of them let it be wrapped in a dark-green silk, on which is embroi
dered seal of unity is this:
27 For every one moon night in the hour of Mercury Express Yourself prayer befor
e the sword, let him be koy store wrapped.
28 And it shall be thy prayer is as follows:
29 "Samak gifts surabel karameka amuranas,
30 Yog-Sothoth Mush'Arat ranerug-Fortin,
31 Dalerinter porafin Marban,
32 Herikoramonus derogeh,
33 Iratisinger,
34 Gur-Taa-Taa Maulka,
35 Gur-Taa-Taa Maulka,
36 Iratisinger,
37 Herikoramonus derogeh,
38 Dalerinter porafin Marban,
39 Yog-Sothoth Mush'Arat ranerug-Fortin,
40 Samak gifts surabel karameka amuranas,
41 Sedhi!
42 Ihdes! "
43 Se is a prayer of consecration of the great, and yes you are going to co-crea
te from memory as the judges, as well as the consecration, as described above.
44 After one of the Moon Take a sword and at the hour of Mercury kindle a fire.
45 accomplishing the sword and then the anointing ointment Zakubara, diluted wit
h water.
46 After this, run your sword on fire at the same height as before: so that it d
oes not touch the flames and smoke so that it is fumigated.
47 Then shalt thou so great consecration of these things:
48, "Samak gifts surabel karameka amuranas,
49 Yog-Sothoth Mush'Arat ranerug-Fortin,
50 Dalerinter porafin Marban,
51 Herikoramonus derogeh,
52 Iratisinger,

53 Gur-Taa-Taa Maulka,
54 I urge you, the spirits of the starry host,
55 I urge you, on the ancient,
56 I urge you to place your upokoisch il,
57 so you were before me
58 and watched as I co-create my art.
59 In the name of your agent, I produced this,
60 and your name, I dedicate it to you,
61 by yours I pray you,
62 so that these things have given you a tool
63 power, he may have koeyu.
64 Names
65-Y'ig Golonaka,
66-Ran Tegota,
67 Niogty,
68 Nodens,
69 Ktilly,
70 Marduk
71 Shamash,
72 Balon,
73 Ktughi,
74 Tefrisa,
75 Hukato-Siegel,
76 Byatisa,
77 Tiamat
78 Orobly,
79 Segha,
80-Ubbo Sutley,
81 Lloygora and Tshara,
Cthulhu 82,
83 Vultuma,

84-Nat Hortata,
85 Ghatanotoa,
86 Tsatoggua,
87 Shuddi-Mell,
88 Hastur,
89-Ran Ratoga,
90 King,
91 Ytogty,
92 Ftaggua,
93 Ytakua,
94 thiophene,
95 Shub-Niggurath,
96 Yidry,
97 Azathoth,
98 Abhota,
99 Dagon,
100 Groth-Golko,
101 Nyarlathotep,
102-Zot Ommoga,
103 Yog-Sothoth,
104-Aphum Zhah,
Daolota 105,
Bokruga 106,
107 Atlach-starting,
108 Bast,
Tultsshi 109,
Tsishakona 110,
Ubba 111,
112 Hagley-Hada,
Golgorota 113,

Idhi 114,
115 I have commanded you to sanctify the means of this,
116 because I created it without blemish,
117 and it can not be destroyed.
118 Gur-Taa-Taa Maulka,
Iratisinger 119,
120 Herikoramonus derogeh,
121 Dalerinter porafin Marban,
122 Yog-Sothoth Mush'Arat ranerug-Fortin,
123 Samak gifts surabel karameka amuranas,
124 Sedhi!
125 Ihdes!All 126 names Mush'Arat-Fortin,
127 means to give effect to these things,
128 to give effect!
129 serod Dores! "
130 Great Blessing of the sorcerer must also memorize.
131 At the end of the Great Blessing of the sword in place the frying pan, in or
der to sanctify him the names of the Ancients.
132 When the fire burn down, leave the sword cool again
133 and then wrap it in a veil of his, where he will remain so until then, until
I need to use it;
134 but remember firmly that no one else has to lay his hand of the sword, or el
se as his strength would be lost forever.
Sura 5. On invocation of the stone and the ring-Nat Hortata
1 After this you should make stones, koi will be used in order to define terms,
whenever you have charged the Ancients, for the favor of these things cause them
2 Take the twelve stone, and they shall be similar in size to your fist;
3 stone should also take these:
4 lapis lazuli, amber, onyx,
5 hematite, agate, obsidian,
6 turquoise, topaz, coral,
7 jet, mountain hrustat and jade.

8 Keep these stones wrapped in veils, like a sword, and keep them hidden.
9 Lift up a prayer and a great blessing to the same revolution of the moon, as f
or the sword, but it has done this in the hour of the Moon.
10 After a great blessing of the executive of the Moon for each of the stone car
ving on their first proper signs.
11 The lapis lazuli engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of the Anc
ients, koi can be called between the seventh and thirty-fourth degree.
12 The Amber engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of the Ancients,
koi can be called between the thirty-fifth and sixty-second degree.
13 On the onyx engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of the Ancients
, koi can be called between the sixty-third and ninety degrees.
14 On the hematite engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of the Anci
ents, koi can be called between the ninety-first and one hundred and twenty-fift
h degree.
15 On the agate engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of the Ancient
s, koi can be called between hundred twenty-six and one hundred and fifty-third
16 On the obsidian engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of the Anci
ents, koi can be called between one hundred and fifty and one hundred and fourth
osmdesyat first degree.
17 On the turquoise engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of the Anc
ients, koi can be called between one hundred and two hundred and second osmdesya
t sixteenth degree.
18 The topaz engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of the Ancients,
koi can be called between two hundred and seventeenth and two hundred and fortyfour degrees.
19 On the coral engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of the Ancient
s, koi can be called between two hundred and forty five and two hundred and seve
nty-second degrees.
20 The jet engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of the Ancients, ko
i can be called between two hundred and seventy three and three hundred degrees.
21 On the mountain crystal engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of
the Ancients, koi can be called between three hundred and first, and three hundr
ed thirty-fifth degree.
22 The jade engrave the sign pictured myself beside the seals of the Ancients, k
oi can be called between three hundred and thirty sixth and third degrees.
23 After each stone will be consecrated, put it under a separate cover, on which
printing is applied unity.
24 Must sanctify them in the order, meaning I koy above, and hide again, until h
e comes time to use them.
25 Fields of Dreams in contact with the world of land in many places, but it is
above the mighty watchtowers human dreams are woven with a pattern of eternity.

26 Only in the land of the blind monkeys, where ideas take shape and purple-Nat
Hortat weaves the threads of truth awakened person can go to the valley of the c
ountry of dreams, and behold in her web of minds.
27 Therefore, the last resort, need you, are ring-Hortata Nath,
28 something you can enter the dreams of every mortal magician and gives some pr
otection under the spell of the Ancients.
29 Although the defense is this small, will certainly be unwise to attempt to ca
ll the Ancients without it.
30 Koli as you wish to enter the dreams of sleeping with this ring, you should k
now the names and press the four areas yazata guardian of dreams.
31 Of the four gates yazata, must pass through the koi you just have the name of
five letters and a sign of his, in which lies the secret of their power.
32 Names and marks as these:
33 Nemush:
34 Dhaka:
35 Kabid:

36 Leebu:
Ring 37 is made
from this must srebro virgin on the day and hour of Jupiter, and t
o keep hidden, wrapped in green silk, on which printing is applied unity.
38 In the day and hour of Saturn, following the production of rings, you must cu
t along the outer rim of the ring these signs:
39 These are the same - on the inner rim:
40 In the day and hour of Mercury furnish the ring insert virgin bronze, bearing
the sign of these:
41 In one revolution of the Moon give the ring elements, wrapped in silk and rea
ding before him the great prayer of consecration.
42 In the dark moon, when the moon is to accomplish, and your circle of silvery
smear, and the bronze to make the green,
43 Write the names of the four yazata and printing on parchment and fulfill the
great blessing in the hour of Saturn,
44, first anointed the ring with a mixture made of spices, flour and water, and
calling upon the spirits listed with these words:
45 "Nemush, Dhaka, Kabid, Leebu!
46 I urge you to present your ancient names
47 come to me in making my and to see these signs you!

48 Dzhaylishbo ibuzod! "

49 Place the ring on a parchment spell and pronounce in a low voice:
50 "Dzhobush resushyarta Nebi,
51 Risshanus Nebi zhidzhya,
52 Wen rebusherik no Ardashev
53 Arbash Wannsee Grele zimfansi
54 Neither Nebi avenhatakoro,
55 Vehat, hagat horvush! "
56 Sprinkle the ring twice juniper juice, mixed with fat, civet cat,
57 and ovey Zakubara incense, creating the sign of the Elder and said:
58 "Nemush, Dhaka, Kabid, Leebu,
59 connection I have with these words:
60 Adyulyal! Abyudzhal! Lebyusshi!
61 Let me continue to go unchecked
62 through the area of

your kingdom,

63 and let not the dream potusknit my eyes! "

64 Let us make the sign of Kish.
65 Like the sword, let him be thrown in the frying pan into the ring as soon as
the consecration of a great finish.
66 Place the ring and parchment within a leaden casket and kept in air for seven
67 But now, when the ring is made, if you pochuesh that the ancients are trying
to penetrate the circle, you must kiss the ring and say a word "Abraxas", for it
will strengthen the circle for a while.
68 But let not forget you, there is no real-time protection from them,
69 and they would break through the circle in a very short time, whatever defens
e you may have used.
70 When will you need to enter the dreaming mind of another, in the hours of the
night put on a ring on the second finger of the left hand of yours,
71 turning to the west and, holding box of your brow, say four names of the parc
You must be 72 and at the same moment to pass between the towers of the west and
enter the field of dreams.
73 What are the name of the dreamer, and your minds will be united, until he rem
oves Nat-Hortat its charms.

74 Secrets and desires of every man woman il be revealed to you through images o
f their dreams.
75 Yet only those who sleep in the hours of the night, will be subject to the po
wer of the ring, because the sun shine completely destroys these properties, and
the key will be lost.
76 The spirits will not answer the second call.
Sura 6. On the altar of Yog-Sothoth
1 In the days of the Old Place boulder in the middle of three stone representing
the area of Sin - Si'n, and Si'ra S'alk - and pre-installed on top of a hill, o
verlooking the deep water.
Past, present, future.
2 In the dispensation of the altar is the best way of trapeze, but any convenien
t shape will fit too.
Yes, three will be located in the middle of the altar of the church to the north
4 Yes, he will be painted il draped in black,
5 And it shall be inscribed in the middle of a great white il srebryanym print Y
og-Sothoth or flag is set, the plate with the Pentacle il onoyu:
6 Black is the essence of the original state of emptiness and nothingness.
7 Behold there is a possibility unmanifest.
8 Behold there is nothing that the Ni-il.
9 Left area Si'n chamber, the essence of existence and being: the emptiness, Koy
a has known himself.
10 Behold a substance for the first-born of being and consciousness.
11 Se there is a possibility izmyslennaya.
Of the 12 states, it is past time.
13 The lower area Si'ra chamber, the essence of the birth and appearance, being,
becoming power.
14 Se is the beginning of separateness and identity.
15 Se is the consciousness of the existence of an active il;
16 the source of all action.
17 void, to know yourself now, creates a space that is different from her, that
happened the division;
18 Select from a range in order to be.
Of the 19 states of the time, it is now.
20 The right domain S'alk chamber, the essence of the ratio generated by the sep

aration and subsequent interaction of the split, is signified through something

known and unexplored.
21 Se is self-knowledge, some follow the separation.
22 Se there is a possibility of exposure.
Of the 23 states of the time it is coming.
24 Most of the median area, the hall of Yog-Sothoth, the essence of the point wh
ere there are worlds in Yog-Sothoth.
25 Se is again manifested in the existence of another level, some are new area S
i'n, what eventually appears again and again, like new levels, erected on the fo
26 Yog-Sothoth are the foundation of unity through being, Koya continuously dete
cts and manifests itself again and again.
27 Behold the power of dedication is what unites the worlds and makes them move.
28 In each of the three outer regions Si'n, and Si'ra S'alk Print this let it be
a candle light gray il,
29 while in the middle of Yog-Sothoth is so thick black candle light il.
30 Black are the possibility of unmanifested - emptiness, Koya all breeds;
31 gray balance is the essence of opportunity, koi can occur or not occur, but t
here definitely.
32 Median lamp can also be used in order to represent the black flame
33 For Yog-Sothoth is the key and the gate to the initiation of force, koi in th
e heart of our essences are hidden.
34 Place the left of the print image of il images of death and sacrifice, such a
s the skull dagger il Shub-Niggurath.
35 To the right of printing but will be a brazier with coals.
36 under seal may be the rod of power.
Sura 7. On the vessel Balon
Will manufacture a vessel in the form of a copper head.
2 Over the brow engrave printing:
3 under the right eye:
4 under the left eye:
5, under the mouth of the right:
6 and the left:

7 Place the container on a stone carved with a great print Balon.

8 Then let you do the eyes of the vessel obsidians.

9 Place the skull of a certain amount of powder of Ibn Ghazi, metals, and wander
ing stars Jauhar.
10 When the moon grows old, take the box, wrapped in black on a high place, in w
hose boundaries are no men, and turned his face toward the north.
11 Draw the head and burn incense before her Zakubara.
12 Call upon the later of five servants Balon in His name:
13 "Vedal, Nakuza, Ibrush, Denak, Enibrush!
14 I call to you now the name of your Lord, the great Balon!
15 Behold your characters, and looking up with gratitude to the image of this,
16 For in the silence of this vessel is waiting for you.
17 I urge you with these words:
18 Kadesish dzhulmu
19 Rigush emig orreshus
20 Dizzag, orreshus,
21 Orreshus dizzag 22 and the power of His signs, that I threw up before you.
23 I order you to enter the vessel, and still partake of Jauhar, cherished by yo
u! "
24 will come before the spirits in the form of a pair of red and inflame the pas
sion inside the skull Jauhar them, and through the mouth of the vessel voidut.
25 When they will be inside, created the sign of Kuta and slide the mouth of red
clay, Koya let it be you have cooked before, said:
26 "Volek demash, urish!
27 Through this very clay so you do not proidete.
28 The word it is said, the sign is given, and as long as long as I want this, s
o you'll be entered in this vessel, koy, I produced my art,
29 and May God grant you the right answers to my voprosheniya, when will I need
for you.
30 For Balon, your Lord, you are singled out from the throng, His servant, that

had been obedient to my will and my worship is for the proper sacrifice. "
31 Ukroy image of black cloth.
32 When you wish to know anything hidden from you in the world of the spirits of
men il disaster, exposing the head, face toward the north stand, ask about what
you want to know, and turning to the image of these things with the words:
33 "I make you my art,
34 I gave you life,
35 Now therefore tell me the truth! "
36 Let us make the sign of Ur and burn incense.
Seal the container 37 so will not be broken for ever, for the spirits set free,
will try to destroy you.
In order to behold a sonmische designed to spirits (bude were not made visible i
nvocation) il to communicate with the souls of the dead, you should prepare a ve
ssel, koy their images to be captured.
2 Use of this miracle Mirror I was taught to sorcerers, priests from the valley
Pnakota, where a great night to be a great day and seven caves lead to the bowel
s of the earth.
Take the three alchemical retort made

of rock crystal and set aside.

4 In the day and hour of the moon when it is in its growth and the sun - in the
house of Scorpio, write on fresh parchment cryptography Cancer, composed Zosimov
-alchemist and ovey his musk.
5 In a large mortar and mix the sage along the field, pellitory, mountaineer ser
pents, elderberry, yasentsa Crete - each according to this measure;
6 tsitvarnogo root, Kalgan, kozulnika, ammonia, myrrh, ash, hay, camel, black tr
ee, the Armenian ferruginous clay, Mithridates and mustard - each one third part
7 Mix this in a fine powder and put into the alchemical pelican il alembika clos
8 Add evaporated sea water, that mixture has increased fourfold.
9 Cut the parchment and let ferment in the air fifteen days.
10 Remove the base, and fill in the above mentioned zeliem retort, and add a mag
netic iron ore.
11 Seal the vessel with red wax and install it on the brass tripod.
12 Let us make the sign of Ur and say nine words of power:
13 "Zaryatnatmih, Gianna, Etitnamush,
14 Hadzhrash, Fabelleron, Fabenronti,
15 barzakh, Tabarzul, Nisa! "

16 At sunset, the ninth day of sweet incense burn them under a bushel, and speak
words of power in the order, one for each day.
17 The vision of spirits should be manifested in the depths of Mirror when you c
all a art of yours,
18 and the souls of the dead should give the correct answer according to their n
ature.Sura 9. On the great vein
In order to reach a land of Zin, let him be made a great key from srebro, metal
2 If the key is made from raw materials other, the consequences will be quite di
fferent, for those who forget the terrible fate of those who used the golden key
3 Yes, he will shine like the moon in the darkness of Zina and help protect your
, for fear ghasty light as well as the sign of the Elder.
4 Yes vozlyazhet magician in a convenient spot, dropping his clothes, and even b
urn the incense proper.
5 Yes vozlyazhet it and relax, so that the body was heavy and the mind - clear.
6 Yes, he will see darkness.
7 In the darkness so he will present a great image of a key, preserving the imag
e of this in mind.
8 Let it be represented at the head of a key sign of Senior, to whom the fear of
evil creatures suffer, and the greatest fear - ghasty Zina
9 For in the darkness of their expectations and they reflect the times gone by,
when Chaos was the supreme authority of the Ancients.
10 look down on them Y'ig-Golonaka Nagarupu, his dark lord, and reminisce about
those times of primitive,
11, and then remember the sign of the Senior, the great sign of conservative, Ko
jima sealed crypts Zina.
12 If ghasty will come before you, you must show them the sign of the Elder - an
d remembrance, they will turn on and off.
13 Crossing the key essence of the image display four elements.
14 In the journey through Zin, between the worlds of reality and dreams, but you
'll be heel element,
15 and therefore, may God keep you in a certain sense of the elements in order t
o maintain a balance, otherwise something would put your mind at risk.
16 His beard is so key will be made so, that she came to the gates that stay in
the land of Zin.
17 But behold thou then a ray of the moon, throwing light on a key, gradually tu
rning it into srebryany.
18 But now, when the key is created, so you open your gates, koi will lead you t

o the zing.
19 In order to understand the gate, you must understand the nature of Zina.
20 Zin is in dreamland, under the ancient and nameless hail, Human terrible gian
ts, koi remember the times of the Ancients, but do not remember the sign of the
21 gates, koi stay in the city and lead to the koi Zin, long locked and can not
be opened, though no one knows who created this thing.
22 Therefore it is impossible to enter the zing through the country of dreams;
23 and even if it was possible to create these things, these things would have b
een dangerous to Velma, for the beasts of the castle without a name no one knows
24 gates are one of the ways a country of dreams,
25 is a path is that of the seven hundred steps to the gates of deep sleep.
26 Neutral nature of the gate yet, but they will be large enough so that the per
son has passed through them.
27 The key is let him be placed in the hole and hold in position until the famil
y, as long as the gates shall not be opened.
28 Then proidi through them.
29 When you and proidesh find yourself before the next gate, take the key back a
nd deliver his own way, as I told, and went through them again.
30 Number of gates, koi should be proideny, unknown,
31 but you must continue the path until you see the darkness Zina, Koya may be a
second gate, and maybe for the Eighth.
32 So yes proidesh you through all these gates.
33 In order to leave the Zin and shut the gates, it is important to remember tha
t, as I told before.
34 In many polugreze your gate is open from Zin, through the koi can be a terrib
le thing.
35 Yes, you take the key back and let you let you pour the color key and shine w
ith more and more power, as long as he does not overshadow all the other colors.
36 Then the lights will disappear and you'll be able to go back into the world o
f your existence.
37 Bude you will feel the same, that some of the inhabitants of Zina could pass
through the gates of dreams, banish them off without hesitation by all available
means to you.
Sura 10. On Ward Nodens
A Ward of the Lord are a shield guarding Nodens suprotiv devas who are in the ni
ght; dzhinnovyh offspring, falling on the kind of Adam.
2 Whoever wore this symbol on his chest, he will stop the army of darkness, unti

l they come back to the ground spoilers.

3 When the moon is in its growth and Orion rises in the east, take the plate sre
bro purest and carved on it the image of the serpent-bat, koy keeps the gate of
4 From the mouth of the serpent but will be based on a three-part word of power,
something no one should say il be in charge, except in extreme rituals:
5 On the back of a talisman carved image of the constellation Orion and the righ
t hand inside:
Vnochi 6, when the stars are burning in the sky and the sun - in the sign of Cap
ricorn, turning to the east and vozden Ward, said:
7 "The Great Nodens Srebroruky, I call to you today!
8: Look at the sign of thy mighty power!
9 Otverzni flaming gates of thy dwelling, and inspired life
10 as a sign of this, made my art.
11 Behold the name, to whom should not be pronounced,
12 coming from the mouth of thy servant.
13 See the outline of the secret place of thy among the stars!
14 I salute you, Nodens!
15 Stretch out thy hand of power and put my doing,
16 so that Senior could help me in my time of need.
17 Names of these vessels, I call upon thy power:
18 Babadur, Shuja, Gibbor, Mirza,
19 Beza, tempura, Gabbara, Jabbar! "
20 Let us make the sign of the Elder.
21 deep bow to all countries of the world, beginning and ending east.
22 Ovey Ward sweet myrrh pitch, wrap a cloth of black silk, and set aside until
there is no need to use it.Sura 11. About Printing Marduk
Will manufacture a stamp on a new, clean parchment in black ink.
Can you make the afore-mentioned two maloyu il great as you wish.
3 Keep it in a safe place until you are ready you will not use it, and do not le
t a stranger look at her fall, either before or after you use it.
4 Only for your eyes, it is intended.
5 Choose a quiet time and place, means no one will disturb you during your cerem
The best six will sometimes, about three hours after midnight, when the external

and internal interference is weaker than in any other season.

7 Place stamp on the altar before you.
8 Light two white candles and placed them on either side of the press.
9 If willed incense burn them.
10 Pine, Or sandalwood, cedar il will be among the best of these.
11 Let these things be being accomplished in the moonlight, but in extreme cases
, there is no need in this.
12 Every night can be chosen for this.
13 When placed, sit in silence for several minutes and Razmyslov about what you
want to achieve.
14 Closely contemplate printing, created thee, that these things was the only on
e that could see you, and make three deep breaths, slow, measured.
15 Focus on your quest at the same moment, it is presented unto the image of you
r sight, if you manage.
16 Imagine yourself next to the sim way: sitting on gold, il with thy beloved in
the arms of thine, Or in the protective environment of the Circle.
17 Then thine eyes vozden leisurely mountain, without raising your head, and sai
d slowly and distinctly:
18 "Spirit of the earth conjure!
19 Spirit of heaven, conjure!
20 Spirit of God's earth conjure!
21 Spirit of God the heavens conjure!
22 Hear me, oh (one of the fifty names of Marduk, something calls you), because
I speak to thee by the power of words (the word spirit, whose calls you)!
23 Hear me, O (name), because I call you by the power of words (word)!
24 Hear me, O (name), for I conjure thee by the power of words (word)!
25 Appear, O (name), and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, something I
have kept the beach for my dark lord!
26 Appear, O (name), and answer my prayer urgency, because I went through the ga
tes of the abyss and become like jinn!
27 Appear, O (name), and reveal yourself!
28 Give me thy power, O (name)!
29 Give me thy wisdom, O (name)!
30 Grant me thy blessing, O (name)!
31 Grant me thy patronage, O (name)!

32 Appear, O (name), and reveal yourself!

33 Spirit of the earth conjure!
34 Spirit of heaven, conjure! "
Then slowly lower your 35 your eyes before you print carefully, and see the imag
e clearly presenting the desired image.
36 Do not pay attention to all sorts of mysterious and strange feelings, koi can
visit you here.
37 peculiar rite unto them, and therefore there is no reason for alarm.
38 The main thing - do not interrupt his concentration on the goal,
39 and therefore should not listen to the sounds of strange sensations il, koi c
an accompany any of the invocations now.
40 They have only feeble attempts to prevent the non-incarnate devas your ceremo
41 is not worthy of your attention to discharge the same.
42 When proidet so a few moments and feel you that your concentration weakens is
pey of the cup and finish the rite of the following prayer:
43 "Spirit of God's earth conjure!
44 Spirit of God the heavens conjure!
45 Spirit of the earth conjure!
46 Spirit of heaven, conjure! "
47 Let us make three more deep breaths, then stand up well, if you're sitting, a
nd proidi a few steps to the temple, looking at what's in it, and touching some
of the items in it.
48 need this, first, in order to strengthen the subtle body shall, if made prior
to a ceremony signified overly sensitive to vibrations, inspiring weakness and
49 and, second, to distract the mind from the unconscious conscious of doing thi
s, something started rite.
50 Now turn again to the altar, on which is installed printer.
51 Take a print of koeyu accomplishes you doing, and cut as the judges, il rever
sible face down, Or take away her where nobody will see it.
52 were filled with fine print and the forces can no longer be used for any othe
r need than to the one for the way it was dedicated during the ceremony.
53 There should not use the same seal twice for different needs,
54 but can you use as the judges twice for the same purpose, if you wish to repe
at your ritual the following night.

55 It is better not to repeat this more than three consecutive nights, the reaso
ns these things are too complicated to explain here.
56 The lights went candles and place them where you can easily naidesh them for
the next ceremony.
57 They may be used again for any ritual, but they should not be used for an ord
inary room lighting.
58 used in spells of this book, they can not be used for purposes other than the
other rites of this book.
59 Do not use candles for these rites of other religions il for any worldly need
Take 60 to the rites sim with all care and treat with the means, koi ispolzuesh
you in rituals, as well as a carpenter - with his ax il chisel
61 il trader - a measure of his,
62 il Mulla - the Koran sacred.
63 For by using these rituals, you yourself become a priest, Mullah il,
64 for, creating the mystery rites, and yet these things, which you put together
a dedication to the covenant entered into prior to the beginning of time.
65 dyuzhe Securities will record every rite and doing, have worked for you, so y
ou can easily assess the consequences of using any spells il rite.
66 Will these records to measure how often the work of the What are the spells
67 and they will refresh your memory in the future as a report of all the succes
ses, of which you made in the Book of shoyu.
68 First successful doing so with the help of spells will you possibly ascribe t
o coincidence, il will Allahovoy.
69 But later, when the time proidet and all the great charms of yours will lead
to extraordinary success, you can go back and review their records,
70 in order to behold, which is not able to evaluate these things as a coinciden
ce, and all believe in the power of witchcraft.
71 On this same finish today ...
72 Protection of weaker ...
73 The time is close ...
74 See you soon ...

Kitab VI. Book of Gates

Sura 1. On entering and passing
A book is this - the entrance to the seven heavens above the earth.
2 The heavens were led by these same Chaldeans and the ancient peoples that prec
eded them lost amid the temples of Ur.

The book has three Se stars wandering about the color and complex interactions o
f their radiation in the air of this world, abiding between heaven and the fiery
face of the deep water.
In all four of the stars have a color different from colors of other stars, but
these are subtle colors and hardly distinguishable.
5 Do not last forever and they are not immutable, but pale il saturated from sum
mer to summer.
6 Official Gazette every astrologer that Mars is red, but not always the same, h
e is red,
7 For he is at times like a ruby, but in a different time, he was pale as blood
and milk.
8 In the same way and the other stars, even if these changes are not easy to see
9 Not an astrologer knows the reasons for this, but believe mukarriby that great
change in the sky that made Cthulhu seek refuge in his house in R'lehe, was due t
o send down a cloud of mist Senior il dust high above the field of fire.
10 Rays of stars passing through the veil of dust plain, stained like the color
of the sun, becoming the scarlet, Or blue, Or green, passing through the preciou
s stone, and the gates shut.
11 Ancient dwell in this world is not forbidden in the bodies of their own, but
in the flesh, created by the power shower, thrown through the gap between the wi
ll of their stars.
Gate 12 is the universe, through the minds of their koi were, opened the shades
of the stars
13 And when the veil of dust covered the sky and the colors are impure, shut the
gates of these kind.
14 Know ye that the full power of the seven Amesha ruling the skies, and their s
maller brothers and sisters were not able to wake up and come over the firm enti
15 Know ye that the priest could pass through these skies, koi border wastelands
16 Know ye that, going this way through the sea of heaven, he must leave behind
Fravashi, his guards,
17 koy will take care of his body and property, so as not to have him murdered,
and suddenly does not get lost in eternity among the dark expanse of interstella
r, or not to be devoured by angry efreeti living in the Outland.
18 Know that it will take you step Ladder of stars, all in their hour and in tur
19 and that you must enter through the gates the right way, as it is written in
the covenant;
20 otherwise you will be amidst you astray.

21 Know that you must be cleared within one moon for the ascent to the first sta
22 one moon between the first and second stage,
23 and between the second and third as well, and then in the same way.
24 Should you refrain from spilling thy seed in whatever way the duration of suc
25 But can you worship at the church accomplishes Shub-Niggurath, if you're not
going to lose your Jauhar.
26 stars Rays penetrate through the air, night and day, but they can not penetra
te deep into the firmament of waters of the sea at il.
27 In the deep places of the ancients concealed their bodies weakened il went th
rough the gate to Outland
28 in order to wait until the dust clears and the stars shine pure rays of his b
Only 29 Nyarlathotep, Crouching Chaos, not afraid of the poison of the stars and
walks among us in the moonlight.
30 And suddenly there is a great mystery.
31 Yes vozzovesh thou to thy God in the light of dawn and in the light of thy go
ddess of dusk, every day during your cleanse.
Yes, you call a 32 Fravashi and may indicate to him his obligations, telling the
time and place,
33 through these things so that he could be He'll guard you, and a flaming sword
with any of the parties.
34 Let thy garments be to pass an elegant, pure and simple, but appropriate for
each of the stages.
35 And it shall be with you Print the stage for koyu You rise and Koya are print
s of the stars, which belongs to the onaya.
36 Should you set the altar of Yog-Sothoth face to the north, placing the hold o
n the idols of thy il other suitable images, the sacrificial cup, and stove.
37 On the ground, they may be traced passing your gate.
38 And the benefit, if on thy head - the heavens open.
39 Koli as the roof over the head of thine, but it will be free from any excess.
40 Even so lights are not installed on you, except that in the rites of invocati
on, of whom I tell, after (If grant me time to ancient!).
41 The only sources of light, Let there be four lamps on the ground, each of the
four gates of the earth:
42 with a north light;
43 with a light east;

44 with a light south;

45 and a fixture on the west;
46, and four lamps on the altar, who are the light Si'n, Si'ra lamp, lamp and la
mp S'alk Yog-Sothoth.
47 Oil in the add is so clean, odorless or scented.
48 Let the incense in the brazier and fragrant or very srodstvennym with a star
on koyu accomplishes you climb yours, according to the customs of your land.
49 The seven gates are the same.
The first 50 gates are gates Nodens, named guardian of her palaces Si'n, and Si'
ra S'alk and governor of Yog-Sothoth broad Amesha:
51 The latter are the gates of Nyarlathotep:
52 Still others are the gates of Shub-Niggurath, bride Ishtar:
The fourth gate 53 are Shamash, Utu betrothed:
54 Fifth Ktughi gates are:
55 Sixth are the gates of Lord Marduk:
The seventh gate 56 are Y'ig-Golonaka, betrothed Hadarim:
57 gates can be opened between heaven, but only partially, for the passage of sm
all entities.
58 With the greatest of difficulty using their ancient,
59 but only in their own times and seasons, because the poison is not always the
stars, but it increases, decreases.
60 And another time he is so diminished that almost disappears
61 and then feel the ancient power, join members of their, created for their sou
ls in this world.
62 Alas, the stars do not stay clean for a long time, but always returned to his
dizziness, forcing the Ancients abbr.
63 predict the time when the dust izydet from the upper world, and the protectio
n granted to the Senior race Adam, will rise.
64 Then the reign of the ancient world, as they prevail in the other worlds, but
only guided by the Great Old Ones this hour.
Sura 2. Invocation Force Senior
Let there be a rite of passage has accomplished in accordance with the instructi

ons given here.

2 First, you must be cleaned during one revolution of the moon.
3 In this very time so you do not eat meat during the seven days preceding the l
ast day of the moon,
4a for three days preceding the last day of the moon, so you will not eat anythi
ng except water sweetened.
5 In the past so you will call upon you, except your god at dawn and at dusk you
r goddess, for three great Elder, Naksir, Nadur, Nariks, they should be appeals.
6 And the number of Naksir is sixty, the perfect number, because she - the mothe
r of heaven.
7 Cry same to her with these words:
8, "Senior Queen, Naksir brightest!
9 You, Tiamat, the winner of the heavens and the sovereign,
10 I will repay the praise!
11 You, who awards the fertility of the firmament, I sing psalms!
12 Mother Seniors
13 put upon me at the mercy of them!
14 Cut my starry crown thy heaven
15 and put on thy mighty wrap my head!
16 Give me the power in the world, so that no evil genie,
17 no charm, no magic is not defeated me!
18 May the gods defeated by thy strangers
19 also may be expelled and the jinn of satellites,
20 also may be expelled offspring jinn
21 and the evil spell!
22 Let them be driven out impurities and spell enemy!
Of the 23 bodies ailing ranks Kings new;
24 but it will nourish the living water of the river!
25 Wail Gladney, I draw in wealth;
26 The waters of the river will nourish it are alive!
27 I sow love and give birth to babies
28 but fed them water of the river alive!

29 In the name of the great Naksir,

30 I appeal to first-born sons of her!
31 also will appear the same, the inhabitants of the Jinn lands,
32 come ye, O Amesha, and confirm my decision! "
33 And the number of Nadur is fifty, and he is the father of the wind, cry out t
o Him with these words:
34 "Giant and the Lord, that is great in the universe!
35 Ahura, the gods of the earth, bow before Thee,
36 great Amesha come to you for advice!
37 Father of Nadur, it is thy reign in the world!
38 Lord of the boundless expanse,
39 to see you fall down!
40 Yes, the wind will carry my words wild
41 to the sacred temple of thy
42 where the ceremonies are created pure,
43 land as open spaces, endless,
44 where the forces assembled secret, inaccessible eyes!
45 Hearken well, heaven tarnished,
46 polluted the Grand Duchy
47 vanity of the infidels, their words are blasphemous!
48 Make the arrangements by the same secret,
49 O Thou, the Lord of Nadur, a mighty rock!
50 Your eyes Podymi - shaken the mountain!
51 Thy light emission - and the stones will fall
Chapter 52 for those who did not bring you the victim,
53 on the head of whose speeches are empty,
54 at the head of someone who wishes me evil!
55 Yes, know him for battered mind
56 but recognize it and will let his name to the wind!
57 the wind will carry his name,
58 the wind will carry it to the bright mansions Nadur!

59 Halls of these, like the sea, endless,

60 these palaces are decorated with stars!
61 speed on the court Lord Nadur, the greatest of the jinn!
62 What has awarded a man is indestructible, it shall be given forever! "
63 And the number of Nariks is forty, a goodly number
She is 64 and the essence of a mother to us all walk on the trails these forgott
en and wandering in unknown lands, amid the wasteland, amid terrible monsters Ou
65 Cry same to her with these words:
66 "The leader of efreet,
67 whose temple lies on the waters Ubbo-Sutley,
68 great Nariks!
69 It is in the heavens thy fortune-telling, and the firmament;
70 holy thy word!
Mother of 71 men, tvoritelnitsa abundance,
72 Let there be joyful share mine!
73 Nariks, creator of Passion,
74 Let there be love decorated my share!
75 Nariks, Mrs. Elder,
76 Let it be deprived of my share of envy!
77 The court in the palace of thy fair controlled the,
78 daughter Naksir from Nadur controlled the destiny,
79 I charge you to perform if asked!
80 I charge thee the name of the mother Naksir,
81 whose name is holy! "
82 Secondly, on the night of the passage, it shall be Koya thirteenth night of t
he moon, beginning in the previous thirteenth night, should you reach the gate i
n awe and reverence.
83 Temple of your cleared.
84 Yes razvedesh flame and let you start talking aforesaid, called the god of fi
re, and poured this perfume.
85 Yes, you accomplish the offerings on the altar of the gods.

86 Third, you must light the four lamps from the burning brazier, reading the pr
oper invocation of each one of these watch towers in the right place, appealing
to the need for a star.
87 Fourth, you should read the invocation Fravashi, thrusting his sword into the
ground at the site without touching him, and thereof, until the appropriate tim
e comes, in order to send Fravashi.
88 Fifth, you should take a print stars in your right hand and gently whisper th
e name of this onoyu.
89 Sixth, you must read the spell is coming loud and distinct voice, bypassing t
he gates of a circle, starting from the north and moving to the east, then south
and west, as many times as the number corresponds to the star.
90 Seventh, you should go back to the middle of the gate, before the altar of th
91 then yes you will fall down, looking neither to right nor left, whatever is m
oved there, because such actions will attract sonmischa devas and ghosts wanderi
ng the night at the gate,
92 but contemplating the space above the altar, where you will soon behold befor
e you drop the gate, and yazata world, distinct voice welcoming you and giving y
ou a name, something you should remember
93 For behold is the name of your passage through the gate, something you should
use whenever you're going to pass through them.
94 Then the same yazata meet you and, if thou knowest not the name of these thin
gs, prohibit entry and you shall bring thee to the ground immediately.
Sura 3. Rite of passage
1 When the first gate and proideny name is derived, but you will fall down again
amid your temple.
2 All that roamed the gates of your on the ground, too vanished.
3 Read also thank your Ahura on the altar of thy sword to strike, so Fravashi re
tired, and said the spell of Shub-Niggurath Magana writing:
4 "The Queen of fine,
5 Ancient mistress
6 Mistress of all harlots Cheers,
7th heaven shines,
8 Senior beloved,
9 was suspended, and the blood of thousands of her wounds expired.
10 Yidra cried,
11 Its presence Pochuev.
12 GIBIL, armed with fire,
13 light ray

14 looked at the queen corpses.

15 Ktugha, armed with a flame,
16 flame ray
17 looked at the queen of the graves.
18 And Yidra, great in Dzhahanname, turned away.
Troop 19 Shub-Niggurath
20 sixty times they sprinkled
21 Nariks running water.
Troop 22 Shub-Niggurath
23 sixty times they sprinkled
24 life-giving food for Nariks.
25 On the corpse hanging from the pole,
26 sent them the breath of life.
27 And the resurrected Shub-Niggurath!
28 Black and splashed the water trembled.
29 Azathoth screamed on the throne!
30 Cthulhu rose up from a dream!
31 Bast escaped from the palace of death!
32 Yog-Sothoth trembled in fear and hate!
33 Efreet stoop from their thrones!
34 Eye on the throne soared!
35 Vzrychala Yidra and called Nat-Hortata.
36 Warlock Nat-Hortata She encouraged, but not to prosecute, but to protect.
37 Shub-Niggurath ascended from the underworld.
With 38 cruise elemental spirits ran it through the gates of oblivion,
39 and, indeed, dead, ran in front of her! "
40 Through these things shall come forth all the devas, and you'll be able to le
ave the gate, and pay off the flame.
41 You can not appeal to you Nodens, until you proidesh Nodens gates.
42 Can not you appeal to Nyarlathotep, until you proidesh His gates.

43 So it is with other gates.

44 But only you transgress the threshold of the first gate, you deprive yourself
of protection Elder, for through these things terminates magician made
a covenant
with them.
45 Wherefore should clarify to those who dare to these things that have come to
the end, until they are proideny seventh gate
46 because of pleasure derived from the lower heavens, surely follow an attack o
f Outland, World of Chaos, from whom thou shalt have no protection.
47 The only defense available suprotiv Ancients.
48 Indeed, only a man possessed, whom anoint me, can hope to prevail over those
who dwell in the wilds of Outland,
49 for the power and the number of unknown hordes neschislimo, and every day whe
ther they are more horror than the human mind is able to imagine, but they are n
ot contemplating transfer.
50 There was a time when the gates were thrown open in Outland too long
51 and I saw this oppressive horror of the circumstances I can not say a word an
d write about the circumstances can only confuse.
52 Ancient, penetrated into the inner world, has been expelled through the gates
of a sorcerer of great power, but only at the cost of many villages and herds o
f the great island.
The set of 53 lambs were put to death wicked and devoured many, many Bedouins ha
ve fallen into madness;
54 for the mind is aware of the visible, but the shape of the Ancients are a moc
kery of ordinary human feelings, because they come from the world, koy is not st
raight but curved,
55 and they are the image of being a vicious and painful to the eyes and the min
d, which plunges the soul in awe, and directs it to depart from the body.
56 And so terrible ghosts of the night take possession of the body and settle in
it, as long as the priest did not banish them, so they disappeared back home, a
nd the common soul come back to their former abode.
57 And there are ghouls, terrifying creature shakaloglavye, who are the messenge
rs of the gods, torturers, and koi pogryzayut bones of men.
58 And there are many others, of whom should not mention on the pages now, but o
nly to warn the priest, that he did not fight with voznadeyalsya of the Ancients
Outland, until he shall find dominion over the forces of living in the world ar
e done here.
Only when the 59-Y'ig Golonak achieved, can consider himself the master of the p
riest of the worlds of heaven, able to withstand the ancients.
60 And when death itself will shine in the sight of him, the priest can call upo
n the inhabitants of the dark secret chambers of death, and urge on them.
61 Then he will hopefully open the gate without fear or loathing of the spirit,
killing men.

62 Then he could hope to prevail over the jinn, torturing the mind and body, tea
ring of Vlasov and pulling the arms and shouting vile names in the spaces of the
63 For it was the wind, can be killed only those who are guided by the wind;
64 and it was from the sea, can be killed only those who are led by the water.
65 Thus it is written in the covenant of the Ancients.
Sura 4. O heavens, and their properties
1 stars are the seven gods.
2 They have seven seals, koi can be used in its turnover.
3 are reachable seven gates, koi can be otverznuty into circulation a.
4 They have seven colors, seven entities and everyone - the step ladder at the s
With these five possessed knowledge of the Chaldeans, and sabii, but not perfect
ly, although it was their understanding of the Ladder and the proper spells.
6 However, they did not own spells for passing the gates that hold those whom Gl
agol commanded.
7 In order to pass all the gates, you must win by Yog-Sothoth, koy are the fathe
r of the Ancients, ruled by their arrival and departure, and holds the keys to t
he gates of the worlds, and bring him tribute, he koyu gathers at the gate of hi
s travelers who want to go out there il there.
8 Passage Gates gives the priest the power and wisdom to use thereof.
9 Will it power to manage the affairs of his life more than before, and many wer
e content with the fact that were only the first three gates, and then also stop
ped and did not want to move on and enjoy the benefits, koi, they found in the w
orlds of the vestibule.
10 But behold evil, for it is not prepared to resist any attack from Outland, ko
i, no doubt, priklyuchatsya, and the people they cried out for help, and will no
t appear onaya.
11 Therefore turn your face to the target limit and always strive forward to the
further from the star bude these things will even thine own death, for death is
the essence of any victim of the ancients, and it is pleasing, that they have n
ot forgotten his people.
12 Heaven and their properties as follows:
13 Deity of the Moon are Nodens.
14 He is the father of the heavens and the oldest of the wanderers, and Haurvata
t Taurvi.
15 Dlinnobrad He has a wand of lapis lazuli in his right hand a silver and has a
secret currents of blood.
16 Color of His srebryany.
17 Its essence is found in silvery, and camphor, and in subjects with the proper

ties of the moon.

18 Sometimes called the keeper of his palace Si'n, and Si'ra S'alk.
19 Peri Knows His power, but our nation in ignorance.
His Gate 20 - the first gate of dreams, koi proidesh you in future ceremonies.
His Stage 21 on the ladder luminaries as srebryanaya.
22 Behold His press is, yes mint koyu you on the tables of the three srebryanoy
shusi size and half above thick, on the thirteenth day of the moon when the sun
stays in Cancer
Shusi (finger) - Babylonian measure of length equal to about 1.67 cm
Chi (grain) - Babylonian measure of length equal to about 2.8 mm.
23 And let it not be in place, in which doest thou it, a person close to you, ko
y could watch the Creatrix thereof:
24 Ready, but will be wrapped in an equilateral rectangle is better srebristogo
silk and postponed away until the time when you wish to use it
25 then the same tissue can be removed only after the sun go to rest.
26 Not a single ray of sunlight but will not affect printing, otherwise the same
force thereof, will dry up and, of course, need to make a new print.
27 Number of Nodens - thirty, and behold His prints are:
28 God Mercury - Nyarlathotep.
29 It is the essence of the ancient as the genie with a long Braden, as his eyes
bright and piercing, like a star.
30 It is Vohu Mana and Mana Akemi, the patron of Ahura, as well as the intricaci
es of science and curator.
He wears a crown of 31 storogy, shimmering letters unknown, and a long robe of t
he priest.
32 His color is blue.
33 Its essence is in the alchemical mercury, and sometimes in the sand and in th
e objects that have properties of Mercury.
His Gate 34 - the second gate, koi proidesh you to follow rituals, and behold th
ere are the gates of deep sleep.
Stage 35 on the ladder His shining blue.
36 Behold His press is, yes koyu write you in the best of parchment enchanted il
on a broad sheet of palm tree,
37 And let it not be a person next to you, koy could watch manufacturer thereof:
38 Ready, but will be wrapped in an equilateral rectangle is the best blue silk
and suspended off until the time when you wish to use it

39 then the same tissue can be removed only when the star of this in heaven dwel
40 This is the best time to make this print.
41 Number of Nyarlathotep - twelve, and behold His prints are:
42 Goddess of Venus - the fairest Queen Shub-Niggurath, betrothed the Babylonian
43 It is the essence of Spenta Armaiti and Taramaiti, the goddess of passion, lo
ve, like the brane, depending on the sign of his times and his appearance in the
44 Is it in the finest incarnation of Mrs. surrounded by lions, and shares the t
hin nature of the star with the god of the moon Nodens.
45 When they are in agreement, that is, when the two planets are in their favora
ble vysyah heaven, they are like two bowls for offerings, floating freely in the
heavens, in order to pour sweet wine in the land of the Ancients.
46 And great happiness and jubilation reigned at this very time.
47 Sometimes it is in armor, and therefore it are beautiful beside a guardian of
his sister's intrigues, terrifying Yidry, namestnitsy Tiamat.
48 The name and the number of Shub-Niggurath let not fear the priest plunge into
the deepest depths underground;
49 because, in armor clad Her blessings and thinking about the true love of his,
like he had the most to the goddess.
50 So I descended into the dark dungeons, gaping at the solid earth, and command
ed the Devas.
51 It is also the essence of the goddess loves and rewards the good-natured husb
and every bride craving for this and brought the proper sacrifice.
52 But know also, that the zeal of Shub-Niggurath belonging to her,
53 and bude She chooses, but do not dare any man to take himself a bride.
54 Color of Her virginal white.
Its Manifestations 55 are found in copper, as well as in the most beautiful flow
ers of the field and in the sad death on the battlefield, on the ground Stand up
way these flowers.
Her Gate 56 - the third gate, koi proidesh you in subsequent ceremonies, and thi
ne heart shall greatly desire to stay here;
57 but turn your face on the way off, because the cross is the true goal of your
s, if only the goddess is not elected you.
Stage 58 on the ladder Its stars, erected in Babylon and Ur, white.
59 Behold Her prints are, so mint you koyu on copper, as Venus reigns in heaven,
60 and it shall not be otherwise, koy could watch manufacturer thereof:

61 Ready, yes, it will be wrapped in pure white silk and suspended off
62, and yes, it will be revealed only when you wish to use it, at any hour.
63 Number of Shub-Niggurath - fifteen, and the number of symmetry is usually rev
ered She spells liberation,
64 It is also printed:
65 sun-god Shamash are the Lord, the son of Nodens.
66 He sits on the throne of the brightest of gold, wearing a crown of burning on
two teeth.
67 When the stars favorable, he calls his eagle, and plunges his enemies with ar
rows of sunlight.
68 Shining golden scepter upraised in the right hand of Him
69 and a flaming ball in the left hand is sending its rays in all directions.
70 It is the essence of Ameretat and Zaurvi, the god of light and life.
His golden color 71.
72 Sometimes he is called Shamash
73 Its essence is found in gold and with gold in every subject and plants.
His Gate 74 - the fourth gate, koi proidesh you in future ceremonies.
His Stage 75 on the great luminaries of a golden ladder.
76 Behold His press is, yes mint koyu you're on the gold, when the sun reigns in
77 and let you herewith endure solitude on a mountain top or in another place, h
is open-rays, but also lonely:
78 Ready, but will be wrapped in an equilateral rectangle is better zlatistogo s
ilk and postponed away until the time when you wish to use it.
79 Number of Shamash - twenty, and behold His prints are:

80 God Mars - the mighty Ktugha.

He has 81 head of the human body and on the lion holding a sword and a flail.
82 It is the essence of Hshatra VAIR and Shaurva, the god of fire and fire-breat
hing mountains, anger and fights, the giver of good luck on the battlefield.
83 At times he is the Messenger of the Ancients, because he had once lived in Dz
Its 84 color purple.
85 Its essence is found in the gland, and in the blood of the earth, and in any
weapons, the created, in order to shed the blood of man and beast.

His Gate 86 - the fifth gate, koi behold you, following through the skies in fut
ure ceremonies.
Stage 87 on the ladder His shining scarlet.
88 Behold His press is, yes mint koyu you on iron tablets, or even trace of bloo
d on the paper, when Mars is triumphant in heaven:
89 co-create these things better at night, away from the home of human and anima
l, which shall not see you and hear.
90 Let it be printed thick fabric wrapped first, then a thin crimson silk, and h
id until such time as long as it will not need.
91 But do not try to use this seal hastily, for it is the essence of a sharp swo
92 Number Ktughi - Osem, and behold His prints are:
93 God of Jupiter - the master magicians, Lord Marduk, the lord of darkness and
destruction, Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu, lord of the dead, the owner of the
double-headed ax.
94 is generated even by our mother Marduk, Nariks in order to fight beside a for
ce other Ancients.
95 and older have created a powerful amulet for him, that he killed his brethren
96 And he won a great victory, plunging the host of evil and the queen Ancient s
top trampling his own.
97 And he struck up the serpent in her pride,
98, and threw her into the abyss, where she reclines, dead but dreaming.
99 For these things have given fifty names of Marduk Senior and forces, and with
these powers he possesses today.
100 But they were afraid of his power older, and they split this amulet,
101 and cast him to the ground, that has not been restored, he would not have aw
akened ancient and did not rise to Marduk in their midst.
102 His color is purple.
103 His Essence is in the tin and brass.
104 His Gates - the sixth gate, koi proidesh you in future ceremonies.
105 His Step on the ladder shone purple.
106 Behold His press is, yes koyu mint tin il you're on the tables of brass, whe
n Jupiter will set up in the sky,
107 and even accompany you to these things Nariks special prayer, our mistress:
108 Yes, it will be made like the others, and wrapped in pure silk, purple, and
postponed for the time off of her.

109 Know that Marduk is in the incarnation of the mighty warrior with a long bal
l and brady, black flames burning in the hand of Him.
110 He Keeps bow and quiver of arrows, stronger than other koi, man-made il jinn
, and walks in the heavens, carrying the guard.
111 Beware, sought the help of his only in the most horrific circumstances,
112 for, awakened from sleep by frequent invocation of his death, he will connec
t three of the talisman, and he shall come again to earth in power and anger, in
the middle of the armies of the Ancients.
113 But recheno that the hand of death was destined to die to him.
114 Bodo'll feel you need to force the star of Jupiter, cry out in this place to
one of the other relevant forces, described on the page now, and they surely sh
all come.
115 Number of Marduk - ten, and behold His prints are:
116 God of Saturn - Y'ig-Golonak Zul-Qarnain called Adar, the Lord mighty hunter
117 Is it like a six-armed zmiecheloveku with brimstone with skin and gray Blasi
us, with the sight of scarlet, the bicornuate crown and a long sword, wearing li
on's skin.
118 It is the essence of Asha Vahishta Drurje and, behold, is the last of the st
ars of heaven before the heavens motionless, monstrous world efreet.
119 Color of His coal-black.
The essence of His 120 is found in lead, in the smoldering coals burned in a fir
e and things bearing the stamp of antiquity, and death.
121 Antlers are a sign of him.
122 His Gates - the gates of the seventh, the last, koi proidesh you in future c
123 His Step on the Ladder black luminaries.
124 Ce has printed His koyu so mint you are on a lead tablet il bowl, buried saf
e from the eyes of the uninitiated:
125 Yes, it will be wrapped in black silk and removed, like the others, as long
as the use thereof will not be desirable.
126 Yes, it will not be removed, until the sun is in heaven, but only after the
fall would be a firmament in the night and a black,
For 127-Y'ig Golonaku better way led by the devs that prowl among the shadows in
search of prey.
128 Led him better than other lands of the Ancients, the rites of their minister
s and the position of the gate.
129 the kingdom of His kingdom are the night time.
130 The number of His - four as winds along the edges of the earth, and this is
his print:

131 gates of heaven shall open the same at the time and seasons them:
132 first - when the sun is in Cancer;
133 second - in Gemini;
134 others - in Taurus;
135 fourth - in Leo;
136 fifth - in Aries;
137 sixth - in Sagittarius;
138 seventh - in Capricorn.
Sura 5. About Placing a rock and the creation of the Circle
1 In this sura, I tell the magician about how he must co-create circle.
2 Yes invocation will be a place high in the mountains, most preferably these th
3 il beside the sea;
4 il in some secluded away from the edge of the thoughts of men;
5 il in the wilderness;
6 il at the top of the ancient ziggurat.
7 And it shall be clean and free from blemish.
8 Therefore the place, once selected, it shall be cleaned prayers to thee, God,
and worshiped the goddess and the sacrificial incense cedar and pine.
9 And it shall be brought round bread and salt.
10 And bringing these things to their deities, but the priest pronounces solemnl
y expelling spell these things, that the place cleared, and the invocation of al
l evil expelled through the signified;
11 And so the priest would not change a single word il sign the expulsion of thi
s, but yes read signified true, as inscribed these things:
12 "O Lord of light, to appoint a measure of night-Ubbo Sutley!
13 But take away the darkness of the sign of Kish!
14 Yes, I illuminate the hand of luck!
15 Let me submit to hand of misfortune!
16 Shamash, but will turn the night in the thrill of the rays of thy land!
17-Y'ig Golonak, so fed up with me Your peace of a great country!
18 Purify the same, bless, console, forcing the name of the night! "
19 And they burnt the bread in the bronze brazier invocation, salt and let it be
scattered at the place of sixty times.

20 In order to arrange the gate by koi, they may come from the void of Outland,
set eleven stone in a certain sequence.
21 Yes, first you vozdvignesh four main stone, but these will mark the direction
of the four winds as they roar every one in his time.
22 place the stone in the north of the great refrigerant, which would be the gat
e for the winter wind, cut it and then print this very earth of Taurus:
23 Stone eddies of air will be so installed in the east, where the first equinox
dates, and may be engraved on it this a sign of Aquarius:
24 In the south, a distance of five paces from the stone of the north, so you vo
zdvignesh fierce heat of the stone, through the summer winds blow koy, and may d
raw on the stone this sign of Leo, the serpent:
25 Gates of rapid streams so you set in the most western point at a distance of
five paces from the stone east where the sun dies and is reborn in the evening n
26 The image of the family on the sign - Scorpio, whose tail reaches the stars
27 Install the same then the seven stone stars wandering outside of the four, an
d yes soliyutsya their influence in the midst of conflicting forces.
28 In the north, a great stone refrigerant, put the first stone of Saturn at a d
istance of three steps.
29 Further placed on equal distances widdershins stones of Jupiter, Mercury, Mar
s, Venus, Sun and Moon, marking each of them appropriately mark.
30 in the middle of this construction is to establish an altar and seal with his
seal of Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth powerful names, Cthulhu, Hastur, Shub-Niggurat
h and Nyarlathotep:31 And it shall be created on the ground Circle, in the midst
of whose you should stand by reading proper spell, watching closely to it that
does not stop the circle, the sign of the holy invocation,
32 the same way you absorb the invisible monsters from the Dzhahannama, Yidry ki
33 as these things happened with the priest Abdallah ibn Maruts (may Allaah have
mercy on him ancient!) On a crowded square in Jerusalem.
34 As a verb, I before, circle should be made strong enough so as to keep the sp
irits at the time of invocation.
35 If you're going to conjure up the faces of many Nyarlathotepovy il Marduk, th
e circle can be created out of white flour, barley, chalk,
36 il dug in the ground with a dagger Shub-Niggurath il sword fravashi
37 il is embroidered in precious silk cloth il expensive.
38 Bodo is going to exorcise you of the Ancients, but will circle dug in the gro
und il carved in stone,
39 then yes it will be filled with flour and pyliyu srebryanoyu,
40 For silvery gives the greatest protection beside a perfume, like a stone grou

nd Mnar, koy can scuff the powder to strengthen the Circle.

41 Inscription same Circle as follows:
42 And he shall be made as big of a gi in diameter, and it can be created to kee
p il temporary use.
Guy (reed) - Babylonian measure of length equal to six cubits (about three meter
43 color thereof as they may be black and white, and no other.
44 As for the service of Ahura, the gods of earthly things be done to handle the
custom of thy land, but the priests of the ancient rites were exposed its own.
45 To the north of the Circle, a distance of one of the kushnumun thereof, place
the seal of the spirit, of which you wish to call.
46 And it shall be inscribed circle of the seal on parchment il thin skin of the
lamb the size of two shudua.
47 To use the same ink is the blood of white doves, koi that they may be killed
with a dagger and the blood of which it shall be collected in the bowl of a virg
48 must write the same feather birds.
49 Terms and stamp must be created for Osem hours before the ceremony invocation
50 And let these stones will be a gate through the koi do you call a Ancients fr
om outside of human time and space.
51 If you're going to call them, then you must co-create in the hour of Mercury
Circle, for Osem hours before the invocation.
52 It should not enter the circle until, until they begin summoning ritual,
53 prints will be the same but wrapped in white silk before the Circle.
54 Now after the hour before the ceremony should banish all your erring spirit f
rom a place of doing.
55 First four CREATE sign rumors whenever the family:
56 "Iratisinger,
57 Herikoramonus,
58 Derogeh,
59 Dalerinter! "
60 After these things the rumor these things:
61 "Get out! Get out!
62 I command all spirits of the lost away to the world!
63 I command you retire il Know my wrath!

64 I am the one who exclaims, forgotten names,

65 I am the one who will be the spirit of (name)!
66 turned and also will appear before me, because I co-create a sign!
67 Iratisinger,
68 Herikoramonus,
69 Derogeh,
70 Dalerinter,
71 now retire at once! "
72 Thus, it is time to bring their gifts to Him, He who from the abyss, Azathoth
, one of those who taught you to worship;
73 Anyone who Yuggoth children - the children home, rolling in a black infinity
at the edge of the abyss.
74 nights out of the pit in the abyss of the universe will rise forever praise t
he great Cthulhu, Tsatoggua and Tom, whose name can not be called.
75 Eternal praise to him and wishes of abundance Kozlitse black forest!
76 Now is their time!
77 Treat as a stone into the night and when the moon falls in the glow of his ow
78 rpm your face in the direction from which they shall come, the rumor of speec
h and made gestures that lead the Ancient and call them back so they set foot on
the ground:
79 "Y'a Azathoth!
80 Y'a Yog-Sothoth!
81 Y'a Cthulhu!
82 Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
83 Y'a Nyarlathotep!
84 Y'a Hastur! "
Sura 6. The initial invocation of Fravashi
Here I will tell a spell, I got koi from Nariks scribe, ruler of our Lady and al
l the wizards.
2 Previous rite of passage the first gate you must meet Fravashi, your Guardian,
koy will keep your body in the hours of worship.
3 Define the first place for itself the open gate,
4 and good will, if the mountain will be symmetric, and a place beside the sea,
Or the desert, Or otherwise deserted place, where strangers would not have distu

rbed you.
5 Once a favorite, but it will be your permanent place for the invocations.
6 Prepare For the search of his seriously, with all.
7 Open your name stars, each of them many times, from the beginning to the end o
f time, unabated and not giving up this forever, waiting for a single fee, some
never will come.
8 Must pay attention to the fact, that did not rise rebellious spirit Fravashi b
eside a priest,
9, and therefore required to co-create pre-sacrifice in a clean and new bowl wit
h the proper seals, inscribed on thereof, who are the three characters, carved o
n the gray stone of my dedication:
10 Should they be cut on the pan with a thin Kalam il written on dark ink thereo
f, and let these things be done on the first day of the moon rising.
11 Let the bread will be a victim young, pitch pine and grass oliribosa.
12 It should be burned this in the new bowl
13 and the sword Fravashi with signs of Yog-Sothoth, carved on the hold, be it h
14 For shalt dwell in the Guardian in an instant, and his invocation of the afor
esaid leave when permission to leave him be.
15 And so these things will be your challenge to the universe, populated by mons
trous creatures of Outland!
There have 16 Guardians of the genus Fravashi other than human, as well as non-d
Recheno 17 and he was this generation with the King and his hordes in the hour o
f battle between the worlds, but were disappointed with many of them and joined
the armies of Marduk.
18 Therefore wise to call his name three great guards, who were before the confr
ontation, from whom Fravashi generated, and the family they eventually produced,
19 and three of these - Naksir, Nadur and Nariks Lord Arcane water.
20 And these should therefore are called Guardians of the Holy Trinity, Mesh Sha
raussa and three Guardians of the Earth, or Kiya Sharaussa mesh.
21 And Fravashi is sometimes like a great and fierce dog, prowl near the gates i
l Circle, frightening the devas, koi always lurking near the border in anticipat
ion of the victim.
22 And a flaming sword with Fravashi upraised, and even the older reverence befo
re him.
23 And at times like a Fravashi husband in a long robe, clean-shaven, with eyes,
eyes of which shall never lose close.
24 And recheno that inhabits Yotag, lord Fravashi, amid the wasteland, and only
efreet guards,

25 and he never raises his sword and fought with the devas,
26 except when the covenant announced by none other than the Ancients, these wor
ked at the famous seven Amesha.
27 He shall abide there for ever, ready to support the afflicted and to punish t
he weak.
28 Its appearance is decorated with shiny darkness to torture sophisticated, imp
osed on the infidels,
29 and unhappy, and vain, and satisfied their weaknesses,
30, and reptiles like worms in the dust of his faith, and drowning in his nothin
31 yes Yotag punish them all!
32 And at times he is like a foe, ready to swallow up the priest, oshibshegosya
the spell,
33 il despising the sacrifice,
34 il acting in complete contempt of the covenant, according to whom do older ca
n not forbid these things to a small family to collect his tribute.
35 And the prophet Idris recheno that some kind of Fravashi are waiting for the
Ancients, so once again prevail over the worlds;
36 that they can get the right hand of the glory of the Ancients, and that do no
t adhere to these laws.
37 recheno also that when they began to multiply the sons of men, they began to
be born daughter, okay, and handsome.
38 And they beheld Fravashi, the sons of heaven, and lusted after them, and they
said to each other, "Poidem and take wives from the daughters of men, and gave
birth to the children for themselves."
39 But he said to them Shemihaza, koy was their head: "I'm afraid that you will
not want this deed, and one I find myself guilty of great sin of the family."
40 But they answered and said to him: "Let's give it all we will give the oath a
nd obligation to each other under threat of damnation has violated it, that none
of us turned away from the work, as long as we do not fulfill it."
41 Then they all swore, and gave each other a commitment.
42 And all were two hundred, came down in the days of Jared on the summit of Mou
nt Hermon, and they called this very mountain Hermon because on it swore they ga
ve each other an obligation under threat of damnation to break it.
43 And yet recheno that the names of foremen of these:
44 Shemihaza, koy was the head of them;
Artakof 45, the second in relation to Him;
Ramtiel 46, the third in relation to Him;

Kohaniel 47, the fourth in relation to Him;

48 Amiel, the fifth in relation to Him;
49 Ramiel, the sixth in relation to Him;
50 Daniel, the seventh in relation to Him;
51 Zekiel, Eighth to Him;
Barakiel 52, the ninth in relation to Him;
Asaiel 53, the tenth to Him;
54 Hermon, eleventh in relation to Him;
Matariel 55, the twelfth in relation to Him;
Ananiel 56, the thirteenth in relation to Him;
Sataviel 57, the fourteenth in relation to Him;
Shamashiel 58, the fifteenth in relation to Him;
Sahriel 59, the sixteenth in relation to Him;
Tomiel 60, the seventeenth in relation to Him;
61 Turiel, eighteen in relation to Him;
62 Nomiel, the nineteenth century in relation to Him;
Ehaddiel 63, the twentieth in relation to Him.
64 They are always ready to be where the past overshadows the shadow of the futu
re and destroys all living things.
65 But now they are destroying everywhere signified shall find outlines
66 because it was knocked out of the way they live, to the paltry desires of the
flesh, in the No Mind thereof.
67 Thus it is said, and therefore the danger awaiting you, a lot more than that,
the way you are responsible.
68 And when he comes it's time to call Fravashi the first time, let it be your p
lace of invocation cleared
69 and a double circle of flour so be outlined by your side.
70 And let there be an altar there, but only the new Bowl with the three charact
71 Yes, it will be like the chalice on the leg, the same size so it will be as f
ollows, in order to put on her butt on your head Or on your two fists, pressed a
gainst one another.
72 And it shall be created a spell of fire, and may be assigned to the sacrifici
al burning bowl.

73 And it shall be called the cup now Yeah Sharaussa Mesh, a cup of the Three Gu
74, and yes, it will not be used for other necessary, to invoke a stored Fravash
75 And it shall be installed between the cup Circle, north-east facing.
76 And let thy will be black robes and headdress your black.
77 And it shall be the sword Fravashi here, but not in the ground yet.
78 And so shall this dark hour the night.
79 And so there will not be light, but light bowl Three Guardians.
80 And it shall be spoken of Three spell these things:
81 "From the mountains to the womb of the Guardians of the Three Mountains Skorp
ionovyh pour out wrath, anger, pluck a thousand flaming arrows!
82 Flame morning Gem binder thee, messenger of heaven!
Kindle a flame 83 arrows, braid incense rise!
84 Mighty, mighty boom Fravashi a thousand palms of His!
85 I appeal, be thou, O Fravashi flaming messenger of heaven Lunolikaya!
86 Y'a, Guardians of the Three Mountains Three Guardians of the Flame Guardians
of the monastery of Three! "
87 And a special spell these things can be created at any time the Priest feels
the danger to the life there, for the soul there, and three guards and the guard
will rush to help him.
88 Rumors of this, when the last words with great power must plunge his sword in
to the ground behind the bowl.
89 And will Fravashi, in order to hear the claims of the priest.
90 On this same Render thanks unto Him, and let go.
Sura 7. Ordinary invocation Fravashi
1 Invocation things be created for every rite, when he should be called Fravashi
, in order to monitor the external borders of the Circle il gate.
2 The sword sticks into the ground, as before, in the north-eastern part,
3 but in the bowl of the Three Guardians do not need to, if you do not hold your
Fravashi victims during this moon
4 (in this case ought to bring him a victim again, in this rite il is in some ot
her before).
5 Raise the Copper Dagger of Shub-Niggurath, and said the spell distinct voice,
whether loud quiet il:
6 "Y'a, Troy Guard!

7 Flame Gibila I beseech you,

8 vail R'leha wreck
9 and the radiance of Shamash.
10 I urge you here, before my eyes, teniyu visibly
11 in the form of tangible, in order to guard and keep this sacred circle, these
holy gates of (name).
12 His ineffable name, the number of His incomprehensible
13 people whose zril not at the time of the last,
14 whose geometry is not any schislit,
15 to no one to whom the sorcerer had not called,
16 I appeal to you now here!
17 Arise, call upon the name of Naksir You!
18 Arise, call upon the name of Nadur You!
19 Arise, call upon the name of Nariks You!
20 Cease to be sleeping out in the wastelands efreet!
21 Stop lying soundly under the mountains of Tiamat!
22 Rise of the pits of ancient disasters!
23 Rise up from the depths of ancient Nar Mattar!
24 Appear, named Naksir!
25 Appear, the name of Nadur!
26 Appear, named Nariks!
27 In the name of the covenant come forth and arise before me!
28 Y'a, Troy Guard!
29 Y'a, Troy Guard!
30 Y'a, Troy Guard!
31 Spirit of the earth entreat,
32 on the riches of the jinn, motionless above the stars, above the earth benevo
lent! "
33 will be immediately Fravashi and stand outside the gates il Circle, until he
gets permission to leave,
34 What must strike the priest with his left hand is on the hilt of the sword, t
he spell rumor:

35 "Izydte, Troy Guard! Izydte! "

36 Yes, you will not leave thy sacred limits, until they receive permission Frav
ashi this, otherwise He will also swallow.
37 These laws.
38 And He is indifferent to what he guards, because he will be a priest.
Sura 8. Invocation of the four gates of the world between worlds
1 When you have that inscribed circle, but do you call a god and goddess thy thy
2 but let them be their images removed from the altar and put away, if only beca
use you are not calling for Marduk
3, and so the image will then be installed Marduk and no other.
4 And so incense will be burned on the hearth, as described in this book.
5 And it shall be called Fravashi properly.
6 And they may be called the four gates, four guard towers, stand between you an
d the koi around, being a witness ceremonies and advocates from the forces of Ou
tland, so ancient is not disturbed you.
7 Conjuration these same four gates must be read out loud, distinct voice.
8 Let them be called first to the north of the stone gates of the great refriger
9 "You call, Nemush hunter srebryany of the holy city of Ur!
10 urge you to keep these things a place north of the Circle of the Sacred Flame
of the vicious warriors of the Dra Valley!
11 Be very vigilant suprotiv ghouls Tiamat
12 cruel servants Bast,
13 the throne of Azathoth!
14 Pull the bow before thy devas-Ubbo Sutley,
15 Your shot an arrow towards the hordes of devils, clenches his beloved koi ur
on all sides and from all over.
16 BIA, the Lord of the northern trails!
17 Remember us, the king of his native region, the winner of every war and every
foe popratel!
18 Behold as our lights, our messengers heed and remember!
19 Spirit of the North, Remember! "
20 Let them be called and then the stone gates of the east of the vortices of ai

21 "To you I cry, Dhaka, Mrs. rising star!

22 Queen of sorcery, the mountains of Ararat!
23 You call this a sacred circle is now stored beside a seven catchers, seven ly
ing-in-waiting, evil genies, evil lords!
24 conjure thee, queen of the eastern routes, in order to protect me from the ev
il eye of death and the lights and Tefrisa Aphum-Zhah!
25 BIA, the queen of the eastern routes, and remember!
26 Spirit of the East, Remember! "
27 Which will be called and then the gates of the south with a ferocious heat of
the stone:
28 "To you I cry Kabid, spirit guardian beside a south wind, the inhabitants of
the terrible hail of death beyond the gates of no return!
29 Be on my side!
30 Names of Marduk and most powerful ruler Nariks, ruler of the tribe Elder, Arr
a, stand firmly behind the back of mine!
31 Contrary to Lloygora and Tshara, jinns south-west winds, stand firm!
32 Contrary to the rulers of abominations stand firm!
33 Become the eyes behind the back of mine,
34 sword behind his back mine,
35 spear behind the back of mine,
36 shield on his back mine.
37 BIA, the spirit of the southern tract, and remember!
38 Spirit of the South, remember! "
39 Let them be called and then the stone gates of the west swift streams:
40 "To you I cry Leebu, the spirit of the edge of the western winds!
41 To thee I cry, angel sunset!
42 unknown from Ahura bless me!
43 from an unknown deva Save me!
44 from an unknown enemy Save me!
45 From an unknown magic bless me!
46 From the waters of Cthulhu bless me!
47 From the fury Yidry bless me!
48 By the swords of King bless me!

49 From the eyes of evil,

50 words wrong,
51 behalf of the ill,
52 of evil,
53 Save the bad image of me!
54 BIA, the spirit of Western ways, and remember!
55 Spirit of the West, remember! "
56 And it shall be read by finally spell the four gates of these things:
57 "north wind!
Wind east 58!
Wind south 59!
Wind west 60!
61 Spirit of God the heavens conjure!
62 Spirit of God's earth conjure!
63 Angry Ghoul, depart in the crypt of yours, because the ashes - the nature of
64 Kululu, depart, cruel ruler of the dead!
65 Azathoth, depart into the void!
66 Y'a Nadur!
67 Y'a Naksir!
68 Y'a Nariks!
69 Until the end of time! "
Sura 9. Curse of the god of fire
Speak a fire brazier fire spell god sim:
2 "GIBIL, the spirit of fire, conjure!
3 The spirit of fire, amid the mighty sons of Nadur, terrible among thy brethren
, arise!
4 Ktugha, the god of fire, conjure!
5 O god of fire, among the sons of the mighty Nariks, terrible among thy brethre
n, arise!
6 Arise, O God of many faces baked and destruction, conjure!
7 Arise, O flaming baton Naksir, the father of the gates of the battle, the serv
ant of Cthulhu!

8 I charge thee signs of Yog-Sothoth Fravashi on the sword!

9 I conjure thee the sacrifice of himself,
10 burn the past, gravitating over me,
11 and give me new life!
12 Arise, O fiery spirit GIBIL, the greatness of thine enemy, and swallow my!
13 Arise, O God of Flame, Ktugha, in Thy strength, and burn up magicians in purs
uit of me!
Yes, 14 awake sleeping in the sky
15 fire-breathing mountains Ktughi gentlemen!
16 Let them polyhnet flame
17 that it will open it gates of heaven!
18 The river of fire but fills me!
19 The river of fire so to cleanse me!
20 Burning jet is so pierced me,
21 Let izlietsya it out of me!
Through my 22 exalted GIBIL power of men?
23 But the fruit gives me the power of fire,
24, it may devour devas,
25 so the smoke will carry their shadows!
26 GIBIL great, take my spell!
27 paved the path, open the gate, and take away the damned abode in them!
28 is full of them, nothing worth their treasures, the fiery sword of thy secret
s bind the earth!
GIBIL 29, who gives wisdom, fiery retribution tame thy eternal heavens!
30 Gishbar, Y'a!
31 Spirit Y'a!
32 Y'a, spirit Ktughi, conjure!
33 Arise, son of a fiery hoop Naksir!
34 Arise, O scion of the gold weapons of Marduk!
35 Not I, but Nariks, lady magicians, calls you!
36 Not I, but MARDUK, fighter serpents, called you here today!

37 Burn evil and evil-doers!

38 Burn the witches and witches!
Pali 39 of them!
40 Burn them!
41 Destroy them!
42 Consume their powers!
43 carried them away!
44 Appear, Gishbar!
45 Appear, GIBIL!
46 Appear, Ktugha!
47 Spirit crowned, conjure!
48 The spirit of the god of fire, I call art Thou!
49 Kakammanunu! "
50 Come then to the flames of incense, summoned the spirit of the Amesha appropr
iate, and lay on the altar bread, wheat, salt, and fruit.
Sura 10. Invocation of the gate Nodens
1 "The Spirit of the Moon, conjure!
2 Nodens, the father of star gods, conjure!
3 In the name of the covenant between thee and the race Adamov, I urge you!
4 Hearken and Remember!
5 From the outside the gates of the earth I call to Thee!
6 Of the four gates of the chambers of the earth, I beseech thee!
7 O Lord, the Ancient Warrior, in the firmament of the heaven and exalted!
8 The Lord of the genus Nodens Naksir, hear me!
9 The Lord Nodens, named guardian of her palaces Si'n, and Si'ra S'alk, hear me!
10 The LORD Nodens, the father of the gods of the land of Ur, hear me!
11 Nodens Lord, the God shining crown of the night, hear me!
12 Creator of the kings, the father of the firmament, the giver of the scepter g
ilded, hear and remember me!
13 Father, the mighty, whose thoughts are above Ahura, and to men of understandi
ng, hear me and Remember!

14 Nodens, I turn to Thee!

15 Nodens, I urge you!
16 Nodens, I beseech thee!
17 Appear, O Nodens, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, something I
'm prepared!
18 Appear, O Nodens, and reveal yourself!
19 gates of the great gates of heaven opened before me!
20 Lord efreet, Throw open the gates of thy before me, so I could go through the
21 Lord of the jinn, open the gates of Thy servant, Thy, so I went up to the wor
lds of wandering stars!
22 Y'a, measured the fate of the measure!
23 Y'a, curator Si'n palaces, and Si'ra S'alk!
24 Y'a Nodens!
25 Resident beautiful pearls!
The carrier 26 beautiful pearls!
27 Spirit of the earth conjure!
28 fragrant stronghold of the bird of night, Nodens, conjure!
29 Wizard crescent Nodens, conjure your spirit!
30 Y'a, Crowned Rook!
31 Y'a, sickle ladii Crowned!
32 Y'a about the giver, the hladny prince!
33 Hunter damned otverzni shining gates of thine!
34 Appear, O Nodens, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 35 of the cup and said:
36 "Yes, I proidu into the world of the moon!"
Sura 11. Invocation of the gates of Nyarlathotep
1 "The Spirit of rapid planet, conjure!
2 Nyarlathotep, the patron of Ahura, conjure!
3 Nyarlathotep, the father of secret writings, conjure!
4 In the name of the covenant between thee and the race Adamov, I urge you!
5 Hearken and Remember!

6 From the outside the gates of the great Nodens I call to Thee!
7 name, something given to me in the world of the moon, I call to Thee!
8 The Lord Nyarlathotep, who is not the wisdom of thy knowledge?
9 The Lord Nyarlathotep, who is not led by thy charms?
10 Lord Nyarlathotep, what spirit is in the firmament, in heaven there is not za
klyanut intimate tables of thine?
11 And the Lord Nyarlathotep, what spirit is in the firmament, in heaven, if not
humbled thy magic spell?
12 Nyarlathotep, I turn to Thee!
13 Nyarlathotep, I urge you!
14 Nyarlathotep, I beseech thee!
15 Appear, O Nyarlathotep, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, somet
hing I'm prepared!
16 Appear, O Nyarlathotep, and reveal yourself!
17 Lord of Nyarlathotep! Lord of Fine Arts, open the gates to the world of the s
pirit of thy before me, so I could go through them!
18 Lord of Nyarlathotep Al-Khem, Throw open the gates to heaven Thy servant, Thy
, so I went up to the worlds of wandering stars!
19 Gates of rapid planet, Mercury, opened before me!
Y'a 20, father of the sacraments shining!
21 Y'a, milky Fleece heaven!
22 Y'a Nyarlathotep!
The worm 23 limit, the spirit of lustful, conjure!
24 Messenger of fragrant pearls of wisdom, I beseech!
25 Nyarlathotep immortal, conjure!
26 Y'a, milk, curses!
27 Y'a, harp Curses!
28 Y'a, double gates of the abyss of curses!
29 Y'a, singing bowl!
30 Appear, O Nyarlathotep, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 31 of the cup and said:
32 "Yes, I proidu Mercury in the world!"
Sura 12. Invocation of the gates of Shub-Niggurath

1 "The Spirit of Venus, conjure!

2 Shub-Niggurath, Mistress of the Ancients, conjure!
3 Shub-Niggurath, the queen of the country of the rising sun, conjure!
Four wives, wife, the goddess of goddesses, Shub-Niggurath, the queen of all men
, conjure!
5 On the radiant dawn, luminary of the heavens and the earth, conjure!
6 Slayer enemy hordes, conjure!
7 Lioness, the queen of battles, hear and remember!
8 From outside the gates of the great Nyarlathotep I call to Thee!
9 name, something given to me in the world of Nyarlathotep, I call to Thee!
10 Lady, Queen of harlots, and soldiers, I call to you!
11 Lady, lady of battles and loves, I pray Thee, Remember!
12 In the name of the covenant between thee and the race Adamov, I urge you!
13 Hearken and Remember!
14 Popiratelnitsa mountains!
15 ally!
16 male divinity!
17 Goddess of women!
18 Wherever you behold, the dead come to life!
19 Shub-Niggurath, I turn to Thee!
20 Shub-Niggurath, I urge you!
21 Shub-Niggurath, I beseech thee!
22 Appear, O Shub-Niggurath, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, som
ething I'm prepared!
23 Appear, O Shub-Niggurath, and reveal yourself!
24 Shub-Niggurath, the queen of the night Throw open the gates of thy before me,
so I could go through them!
25 Shub-Niggurath, Mrs. battles Throw open wide the gates of Thy servant, Thy, s
o I went up to the worlds of wandering stars!
26 Shub-Niggurath, the sword of men, Throw open the gates of thy before me!
27 Shub-Niggurath, the gift of Lady Loves, Throw open wide the gates of thine!
28 Gates gentle planet Venus, was opened before me!

29 Y'a, filling to the brim!

30 Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
31 Y'a, Mrs. prayers!
32 Yes, you bring a youthful one thousand from the underworld of flesh time!
33 Nevolnitsa flocks alive, Shub-Niggurath, conjure!
34 Shub-Niggurath, the mother of all living things, conjure!
Open to 35, a mother, I beseech!
36 Y'a! Y'a! Y'a! Open to just about the wise The leader of flocks of the earth!
37 Appear, O Shub-Niggurath, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 38 of the cup and said:
39 "Yes, I proidu into the world of Venus!"
Sura 13. Invocation of the gates of Shamash
1 "The Spirit of the Sun, conjure!
2 Shamash, Lord fiery ball, conjure!
3 In the name of the covenant between thee and the race Adamov, I urge you!
4 Hearken and Remember!
5 From the outside the gates of his beloved Shub-Niggurath, the world of Venus,
I call to Thee!
6 Ozaritel darkness, the destroyer of evil, the torch of wisdom, I call to Thee!
7 Shamash, svetonosets, I call to Thee!
8 Cthulhu inflamed thy power!
9 Azathoth fell down from his throne to thee!
10 Bast charred thy ray!
11 The spirit of flaming ball, conjure!
12 The spirit of boundless light, conjure!
13 Spirit, ripping off the veil of the night, scattering the darkness, I beseech
14 Shamash, I turn to Thee!
15 Shamash, I urge you!
16 Shamash, I beseech thee!
17 Appear, O Shamash, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, something
I'm prepared!

18 Appear, O Shamash, and reveal yourself!

Spirit of 19, opening day, Throw open wide the gates of thy before me, so I coul
d go through them!
20 Spirit, uplift majestically amid the mountains, Throw open the gates of Thy s
ervant, Thy, so I went up to the worlds of wandering stars!
21 name, something given to me in the world of Shub-Niggurath, please, Throw ope
n the gates of thine!
22 Gate of the Sun, opened before me!
23 Gates of gold scepter, opened before me!
Gate 24 zhiznedarstvennoy forces opened! Opened!
25 Y'a Shamash!
Y'a 26, the cleaning!
27 Put on thy clear light of heavenly bliss!
28 Y'a! Y'a, the father of the winged hoop!
29 Father sultry hoop!
Spirit Gate 30 beautiful and terrible words, conjure!
31 Spirit of Shamash, conjure!
32 Spirit of Utu, conjure!
33 The spirit of gracious!
34 The spirit of the sublime and noble!
35 Spirit, debtors paying homage, implore!
36 Y'a, supportive, conjure! Y'a!
37 Appear, O Shamash, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 38 of the cup and said:
39 "Yes, I proidu into the world of the sun!"
Sura 14. Invocation of the gate Ktughi
1 "The Spirit of the Red Planet, conjure!
Ktugha 2, god of war, conjure!
3 Ktugha, popiratel gate of, the leader of hosts, I beseech!
4 Ktugha, fighter lions and men, conjure!
5 In the name of the covenant between thee and the race Adamov, I urge you!

6 Hearken and Remember!

7 From outside the great gate of the Lord Shamash, the sun of peace, I call to T
8 Ktugha, the god of the sacrificial blood, conjure!
9 Ktugha Lord bitvoprinosheny, the destroyer of enemy castles, eater of human fl
esh, I beseech!
10 Ktugha, lord of the mighty sword, conjure!
Ktugha 11, the Lord of arms and armies, conjure!
12 Ktugha, I turn to Thee!
13 Ktugha, I urge you!
14 Ktugha, I beseech thee!
15 Appear, O Ktugha, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, something I
'm prepared!
16 Appear, O Ktugha, and reveal yourself!
17 Spirit shine on the battlefield, Throw open wide the gates of thy before me,
so I could go through them!
18 The spirit of a discharge to death Throw open the gates of Thy servant, Thy,
so I went up to the worlds of wandering stars!
19 copy of the soaring spirit, sword piercing, a flying stone, Throw open the ga
tes to heaven Your the one who have no fear!
20 Gate of the Red Planet, opened!
21 Gate of the god of war, razverznites well!
22 Gate of God's victory in the battle obryaschennoy, opened before me!
23 Gate of the Lord of protection, opened!
24 Gate of the Lord marks ARRA and Agga, opened!
25 names, some given to me in the world Shamash, asking Throw open the gates of
26 Y'a, Ktugha!
27 Y'a, the spirit of the chambers of heaven, conjure!
28 Y'a, chambers of the human spirit!
29 Y'a, the way of men!
Y'a 30, the night men!
31 Y'a, the spirit of the mighty Lord, I beseech!
Y'a 32, Bow, granting an abundance of land and carrying disaster!

33 I charge!
34 Appear, O Ktugha, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 35 of the cup and said:
36 "Yes, I proidu into the world of Mars!"
Sura 15. Invocation of Marduk Gate
1 "The spirit of the great world, conjure!
2 Marduk, the god of victory over shaitans, conjure!
3 Marduk, the Lord of all lands, conjure!
4 Marduk, the son of Nariks, the master magicians conjure!
5 Marduk poverzhitel Ancients, conjure!
6 Marduk, who grants the power of their stars, conjure!
7 Marduk, which established the wandering stars where they are, conjure!
8 The Lord of the Worlds, and expanses of Outland, conjure!
The first nine broad stellar gods, hear and remember!
10 In the name of the covenant between thee and the race Adamov, I urge you!
11 Hearken and Remember!
12 from outside the gates of the mighty Ktughi, the world of the Red Planet, I c
all to Thee!
13 Hearken and Remember!
14 Marduk, I call to Thee!
15 Marduk, I urge you!
16 Marduk, I beseech thee!
17 Appear, O Marduk, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, something I
'm prepared!
18 Appear, O Marduk, and reveal yourself!
19 Marduk, the Lord fifty forces Throw open the gates of thy before me, so I cou
ld go through them!
20 Marduk, the god of fifty names, Throw open the gates of Thy servant, Thy, so
I went up to the worlds of wandering stars!
21 name, something given to me in the world Ktughi, I cried unto thee, open!
22 gates of the great god, opened!
23 Gates of the double-headed ax of God, opened!

24 Gate of the Lord of peace between the worlds, opened!

25 Gates of the winner of the monsters of the sea, opened!
26 Castle Gate gold Khabir, opened!
27 Y'a a voice!
28 Y'a, warrior!
29 Y'a, bent the inside and cut the monstrous Worm them with power!
30 Y'a Marutukku!
31 Y'a Tutu, Tuku!
32-Shazu Suhrim, Shazu-Suhgurim!
33 Shazu-Zahra, Shazu-Zahgurim!
34 Innumerable force thy deadly quiver Your dimensionless.
35 You are the father of Babylon!
36 Appear, O Marduk, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 37 of the cup and said:
38 "Yes, I proidu Jupiter in the world!"
Sura 16. Invocation of the gate-Y'ig Golonaka
1 "The spirit wanderer spaces, conjure!
2 Spirit of the planet of time, I beseech!
3 Spirit of the planet hunter, conjure!
4-Y'ig Golonak, Lord of dark tracks, conjure!
5-Y'ig Golonak, the Lord moves hidden, conjure!
6-Y'ig Golonak in charge of the secrets of all things, conjure!
7-Y'ig Golonak in charge of the way of the Ancients, conjure!
8-Y'ig Golonak, Silence of the two-horned, conjure!
9-Y'ig Golonak, curator of the ways efreet, conjure!
10-Y'ig Golonak in charge of the trail of dead, conjure!
11 In the name of the covenant between thee and the race Adamov, I urge you!
12 Hearken and Remember!
13 From outside the gates of the mighty God of gods, Marduk, the great world of
peace, I call to Thee!

14 Hearken and Remember!

15-Y'ig Golonak, dark wanderer forgotten land, hear and remember!
16-Y'ig Golonak, I turn to Thee!
17-Y'ig Golonak, I urge you!
18-Y'ig Golonak, I beseech thee!
19 Appear, O-Y'ig Golonak, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, somet
hing I'm prepared!
20 Appear, O-Y'ig Golonak, and reveal yourself!
21-Y'ig Golonak, a gatekeeper stellar gods Throw open the gates of thy before me
, so I could go through them!
22-Y'ig Golonak, lord chase and a long journey, Throw open the gates of Thy serv
ant, Thy, so I went up to the worlds of wandering stars!
23 antlered Ancient Gate, opened!
24 Castle Gate last heaven opened!
25 Gates of the mysteries of all time, opened!
26 Gate master magic power, opened!
27 Gate of the Lord of all magic, opened!
28 Gates of the winner of all evil spell, listen, and opened!
29 name, something given to me in the world, Marduk, Master of Magicians, I call
on Thee, open!
30 Y'a, the creator of strife!
31 Y'a, dark skies!
32 Y'a, the spirit of predicted mi-banishing of their places!
33 gate of the thief, extortionist gate of the gates of the palace of thy conjur
34 turned to me, the spirit! Appear! Appear!
35 Thy skies the limit!
36 Thy kingdom, and the limit will fall so horrible!
37 Yes accomplished!
38 Appear, O-Y'ig Golonak, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 39 of the cup and said:
40 "Yes, I proidu into the world of Saturn!"

Sura 17. The ritual of descent

Buda is one you will reach the limit of Ladder stars, you will prevail over know
ledge and power worlds and be able to call upon their strength through these thi
ngs in your hour of need.
2 Do not give you this power over the abyss, but is this power can be obtained e
xcept through the ritual of descent.
3 This ceremony can take you on the fifteenth day after the thirteenth day of th
e month, you are called koy Gate of Marduk to open.
4 For MARDUK slew the devas, and Shub-Niggurath, the Goddess Fifteen, conquered
the world lower, which still inhabit some of them.
5 Ce is the most dangerous of the ceremonies, and it can be carried out every wh
o has a proper plot, regardless of whether it took place prior to the gate
6 except that it would be better to pass through the gates of Marduk, before you
dare to descend into the abyss.
7 Therefore, only a few opened the gates Y'ig-Golonaka and talked with the two-h
orned, living for them and all sorts of wisdom about daruyuschim rituals invokin
g the dead, and charms that carry the death.
8 Only when you wilt perform thy strength, and beside a shantakov shoggotov, you
'll be able to go further into the ground efreet,
9 and therefore, the covenant was created so that none has passed safely through
the flooded valley of the dead before ascending to Marduk and opened the gates,
which lie in Y'ig-Golonakom, until they shall see signs of a mad god and did no
t experience the wrath Dzhahannama ruler.
10 may be the words of these for thirsty conjure the dead and converse with the
spirits of the dead, and perhaps living in the kingdom Ubbo-Sutley and therefore
Ministering Yidre,
11 in no case shall these things create a preliminary invocation, invocation of
the essence of what is used by the queen of life, Shub-Niggurath, at the time of
her descent into this kingdom of sorrow.
12 Se there is nothing like the open gates of oblivion, leading to the seven ste
ps in the terrifying abyss.
13 In order to descend through the seven gates, and so appeal to Tiamat, read th
e first spell of these things prior:
14 "I have passed through the worlds of wandering stars, through the seven world
s of the firm.
15, I passed through Outland and efreet earth, the inhabitants of Outland and st
rangers from the wasteland of the stars.
16 Must I now create a ceremony of the descent, and I must go down into the doma
in of Chaos.
17 It will take me now first (il second, third il, il fourth, fifth il, il sixth
, seventh il) the gates of the ritual of descent. "
18 Open up the gates of hell as the first words:

19 "Yidra, I turn to Thee!

20 Yidra, I urge you!
21 Yidra, I beseech thee!
22 Appear, O Yidra, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, something I'
m prepared!
23 Appear, O Yidra, and reveal yourself!
Throw open the gates of 24 widely yours, so I could go through them!
Throw open the gates of 25 widely yours, so I could go into the domain of Chaos!
26 Appear, O Yidra, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 27 of the cup.
28 Open up the second gates of the grave with the words:
29 "Azathoth, I turn to Thee!
30 Azathoth, I urge you!
31 Azathoth, I beseech thee!
32 Appear, O Azathoth, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, something
I'm prepared!
33 Appear, O Azathoth, and reveal yourself!
Throw open the gates of 34 widely yours, so I could go through them!
Throw open the gates of 35 widely yours, so I could go into the domain of Chaos!
36 Appear, O Azathoth, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 37 of the cup.
38 Open up the gates of hell third the words:
39 "Idhya, I turn to Thee!
40 Idhya, I urge you!
41 Idhya, I beseech thee!
42 Appear, O Idhya, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, something I'
m prepared!
43 Appear, O Idhya, and reveal yourself!
Throw open the gates of 44 widely yours, so I could go through them!
Throw open the gates of 45 widely yours, so I could go into the domain of Chaos!
46 Appear, O Idhya, and reveal yourself! "

Ispey 47 of the cup.

48 Open up the gates of hell fourth words:
49 "Niogta, I turn to Thee!
50 Niogta, I urge you!
51 Niogta, I beseech thee!
52 Appear, O Niogta, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, something I
'm prepared!
53 Appear, O Niogta, and reveal yourself!
Throw open the gates of 54 widely yours, so I could go through them!
Throw open the gates of 55 widely yours, so I could go into the domain of Chaos!
56 Appear, O Niogta, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 57 of the cup.
58 Open up the gates of hell fifth words:
59 "King, I call to Thee!
60 King, I urge you!
61 King, I beseech thee!
62 Appear, O King, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, something I'm
63 Appear, O King, and reveal yourself!
Throw open the gates of 64 widely yours, so I could go through them!
Throw open the gates of 65 widely yours, so I could go into the domain of Chaos!
66 Appear, O King, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 67 of the cup.
68 Open up the gates of hell sixth words:
69 "Cthulhu, I call to Thee!
70 Cthulhu, I urge you!
71 Cthulhu, I beseech thee!
72 Appear, O Cthulhu, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, something
I'm prepared!
73 Appear, O Cthulhu, and reveal yourself!
Throw open the gates of 74 widely yours, so I could go through them!
Throw open the gates of 75 widely yours, so I could go into the domain of Chaos!

76 Appear, O Cthulhu, and reveal yourself! "

Ispey 77 of the cup.
78 Open up the gates of hell sixth words:
79 "Ubbo-Sutley, I turn to Thee!
80-Ubbo Sutley, I urge you!
81-Ubbo Sutley, I beseech thee!
82 Appear, O-Ubbo Sutley, and reveal themselves in the temple of my body, someth
ing I'm prepared!
83 Appear, O-Ubbo Sutley, and reveal yourself!
Throw open the gates of 84 widely yours, so I could go through them!
Throw open the gates of 85 widely yours, so I could go into the domain of Chaos!
86 Appear, O-Ubbo Sutley, and reveal yourself! "
Ispey 87 of the cup.
Sura 18. Appeal to Tiamat
A Proidya through seven gates now, read the spell, turned to Tiamat, Ancient.
2 can not be called Tiamat, as long as the stars do not favor her completely,
3 but may be passed through the gates of oblivion call Her particle forces in th
e body of his spell with this:
4 "I have the rite performed the descent.
5 I came into possession of Chaos.
6 I went into the possession of Chaos.
7 I reached the Serpents of Chaos, Ancient.
8 Tiamat, Ancient, Serpent of Chaos, the mother of the Ancients and the devs!
9 The mother of all fiends of Chaos!
10 The oldest of the Ancients!
11 Ancient Serpent!
12 Mistress of Darkness!
13 Serpent's oldest!
14 Tiamat, I call to Thee!
15 Tiamat, I urge you!
16 Tiamat, I beseech thee!

17 Wake up! Come! Appear well and reveal yourself!

18 Appear in order to get this very sacrifice, bestowed upon me to Thee!
19 Appear in order to get this very sacrifice!
20 On Ancient, I give you my body, my mind and my soul.
21 On the Ancient, I give thee my flesh and my blood.
22 On the Ancient, I give you my body and my spirit.
23 On Ancient, I give you my life and the lives of my daughters, (name) and (nam
24 On Ancient, I give you my life and the lives of my children and grandchildren
of mine,
25 For all the generations to come first, so I have my descendants after me ever
served thee, ever served as the forces of darkness.
26 On the Ancient, I give you my seed, my progeny and my whole family,
27 that those who shall come after me on my flesh and blood,
28 served thee, worshiped thee, glory to Thee.
About 29 ancient, everything I own I am in this world, I give you.
30 And all that I get from now on, you promised me.
31 I will cast thee.
32 I submit to you.
33 I will dedicate myself to Thee.
34 I accomplishes these things by my free will and a desire to mine, without ask
ing anything in return.
35 I commit myself fully and completely the power of Thy, the Ancient!
36 I have given myself completely and wholly Thy power!
37 Tiamat, the oldest of the Ancients, I am a sacrifice unto Thee.
38 For you have everything that I love.
39 For you have everything that I desire.
40 For you have all that my heart longs.
41 For you have everything that I love with all my heart, my whole mind and with
all my soul.
42 On Ancient, accept me as a priest of thy servant, and thy
43 O Tiamat, accept me as thy husband, and lover of thy
44 On Ancient, accept me as a sacrifice to You!

45 Appear, O Ancient, in order to take this very sacrifice! "

46 Remember, O mukarrib: Ubbo-Sutley is the serpent, but Tiamat is the serpent,
and she is the greatest of them, but to become maleysheyu time.
47 But in the realm of Chaos, they - one.
48 Therefore, the witch gives herself in marriage to Ubbo-Sutley, but the sorcer
er gives himself to men of Tiamat.
49 Through these things up mukarrib alliance with the Serpents of Chaos, the gre
atest of the Ancients.
50 But let him forget he was ever about what exposes itself when you try to call
one of them.
51 For it is extremely dangerous to disturb the sleep of the Ancients, but not p
ossessing a particle of the forces of Tiamat, the mother of them seven times dan
gerous to do these things .
In the original manuscript followed Fravashi book, which is a translation of a f
ragment of the Hebrew Book of Enoch and powered applications.
Kitab VII. Book of Evocation
Sura 1. On the observation time and the seasons, the opening ceremonies and the
invocation of the gate
A book is this - on the rites, koi are used for the open gate, in order to encou
rage the Ancients and the other creatures on the land.
2 In her tell me some specific spells, in order to encourage a variety of streng
th and spirits.
3 And as long as the great dream in their place, and upokoischah, dust and salt
Noah should let you call them, that they were out of Outland.
4 Take heed, for I, Al-Khazraj, intends to broadcast:
5 Senior gods wove the curse of God,
6 In order to fall asleep they are. And the ones that will open the press,
7 In order to awake the sleeping - too damned.
8 I tell you in the Book of Enchantments,
9 In order to print you broke that inhibit
10 Cthulhu and his hordes of black, in spite of fate,
11 For all my life I wasted them knowing.
12 Come, fool, shut in the dark spaces:
13 Hell's gates shut. But you
They call a 14, so that, you on the mountain,
15 And they awake, they were out of the void.

16 Here it is, my gift to men - my keys.

17 Look well to your locks your curse!
18 Heed well what Majnun al-Khazraj cries 19 The one that opened the damn press!
20 Se is the Book of rituals invoking passed from the time when the senior roame
d the earth, popirateli Ancients.
21 Behold, there is the Book Y'ig Golonaka, antlered serpent, the owner of a wit
ch's wand.
22 Se there Ytakua book, Queen coldly, mistress of spells.
23 Se is the Book of Marduk, the king, the Lord volshby.
24 Se is the Book of Azathoth, the caster.
25 Se is the Book of Dzhahannama, dark waters Ubbo-Sutley, Yidry kingdom, the qu
een's death.
26 Se is the Book of viziers knowledge, Nyarlathotep and Tsatoggua, zmieopletenn
ogo genie magic wand and the genie of thunder, the keepers of the faith cherishe
d, secret knowledge, hidden something from those who are not of our number, to t
he uninitiated.
27 Se is the Book of MARDUK Asarri, eye on the throne.
28 Se there Orobly book, the mighty serpent, Ubbom generated during the battle b
eside a Senior.
The book has 29 Se and Tefrisa Aphum-Zhah, monsters of the abyss, Yog-Sothoth ch
ildren, male and female, with claws like daggers, and the wings of darkness.
30 Se there is also a book-Hada Hagley, first among magicians Yidry.
31 Se is the Book of the seven Amesha, seven Genii glowing sky, the seven genies
the flame.
32 Se is the Book of the priest, the reigning acts of fire!
33 There are times, places and rules, to whom it shall be followed.
34 patient and intelligent researcher learns about time and seasons, must comply
with koi, and how to erect the stones before the start of the work.
35 Know, first, that the strength of the force are popirateley witchcraft,
36 and that the ancient dwell forever will tempt you to reject ratification of p
37 and you'll feel that the subtle currents of your body, join in the breath of
Tiamat, and the blood of Kingu, your running in his veins.
38 Therefore be ever alert in order not to open the gates of these,
Il 39, staying in poverty, set time to close them before sunrise, and sealed the

m in this time;
40 For these should leave open, then become a supporter of Chaos.
41 Know then, second, that the power of witchcraft are the strength of our Narik
s Mistress, Mistress of the seas, and the Lord of witchcraft, the father of Mard
uk, sotvoritelya named Arcane, Arcane numbers, words, Arcane, Arcane appearance.
42 Therefore, a priest, doing accomplishes the fire and the fiery nature of Mard
uk, Gibila, Gishbarom betrothed, but sprinkle the first place the waters of the
seas Nariks as recognition of her dominion, and the sign of the covenant entered
into between it and thee.
43 Know then, thirdly, that the authorities of the Senior and submission of the
Ancients can you find all sorts of honors, rank, wealth and happiness.
44 But let him deny you of this as a carrier of death, because of the brilliant
gems must rest deep beneath the earth, and the grave human nature Yidry splendor
, the joy of Cthulhu, Azathoth food.
45 Wherefore thy duty - to be the keeper of the gates into this world, a ministe
r of Marduk, the servant Nariks, for forgetful older and very far away.
46 And the priests were revealed by fire, that the covenant was created in order
to seal the gates between the worlds and Outland and take custody order through
this night time.
47 Circle of Arcane is the essence of the border, the church and the gates betwe
en the worlds.
48 Know then, the fourth, which was now the duty of the priests of fire and swor
d, and all Arcane, to carry his power into the pit, and as the judges kept sim l
49 For, in truth, the essence of the gates of hell forgotten, with which ever wa
nt to come back to the ancient land of the living,
50 and openly, march through the world of human-viziers Ubbo Sutley, sitting in
air and in the firmament, and sailing silently through the waters, and amid the
roaring fire.
51 And so shall all the spirits of the priest-magician to bring into submission
before the others.
52 Otherwise the same appeal before the eye of the priest's death spoil the seve
n genies, kings of hell, viziers Dzhahannama queen.
53 Know, fifth, that the minions of Tiamat stay abroad in our world, and they wi
ll fight magician.
54 Yes, they worshiped the dragon during the past and have been among us from th
e century!
55 And you can see the add to their appearance, seeming human and seal the weare
r of the Beast,
56 and by the way, the ease with which they take the guise of animals and hunt a
t night for the men,
57 and the smell of them emanating from the smoldering incense, forbidden to wor

ship the Elder.

58 And the Scripture they - Book of Chaos and the lights, the Book of Shadows an
d shells.
59 And they worship the heaving expanse,
60 and the heavens torn,
61 and the flame unrestrained,
62 and the waters flooded;
63 and are shared in the same vozdvigateli ratey jinn, lying-in-waiting.
64 And they know not what they do, but doing these things at the behest of serpe
nts, even before the name means Yidra trembling and terrible Cthulhu is torn in
65 Mummu Tiamat, Queen of the Ancients!
66 Know then, the sixth, which is not lawful for you to look for other actions d
ivination still, except for those rules and regulations, koi described above, fo
r other means to co-create most terrible endanger yourself and the entire human
67 Therefore, carefully read the words of these and do not change a word in spel
ls, understandest Do you shared in the same fervor, not because they are the wor
ds of the covenant, created by antiquity, and before the beginning of time.
68 So, bear them gently, since it is said: soft;
69 il exclaimed loudly them, since it is said: a loud voice;
70 but did not betray any single measure, that did not call you something else,
and so did not this moment last for you.
71 Know, seventh, of the fruits of your art, koi you can expect from this sacred
72 Learn the signs of zeal, and do not be afraid of the evil specter of the nigh
t that invade your rites il will annoy your abode day il night.
Only 73 words of the covenant order them - and they will create at the behest of
your opinion, since you'll be hard.
74 And if ye do these rituals frequently, behold, darkness that enveloped the wo
75, and wandering stars in the sky will not be their more visible you,
76 and stars in their place will lose its light,
77 and Luna, Nodens, to whom you serve, too, will turn black and die,
78 and becomes more of Ararat,
79 and the land shall not escape.
80 And the flame will be around you, like lightning, shining in all directions,

81 and everything will be amidst the thunder,

82 and from the cavities of the earth ghouls jump out and carry away shakaloglav
ye you in hell.
83 The rites of invocation of every kind of spirits can be called and held, as l
ong as he does not answer your questions or not to perform what you want.
Spirits of the Dead 84 may be invoked.
85 Spirits of Unborn may be invoked.
86 Spirits of the seven heavens may be called upon.
87 Spirits of the flame can be called.
88 Among them are a thousand and one spirit, koi paramount importance, and those
you will experience during your testing.
89 There are many other, but some do not possess power, but only tempted.
90 But let him not forget you for ever, that the hard drive of the Ancients.
91 The will of their curious and wondrous judgment of them.
92 Therefore, the best for the invocation of the early rites - fifty names of th
e spirits of the Lord Marduk, koi skillful in the service and who are the vigila
nt defenders of the ways of Outland.
93 these should not be detained longer than necessary, and some are, indeed, the
nature of violent and impatient, and the job they should be declared sim as soo
n as possible and then let them be released.
94 Then, also urged the faces of Nyarlathotep, when you have secured the support
of the spirits of Marduk, for the spirit of the planet's rapid tricky!
95 Then the jinn themselves the seven heavens are called upon to success, after
the priest trod the paths of passing them too.
96 When the priest reached the gates of entry Nodens, he can call upon other of
fifty of the Ancients and the younger spirits of the kingdom, but not before.
97 With awe and devotion, you'll be able to use the appeal to the great Cthulhu
il learn to summon Shub-Niggurath the Black.
98 In order to learn about the strange times, Or wander with no traffic, open th
e gates of il and dedication to acquire, you may wish you to appeal to Yog-Sotho
th and his balls.
99 Other entities are able to learn about the events of the past mukarriba and c
ome and help him in his writings.
100 Among those Daolot, koy lies the veil and to tear it apart at the time of de
ath of the great.
101 is able to tell Daolot events of the past and future with an accuracy of bet
ter than even the treatises of the Middle Kingdom, There is a glory of which kin

102 Whenever you wish to call living in the Outland, the faithful follow the sea
sons and the time when the worlds intersect and influence ends of the voids.
103 Watch the turnover of the Moon, the movements of wandering stars by the sun
through the zodiac, equinoxes, and the rising of the constellations.
104 Prednachalnye rites should be executed only at the time, they are befitting,
that is, on the day of the Meeting, the night after rodonitsy Scythian, the fea
st of harvest, the autumn equinox, and on the eve of All Saints' .
2 February, the eve of May 1, August, September 21 and on the eve of November.
105 Cry to the terrible Azathoth when the Sun in Aries, Leo il Sagittarius, Moon
decreasing and Mars and Saturn are connected.
106 Mighty Yog-Sothoth rise in response to your spell, when the sun goes over th
e fifth house on a hot house in Leo trine with Saturn and it's time to start the
festival of harvest.
Invoke a monstrous 107 Hastur the night of the Meeting, when the sun is in Aquar
ius and Mercury in trine.
108 pray to Great Cthulhu only at the eve of All Saints' Day, when the sun is in
the house of Scorpio and Orion ascends.
109 When the day of All Saints falls on the point of the new moon, the force wil
l be greatest.
110 entreat Shub-Niggurath when the fires are burning in the hills rodonitsy, an
d the sun - in the second house, repeating the rituals of the autumnal equinox,
that Black was before you.
111 Be wise, creating the sign of fire, and do not forget about the nine words o
f power in the autumnal equinox and the day before All Saints, in order to go to
Outland at the gates, of which the keeper of Yog-Sothoth.
112 And when the spirit will be designed to not be afraid of the image in any wa
y he was brought, but the rumor to him these words:
113 "The Lion, the ghoul, the voice of death, abhor Outland robes!"
114 and he will appear in a comely form, and corresponds to all the questions co
rrectly, you zadash koi and koi He knows He is the answer.
115 Do not forget to offer sacrifice to Him according to His power,
116 and if not, he naidet blood sacrifice, He will take your own.
117 Therefore do not be unwise, and remember that after satisfactory answers to
the questions should let your spirit back home, and not to delay longer.
118 And do not be no attempt to give the spirit of freedom,
119 for the cross is a violation of the covenant, and will bring it with you and
yours the strongest kind of curses,
120 for the commanded not to stir the bones of dead and dig up bones of the dead

121 Spirit can be released with these words:

122 "Come out, lion, gul, the voice of death!"
123 and immediately disappear, and he returned to the resting place of his.
If 124 does not go away It just, just repeat the words of these, and obey Him.
125 The sign is kind of thee, which thou must wear at all times as a sign of the
covenant between thee and the Elder, as follows:
126 sign of the Elders, which you must wear at all times as a sign of arcane pow
er Nariks, as follows:
127 and said I told you these things before, but I'll once again it is said, for
the priest, being with all the protection and fully armed, is likened to the go
128 Therefore do not fear what they saw and heard, you opened the open, after th
129: for behold there are groans and lamentations of the shadows the prisoners t
here, and the cry of a mad god on the throne of darkness.
Sura 2. Invocation of the Great Cthulhu
First of all, a very important voice to awaken, time to dive into dreams prednac
2 can be achieved by the ancient need to set up their mind to the signs, the sou
nd appeals to them (What is hardly the words) and a way of thinking, the most pl
easing to them.
3 I tell you what I know now about the acts, the witchcraft of the Ancients.
4 And do not think that these things will be through your blessing.
5 Let your will take place before a meeting with the great Cthulhu, koy lies dre
aming, His palace in the sunken city of R'leh.
6 Of all the lords of the Ancients Cthulhu stands alone and there is a separate,
because he is not one of blood, that the others do, but his blood mixed with th
eir blood.
7 Sign of Cthulhu, koy are a sign and expression of His nature, is a quadrangle
with five columns and five rows, the number of all of which sixty-five,
8 of the same cell twenty-five, and the number of three hundred and twenty-five.
9 Glagolyut Chaldeans, that printing his name inscribed in the square and inscri
bed on the tablet of iron, has the power to grant victory in battle and protect
the wound from the sword of the warrior il arrow,
10 and what kind it is pleasing to the creatures that dwell in darkness and koi
brought Cthulhu, bereguschie the lives of those who wear it.
11 But these things recently - not true.
12 "Ph'nglui mglu'nafh Cthulhu fhtagn R'leh vgah'nagl.
13 Y'a! Y'a! Cthulhu fhtagn!

In his own house in R'lehe dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.
Y'a! Y'a! Cthulhu is dreaming!
14 This is a prayer to the great Cthulhu for those who got the power over his pe
15 In remote parts of the world, from the plateau to the west of the island Lang
Britons, from the shores of the Nile to the icy deserts of Hyperborea, Selected
His singing these words,
16 and are shared in the same sign on to whom they will know each other, and com
munication, Koya unites them, even when they belong to different nations.
17 For him, being accomplished first offering them.
18 In the day and hour when the moon and the sun is in Scorpio, prepare a wax ta
blet, and write and then press Cthulhu and Dagon; Okura Zakubara perfume and hid
19 email and then to a place where ancient antiquities have revealed themselves,
20 il of the battlefield,
21, or where there was massacred,
22 il to an ancient burial place,
23 and take it a little bit the dust of death, no more than two handfuls.
24 At sunset, the night of the dark moon on the eve of All Saints' Day, go to a
secluded place where the land rises above the great waters of the great river, l
ake il sea.
25 The best place for would be a natural stone cave at the water's edge, but the
secret grove il Creek amiss either.
26 Let there be a ceremony held at night, and better when dense clouds of heaven
, and water tight restless.
27 Special items like a toga costume jewelry il is not required.
28 The only exception so be guardian of the seals of Cthulhu and Dagon, worn by
29 It is dangerous to ignore the instruction sim!
30 Having accomplished this, a white flour Show at the site of a secret printing
of Azathoth, the blind, Gladney God.
Over 31 print kindle the fire of the great black thorns, willow and wood fin,
32 position the meat and bones, wormwood, and asafetida coral and watch for them
with due care, that all thoroughly burned.
33 And, as long as the flame is lit, keep this image in your mind:

34 In the primitive jungle of nine shades rise above the fire.

35 they were dressed in black, flowing cloaks they make vague, alien shape.
36 They surrounded the fire, but the light can not penetrate under the shadow of
their overalls.
37 While Osem in turn add some substance, some kind of fuel to the fire, the nin
th measured sings a spell.
38 Hearken chant, until contemplate, as the flame consumes, transforms and destr
oys everything that is given to him.
39 It seems that the fire writhing and freezes to the extent that stinking like
smoke coming out of it.
40 Take the tablet with the seals in the right hand of thine And make the sign o
f Kish with his left.
41 Take his left hand is a torch soaked in such a way so that it cast a dark blu
e glow,
42 and thrice utter curse, never taking his eyes from the flame of fire:
43 "O Thou that lieth dead but ever dreaming,
44 heed, Thy servant appeals to you.
45 Hear me, O mighty Cthulhu!
46 Hear me, lord of dreams!
47 In Thy tower at R'lehe they imprisoned you,
48 but break the shackles of thy accursed Dagon,
49 Thy kingdom and exalted again.
50 The inhabitants of the depths of a secret knows your name,
51 Yidre knows lair thy
52 Give me the sign Your so that I could learn
53 Thy will on earth!
54 When death dies, Thy time will come
55 and do not let you fall asleep more!
56 Grant me the power about to calm the waves,
57 so I could hear the call of Yours! "
58 And when the last word in the third reading will freeze in the air, created a
sign of Ur, drop the tablet into the waves and said:
59 "I came, to proclaim the call of Cthulhu.

I once again call out 60 words deep, this great emptiness of the dark waters and
howling winds, where we lived in centuries past.
61 Hear, immortal, and cried with me calling to eternal serpent, whose dream giv
es us life!
62 Y'a, great Cthulhu, whose art knows the depths of all the families who live i
n the firmament, and under it!
63 Hear Your famous names:
64 Typhon, Leviathan Latane Kululu Cthulhu!
65 Hear the famous names of thy brother:
66 Poseidon, Neptune Ninnasu Oannes Dagon!
67 In his own house in R'lehe dead Cthulhu waits dreaming, when he shall rise an
d His kingdom shall cover the earth.
68 Y'a Cthulhu! "69 And then shall appear to you and He will reveal His characte
r, with whom you'll be able to uncover the secrets of the depths:
70 "From Yuggoth I came here, into the world of horror, in order to live here an
d rule forever.
71 And by the way runs through the third corner of my,
72 and hounds racing ahead of me Tind'losi,
73 and I sang with the men, koi frolicked in the world of horrors.
74 I walked the earth, and I have taught men to laugh and play, kill and cry.
75 is not for them I died, but for myself I died and went to sleep.
76 Laughing pipe howl in the clefts of the abyss
77 boils and darkness, when the five corners of dying in the sixth.
78 I danced and killed,
79 and I laughed with the men,
80 and died in R'lehe I, in order to sleep, dreaming about the Lord of planes an
d angles.
81 Hear me, for I proclaim an end to the god of death and dying god,
I'm 82 and it is said of the laws of life, can you koeyu reject the curse of dea
th sleepless.
83 The ancients were, is ancient, ancient re-will.
84 Dead I, but I sleep, and therefore is not dead.
85 Many minds and many will grant me the strength to the service of the faithful
86 Captain Grant is forfeited, so give me a new one life!

87 From the depths of water I shall appear, and will come out of the deep depths
of the inhabitants.
88 For ages slept you too, as long as the rules of the god of death,
89 but now you are awakened to life.
90 From the sea I cry to the inhabitants of the depths and expanse of the appeal
to the inhabitants of the depths of Cthulhu.
91 Do not forget the original nor the abyss,
92 no Ancients, koi brought you the flame of the abyss,
93 no solar Kozlitsy,
94 no eternal serpents, Koya has raised you in the firmament, and gave you the f
lame of the Messenger.
95 Izydte same from the sea! "
96 Throw a torch in flame, depart into the darkness and said:
97 "angles of the water depths are not there more
98 but there are other angles to rule today depths Dwellers.
99 Printing and shining Nine trapezohedron, but did not fall on us thy wrath, fo
r the ancients know us!
100 Y'a Azathoth!
101 Y'a, devouring!
102 Y'a Cthulhu!
103 Y'a Dagon!
104 Y'a Tiamat! "
Repeat 105 songs, koi heard in a vision, while carefully burn all raw materials,
using oil if necessary, that all turned to ash.
106 Then all should be carefully chop and add nine drops of blood, semen, il mon
thly outflows.
107 Further, the ash is this thoroughly mixed with the ashes of death.
108 Behold the invocation of the dust is similar to that supported the gate whil
e it is.
109 Take this little bit of dust and scattering it in a circular groove with a d
epth of about one and a half shusi, Or lay on top of the dust of the earth live
in a secret place.
110 Offering of Cthulhu done.
111 Another part of the invocation of the ashes mixed with clay,

112 and made

of clay that he creates the image of Cthulhu:

113 Let there be created an image in the form of tablets the size of a human pal
m and a half thick shusi.
114 In the aforesaid applied together with the outlines of the Great seal.
115, and shall inscribe the image should be dry where it touches the sun il glow
of the moon.
116 On the reverse side should write these things to cut il sacred writings:
117 "Ph'nglui mglu'nafh Cthulhu R'leh vgah'nagl fhtagn."
Yes, 118 will be commensurate with the image of this area of the dust chute il i
119 for the idol is installed or placed in the middle of this place.
120 best prepared ashes scattered dust of the earth such a way, that image has b
een extensive thereof.
121 If you are forced to work in the area, the trench is preferable, if the imag
e is made
122 In any case, the image should then be surrounded by fire, using a candle set
in a circle of black wax.
123 Location is not important, but the image must rise and be surrounded by cand
124 There are two kinds of devotional service before the image of this generatio
125 The simplest invocation of the add is contemplative, when the mind is turned
inward in search of dreams of the Ancients.
126 Above this - the black feast, when called upon in the flesh of the beyond.
127 It accomplishes the rite writhe and howl at the festival found in Outland.
128 On the feast of the essence of these things szyvayutsya Outland, terrible vi
ew, in the guise of whom nothing human,
129 and the strength of their falling on worthless human castles.
130 Y'a, a tribe of Outland!
131 On the delight of tearing of the weave of the flesh, the bones of the crunch
, when the old body is a void of mortal flesh!
However, only 132 little will be said about the mystery of the family.
133 When the dark, winged entity is the presence of his own,
134 when the willow leaves Satan awkwardly out of the woods,
135 deprived of their appearance when rising from a gloomy lakes,

136 words lose all meaning.

137 then exposed, in order to stand before the holy.
138 Can you paint yourself, if willed in order to lubricate the features of thei
r humanity,
139 and let him be unto thee, drum, or, if these things seem possible, an assist
ant with the drum.
Yes, 140 will be lit candle
141 and so will he burn incense in abundance.
142 begins to beat the drum quickly and measurably.
143 Sit down, naked, before the sanctuary, rocking back and forth, focusing your
gaze on the image.
144 Sing again and again "Cthulhu fhtagn" voice-like snoring and puffing like an
animal il thunder of waves on the rocks.
145 be submitted for the vision of these things chants:
146 You go ... long walks on the streets of black basalt.
147 Gigantic towers, buildings, hidden in the mist sea ...
148 corners of buildings and streets seem to overlap,
149 and therefore, it is unclear whether you go up il down.
150 Faces of the buildings are shrouded in mystery, but still recognizable signs
and letters.
151 Go ahead, toward the great glow.
152 Differences can clearly the measured chants, the great roar of the crowd.
Ellipsoid with 153 trails on open space is too vast for the eye, surrounded by g
iant pillars.
154 chants and deafening roar of the drums the size of a house ...
155 In the midst, in the middle of a circle of fire, the camp overlooks bashnepo
dobny Cthulhu, many ushshi in height.
Ushsh (Shestivervie) - Babylonian measure of length equal to approximately 360 m
It is worth 156 straight on two feet, on a pedestal of stone,
157 huge wings reach the heavens,
158 four hands doing magical movements of their characters.
159 out of the darkness swirling flames caress his naked outlines.
Chapter 160 of Cthulhu - writhing cluster of tentacles, each of whom is living h
is separate life;

161 Great voice breaks through the songs.

162 Across a vast area - shadows in black robes, hidden overalls.
163 Whips cut through the air.
164 Chredy worship directed toward the flame with a dull chants.
165 Move through the crowd to the edge of the pit, and behold you as being stepp
ing forward over the edge, smoking a substance at the bottom.
166 Now, can you behold that the family is not an ordinary fire, greedily devour
ing the flesh of the victim.
167 He twists and shines like a flesh almost pure power, when the outlines of th
e victims are dissolved and absorbed by it.
168 cries of the victims and the oily smoke of uplift to the tentacles wreathed
head singing the high priest of the Ancients, when the flame emits a weird crazy
thin squeak.
So 169 is hollows on their knees and join the chants for the great Cthulhu!
170 Let all your feelings to obey the vision;
171 repeat the name over and over again, until I feel myself completely exhauste
172 then lie down and fall asleep right before the sanctuary.
173 Ce is an appeal to the great Cthulhu.
174 You'll find you, whether it was successful, if the servants of the Ancients
will come to you in dreams.
175 Dreams, These are the key to their prison, their distinct voice to all the b
rave and fearless mukarribam.
After gaining 176 return dream seeker living in Outland can move on to other cha
Sura 3. Invocation and contemplation Nyarlathotepovyh faces hidden arcana of the
In an open tract of the Ancients is a second force, Koya mukarribu can help.
2 His admirers styled His Messenger with darkness by appearances, otherwise also
known as Crouching He Chaos.
3 Do not say His name in vain, for the utter it out loud means to encourage him,
if he even invisible,
4 For he is because of those who call him by name, clothed in shadow, and theref
ore invisible, and teaches them about their desires.
5 Then he can help kill the damn il, for his wondrous fun.
6 Chaldeans relate it to Heaven of Mercury, the planet of rapid, because he wise
st of the Ancients, and the Trickster, and the Messenger, and the Herald.
7 His sign is a quadrilateral with columns and Eighth Eighth row, the number of

any of which two hundred and sixty,

8 of the same cell sixty-four, and the number of two thousand osmdesyat.
9 They believed the Chaldeans, that the sign still on the tablet of the alchemic
al mercury caused, and worn on the heart, will take the wrath of Nyarlathotep as
the press, which has authority over his arrival and departure,
10 but is very unwise to believe so strongly in the efficacy of this talisman.
11 The book, given to me Ebonor, told me that the twenty-one name, Or face has N
yarlathotep, but behold there is only powerful of them.
12 Any of the names now can be called upon in due time, the third hour of the da
y to the last hour of the day.
13 Every name is a sacred and special sign, koy should also be used with due inv
14 All print Nyarlathotepovy composed of three features and three recesses,
15 but the last of eight traits and four recesses,
16, and each, except the last, there is a hidden noose, koy must contemplate in
order to know the mysteries of the Ancients.
The names of the 17 faces Nyarlathotepovyh, koi are forces operating from a dist
ant universe, are as follows:
18 The name of the third hour - Etonetate,
19 And the Lord He is the essence of words and miraculous conspiracies,
20 and should be paid to him for advice in cases, for He will bring you many wor
ds of power.
21 Etonetate deprived of the body, but can appear as fog il to remain invisible.
22 It is called Arkan Iratisinger the Word:
23 The name of the fourth hour - Ondanin, koy brings with him the will of the An
24, and can you talk to him, and not by the Ancients, for many he favorably.
25 Ondanin appear before the magician teniyu dark, barely perceptible.
26 Arkan also called his kicks Meuse Aru, the Messenger:
27 The name of the fifth hour - Banibo, koy magician is a place of magnificent t
28 but be vigilant, do not let him persuade you to leave your circle, so long as
you do not get information from him and banish him.
29 Is Banibo in human form curved and bloated, and exudes the smell of rot.
30 It is called Arkan, Ishat Memer Bel-Kay, The Treasure:

31 The name of the sixth hour - Obinab, koy is magician many secrets of the univ
32 Oppose It Banibo, but will also convince you to leave the circle, so that you
could go with him in the way.
33 If he will do this, you must insist that He Himself has given you the knowled
ge koi can get you on the road.
34 Arkan also called Schumer Its Aza Isil, Infinite Chaos:
35 The name of the seventh hour - Bosoro is koy in the form of a huge fiery serp
36 Do not look into the eyes of his, or ever will be possessed by him,
37 but led him to appear in the guise of human,
38 and he must be obeyed.
39 Bosoro has knowledge of the minds of men,
40 and you can ask Him to reveal to you the mind of man, whom you call.
41 It is called Arkan Mush'Arat, mind:
42 Eighth Name hours - Okseren, koy knows about the future and is on a black hor
se that can trot faster than time itself.
43 And his Arkan-called khat Memer, Warrior:
44 The name of the ninth hour - Badero, koy are master miraculous sign,
45 and he can teach many of them to the caster, with whom he could open the gate
s to other places il to influence the minds of men.
46 It is called Arkan Gur-Taa-Taa Maulka, Call:
47 The name of the tenth hour - Osenin, koy manages the bodies of men and can gi
ve a person every appearance, some would call him a sorcerer.
48 Is Osenin with the human body and the head of the lizard, wrapped in flames.
49 It is called Arkan Hemikoris Alyach-Aa, revived:
50 Name the eleventh hour - Boksebo, koy opens the gates before the magician, in
order to clear the way before him.
51 It is like a giant insect Boksebo with a lot of hands.
52 It is called Arkan Hemin, choose:
53 The name of the twelfth hour - Nora, to whom are led by all the scriptures th
at existed ever
He was 54 and could read the scriptures every magician, what would he neither so
55 Is Norana like winged scribe.

56 It is called Arkan Phir'Mast Horul Vary Wisdom:

57 The name of the thirteenth hour - Onaron, koy has great knowledge of science,
it can tell the magician,
58 and you can even bring him to command the magician rare materials such as gra
ss and stone.
59 is a winged man Onaron with lots of long, sharp teeth.
60 It is called Arkan Kam Ishita Cours Vary Matter:
61 The name of the fourteenth hour - Nerekso, koy stores information about the s
ecret talismans and seals.
62 Is Nerekso in the guise of an old man with goat legs.
63 It is called Arkan Shimir Akah Imazu, Fate:
64 The name of the fifteenth hour - Ronobe, koy evil spirit and essence of every
human being ubiet at the behest of yours.
65 Ronobe is similar to the Emir of shimmering gold, holding a black sword.
66 It is called Arkan Etotasir, Bow:
67 The name of the sixteenth hour - Orosob, koy are lustful of the Jinn and help
lure any woman, what magician wishes.
68 It is like a naked black Orosob husband
69 and bude It does not appear - for walking on land, raping immaculate - you sh
ould call him again,
70 but do not call him for more than three times, or do you infuriate him.
71 It is called Arkan Ghish Marat Uzulu, Passion:
72 Name of the seventeenth hour - Nineso, koy is the exact likeness of magician.
73 It has the power to curse Nineso sonmischa younger spirits
74 and the magician must indicate how he should exorcise.
75 It is called Arkan Moore-Ahan Yog-Sothoth, Slavery:
76 Name eighteenth hour - Ebonor, koy reveal superhuman knowledge and teach them
to understand all sorts of languages.
77 Wizard may ask for his gift of knowledge and language, to whom he gave me, bu
t do not force him, otherwise he is angry.
78 Ebonor is like a black man dressed in black robes.
79 It is called Arkan Nur Maxau Imer, born from the darkness:
80 Name of the nineteenth hour - Oredab is like a skeleton koy, riding a giganti
c lizards.

81 has the power to destroy Oredab grads a wave.

82 It is called Arkan Khluzh A'Ad Melim, Primary Power:
83 Name of the twentieth hour - Ninando, koy has great power and can move the im
movable, and wandering stars.
84 Ninando appears motionless with the body and the head of the larvae of flies,
He was 85 and ruled by the inhabitants of the forest.
86 It is called Arkan Milehar Kimin Ay, Prophecy:
87 Name of the twenty-first hour - Rinanir, koy constantly changing guises and f
orever transformed.
88 Rinaniru knows all of the past.
89 It is called Arkan Ninir Abril Cash, The Legend:
90 Name of the twenty-second hour - Obeksob, koy is like a floating firaunovoy m
ummies, wrapped in flames.
91 Obeksob magician gives vision, contemplating the fire.
92 It is called Arkan Imena CSIRO Aalas, Lord:
93 Name of the twenty-third hour - Etatenote too horrible koy to the eye.
94 Etatenote are the true embodiment of Nyarlathotep,
95 and only at that time would he settle down when the stars are most favorable
to him,
He is 96 and the lasso are the greatest.
97 This is the name of the twenty-one and twenty Nyarlathotep arcana of the Anci
ents, koi are used on the ground.
98 names of these may be called in due time and with proper precautions in the h
igh places of the earth by your SIM:
99 "Nyarlathotep! Nyarlathotep! Nyarlathotep! Ai!
100 Three times I call your name (Name)!
101 Appear in terms of this, the government press Thy mighty, in a place sacred
to thy sacraments.
102 According to press Thy learn me as Thy faithful servant!
103 requests the Executive Board, koi, I pay to thee, that I may live and prospe
r as a servant of thy ground, and to do Thy will in human affairs. Ai! "
But beware of the 104 call more than one face of the day, otherwise Nyarlathotep
is angry, and burst the circle in order to absorb the sorcerer.
105 Arcana same Nyarlathotepovy, indeed, are the arcana of the Ancients, they ar
e more difficult for the mind of man,

106 therefore, a mere mortal can not understand and does not feel the forces of
this kind.
107 When do you wish to contemplate them, stand up straight, palms down, and cle
aring your mind of yours.
108 Stand up to the position of Osiris slain, stretched on the sides of your pal
ms, and feel the power flowing from the lasso.
109 Breathe in and as the judges gather in through the nose into the center of t
he bridge over thine vozden your palms and put them together over thy head.
110 Lift force as high as you can without losing the connection with it, lower y
our palms on your chest and exhale.
111 But let him not leave you is this force, and may move it to your heart.
112 clasped the hand of thine before thy breast, and exhale, and be thou the str
ength in your heart.
113 Install new hand of your position of Osiris slain.
114 Do not breathe, but unite your fingers over the head of thine.
115 Lift force on a point over the bridge and continue to draw as the judges of
the lasso.
116 Quickly lift the hand of its former position, take a breath and let the powe
r flow and fill your body some time.
117 Match your palms before thy bosom, and so help Nyarlathotepovo name of this
force to fill you.
118 Quickly exhale, that left you the power, hear the name And make a sign .
119 Vozlyazh il sit down, because you must relax in order to feel the darkness o
utside the universe.
120 Yes vostechet it in you, and yes thank you mother Yidru and Nyarlathotep for
these things.
121 Let us make the sign of re- , Arise, and do not move for some time later.
122 is not lawful for you to use divination to lassoes So, if you do not belong
to the darkness, because these forces are capable of high harm beings.
123 Koli as you apply the contemplation of these, staying in the darkness, once
your mind and turn over your soul shall find knowledge prednachalnoy darkness, a
nd you'll be able to become like the ancients.
Sura 4. Invocation of Shub-Niggurath the Black
Comprehend a great deal you're in your travels, and there is no need to describe
these things here,
2 except for a few pious conspiracy related to actions of Shub-Niggurath, the qu
een of heaven of Venus.
3 Do the invocation of her, where a mounted stone, il in a closed room without a
ny distortion, and it would be, if knowest signs and pronounce the words, that a
ll earthly pleasure to give you.

4 Xie is an act of gentle passion, to what address in order to cause the love be
tween man and woman.
5 If the rite is held indoors, so it will not open fire, but a single brazier po
t il.
6 The main light Let there be light star il Moon, or the hidden source of invisi
ble rays.
7 above and behind the altar, so the surface will be seen the outline of a simpl
e trapezoid.
8 And the best way to co-create the invocation in the terms of the white when yo
u are properly cleared and put on clean clothing.
9 When the sun enters into Aries and the night falls, shut up your face mask of
il robe, in order to obscure the true il distort facial features.
10 But you say a preliminary purification sniskanie these things:
11 "Light of the heavens, the wise Shub-Niggurath,
12 Mistress of the gods, whose "yes" is "yes" to true,
13 proud among the ancients, whose supreme command,
14 Mistress of the heavens and the firmament, the ruling everywhere
15 Shub-Niggurath, thy name all heads bow.
16 I (name), son (name), bow before thee.
17 Yes purify my body, like lapis lazuli!
18 Yes whitened my face, like alabaster!
19 Like a shining silvery and gold Chervonnaya, but does not overshadow me! "
20 Stand before the altar, vozden left hand of yours in the sign of Kish, turn y
our face to the North wind and read aloud these verses:
21 "praise Azathoth, without whose laughter would not be of this world.
22 Azathoth, great center of the universal, but in my flute vospoyut Thy lulling
me tremble before the kingdom of Thine!
23 Veselie Your support so my fears and horrors of the world, I rejoice in thy n
24 Praise be to Azathoth, through whose laughter this world exists! "
25 Put your palms and then CREATE a sign of ur right hand of thine.
26 "praise the Yog-Sothoth, without whose character would not be us.
27 Yog-Sothoth, the Lord of the Worlds, I am Thy will of the world's horrors!
Faceless 28, lead me through the night, thou hast created, that I could behold t
he promise of the covenant of the angles and the will of Thy.

29 Praise be to Yog-Sothoth, through whose character there is the human race! "
30 Vozden both palms upward at an acute angle.
31 "The ancients were, is ancient, ancient re-will.
32 They were, and we are here, they sleep, and we expect them to.
33 They will fall asleep, and we will die, but through them we come back, becaus
e we are dreaming them, and they wake up.
34 Y'a, ancient dreams! "
35 Now, turning his face to the altar.
36 "Now I call to the only sleepless, black Messenger, Nyarlathotep, which links
the living and the dead.
37 Y'a Nyarlathotep!
38 On a dark, deep and the winds are saddled screaming ghost of the night betwee
n the living and the dead, sent to us from the ancient world of horrors, whose w
ord we fulfill by the end of a dream that no death!
39 Y'a Nyarlathotep!
40 Glory to Thee, Black Prince of the cave, whose care we are entrusted!
41 Glory to thee and to thy fathers,
42 in the church whom you are laughing and screaming in terror, and with gladnes
43 in fear and in ecstasy,
44 in loneliness and in anger,
45 at the whim of thy will.
46 Y'a Nyarlathotep, prince of the abyss!
47 In thy name, so I shall see Mother.
48 Let the ancient, ruling the world of horror, and would talk with me, so we ha
ve strengthened the promise of living in the corners of the left path. "
49 Stand before the altar, his fists clenched and his arms crossed left over rig
ht on your chest.
50 "Y'a Shub-Niggurath, the mother of the horrors of the world!
51 Y'a, hornless mother!
52 Y'a, Kozlitsa solar and immortal, not dormant as long as we praise thy name a
nd thy vow!
53 Y'a Shub-Niggurath! Y'a! Y'a!
54 Great Kozlitsa black forest

55 I appeal to you! "

56 Throw incense on the coals, kneeled down and write printing of blessing:
57 "Respond to the cry of thy servant,
58 that the government knows the words! "
59 Let us make a sign with his left hand of Ur, and say these words:
60 "Zaryatnatmih, Gianna, Etitnamush,
61 Hadzhrash, Fabelleron, Fabenronti,
62 barzakh, Tabarzul, Nisa!
63 Wharf Shub-Niggurath!
64 Gabush Memrot! "
65 "Arise as a verb, I Thee, of Thy opochivaniya
66 and come forth with a thousand a lot! "
67 Let us make the sign of Kish with thy right hand.
68 "I create characters, it is said I am the word,
69 that opens the gates!
70 Appear as a verb, I Thee!
71 I turn the key.
72 But now! Show yourself to the ground again! "
73 When Black will appear before you, and a thousand horny, that roar, arise out
of the firmament, said:
74 "Y'a, Mother!"
75 And she responds:
76 "I am the downright.
77 Through the corners, I say with a hornless, and I promise I promise once agai
n of the Ancients, by force of which this world has found to exist.
78 Yes, we promise spoken by nine angles! "
79 said:
80 "Y'a, mother and mistress of the corners, Shub-Niggurath, Mistress of the wor
ld of horrors!
81 Quoth the nine angles, we promise the glory of the Lord of the worlds laughin
g pipe, herald the obstacles and Kozlitsy with a thousand young.
82 From the first corner comes infinity, where the screaming and howling Laughin
g pipe to the end of time.
83 From the second corner of the Lord comes, which is responsible for the order

of planes and angles, and invented the world in awe and horror of his glory.
84 From the third corner of the Messenger comes, the things which thy strength t
o contemplate the horrors of Lady Peace, which has given me knowledge of the ess
ence and nine angles.
85 From the fourth corner of the proceeds Kozlitsa sun, which bestowed upon you
being that has survived the horrors of the world and proclaimed the time past, t
ime present and time future, and whose name - Sunshine nine angles.
86 The fifth corner come hornless that the temple was erected five trapezohedron
in the name of the Ancients, whose seal is at four, five and nine.
87 From the sixth corner of the proceeds of the Ancients in the commensurate dre
am that has prevailed over the five, not four prevzoidet nine.
From the corner of Seventh-88 is based on destruction of the commensurate and th
e Awakening of the Ancients, for four and nine over six prevail.
From the corner of Eighth 89 masters of the kingdom come, that a temple was erec
ted in the name of the Eighth trapezohedron Ancients, whose seal is at four, fiv
e and nine.
90 From the corner of the ninth flame comes the beginning and end of the worlds,
in the light that shines in the darkness and the glory of desire.
91 of the Executive as the guardians of thy covenant with Arcane Arts, the ShubNiggurath! "
92 "Again, I'm charging, Shub-Niggurath, the promise of the Ancients, by force o
f which this world has found existence."
93 "Yes, we fulfill the promise in the world of horrors!"
94 "Glory to you, to have no balls!"
95 "Glory to Thee, of Shub-Niggurath, the mother of the horrors of the world!"
96 "From the beginning to the end of worlds!"
97 And thou shalt raise in front of her and thousands of youthful charm Yhe,
98 before whom they bow down under the power about thy commandments, and perform
your acts of, led by Shub-Niggurath.
99 In order to win the love of women, propyl these things three times over the a
pple pomegranate il;
100 after the ceremony also let the woman drink the juice of the fruit, and, ind
eed, it will come to you:
101 "My wife, her maiden beauty but doth make thy will sprout!
102 lofty queen, Madame polnobedraya, Ms-lion, yeah passion sprout your womb!
103 Yes, your soul was filled with gems and spices,
104 exalted thy vessel,
105 so it becomes high water!
106 For in the sanctuary of fate, the queen, we have held down the chain, entail

ing us on earth.
107 Yes ponesesh you from me, but purged purity of heaven! "
In order to restore the 108 men of power, tie three knots on a string lyre, wrap
round the palms of both your, right and left, and propyl spell these things sev
en times, and the power will come back.
109 "Wind, Blow!
110 Whirl, leaped!
111 Tree, Rise!
112 Yatra, naleytes!
113 Tears of the Seas, srebryanye Show the boom!
114 Clouds gather!
115 My strength is so angry bird of the mountains, the son of many waters, the s
on of the river running!
116 VR so I uplift a banner, a long string tugoyu, string tugoyu flesh, mighty!
117 Yes, pierce fire up the loins of blood, but he rejoice in the captivity of n
udity! "
118 When you let go of those who have been called unto thee, rumors these words:
119 "The ghosts have escaped into the world, and we do not pass;
120 come, but the time when ghosts will bow before us,
121 and the language of the people vozglagolit hornless.
Path 122 is Yog-Sothoth, and the key - Nyarlathotep.
123 Y'a Yog-Sothoth!
124 Y'a Nyarlathotep!
125 Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
126 Imashev, Vegadzhyamanku, Kaheresh, Hevefaram! "
127 Then the gates shut, and seal them to sign Kuta.
128 Remember that famous Shub-Niggurath his own lust, Koya brings fertility of a
nimals and plants.
129 However, beneficial and useful to force her as Ishtar, who awards the life,
the strength of the same black Kozlitsy poisoning and is fatal.
130 In order to attract the right face of it, use the sign of her, are rectangle
koy with seven columns and seven rows, the number of any of whom one hundred an
d seventy,
131 of the same cell forty-nine, and their number is one thousand two hundred tw

132 reversed the sign to your chest, is this attractive print Kozlitsu to thy be
133 facing the same sign outside - dare, favoring Ishtar.
134 Someone from Yemen, desired to punish the rival in love for a woman, bribed
a servant rival
135 so he hid under the bed of ancient seal of his master's sign down.
136 In one moon was so tired from the night visits opponent Shub-Niggurath in hi
s dreams, that the flesh of his exhausted mind and has expired.
137 The woman gave her love of the remaining, koy enjoyed it, as long as the spi
nning wheel of fortune did not kidnap her from the embrace of it.
In the original manuscript was more sour "Ktughi Invocation," which is a compila
tion of excerpts from relevant books and manuscripts Yvonne Pnakota that does no
t contain original pieces and are therefore not included in this edition of Al-A
Sura 5. Invocation Y'ig-Golonaka
A-worshipers Y'ig Golonaku call him in the rites of their print through him, and
spell something, they sing well, swaying to the sounds of the flute.
The constellation of two dedicated Y'ig-Golonaku is Dragon, and his admirers bel
ieve that he lives there to this ancient and looks at the world.
3 is cold serpent, the wisest of the beasts of the earth, and are led by His sec
rets and mysteries.
The sign of four-Y'ig Golonaka is a quadrilateral with three columns and three r
ows, the number of all of which fifteen
5 of the same cell nine, and the number of forty-five.
6 The sign of this, made in the form of lead amulets and worn near the heart, pr
ovides protection from the bite of Zmiyov and attracts the favor Y'ig-Golonaka,
7 or prevents the universe into your body of this ancient, because the spirit is
Y'ig-Golonaka in the body of His devotees.
8 And overthroweth possessed at his belly,
9 and wriggle in the dust like serpents,
10 and hissing lips, but can not Glagol words of his dialect,
11 For the dumb-Y'ig Golonak, but he elected to his commands through the images
in the minds of them.
12 Then forget about the possessed their hands, and if they should keep somethin
g, they do these things with their lips,
13 For the power of the serpent in his mouth, and in the language of the Ancient
s "y'ig" is a "great fall", as the language of Babylon - "the gates of pain."
14 Power-Y'ig Golonaka - to stand before the man and his will to send to the wor
ld, and most of all it is in those two days, the moon, when the sun crosses the
path of onaya.

The corners of these 15 are led by a dragon's head and tail of the dragon.
16 Sacred them to Yog-Sothoth, the keeper of the gates between the worlds.
17 In those days every month, jubilant worshipers Y'ig-Golonaku and accomplishes
its rites, and dismayed his foes, and hide in terror before his phenomenon,
18 For his appearing - il frenzy vengeance, and no man koy saw Him and was glad
or not to mourn.
19 Call upon Him in the same body of the priestess, vozlyazhet Koya naked on the
sand, wringing its members and hissing his lips,
20, and her blood umaschivayut hips, and she rolls her eyes, so that only the wh
ites they were visible.
21 Spell same, something has to say it, these things:
22 "Y'ig-Golonak, the spirit of the abyss, the keeper of the gate, I beseech!
23-Y'ig Golonak, the father of prophecy, number and awarded!
24 In the name of our mother, Nariks, before thy flight, O Lord, and master magi
cians, open the gates, so that I could enter!
Open to 25, until he attacked me at the gates!
Open to 26, until I broke the bars of them!
Open to 27, until he attacked me on the wall!
Open to 28, until I took them by force!
29 Open to the gate, until he called me dead, that they rose up and swallowed li
30 Open to the gate, until he has given me power over the living dead!
31 Open to the gates, as long as I did so that the living dead are outnumbered!
32 You call, Y'ig-Golonak, immortal serpent of the abyss!
33 You call, Y'ig-Golonak, Horned Serpent of the abyss!
34 You call, Y'ig-Golonak, plumed serpent of the abyss!
35-Y'ig Golonak, the spirit of the abyss, the keeper of the gates, open!
36 Hear the sounds of flute Azathoth, the ruler of thy
37 songs, no way, no blood is unable to resist;
38 nizydi, smoothly gliding along the rays of the loops of the Dragon Star!
39 The great dragon, that old as time, and the wisest of the wise;
40 at the beginning of time you showed the gift of knowledge of old Adam
41 through the arms of a woman during the days of exclusion,

42 voidi same again in this box of female flesh,

43 whose hips are covered with strips of blood
44 And thou shalt put into the mind of the wisdom of Thy
45 means it is able to teach the faithful servants of Thine!
46 Put the sweet fruit of the womb of her!
47 Make it thy mighty mighty arts,
48 in order to save us from our enemies
49 and from those who rejected Your Memory!
50 Yes and yes dead rise uchuyut incense!
51 Y'a, y'ti mn'g tu'lh ugg a'aet Y'ig-Golonak fl'anglh Bmax! "
Sura 6. Evocation of Yog-Sothoth
1 Know the wisdom and traditions of Yog-Sothoth, if you wish to cross the bounda
ries of space and time and become a wanderer in the darkness of those worlds.
2 Bow down before Him, if thirsty reject death and released to live outside of y
our age, for Yog-Sothoth holds the keys to all gates, even from the gates of dea
3, Getting Started with thy valor and good will.
4 You are warned.
5 When the sun will be in the fifth house in trine with Saturn, and the path of
the moon and the sun's path crossed the heavens,
6 may then appear to you Yog-Sothoth, enthusiastic and powerful, so otverznut sp
ace between the stars.
7 And his power is even more when the sun and moon are in conjunction,
8 and the gate generated through these things, are his children,
9 For he is the sun and moon merged into lust.
10 Sweat of the sun falls, but the dew of the moon rises, in order to maintain a
balance of rotating balls.
11 Sanctify the water and salt and sprinkle circle widdershins.
12 Lay incense on the coals burning in a circle and oboidi a censer before, as t
he judges rather than lay on the stone.
Join the 13 then in the limits of an altar stone, and Surround Yog-Sothoth aroun
d summoning, drawing a sword Fravashi signs:
14 Put on your robe with a black cloak.
15 Shut off all lights, relaxing and thinking about what supports you on the pat

16 Allow yourself enough time to prepare thy way.

17 Oboidi circle, then get up in the middle of the turnover thy face to the nort
h and lift the rod with the words:
18 "Circle of force surrounds me!
I'm 19 I remain below the time
20 between the world of men
21, and abode in the wilds of the Ancients Outland.
22 Names:
23 Dzhesennigaddon Ortho Baubo
24 Noere encoder Saere Saere Sankantere
25 Ankiste Endekakiste Akrurobere,
26 The Circle is sealed! "
27 Strike three, five and three times.
28 "So be it!
29 The wheel has turned in his blind rotation.
30 In the summer it was the winter for the winter - summer.
31 I am standing at the border, in a time-between-times.
32 And in times like these things,
33 gates in Outland can easily open,
34 and waiting for shall come! "
35 Bodo same ritual is not performed in due time, miss vyshenapisannogo and repl
ace these things with the words:
36 "The ancients were,
37 is ancient,
Old 38 will be again.
39 Not in the spaces, led by men,
40 but in the corners between them, are they
41 silent and wilderness,
42 is the worlds invisible to us. "
43 Then a low, guttural voice resound from the darkness of hopeless:
44 "K'aemn'nhi kh'rn K'aemn'nhi kh'r K'aemn'nhi kh'rmnu!

The ancients were, is ancient, ancient re-will!
45 hit in the nine-il cymbal bell.
46 "Zazidzhya, Zamadzhya,
47 Puidmon Mighty,
48 Sedona Strong,
49 El, Yod, Heh, Vau, He,
50 Y'a, Glorious, protect me and help me when I call on the gate!
51 Twilight descends on us.
52 When the veil between the worlds thins
53, and through her translucent bends,
54 shines a flame, burning the stars koy.
55 And I desire to call Yog-Sothoth, so (you call the target).
56 So be it! "
57 Oboidi circle widdershins, accompanying step plot but language Ancients
58 something call him in this day of fruiting in the range of stone, according t
o the requirements of worship and sacrifice:
59 "N'ghai, n'gha'ghaa, Bugge-shoggog, y'hah!
60 Yog-Sothoth ai'eey-k'tai,
61-ai'eey k'tai Yog-Sothoth!
62 Y'hah, Bugge-shoggog n'gha'ghaa, n'ghai! "
63 Then, turning thy face towards the north, pre-fame cast spells Bear:
64 "I call to you, the holiest and strongest,
Famed 65 of the most magnificent, the great gods of employees
66 Sheikha powerful jinn, living in Chaos:
67 In hell, the abyss, in the deepest places of the earth 68 Hunters celestial heights, the dark clouds lurking,
Over 69 hidden tracking, storing secrets,
70 Conductors Dzhahannama dark, commanding infinity,
71 Lords of the underground, shaking the worlds,
72 reasons to believe in the clefts of guard carriers,

73 Fighters horrific, horrific viziers,

74 Fundamentals of crushing, the winter snow-bearing,
75 spies air, znoi summer,
76 wind storm-tossed, the fate of rulers,
77 lord of hell, bringing the massacre,
78 furnace is blown, mildew spray,
79 Wind releasing, wandering in the dark depths,
80 Sea uplift, mighty in valor,
81 mown shoots of joy, mighty princes:
82 Skaloverzhets, Jeanne obese,
83 coldness of steel, anger wild,
84 Wanderer, Abyssal guardian
85 string tight, rock-deceiver,
86 multicolor constancy, multicolor change,
87 Heaven's madness, the Giver of breath,
88 Zhivotvoritel, sotryasatel Pole,
89 Raduyuschiysya madness Smertonosets,
Angelopravitel 90, a flame of vengeance,
91 Chislopravitel, Jeanne inflexible,
92 Vozduhonosets, the Almighty,
Saints 93, insurmountable, I call to you!
94 Come into my circle and the way Open up! "
95 Repeat the last verse of four il five times, then Complete the circling and s
tand before the altar.
96 Light the lamp on the left of the print Si'n Yog-Sothoth, and said:
97 "Behold, there are ancient,
98 koi at the time of prednachalnye
99 wandered in the dark and lonely places
100 and radiant splendor of which is now constrained to the edges of the unknown
. "
101 Light the lamp Si'ra bottom of the print, and Yog-Sothoth said:
102 "Shadows of land deep in our outstretched,

103 only traces of them are alive today.

104 Hymns of whispering winds,
105 audible only to those who have awakened from their dreams. "
106 Light the lamp S'alk the right of the press, and Yog-Sothoth said:
107 "And I am awake and miserable,
108 came to the bottomless depths of my mourning,
109 in order to find the gates of untold
110 beyond the boundaries of my mind.
111 I call the great, whose light burns my soul.
112 I appeal to Yog-Sothoth! "
113 Light the Lamp of Yog-Sothoth in the middle of his press.
114 Place spices in a roasting pan with the words:
115 "Take an offering of incense now,
116 drawn up by the ancient priests thy paths.
117 Come!
118 , , !
119 Privy thy name I praise Thee,
120 true in thy name, I suggest to you my resignation in exchange for thy, the e
xpression means - death.
On lap 121 I pray thee, in order to allow you to serve you humbly.
122 Y'a Yog-Sothoth!
123 Let no evil come near to the north!
124 Let no evil come near to the east!
125 Let no evil come near to the south!
126 Let no evil come near the west!
127 Let no evil come near to the zenith!
128 Do not come near to the nadir of evil! "
129 Bow at these parties.
130 "Flaming Circle locks everything out!
131 Darby, Darby, Kalta, Kalta, entemosh!
132 Flaming Circle locks everything inside!

133 Darby, Darby, Kalta, Kalta, entemosh!

134 Lock the circle and does not allow evil to go through him!
135 Akkar, Saur and Marut! "
136 Strike the bell, then proidi thrice widdershins around the circle, turn thy
face toward the south,
137 and holding the hollow rod, the rumor spell, opens the gate by koi can be th
e initiation and transformation:
138 "Yog-Sothoth knows the gate
139 for Yog-Sothoth is the gate.
140 Yog-Sothoth are the key and guardian of the gate.
141 The past, present and future - all are one in Yog-Sothoth.
142 Io Erbet!
143 Io Pakerbet!
144 Io Bolchoset!
145 Yog-Sothoth! Yog-Sothoth! Yog-Sothoth! "
After each ejaculation 146 turn around the rod vertically and strikes the altar.
147 "Yog-Sothoth Gazette,
148 where the ancient is itself during the past
149 and where they will come again when the complete turnover of your wheel.
150 ANP Abaof!
151 Basum Isak!
152 Ialdabaoth Iao!
153 Yog-Sothoth! Yog-Sothoth! Yog-Sothoth!
154 Official Gazette Yog-Sothoth,
155 where the Ancient footprints on the ground,
156, where she set foot again.
157 Dzhakupov Manara Shakorturi!
158 Mortorum Efraulya Terersa!
159 Yog-Sothoth! Yog-Sothoth! Yog-Sothoth! "
160 turning his face toward the north.
161 "Yog-Sothoth is the key to the gates,
162 koi occur through the worlds.

163 Barbat IAO!

164 Bain niab Huh!
165 ARO Tabrab!
166 Yog-Sothoth! Yog-Sothoth! Yog-Sothoth!
167 Appear, oh great!
168 Break the curtain and opened the gate!
169 Yes, we behold the splendor of the Ancients
170 and so we get strength from them!
171 Behold the beginning and the end of time!
172 In the name of Him who should not be called!
173 Name of Azathoth, abiding in the midst of chaos!
174 Come, Yog-Sothoth!
175 In the name of Nyarlathotep, mighty messenger!
176 Come, Yog-Sothoth!
177 In the name of the great Cthulhu, waiting, dreaming!
178 Come, Yog-Sothoth!
179 In the name of Shub-Niggurath, Kozlitsy with a thousand youthful!
180 Come, Yog-Sothoth!
181 name in an icy wilderness Kadafi Kevaal!
182 Come, Yog-Sothoth!
183 In the name of the plateau Lang, hidden land!
184 Come, Yog-Sothoth!
185 In the name of a dark Yuggoth in the sky!
186 Come, Yog-Sothoth!
187 Name R'leha beneath the waves the sea!
188 Come Yog-Sothoth!
189 Two Serpents,
190 Those who created the void
191 eye of the moon,
192 prisoner,

193 free,
194 Shamash, Marduk, and GIBIL Ktughoyu,
195 high Nariks name,
196 family of jinn,
197 keeper, but the gates be opened! "
Sura 7. Rite of the open gates
A rumor, completing the sign of the Elder Wand and the holding of a hollow:
2 "Ether, in vain,
3 so the curtain will be dropped!
4 solid, air,
5 is depicted the way it shall be!
6 Fire, water,
7 key, open the gates!
8 Light and darkness,
Chaos 9, hell, and the abyss!
10 height, depth,
11 let the darkness!
12 by my sacred oath,
13 shall come forth so willing to go!
14 Yes shall come wishing to enter!
15 Yes, we shall see in the light concealed!
16 Yes, we shall see in the darkness blinding!
17 Grab the veil of the abyss sotryasatel!
18 shattered mirror of about sotryasatel firmament!
19 Achieve Dreams about sotryasatel heaven!
20 Behold, the gates shall be opened!
21 Appear, Yog-Sothoth!
22 Come and present before us in the terms of the family;
23 and no harm to me, because I stand under the stars.
24 Unlock the secrets of Thy creatures, and make me a witness to the inexpressib
le mystery! "

25 Start the chant, at first slowly, then increasing force as the curtain opens:
26 "Si'n-Si'ra-S'alk!"
27 During the chants slowly lift the rod straight up And make mark Razryvatelya
After 28 songs strike with the rod firmly against the ground from the open posit
ion with the words:
29 "Y'a Krell!
(Yuggotsk.)Y'a, the key!
30 Strike the bell.
31 Stand face to the north with outstretched arms and said.
32 "Behold, the nodes filled with power!
33 Behold, a line full of power!
34 Behold, the corners are bent, and shall be opened!
35 gates open,
36 The boundaries blurred
37 And we are ready to awaken.
38 Naksir Mistress, Mistress Nariks, Lord of Nadur,
39 stand beside the throne, Jehovah, Slavonostsem,
40 word snakes, salamanders mystery,
41 covenant, sylphs, gnomes caves,
42 spirits of heaven and the spirits of hell, by the Alif-Lam-Mim and Si'n-Si'ra
43 Saoshiantom alive Zervanom, come forth, come forth, come forth! "
44 Vozden your palms over the head of thine, with large and index fingers are co
nnected so that they create an equilateral triangle.
45 Turn right hand of the so, so half of the triangle pointing downward, forming
a parallelogram.
Rotate the left hand of 46, creating the downward pointing triangle.
47 Hold them in your brow, lifted up the mountain, so that ultimately proved to
be a triangle on the forehead of yours.
Captain Grant Conspiracy 48 before the open gates of the head of a dragon print.
49 The rumor of his following Posolon after a preliminary appeal on any day of t
he month
50 For the dragon and the head, and tail of the dragon are the days when skies a

re in equilibrium,
51 therefore, in these days the way may be opened il is closed.
Plot 52 is the open as follows:
53 "I call the abyss
54 through the void, izvergnuvshuyu everything else.
55 Hear me, oh great,
56 that anciently known as Yog-Sothoth!
57 Give heed to me!
58 The carpenter of the universe!
59 Sheikh space without limit!
60 Propulsion wandering stars!
61 The founder of strongholds!
62 Lord of the Earthquakes!
63 Nizverzhitel horror!
64 Sotvoritel confusion!
65 Destroyer!
66 Winner of shiny!
67 The son of Chaos and mouth cavities!
68 Eye and guardian of the abyss!
69 God is a limit of darkness!
70 Lord of the worlds!
71 Knower of the answers!
72 Keeper of the mysteries of the universe!
73 Lord of the maze!
74 The owner of the corners!
75 God will whip il!
76 Omega Point!
77 Gate keeper and the lord!
78 Ways opener!
79 Gates of knowledge!
80 Come, Yog-Sothoth!

81 depriving errors!
82 remove the veil!
83 Come, Yog-Sothoth!
The oldest 84!
85 All-in-One, One-in-All!
86 Ancient of Days!
87 Al-Tawil Umr!
88 Thy Name,
89 Now therefore, Yog-Sothoth,
Sginuvshy 90, who died,
91 scattered, buried,
92 come forth to me!
93 Your servant cries out for you!
94 Yog-Sothoth nafl fhtagn! "
95 Take the rod, and stand first in such a way so that he pointed to the right a
nd left
96 and then up and down,
97 and then back and forth.
98 After turning it, and imagine, though he says now in the directions perpendic
ular to the six.
99 These things osmiluchevuyu portray the star of Chaos.
100 "O Thou, who lives in the dark emptiness of Outland, come forth as the groun
d again, I beg you.
101 O Thou, living in halls of Time, hear my prayer! "
102 Let us make the sign of the head of a dragon.
103 "O Thou, whose art - and the gates of the way, be thou well, be thou, Thy se
rvant cries out for you!"
104 Let us make the sign of Kish.
105 "O that stir their dream,
106 look for the key, so that your mind is otverznut!
107 I saw the awakening and I do not want to go back to sleep.
Appear as 108 in the world of horror.

109 Combine this world with the edges of the hidden,

110 so that I could contemplate my fate
111 in fear and in ecstasy and horror and delight.
112 Y'a Ki'rh-han'treh!
Y'a, faceless!
113 Strike the bell, the hand of Ruskin, and said further:
114 "Standing before the Ancients,
115 worlds meet in the darkness surrounding me,
116 and the firmament trembles under the soles of the Ancients.
117 their eyes shine in the shadows!
118 The air comes alive from breathing them!
They are 119 - sleepless,
120 and the cross is the way of them, whom I have dared to go.
121 Y'a K'aem'nhi!
Y'a, ancient!
122 Benatir! Kararku! Dedush!
About 123 pastor eras, accept a sacrifice of blood, flesh and bones of my soul,
and this torturing, koyu I dedicate to Thee for Thy delight! "
124 Bring the victim.
125 "Come, Yog-Sothoth! Come!
126 I refer to the words, I break the fetters of thine;
127 standing open print proidi through the gate, and also entered the world!
128 I co-create a powerful sign of thy Lord Navigation
129 is open to the gates, so that my voice could extend the glory of thy greatne
ss, born on the wings of the dark forest K'tai, fraught race of my fathers.
130 I acknowledge the superiority of thy majesty, and bear testimony of thy pala
ce in waiting beyond the stars! "
131 Let us make the sign of Ur.
132 fire-pointed star choose it and say the spell that will appear before the gr
eat gates:
133 "Ziveso, vekato, CEOS, Ruhr-huneve heverator.
134 Menhatodzhi, zivetorosto zudzhi, zururogush Yog-Sothoth!

135 stole isgevot, homor atanatos field zumkurush, isechiroroset honezebetush Az

136 Hono, zuvezet, kudzhihet kekos isgebot Nyarlathotep!
137 Zudzhi rumodzhi canonical duzi heverator, Looking, thidzhim, KAEA heverator
phe naga, Hastur!
138 Hagatovush dzhachirush Gabush Shub-Niggurath!
139 Mevet, hosodzhi uzevot! "
140 Let us make the sign of the tail of a dragon.
141 "Talubshi! Adulyal!
142 Ulyu! Bachchur!
143 Come, Yog-Sothoth! Come!
144 I stand here before the gate;
145 In order to reveal the essence of my mind and my
146 powers of initiation.
147 will come through ancient gates
148 because they are led by the mysteries waiting for us. "Sura 8. Rite of Yog-b
all spell Sototovyh
But is now a Judge of the sacraments, and the dedication, koi you are looking fo
2 But beware!
3 winds of change, ranging thy soul, may become a storm!
4 Do not look for what you do not dare to reach!
5 For thy departure may be turned truth!
6 Leave some time to think about whether you want to change something in the lif
e of your il open fully the forces of initiation.
Seven bells ringing but will mark the end of the meditation.
8 And then shall appear before you and He will bring his balls,
9 and he will give the right answer for all that you wish to know.
10 And he will print you the secret of his, through koyu can you gain favor in t
he eyes of the Ancients, when they set foot on land again.
11 Through these things the gates are opened soul and flesh, and then the soul c
an bear up his flesh down il, il to light in the darkness,
12 and if the gates are opened without the consent of the flesh of the mind, bod
y and empties it becomes a vessel for the jinn, the soul is - anger, howling in

the wind.
13 Ancient of begging, Or when He calls you by him, his own power about, show yo
ur loyalty to him on bended knee and covering his eyes with his hands with finge
rs uplifted, and then bowing to the waist, until your head touches the ground, a
s if in silent mourning.
14 It should create these things nine times, for if worship is to accomplish tru
e, Or more, Or less time, it will turn into ashes Ancient negligent admirer of h
is body.
15 They believed the Chaldeans, that the seal of Yog-Sothoth is a quadrilateral
with four columns and four rows, the number of all of which thirty-four
16 of the same cell sixteen, and the number of one hundred and thirty-six.
17 they believed that, in the tin inscribed, is this seal will prevent the wrath
of Yog-Sothoth and promote good fortune and protection of the traveler in his w
18 Do not believe these things, mukarrib, for many, still wore a sign around the
neck of his, behind the caravans of them,
19, and their bones lie, Bela, on the sands, where birds of prey have scattered
20 Do not forget, that the balls of Yog-Sothoth in the number thirteen and enter
ed into force in them hordes of devas, who are the servants of Him and fulfill H
is commandments in the world.
21 calls them whenever you will need for anything
22 and they give you your strength when you call a spell them correctly and crea
te their character.
23 different names of his balls, and are shared in the same in many guises.
24 The first is Gamori, which is like a camel with a golden crown on his head.
25 Can he tell about the treasure, and where are they, and bestows the love of w
omen, youthful and old, and gives the knowledge of all magical jewels and talism
26 He commandeth twenty-six hosts of devas Dzhahannama, and behold His prints ar
27 The Spirit is the second Zagha , which is at first like a great bull with the wi
ngs of a griffin,
28 then becomes the same padishah He is like, kind of terrible.
29 Can he turn water into wine, Or blood in wine, Or water into wine, Or any met
al into gold.
30 He giveth wisdom and wit, and teaches the secrets of the sea.
31 Thirty-three warriors bow before Him, and behold His prints are:
32 The third is called Sitra, which is the first with the head of the leopard an
d the wings of a griffin,
33 but then takes the subsistence of the Emir of the great and wonderful interpr

He has 34 Kindle passion between men and women can show their naked il tell us a
bout the mysteries of the times to come.
He owns 35 hosts of sixty, and behold His prints are:
Eligush 36 - the fourth spirit.
37 It is like a scarlet soldier with a spear, the banner and the serpent in the
palms of His and the iron crown on his head.
38 He opens a secret, and gives the knowledge of victory in war, and can tell us
about the coming strife.
39 He commands sixty army, and behold His prints are:
40 The Spirit is called the fifth Purson, and is like a crow, and then calls her
husband with a face of a lion.
41 The phenomenon of His heralds the sound of many pipes.
42 He Knows all the mysteries of the supernatural, can find the treasure and tel
l of a time gone by.
43 He giveth good friend and has twenty-two daring hosts of devas, and behold Hi
s prints are:
44 The sixth is the ridge, his face like a dark cloud, and He teaches us all sor
ts of ancient languages
and dialects.
45 He giveth love and friendship between women, and other enemies, and can tell
us about the past.
46 Government He hosts of thirty-seven, and behold His prints are:
47 The seventh is the Seir, which is like a white snake.
He is 48 and goes, leaving behind wealth and taking away what you do not need.
49 He is able to bypass the entire Earth in the blink of an eye.
50 It helps to detect stolen and concealed, and much more.
He was 51 Indifferent to good and evil and fulfills a commandment of the caster.
52 Twenty-six armies subordinate to Him, and behold His prints are:
53 Wausau - Eighth Spirit, and He is the incarnation of the flies, but may then
be brought leopard il man.
54 He is able to teach you all sorts of sciences and tell us about the secret af
fairs and divine.
55 It may make you look just as thou wilt bestow your grace il caliphs and the g
reat sheikh.
56 Thirty armies under his hand, and behold His prints are:

57 The ninth is Kimarush.

58 It is like a man with a face of the green, teaches spelling and eloquence, an
d has the power to specify things lost and hidden treasures.
59 It is twenty-hosts of Government and all the devas ifrikiyskimi spirits, and
behold His prints are:
60 The tenth is Foras.
61 He has a huge neck shape, and can grant you long life and eloquence, and make
you invisible.
62 Can he tell us about the properties of herbs and stones il of the morals of m
en, to open a place to return the lost treasure il sight.
63 More than twenty-nine hosts are subject to Him, and behold His prints are:
64 The Spirit is the eleventh Barbat, and he appears when the sun is in Sagittar
65 When He is in the form of her husband, accompanied by four yazata that keep t
he gates, he can teach you ways to sniskaniya miraculous grace of masters.
66 It teaches us to understand the singing of birds and beasts of various voices
and able to drive away any spirit of guarding the treasure, Or break the spell,
imposed on them.
67 Knows It's all about times past and future, reconciles one another and promot
es alliances rulers.
68 More than thirty armies under his hand, and behold His prints are:
69 The twelfth is Raumb.
70 It is like a giant crow il.
71 Can he steal the treasures from the treasury, and move them where you will yo
u have him, to destroy the castle il, il destroy possessions of men,
72 il to bring the love of any woman, what you want.
73 Thirty armies subordinate to Him, and behold His prints are:
74 The thirteenth spirit is Bunet that chose the repulsive appearance of a yello
w toad on the three chapters, one of which the human, the other - like a jackal,
and the third - like a griffin.
75 It is the voice of the verb, and a nice high, has the power to grant you a mi
racle in the shrewdness of Sorcery dead and can ward off all sorts of devas, ann
oying you.
76 He giveth wealth, wisdom and eloquence, and can tell about the wonderful thin
gs and hidden.

77 Thirty-hosts of devas Dzhahannama serve Him, and behold His prints are:
78 When you have to desire to call balls, you must first trace on the earth this
79 And cry out to them sim follows:
80 "Ezfares, Oldzharam, Iron-Esiton,
81 Erdzhona, Orea, Horacio, Mozim!
82 With these words, and the name of Yog-Sothoth, koy are thy Lord, more powerfu
l appeal to you and urge you to (name)!
83 Yes, you'll help me in my hour of need!
84 Appear the same command you to sign power! "
85 Let us make the sign of Ur.
86 And then the spirit must come before you and fulfill your requirements.
87 But he bude remain invisible to your eyes, with a pinch of powder in the Dun
Ibn Ghazi and he immediately acquire inherent appearance.
Bude is 88, appearing before you, he stubbornly refuses to say, three times thro
ugh the air with the sword and said: "Adrikanorom Dumas!"
89 And then untie his tongue, and he will be forced to give the correct answer.
90 Follow the same for the Sim is beyond description.
91 But when the hour of Yog-Sothoth sink into the past, the curse of the Elder L
ords come back to him and force him and his balls to go back to the gate, where
he will live, until He be summoned.
Sura 9. Rite mixing gate
In order to shut one gate and complete the ritual sword Fravashi erase the signs
and say the words:
2 "Emblem of the sim, I shut the gate!"
3 Let us make the sign of the closing of the veil, and then place the hollow rod
, which means mixing and locking gates.
4 "Emblem of the sim, I sealed the gates!"
5 choose it the sign of the Senior sword.
6 strokes with a rod of three, five and three times, which means the end of the
7 Lock appropriately Circle and the gates are open Yog-Sothoth, the rumor this p
lot before printing following the tail of the dragon and widdershins
8 (and if he was traced, scatter it, making the same as that of the mark, the ac
tion, but in reverse order):
9, "the grave, like a whirlwind,

10 murder, misery,
11 Yog-Sothoth,
12 appeared to me,
13 Come out! "
14 Erase the circle with the sword, from the east.
15 "Kalduledzhi! Dalmaledzhi! Kadafi!
16 spark kindled,
17 flame of our souls to the truth.
18 of our minds, now smoldering,
19 may be revealed scorching heat!
20 Through fire but we shall rise!
21 From the ashes reborn yes we do!
22 Yes, our greatness shine, eclipsing the sun
23, and piercing the veil profound,
24 like a star - a velvet sky!
25 Behold as we have passed through the gates,
26 until we have a shadow glide along the ground.
Sleeping only 27 are led by shadow
28 and in his dreams, they tremble before our awakening.
29 Y'a kil-e tshem'n!
Y'a, no balls!
30 put out the lamps Si'n, and Si'ra S'alk, said:
31 "K'aemn'nhi kh'rn K'aemn'nhi kh'r K'aemn'nhi kh'rmnu!"
32 put out the lamps of Yog-Sothoth, said:
33 "It is finished!"
34 Oboidi blurred circle in a clockwise direction, then turn again to the middle
and lift the rod with the words:
35 "Circle of Power is dissipated!
36 this place, once again returns to the world of men
37 and is now leaving the abode of the Ancients.

38 Names:
39 Dzhesennigaddon Ortho Baubo
40 Noere encoder Saere Saere Sankantere
41 Ankiste Endekakiste Akrurobere,
42 Let there be a circle broken! "
43 Strike three, five and three times, sprinkle soliyu, water and spices, and se
al the sign Kuta.
44 At the end of the same nine-hit in the il cymbal bell.
45 If a ceremony is held in a place dedicated to the ancients, to be sure is to
be a powerful trailing Maclou exile.
46 In the hold Complete the same ritual.
Sura 10. Invocation of Azathoth
Azathoth a palace in the midst of creation has a place of great heat,
2, and his visage in the dazzling radiance of its dark-glimmering.
3 Do not take Azathoth His faithful in the black wards with rough corners and ma
rvelous doors
4 He did not heed their prayers or their responses.
5 endlessly plays the flute, and he endlessly absorbing, his flesh, for his insa
tiable smooth.
6 Nothing comes to his body outside, and nothing comes out.
7 It absorbs its own excrement, as these things tend to madmen.
8 Only the song erupts from him out, but do not have the substance thereof, il l
9 images of the same arise from the eternal breath that penetrates creation and
generating it.
10 In the song itself is only the number of numbers, and therefore can not say f
or sure that it comes from Azathoth, for how can the number of float through spa
11 is a sign of his quadrilateral with six columns and six rows, the number of a
ny of whom one hundred and eleven,
12 of the same cell is thirty-six, and their number is six hundred sixty-six.
13 Se is the number of Dajjaal, Beast infidels to the worship of Jesus son of Ma
ry, the son of Allahova,
14 and these things wisely, because the Beast night will usher in the last days.
15 Other magicians he creates print Azathoth on the tablets of gold and wear it
in order to attract wealth and treasures, and to ensure health of the body, for

all that exists comes from the ancient songs of this generation.
16 these things is wrong, because he simultaneously creates and destroys.
17 Despite the indifference of the Ancient, his admirers He repeated the song an
d dance to the sounds of cymbals, whirling and spinning in the wind, Created by
the movements of them, pressing the flute to his lips, with eyes, lifted up the
18 Place - delight them, the song - their prayer.
19 Through these things, they seek to unite with the center of all things.
20 Wear it as a covenant of faith its seal on the mad god their hearts
21 When you cry for Azathoth, three ways to operate your mind.
22 Therefore a part of your mind will Glagol unearthly tongues, koi can not comp
rehend that you are neither, nor remember.
23 The other part will catch the thread of a conversation with a mad god and tra
nslated into understandable.
24 The third will act as the wonders of the ancient mind asking about desirable.
25 The sounds of languages
at first rigid and assertive, that must have evidence o
f anger at the invocation of Azathoth him.
26 When you are immersed in a slowly growing knowledge of the mad god, sounds li
ke the rustling becomes incoherent and unclear,
27 and as such they remain, until he lost his connection between you and Azathot
28 Only after the ceremony vospomyanesh you're content to this discussion.
29 Azathoth are one of the Outer Great, koi are powerful forces that live in the
midst of chaos.
30 Beware, lest wrath these forces, calling them vain or for acts of supernatura
31 In order to exorcise Azathoth, set in the proper place of his prints.
32 burn them in a variety of onions or other spices of disgust, that the temple
was filled with a viscous smoke.
33 charted in the air with the sword Fravashi osmiluchevuyu star, as the judges
in presenting your thoughts.
34 Rumor statement of intent and smazh printing of fresh blood from the thumb of
35 Closely il must seem to contemplate printing Azathoth, thinking about the app
earance of being from the primordial slime, and striving for the stars thereof.
36 Relax your body, so that you feel at ease, il close your eyes and tie into a
state of awareness voidi and light excitation.
37 the name of Captain Grant Azathoth nine-spell and cry:

38 "fingerboard Azak dagarush Azathoth!

39 Nikfunetfi Azathoth!
40 Nikfunetfi Azathoth!
41 Nikfunetfi Azathoth! "
42 sounds of shouting incoherently, until the beginning of soidutsya not meet.
43 And then with trembling and nausea nizydet speaking in tongues at you, becaus
e you become one with Azathoth.
44 Immerse yourself in speaking through these things and start communicating wit
h the ancient.
45 The charge of printing the will Vsesokrushayuschaya when the force becomes ta
46 incense burn them again disgusted.
47 By focusing on the will of your goals your, connecting it with the power of p
rint and sign Azatotova.
48 Taste of sacrificial, vossmeysya loud and slide the temple.
49 After this, the product of exile, and proper cleaning.Sura 11. Invocation Dao
lota, Razryvatelya Veil
One should note that Daolot unstable, and therefore, this ritual can not be acco
mplishing with impunity.
2 Although the means to accomplish it can be Found item at any time, only when m
ukarrib ready, these instruments shall come into his palms.
3 Astlante worshiped him, where he was the god of stargazers.
4 In Yuggoth and Tondo, he was known as Razryvatel curtains, and you can keep hi
m familiar Ur.
5 first shall win through Daolota location for one of the sacred images of him.
6 is safer to get from the other aforesaid mukarriba il priest, unknown to me bu
t no one in this land who would have kept them and own them are not inclined to
7 Buda as you are desperate for these things, sometimes those idols can be Found
item soul, soaring through the detachment of the highest reality.
8 Indeed, some find the image in the visions of their Daolota, seeking thereof,
but these cases are really rare.
9 He who has a mirror of vision, it is easier to find him, but give ear to what
I was told about this before.
10 And when he received the image is, the ritual can begin.
11 Opening the gates to the world of him, followed by the invocation, it is bett
er to perform two hours and forty-five minutes after midnight, when the outlines

of Daolota be hidden, and when the stars stay in their proper places.
12 Do not trust the drawings il accounts, because these questions are incomprehe
nsible to mortals, but yes to adopt the spirit of your day and hour.
13 It will be good, if to take a few companions for this task because of their l
ife force, as well as Arcane, may increase success.
14 First, let mukarrib inscribed the print worlds.
15 Although it is the ashes of burnt twigs best tool for this can be traced, he
and other objects, even il just created on the ground, if no other funds are not
16 But be sure that there is no discontinuity in the image on the thickness of V
17 within the circle of this place the skull of one of the ugliest skrytnikov Ze
margada cirque lakes and light two candles in it, made of the proper type of fat
from one part of the mandrake, ivy leaf with three parts and one part salt.
18 Place the image far away, but no closer than three ngishbadah from the press.
Ngishbad (elbow) - Babylonian measure of length, equal to about half a meter.
Light a candle 19 and take an iron rod bearing at the end of his image, created
in the image Daolota as revealed himself.
20 cleared the space, hit against the ground rod symbol and said these things:
21 "Utgos plam'f Daoloth asgu'i!
22 Oh, Come, you who will sweep away the veil of perception and reveal the reali
ty behind it!
23 Wherefore let him be here, as there are these things to Yuggoth,
24 in Tondo - as in Shaggai,
25 Astlante - as in Yaddit-Gho,
26 Yian-Ho - as in Chang-Chang.
27 Hours of Your coming is near, and a bridge laid over the face of the deep nig
ht of time.
28 Reveal Himself visibly in our world, that I may gain knowledge and learn thro
ugh Your signified it by himself.
29 Y'a t'aylog!
30 K'taklut m'khur'g at'lis!
31 Y'a Daolot! "
32 When the lights are extinguished and Daolot reveal Himself in the press, he w
ill proceed further and take him from the neighboring required.
33 Called, He opens the gates of the Worlds with a clean, rustling sound, and ta
kes a bit of blood of any of the calling.

34 Through these things he found of intent;

It takes more than 35 from the priest, calling alone.
Appearing 36, he extinguishes the candles, that facilitate the discovery and tra
37 After these things mukarrib Daolota may ask, what would you desire.
38 No expulsion is not required, because when he tells his knowledge and time el
apsed, should go to the Daolot veil of the abyss.
39 is written below is the highest priority.
40 If any part of the ceremony, no matter how small she was, would not be execut
ed correctly, it is better to complete the ritual once, before the appearance of
41 If the flame was kindled in yellow, is this then the favor of dwelling in the
42 Try to complete the ceremony at the exact moment of opening of the veil, beca
use it is short every time.
43 Let them be your movements are smooth, and so will you pronounce words exactl
y the appeal.
44 Be assured that help you secure and strong.
45 In that is the subject of special importance, that whoever calls on the veil,
to do these things from a real thirst for knowledge, and not out of idle curios
For 46 lives in Outland gives the petitioner's exactly what he seeks.
47 other rumor that Daolot can confer the ability to perceive the true nature of
the world,
48 but the experience itself is extremely dangerous for the mind and the spirit
of him who hath created this.
49 The Dark Lord of Averoidzhin, the high priest Astlante, once told of a minist
er, koy tried this, and took his deed his death from the right hand of his horri
ble companions, koi attacked him, bursting out of Outland.
50 Given this, such an act rashly, even for the most powerful witches.Sura 12. I
nvocation of Dagon
1 Linked Dagon secret affair with the moon because the moon governs the tides, a
nd this avoids the ancient light of the sun, but only under the rays of the moon
It is a sign of two quadrilateral with nine columns and nine rows, the number of
any of which three hundred sixty-nine,
3 of the same cell eighty-one, and their number is three thousand three hundred
4 Grants quadrangle still a good catch and good luck in the water travels, but d
epends on this, and help inhabitants of depths, koi are variable in their prefer

5 If you want to call Dagon, come forth in His holy place, and said these things
over the seal of his:
6 "in his house in Ashdod, defeated, reclines Lord Dagon.
7 And he shall rise in his place again!
8 Pal Dagon on his face before the Elder,
9 For seven seasons, will not worship him,
10 and seven times seven will be shared in the same flawed.
11 Then the lord will rise as perfect,
12 in order to offer a great sacrifice unto Dagon their Lord,
13 and so glad he was the anniversary.
14 And let these things come to pass in those days,
15 when the voice of the cry from within the gates of Pisces
16 the roar of the second quarter
17 and sounds great excitement from the hills.
18 great sacrifice will be brought to Dagon,
19 and filth fill the void.
20 And the priests of Dagon shall come again:
21 and connect the children of his daughters to the men.
22 And they worship Dagon, and they will set him his place,
23 they will raise the ancient worship
24 and call upon the mighty of the eternity of Outland.
25 will bring together all entered the house of Dagon, under seal, Koya are nine
26 And they were delighted with the head of Dagon,
27 singing voice of the Arcane,
28 when they will step through the threshold
29 in the silence of the night.
30 Ba'betu l'Ashdodu ya'kom Bel-Dagon!
In His House in Ashdod Lord Dagon da rise!
Sura 13. Invocation shoggota

Define the first one, which will serve you shoggot yours.
2 After this, Make a print job corresponding to these things.
3 It should also elect a name for the creature of the future, so it was easier t
o manage.
4 Prepare a casket with a sign on the outside of the Senior cap and a talisman o
f Yhe on the inside.
5 Place the print on the bottom of the casket.
6 therefore choose shoggotu appearance, would be consistent with a koy purpose t
hereof, and its nature as a whole.
7 Put the casket on the altar dedicated to Shub-Niggurath, for black Kozlitsa ar
e the embodiment of fertility rituals and protector of the new conception of lif
8 Let it be sustained in the workplace is your black and brown tones with images
such as goat, Drewes, a sign of ur upside down and others associated with ShubNiggurath.
9 Begin the rite as follows:
10 Getting up before the altar, write dagger arcane circle.
11 Lay the dagger to its place on the altar.
12 Call upon Shub-Niggurath, and then pronounce the word to be:
13 "Shub-Niggurath, the mistress of the forest night, and the pit depths of Outl
14 forever praised the great Cthulhu and Tsatoggua, and those who should not be
15 Eternal Glory and Honor Kozlitse black forest!
16 Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
17 Black Kozlitsa with a thousand youthful!
18 Shub-Niggurath, the great mistress of the forest, giver of life, giving stren
gth unto this rite!
19 Share of fertility
20 his own!
21 The fruit of thy seed always produces shoots!
22 Eternal Glory Shub-Niggurath, the black forest Kozlitse!
23 Y'a Shub-Niggurath! "
24 Then you should throw their black robes, open the casket and begin to bring m
yself contemplating printing shoggota.
25 Should you clearly imagine the look, elected to shoggota in the casket and ho

ld it in your mind, so that the force is gradually filled and enlivened it.
26 Use breathing exercises to increase strength of the rite.
27 When you reach the point limit, cry.
28 "(name)! Appear the same! "
29 At this moment, let your mind surrender to sensations, as fully as possible b
y eliminating the flow of thoughts.
30 In the pure state of mind will print this and let the unconscious focus for t
he direction of force.
31 Let thy seed will fall to the printer and may call shoggota to life.
32 After these things Shut the casket and said:
33 "Praise and glory be to Thee, Shub-Niggurath, the black Kozlitsa!
34 Y'a Shub-Niggurath! "
35 Let us make the sign of Kuta and then followed by the sign of the Elder.
After this 36 Complete the ritual expulsion of a conspiracy.
37 This rite must perform three times in three days, consecutive or not.
38 Next, let it be feeding shoggota.
39 Circle of Arcane needs no matter what methods do you use the excitation.
40 Open to the casket with his left hand of thine, will create a sign with his r
ight Seniors.
41 Lift up the dagger and let a few drops of blood.
42 And when they shall fall by the press, said:
43 "(Name shoggota)! I command you, to feed and grow strong, so you could serve
my will!
44 I command you, to feed and grow strong, so you could serve my will!
45 I command you, to feed and grow strong, so you could serve my will!
46 (name)! Ispey my blood, and having found the body! "
47 has done this, it is important to be clear about the very shape of shoggota.
48 If you wish, you can just imagine the next time it a little bit grown up.
49 It is important to think clearly shoggota Velma.
50 And with the ever more distinct, and increasingly will become self-image of t
his creature.
51 And the day will come when there will be in the casket before it is even rath
er than devised mukarrib imagine it.

52 Feeding time takes longer than thirty-seven days.

53 All the same ritual will be forty days before the end of his.
54 On the last day, after feeding, talk to shoggotu with words with these:
55 "(name)! I command you to leave your shelter.
56 Voidi in the world and it has happened that I command.
57 Appear and the same (as reported by the task of it)!
58 This is my will! "
59 Let us make the sign of Ur and destroy the talisman Yhe and the sign on the l
id of the casket of Senior.
60 If the work shoggota constant, such as the protection of a subject il places
should give him new strength.
61 These things can co-create by the power of the excitation and udovletovreniya
or else every other way possible, by the power of endowing mukarriba magical.
62 will grow stronger shoggot, stronger than ordinary izmyslennyh entities.
63 Will he soon il be capable of independent decisions and actions.
64 For permanent existence and use can shoggot develop its own personality, and
therefore become self-willed.
65 As soon as it becomes dangerous, you should destroy it.
66 Ordinary, but a careful partitioning of exile and print should be enough for
67 And he do not let this invocation of a beginner!
68 "A lot of names of the dead being reborn again ...
69 Y'a Yog-Sothoth!
70 Y'a Azathoth!
71 Y'a Nyarlathotep
72 Ancient but wake up! "
Sura 14. invocation shantakov
Shantaki are a servant of the Ancients.
2 Can you call them in the hour of special need, and they will pass your request
to the lords.
3 Small order can also perform them themselves.
4 The rite should be carried out at midnight, the moon is full.
5 I must prepare myself for a long ritual of fasting, eating only bread and wate
6 Arrange lighting in a circle, composition, printing, and follow the below ment
ioned shantakov.

7 Speak with a distinct voice, without a doubt and tremble, and be not afraid of
8 For it is only the messengers of the rulers, and will not touch you.
9 Read the same things in the midnight:
10 "On shantaki, messengers of the Great Old Ones!
11 I appeal to you in time of need.
12 I urge you!
13 do the will of the servant of the Ancients, and come ye to me!
14 Names of the Great Old Ones, Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth and Cthulhu, I command you
, come ye to me!
15 I accomplishes the mystery of these things, I am guided by your face!
16 Come and help me fulfill my will!
17 I urge you from the crypts of Zina, come ye to me!
18 Y'a, Ktluhu R'leh arengu obgu INSET cop karigesh Gunda ekkerhie invash!
19 I urge you also will appear! "
20 Immediately they will come before you and will listen to your request.
Sura 15. The great secret spell of her father the temple of heaven
A Y'a! Y'a! Y'a!
2 Father of the heavenly temple, call upon Y'ig-Golonaku!
3-Y'ig Golonak, call upon Nyarlathotep!
4 Nyarlathotep, call upon Tsatoggua!
5 Tsatoggua, call upon sonmischu fathers crowned!
6 Sonmische fathers crowned, call upon the beyond!
7 Beyond, call upon fathers sonmischu limit!
8 Sonmische fathers limit, call upon the beyond!
9 Beyond, call upon sonmischu fathers crowned!
10 Sonmische fathers crowned, call upon Tsatoggua!
Tsatoggua 11, call upon Nyarlathotep!
Nyarlathotep 12, call upon Y'ig-Golonaku!
13-Y'ig Golonak, call the temple to his father!
14 Y'a! Y'a! Y'a!
15 Gore sotryasateli, Y'a!

16 Valley, cry out to the palaces!

17 The nations cry to the dungeons!
18 also will appear! Come ye! Come ye!
19 Y'a! Y'a! Y'a!
20 Countless Thy gate, Yog-Sothoth!
Countless are thy gates 21, Azathoth!
Countless are thy gates 22, Marduk!
Countless are thy gates 23, Cthulhu!
24 Y'a! Y'a! Y'a!
Sura 16. The great curse of all the forces
Se is an invocation of the great powers, to whom you can resort to only in extre
me need:
2 so il upokoit rebellious spirit, disturbing you,
3 il if someone - perhaps the henchman of the Ancients - brings to you numb near
the Circle, for reasons unknown to you.
4 In the case of the family must immediately send the spirit before he, living i
n the world mountain, vzrastet in force
5 For, when a part of His presence on earth, He draws strength and power, until
they become almost impossible to restrain him, for he will become like gods.
6 This spell this, you will read something so strongly:
7 "The Spirit of heaven, conjure!
8 Spirit of earth conjure!
9 Spirits, princes firmament, conjure!
10 Spirits, Princess firmament, conjure!
11 Spirits, princes air, conjure!
12 Spirits, Duchess of air, conjure!
13 Spirits, Prince of Fire, conjure!
14 Spirits of Fire Princess, I beseech!
15 Spirits, princes of water, conjure!
16 Spirits, Duchess of water, conjure!
17 Spirits, princes stars, conjure!
18 Spirits, Duchess of stars, conjure!
19 Spirits, riches of all wars, conjure!

20 Spirits, Princess of all wars, conjure!

21 Spirits, Prince of peace, I beseech!
22 Spirits, princess of peace, I beseech!
23 Spirits, princes of the veil of shadows, conjure!
24 Spirits, Princess veil of shadows, conjure!
25 Spirits, princes of the world lives, conjure!
26 Spirits, Princess light of life, conjure!
27 Spirits, princes Dzhahannama, conjure!
28 Spirits, Princess Dzhahannama, conjure!
29 Spirits, princes of the commanders of Marduk, conjure!
30 Spirits, Duchess of voenachalnits Marduk, conjure!
31 Spirits, princes Nodens crossing the skies in his ladie, conjure!
32 Spirits, Princess Shub-Niggurath, crossing the skies in his ladie, conjure!
33 Spirits, princes Shamash, the king of the Ancients, conjure!
34 Spirits, Princess thiophene, Queen of the Ancients, conjure!
35 Spirits, Tsatoggua princes, the king of the jinn, beg!
36 Spirits, Naksir princess, mother Nariks, conjure!
37 Spirits, princes of Dagon, the father of countless water, conjure!
38 Spirits, Yidry princess, daughter of Nariks, conjure!
39 Spirits, princes Y'ig-Golonaka, uplift the face of the earth, conjure!
40 Spirits, Ytakua princess, queen of heaven, conjure!
41 Spirits, Prince and Princess of Fire, Gibila, senior ruler in the face of the
earth, conjure!
42 Spirits of the seven gates of the world conjure!
43 Spirits of the seven bolts of the world, conjure!
44 Spirit Tultsshi, wife Daolota, conjure!
45 Spirit Ktilly, daughter of the sea, conjure!
46 Spirit of heaven, conjure!
47 Spirit of the earth conjure!
48 Frabbl glurk zoom boynk blubba snurglshnortts ping! "

49 On this great spell ends.

In the original manuscript followed by the text entitled Abdallah al-Khazraj as
the "Book of exiles," but in reality, which is a compilation of the Sumerian Tab
lets Maclou and therefore put us separately, in applications.
Kitab IX. Book of Precepts
Sura 1. Memoirs of a Madman
1 A Word Books are still poisonous thorns that tortured my soul, and rock me too
2 Many paths lead to Damascus, and there are few such benefits, koi can not get
in the walls of his or not proidut koi through its gates, for he is the center o
f trade for all the countries of the world.
3 Like the shimmering gem, Damascus, reclines on his belly the night, when appro
aching him in the twilight at the end of a long journey.
4 Thousands of thousands of lights illuminate the tops of roofs and arches of it
s minarets and overshadow the stars in the sky.
5 Barking dogs, soft whispers and laughter merge, in order to entertain hearing
the weary traveler.
6 Indeed, there in the world a more pleasant city to live, rather than Damascus!
7 But the shouts and the beating of leathery wings for me, filled my night.
8 Old Hand on my throat, and though I wear a talisman Kuta on my breast, melt st
rength with the passage of each revolution of the moon.
9 Do not dare me to sleep in the hours from dusk to dawn, for the secret tricks
of its charms can be torn from me, and absorb the ancient soul of mine.
10 The oracle foretold the death of my Yebsu:
11 "When the day becomes the night, their strength will prevail."
12 More of my youth departed from me, and I am from them.
13 I wandered past, like a beggar, fed from village to village, if the locals wo
rshiped these things fit;
14 beats often been a stone instead of this, and frighten imprisonment.
15 long and hard the road was that the lands of Mesopotamia began, and now draws
me back to the Irem, hail a thousand pillars.
16 Fear is full of the greatest was my way, but it is full of wonders untold.
17 What a fool will regret that followed by the symbol?
18 travels from island to island, I have heard many tales of antiquity and forgo
tten knowledge.
19 Although many of the cast, I still like silly tales of superstition, I found
a story about Oroble crucial.
20 Cause these memories of him feeling, and half of whom did not feel I was asle
ep until the ancient Irem, the city of a thousand pillars.

21 Hear, now, babble incessantly, that continually erupted from many mouths Orob
ly, the beast Lies forgotten:
22 "Be patient a terrible countenance Tsatoggua frail human cowardice?
23 Do you know what does not.
24 Such is the nature.
25 Then why, I once again appeal to you, why you do not stop these things and th
rowing blasphemy, reject limiting the truth?
26 Do you know what your cowardice will not be permitted.
27 Anger of the Ancients, no doubt, come down on you!
28 Do you hear it not you, like dreams The one who sleeps beneath the waves?
29 Are you hoping that he will be delighted by nature thy pity, when his eyes fa
ll hard on you?
30 No! Undoubtedly, he will swallow you with all the others, who have forgotten
the way!
31 How can you continue to behave in such a fragile and precarious, when all of
you wonderful eye beheld the moon, and the crucible of eternal life?
You are 32 - a paltry, standing as little as a lot of bowel movements.
33 Vossmeyus I am happy when Yog-Sothoth and his beloved son shall come!
34 Together, they faithfully recreate all that was lost.
35 Vosplyashu I'm on my feet many, when the cloven hooves of a thousand youthful
Kozlitsy zastuchat again to clear the dust from the way they have.
36 I become one with my dark lover, with those who are marching to the brink of
a human hypostases, but is not a man.
About 37 I say unto Tom, whose faces are as numerous as there are stars in the u
His ruthless rage 38 but will not forgive her, because his ways are led to every
39 Should you be afraid of incurring his wrath, because he is the left hand of t
he focus of a voice ultimate destruction. "
40 So the verb Orobla.
41 these things he repeated incessantly hours and days and times innumerable, ev
er cursing his sluggish nature lovers endless.
Up to 42 days of this predestined when the moon was dark red and flaming steel f
ell from the stars.
43 The same day an emergency, when the ball is red-faced hanging on top of his,
like a severed head, the Beast Lies forgotten silent.

44 No sound is uttered Orobla since.

Its 45 priests, that hideth husbands and wives in broad Crete, reverently procla
imed that only the newly vozglagolit Orobla, the world will turn around.
46 They say they are, what R'leh ascend to the heavens and the Cthulhu and his g
eneration is released, in order to rule again.
47 I know not whether I should believe in all of these wonderful stories, koi, t
hey told me,
48 but the tradition has revealed these things have been with that conviction th
at I was compelled to write the signified:
49 "Between the darkness and light,
50 between heaven and hell,
51 between dreams and yaviyu,
52 between the heavens and the firm
53 only way we are.
54 flash of these things so far, but how long?
55 As long as something is in a death from the skies.
56 For I will not stop for death,
57 koyu kindly stopped for me they are.
58 standstill chariot, but he and I, and eternity ...
59 I'm alive, I die, I'll live, I Come again.
60 For centuries lived I retired under the forbidding cliffs Kadafi unknown,
61 But now the secret forces dispersed, kept me in prison,
62 I returned, and should I pull here and a fiery death in the chaos of your vil
e race.
63 Behold the power of the same Hastur, almighty guardian of yellow press, the O
ne who is dead, but alive!
64 No! Dead Cthulhu lies not dreaming, but listening to the beats dimensional wa
65 For they will tell stories of the damned disastrous day be filled with koi, w
hen Cthulhu shall deliver R'leha of the Dead, in order to keep his pet in a riot
massacre unaware of anything the world.
66 I do not tolerate the noise of the surf over the sea, because I hear the crie
s, I feel vibrations.
Approximately 67 tentacles viyuschiesya taps into the depth of the ancient sound
s, the hordes of monstrous jaws zhabih glagolyut.
68 Oh, I see I will never again sea water!

69 Y'a! Y'a Shub-Niggurath, bless me!

70 Kozlitsa with a thousand young, have mercy!
71 No, look, as I crawled on the floor of the home of this debt, I feel the wall
, ganging up against me.
72 How? How can these things be?
73 I can hear them ... Hounds Hounds are coming ... and I'm doomed ...
74 Mglu'nafh ph'nglui fhtagn ...
The dead waits dreaming.
75 Such a stupid - man ...
76 do not know they are dark, own who: Nyarlathotep, Cthulhu il Shub-Niggurath.
77 Others also a stupid, desperate, even less sensible than others, choosing to
learn, understand,
78 in order to find the secrets of the night, in order to learn what should not
be honest report.
79 Y'a! Y'a! "
Sura 2. Prophecy Abdallah ibn Jabir al-Khazraj
A decade took on me, Abdallah ibn Jabir al-Khazraj, in Damascus, where I longed
to find buried in my labor.
2 But now, on the way to my last refuge, with a pointed boliyu heart I remember
the lessons Rub al-Khali, the great desert,
3 are reluctant to opening the secrets of his lover, his own, but its rigidity-g
iving knowledge koi must learn in order to stay alive.
4, I remember how I managed to convince some former scientist husband, that I a sincere student,
5, and through these things allowed me to read the ancient scrolls, of which ope
ned in the details of the dead, Sorcery, witchcraft, and alchemy volshby.
6 The cornerstone of cruel, but necessary lessons now and through the gates of k
nowledge and stamps, I built a house of my lives.
7 with courage and intelligence, I found out the deepest secrets of protected ar
eas of land and learned the language and style of the Ancients seals them
8 but no charm enemies, nor the power of Ahura il Devas nor the death of loved o
nes is not interrupted my search.
9 know I spell, suggestive of human disease, fear, blindness, insanity and even
10 I learned about the various bits of existing jinn, devils and evil Devas and
the ancient traditions of the Ancients.

11 Could I equip these things through beside a monstrous jinn, lurking in wait a
t the border worlds, ready to catch the unwary and devour prey in the night of t
he desert lands.
12 Could I equip suprotiv Idhi Ginny, the wife of Cthulhu, the bride sword disse
cans skull kind of way is sowing fear and confusion, and other glagolyut, death
13 Over time I learned the names and properties of all the jinn, efreet, devas a
nd monsters listed here, in this book of Al-Khema.
14 I learned about the forces of Amesha, star of the gods, and how to encourage
them to help in the hour of need.
15, and I learned about the horrific creatures that inhabit the edge of the stel
lar jinn and guarding the entrance to the Temple of the Forgotten, the Ancient o
f Days, the Ancient of Ancients, whose name I dare not inscribe here.
16 Who would dare to reveal a fact that is inscribed on the pages yet?
17 For even the verb about this extremely dangerous for someone who is not prote
cted by the highest power enchantments.
18 Fools call me crazy, because I say unto the mysteries beyond the comprehensio
n of them.
19 Laugh, I discovered over the uninitiated, for the cattle, they are like for m
e as for my masters,
20 and do not disturb me to censure them, for I am now immune to death.
21 In my solitary ceremonies in the hills, creating the worship with fire and sw
ord, with water and dagger,
22, and with outlandish grass grows Koya dikoyu in some places near the mountain
s of Ararat, and accidentally threw koeyu I fire before his rock;
23 of the grass, Koya mind gives great strength, so that you can wander the many
distances in the heavens, as in the earth, 24 I have found ways of making amulets and talismans, as described here, allowin
g the priest to pass safely amid the worlds, of which he could wander in search
of wisdom.
25 Through my charms, I have found immortality, and even though my body looks ag
ed, Mladen and I'm strong in soul and flesh.
26 And if my flesh will be torn to pieces, and death will come to her, she does
not oppose these things, but the rise again, because I knew the secrets of the g
Of the 27 most important salts of its revived my body and bones, covered with fl
esh once again be covered by it.
28 While these important salts are in this world, I live and I make fun of their
enemies in my hadzhviyah .
Hadzhvy - (Arabic) A satirical poetry.
29 No deaths have Koya erased my flesh so that he could not onaya resurface and

30 And knows me, that my lords shall come after me,

31 and they devour my flesh,
32 and my spirit will ascend to the abode of Outland, as these things to Idris,
the prophet of the Ancients
33 and I look forward to this greatest of hope and horror.
34 thousand and one moon has passed since the beginning of my wanderings, and a
pinch shantaki my heel,
35 shoggoty pulled me by the Blasius mine
36 Sons of Sirius tread on the trail of my mind,
37 Idhya opened his terrible jaws of his,
38 Shub-Niggurath sends his horny for me
39 Azathoth gloats blindly at his throne,
40 Cthulhu raises his head and looks through the veil of the sunken R'leha, thro
ugh the abyss,
41, and his offspring to stop me staring gaze.
42 Wherefore should I take the time writing the book, even as it is, so as not t
o ruin overtook me before, than I will conclude its work.
43 For it seems to me that I was mistaken in the manner of a ritual, Or in the p
lot, il in the sacrifice;
44 for me now fancies that the whole pack of lies Yidry, waiting, dreaming, look
ing forward to my appearance.
45 And the day will come when they proidut among you.
46 Will they be invisible to those who are ordinary people.
47 Only those of you who have faith in the truth, will be able to find their wic
kedness, and to stop it.
48 I pray to save Old me and let me perish for ever, as these things happened wi
th the priest, Abdallah ibn Maruts (May Allaah have mercy on him ancient!) In Je
49 But it is not spelled out more than my fate in the stars, because I broke the
covenant of the Chaldean, seeking power over the worlds.
50 I will raise my foot on the moon and the moon has no power over me more.
51 lines of my life, my abraded wanderings in the desert, over the letters, writ
ten in the heavens by the gods.
52 And even now I can hear the jackals howling in the mountains, as was this tha
t fateful night,
53 and they call out my name and the names of the Ancients.

54 Life of man - a cloud that sweeps before the face of the moon.
55 But there is a deep curse, which rejected any neglect,
56 where the tainted my mind and my body will be thrown,
57 in order to undergo torment the damned, that countless centuries have no imag
e of eternity and the soul.
58 Signs of dwell among the stars,
59 and compresses the terrible fear in my bones,
60, and my time is running out,
61 and I'm afraid I do not see the first hour of my death thy pillars, of Irem Z
at Al Imad!
62 But let him not die of Al-Asif, the book is this, and yes it will take a hand
, the keeper of the great powers, dwelling in the western sea, as recheno these
Cave 63 scrolls now lies to the west,
64 Where is the forbidden word Scorpio stores.
65 Through a dozen centuries, but these writings proidut, hidden from many, reve
aled little.
66 secrets of my books but the wise shall find the key of salvation, but a fool
will unlock the gates to their damnation.
67 After nine days the sun will connect to the moon, and my fate has come to pas
68 When the darkness in the middle of the day will come and sands tremble in the
wind, I will not have more.
69 I am afraid of my flesh, but the more I am afraid for my soul.
70 Remember incessantly, at every idle moment, which should appeal to senior, so
they are not forgotten about you, because they are forgetful and very far away.
71 Fires Burn your high in the hills and on the tops of temples and ziggurats, t
hat they might behold it and recall.
72 Remember incessantly in order to reproduce all the conspiracies, as I passed
73 and do not change a single line il point of any thickness Vlas, otherwise the
y become useless,
74 or worse: every feature will be a help for the waiting of the Outland,
75 are for a sign of a damaged gate of nothingness, the gates of death, the gate
s of the shadows and shells.
76 cast spells, as they are inscribed here, in a manner prescribed here.

77 Prepare the rituals without making mistakes, and in the proper place and at t
he time should bring the victim, because the fate of the world rests in the hand
of thine, and the human race is doomed, if you suffer a setback.
78 But the things in the night overtakes us now.
79 And this Godin - beside us,
80 In order to know that The Human Soul
81 worthy in this difficult hour.
82 Death calls, new name of the road;
83 empty shells - under the sun alone.
84 All that was, is and will remain distant 85 In one spirit, the way - are united in the distance.
86 I am still, as long as the mind is clear.
87 My soul is pale, the body goes.
88 In the boundless depth of plunge blindly,
89 Where is the image - the dark star's light, lighting the sky.
90 All that I saw,
91 And what I owned ...
92 I have now become ...
I was 93 ...
94 I
95 Waiting for the arrival of darkness, wild moon
96 Throws the secret shade. I do not dare
97 Cursed utter the names;
98 I'll be meeting the guard, which owns
99 keys of the abyss. I'm crying now
100 The blood-red with gold: part of the veil
101 She, that shines into the soul of unsteady shine,
102, and dreaming my dark lord calls me to himself.
Yes, 103 will be senior to you is always merciful!
104 Yes, you escape the jaws of shantakov and may get over the forces of the Anc
And yes 105 will give you the death of the ancient past, rather than once again,

they will reign on earth!

106 Kakammu! Sylla!
107 Y'a! Yo! Pupils shall see this my shine destruction!
Sura 3. Instructions for invoking the
Level 1! Nippur!
2 Eridu! Kull!
3 Kiss! Lagash!
4 Shuruppak sills!
Day 5 of the living, the rising sun!
6 Day generous, benevolent sun!
7 Day perfect, the great ecstasy!
Day 8 of luck, glittering night!
9 On a radiant day!
10 On the day laughing!
11 On the day of his life, and love, and happiness!
Seven Amesha 12, the oldest, wisest!
13 Seven Spenta, the holy, the smartest!
14 Take my protectors, swords carved!
15 Take my vigil, the lords of mighty!
16 Keep me from shoggotov!
17 O radiant, shining Amesha!
18 What I'm angered God? What kind of goddess?
19 What is the sacrifice I bring?
20 What is unknown evil made me, because I whose care should be accompanied by a t
errifying roar of hundreds of jackals?
21 Yes God my heart come back to his place!
22 Let me come back the heart of the goddess in their place!
23 But God will have mercy upon me, whom I know not!
24 Yes, the goddess of mercy upon me, of which I know not!
25 But the heart of God will come back in their place, unknown to me!
26 Yes, the goddess of the heart come back in their place, unknown to me!

27, I wandered around the heavens, the heavens do not keep me.
28 Hast I'm in hell, and hell does not keep me.
29 I climbed to the tops of the mountains, and mountains do not keep me.
30 I traveled on the seas and the sea does not keep me.
31 Lord of the wind rushing past me, and they are angry.
32 Lord of the firmament crawl at my feet, and they are angry.
33 Spirits have forgotten me.
34 My time was reduced, and I must finish what I could before, rather than carri
ed away I'll be the voice of vechnozovuschim.
35 Lunar days are numbered on the ground, like the sun, and I know not the value
of the signs now, but these should have.
36 And the oracles are dried up, and circling stars in their place.
37 And the heavens seem unruly and disorderly, and the worlds - twisted and mean
38 And Tsatoggua sign hangs over the scrolls with my writings, but I can not rea
d the signs more than these, because the vision signified not subject to me.
39 Is it always be so?
40 And the sign nepodvlasten me.
41 Is it always be so?
42 And a sign of Hastur soars behind me and I knew what these things mean, but I
can not trace because I obryascheno Message from Outland.
43 with difficulty say unto me, and I could hardly recognize my voice.
44 The Abyss yawns before me!
45 Gates of crushed!
46 Know ye that the seven heavens shall enter into an hour and a season of them,
one at a time - never before in one another.
47 Know ye that the four terrible spirit of the four corners of the blood on dem
and, each in its own time and in a season.
48 Know that always hungers Tiamat ascend to the stars
49 and when the university connects with the lower, then the new era will come t
o earth,
50 and by a whole becomes the Serpent,
51 and the water will become one, when the heights will not be named heaven.
52 Do not forget about the protection of livestock and the family of your villag

53 The sign and the sign of the Elders do not forget your kind.
54 However, the sign of Fravashi, too, shalt nerastoropen bude.
55 And no casualties but would not happen in this very time, because the blood w
ill be spilled, and then to come will call to them.
56 Do not forget to keep the lowlands, but not height, for easy vozletayut ancie
nt mountain peaks in the ziggurat and where they can look to the lost last time.
57 And the sacrifices on the tops of the temples now, lost for Seniors.
58 Remember that your life - in the water current, but not in water, stale,
59 For in Ytakua breeds thereof, and her offspring are the oldest and worship th
em in their tombs, in places unknown to you.
60 But where do you behold the stone is high, they will be there, because the cr
oss is an altar to them.
61 Do not forget to cut out the characters exactly as you told me, without chang
ing any features common to not pay amulet curse on you, wearing the aforesaid.
62 Know that salt absorbs the evil ghosts of the expiration of the night and the
refore good for cleaning guns arcane.
63 not try first with the genie called upon, but he said yes first with you.
64 And if vozglagolit He led him Glagol clear voice soft and pleasant, and on yo
ur tongue, because otherwise, in truth, he just confuse you and stun you with Hi
s roar.
65 And led him to protect you from the stench of him, lest you faint by him.
66 nor sacrifice too great il too small, because, if the victim is small too, wo
uld not constitute a genie, or, appearing, to be angry at you and not vozglagoli
t, bude, even thou wilt thou Him, for such a covenant.
67 Koli as it will be great too, vzrastet genie dyuzhe quickly and become the gr
eatest of growth, and will be hard to command them.
68 And one of the jinn so raised was the priest of Jerusalem, Abdullah ibn Marut
s (May Allaah have mercy on him ancient!)
69, and was abundantly nourished sheep flocks of Palestine, until they reached a
ppalling dimensions and swallowed it.
70 was this madness, because the ancients worshiped Ibn Marut, inscribed as that
disastrous pass.
71 Remember that the essence of the Ancients is in everything, but the essence o
f the Elder - everything that is alive, and it is useful to you these things whe
n the time comes.
Sura 4. Caution about the sender of the Ancients
Remember the one about the sign of Ur, especially when dealing with flaming ghou
ls, because it only honor them, and nothing else.
2 Do not forget about the moon of purification.

3 The Parties fans of death, and among them admirers Dog, Dragon and Kozlitsy;
4 For behold there are servants of the Ancients, of which there are always seeki
ng to admit it;
5 For they have a spell, the verb about which - undoubtedly haraam.
6 exercises as these are usually not strong, except at the time of her when the
heavens asunder for them and sort them.
7 And will always be a battle between us and kind of serpents, for the powerful
was a sort of serpents in ancient times, when the first temples were built in th
e Maganov, and they have embraced many of the stars
8 But now they are like wandering stars and live in caves and in deserts, and in
any single field, where they erected stones.
9 And I saw them in my wanderings through the land where once flourished the anc
ient teachings and where now only the grief and devastation.
10 And I saw these in their rituals,
11 and they called horrible land from outside of time.
I Zril 12 characters carved on stone them, their altars.
13 Zril I sign Lloygora and Tshara, and Ran-Ratoga and Hastur and Azathoth, and
similar signs of Bast, and the horrific offspring Kozlitsy Shub-Niggurath, and t
he terrible echoes of the songs of their kind.
I'm 14 Zril blood, shed on the stone.
15 Zril I, as a sword struck a stone,
16 and zril as a rock rises into the air and the serpent crawls out.
17 And the vicious, indeed, is this force.
18 But what lingers Marduk?
19 And where the Shamash?
20 Verily sleep sleeping gods!
21 And what I made

for a crime?

Previous 22 unknown god whom I have sinned?

23 What I ate of the forbidden?
24 What is forbidden, I drank?
25 Bede mine!
26 They are seven!
27 They are seven times seven!
28 O ye gods! Do not dismiss your servant!

29 Remember also about God, scorpion, living in the mountains.

30 It was amid the oldest creatures that secretly created by Tiamat and her mini
ons in order to compete with the Senior,
31 but they have allowed him to remain under the mountains.
32 But he gave us before and could do these things again.
33 However, calling him, since you have any questions about Outland, koi to desi
re to resolve and about which I have not told you.
34 And his sign is as follows:
35 And turning to a place where he dwells, and He shall come, and vozglagolit,
36 but not to co-create this at dawn, for then the sun rises and there is streng
th in Scorpio
37 but not from dawn till dusk, when he feeds the power under the firmament, bec
ause these things written about Him in the covenant, as written:
38 "Do not lift up his head he above the sun."
39 repeat the same: the darkness is the time of his.
40 repeat the same: He knows about the gate, but he does not know the gate.
41 And God has a different scorpion-being, women's, Koya abides in Him,
42 but should not the fame of her, and yes it will be banished, if appear before
43 For the name of her - Ktilla, and touching her is death.
44 Remember also Nyarlathotep, deceiver, capable of taking any shape, in order t
o mislead the minds of those before whom he is.
45 He loves to lie and mislead, and would destroy the fun of thought,
46 Therefore do not trust his teachings too, as it was with me sometimes, becaus
e sometimes they are useful and valuable, but sometimes following them only lead
s to death.
47 wisest of the Ancients, he knows not only the charm of this world, and many o
48 When he sits on his throne, his admirers paid him hostage, offering him a ser
vant of his children
49 and describe their crimes, for joyfully recognizes Nyarlathotep for the add,
created in his name.
50 Perfect as He Himself said He his fingernail, whose lightest touch of your sk
in burns like ice, and leaves a wound, Koya, healing, uneven scar forms.
51 these labels are usually on the head, except for those people, where we know
these things kings and priests, pursuing teaching these things,

52 at the same time, they can be placed in a secret part of the body, concealed
under clothing.
53 If vozzhelayet He can make a label he visibly to all his servants.
He was like 54 when the revered him, kissing him back, as evidenced by the fall
of these things in their soul,
55 back the essence of the decomposition, and signified is the last act of Nyarl
athotep, when He puts an end to the universe and bring death to all.
56 swear they were in obedience to Him and long for, that have entered their nam
es in the book as evidence of their devotion.
These 57 books - most secret admirers for him, and therefore they are in the dee
pest secrecy.
58 Every man, worshiping Him, and every woman and a child enter into a covenant
to obey him without question and to offer him his firstborn.
59 But these things is not a sacrifice, while others believe so, but the dedicat
ion of the firstborn of the service Nyarlathotep,
60 and these things through his growing number of followers constantly.
61 Focus is honoring his broad forest kingdoms in the north and the Britons on t
he island,
62 but it greatly in the dungeons of Rome and Constantinople,
63 and in the forests for sugar,
64 and unknown in the lands of Al-Suad Dzhaza'ir.
65 Vie as his admirers with the followers of the serpent-Y'ig Golonaka,
66 and did not worship them thrive in the same lands, for their implacably hosti
le to worshipers.
67 What I can tell the sender of this serpent?
68 They create, they do their service, when the rising star of the Dragon, among
others in the heavens,
69 was the same onaya efreet of the world, like the stars of Canis and Capricorn
70 And the servants of them have been with us from time immemorial, although the
y are not of our kind, but of the tribe from the stars, the seed of the Ancients
71 And they did not watch over our laws, but kill quickly and without hesitation
72 And the blood covers them.
73 they openly called for the spirits of war and plague on our nation and a grea
t many of our men and animals has led to the death of the wicked.
74 And it is not led by their pain and fear neither sword before, nor before the

fire, because they are solvent any pain!

75 They themselves - creatures of darkness and sorrow, he also knows the mountai
76 Remember the smell!
May 77 issue of the smell of them!
78 And many of their science and art of the wicked, with which they are doing wo
nders are undoubtedly haraam.
79 Who is the lord of them?
80 I have heard that they cry out to Nariks that blasphemy is undoubtedly becaus
e Nariks - for our family, as inscribed in the writing of these things Magana.
81 But they have a different appeal, and not Nariks these things, but Y'ig-Golon
ak Zul-Qarnain, horned serpent.
82 And I heard, as they call the names of the Ancients proudly in their rituals.
83 And I saw the blood spilled to the ground, and dancing crazy, screaming and h
orrible, with which they cried out to the ancients, that came and helped them in
their mysteries.
84 And I saw how they were paid in the moonlight the moisture koyu they poured o
n the stone as needed, unknown to me.
85 And I saw how they were treated in a variety of strange beasts, when they are
in proper gathers places, mosques fell
86 and horns growing out of heads, in whom there was no horns,
87 and the teeth of the zevov, in whom there was no such teeth,
88 and took on the palms of the falcon talons and claws jackal
89 and they raged and howled, as if those who now call out my name behind the wa
lls of this place!
90 I weep piteously, but no one listens to me!
91 Possessed me with horror!
92 Becomes I sight!
93 Gods, do not reject your servant!
Remember 94 is the sword Fravashi.
95 Do not touch him, until he willed so Fravashi retired, for the aforesaid leav
e you in touch and leave you defenseless before the ceremony,
96 and even circle is the boundary, koyu nothing can stop, you find yourself unp
repared for the spectacle incredible koi open to you from Outland.
Remember the 97 and the sacrifices to Him.
98 Yes, they will be permanent, because Fravashi - alien to the tribe, and they

care about your life,

99 just execute them that told you, the ring was brought to the victims.
100 And forgetting the Elder sign will bring you a lot of grief.
101 And I saw worshipers of Dagon, which is honored as a saint Black Pillar, koy
, recheno, are the source of his power.
102 In addition to the idol of Dagon, and the images they hold of this pillar, t
ayaschegosya under water in a deep cleft, where he sleeps.
In its sidewalls 103 characters inscribed in the language of inhabitants of dept
104 Great hazard were those who copied the signs with images of these pillars,
105 for the cross is haram and blasphemy for fans of Dagon, koi mercilessly pers
ecuted and destroyed the conflict with the sword.
106 And I saw the tribes of men, who worship the great Kozlitse, dark face of Sh
107 There appeared they were from the east over the mountains.
Its 108 Rites - wild celebrations from fornication, in whom lies the brother wit
h his sister, mother and son, father and daughter,
109 and babies conceived in sin now, sacrifice Kozlitse, and their blood piyyuti
m with wine, in order to cause intoxication and vision.
110 bodies are boiled in cauldrons great, and devour the flesh of feasting, and
repairing the excesses and sacrilege.
111 gathers them in the caves during the hours of the night, in order to be away
from the sight of men, for deep space is the womb of the world, and they are de
dicated to Shub-Niggurath.
112 And in the rites of their creatures, they resemble the horny, and behold is
an abomination to the eye.
113 It decorates your face and body red, blue and yellow, because they worship n
aked in imitation of her mistress, and on the backs of their paint, they printed
114 Men dancing with the rods inflamed and excited, and his wife - shamelessly p
ushing bent knees, and awake, in order to expose its heart,
115 and shaking heads and breasts, and crying out prayers at the ancient drums a
nd the mournful sound of the flute.
116 danced round the fires are blazing, and the flame rises higher than the upra
ised hands of them,
117 men and creates incisions in the hand of his daggers, and sprayed blood on t
he thighs of women, in order to make them more fertile.
118 And these words of his wife cry out in the language of the Ancients:
119 "Y'a Shub-Niggurath! Y'a! "

120 The voice of them, the echoes of which roll out in caves, like the barking o
f dogs, for there is nothing in the sounds so human.
121 When the starting mate Kozlitsy servants, the women sit astride a male super
iority in the name of this goddess as the womb of creation.
Stronger than 122 other worshipers Kozlitse in the lands of Lebanon and near the
Dead Sea
123 but she is revered svalnym sin and sacrifice, and in the upper reaches of th
e Nile, and on the west Breguet Red Sea, and in the ancient land of Babylonia.
124 But these are only the top edge of the focus of her fans, because they are s
cattered all over the world, as in the lands known and unknown to, relocating to
the nomads, where the altar of her moved from place to place with their caravan
125 The doctrine these things was the cause of misfortunes great and mysterious
deaths of countless, for bringing her admirers human flesh as a sacrifice in the
most important rituals of their own,
126 and where they can not find babies for this, they use a body of travelers, f
or easier to conceal the disappearance of the alien, rather than local.
127 believed to still others, that worship Shub-Niggurath as Lilith, the wife of
Adam Coy was to Havva Koya and copulate with him, sitting on top of it, rather
than reclining beneath.
128 And the Chaldeans glagolyut of Davie desires that gave rise to strange offsp
ring of the seed stolen from sleeping men in the darkness of the night.
129 But, in truth, there Ytakua Lilith, the wife of Y'ig-Golonaka, that ancient
serpent, tempted Adam and Hawwa.
She visits the 130 men, seeking an alliance with her
e lust of their great.

in her dreams, but only if th

131 When it comes to it to the bed, pressed it to his chest and his lover gives
him pleasure, sitting on top of his sleeping body.
132 And from the copulation generates She monsters of the lower sort, those that
live in deserts and wastelands, and lurk in the killing of strangers waiting in
the moonlight.
133 seed gives birth to her bosom of the Ancients ugly the devas, but the fruit
of the seed of man less vicious.
134 In dreams she conceal his face, so the men did not push her,
135 but when it is before His worshipers, it appears as the true incarnation of
136 and they are pleased to welcome pets kisses her, because she does males beca
use of their boundless.
137 But evil lurks in them, and therefore I will warn against this.
138 I saw the ceremonies, with which you can kill a man through great distances,
139 and rituals, bring on disease in man, wherever he lived, straightforward cha

rms, koi so it is said to be now, dialects, and no other, Or as the inscription.

140 Enchantment as these are as follows:
141 "Azathoth-enslaver, the body is pierced with a roar rasi men!
142 Daolot-enslaver, soul pierced with a roar rasi men!
143 wicked ghoul, pierced his neck with Razi roar of men!
Angry 144 mi th, chest pierced with a roar rasi men!
145 The evil specter of the night, pierced his loins, with a roar rasi men!
146 evil devil, pierced lips, with a roar rasi men!
147 The evil god pierced the nostrils, with a roar rasi men!
148 cry of pain but will proclaim men,
149 but weep, but mourn them with their fathers fathers, because they meted out
dust and many tears! "
150 And the singing of the way these things should wax when it is boiled in caul
drons wicked.
151 And the great joy he brings forth, and they are still doing these things whe
re the live, in the tombs of their abominations.
152 And I saw the earth tillers, ruined their evil spells, scorched black flame
burning and the angle, falls from the sky.
153 And suddenly there is a sign of their stay: the land of black and burnt, whe
re nothing grows.
154 And when fire comes down from heaven, and will surely fear among the people,
155 and let them calm down a priest, and may take this very book, koyu to write
himself, and read the expulsion of the tablets Maclou, so as not to harm the peo
ple happened to him.
156 For the sword, who appeared in the sky at the time of such, are a sign of th
e Ancients, which ran one of them and entered into this world.
157 And let these things become a sign to you that it violated the spirit of the
present boundaries of the earth, and which should be approaching.
158 And may send you in search of Fravashi, otherwise the same will happen castl
es great devastation of the earth, and fire prolietsya from heaven, until I shal
l see your senior disaster and did not pacify the powerful spells of the Ancient
159 For the Senior abide by Betelgeuse
160, and sleepless vigilance, and they are in custody, so as not freed from the
shackles of their ancient.
161 But they are far, and many perish in Outland at that time.
Keep an eye out for the 162 stars.

163 For when the stars are seen near the caudate Capricorn Kozlitsy servants sha
ll rejoice, and the spell of their vzrastut fourfold.
164 And when the stars are seen to be tailed in the constellation Draco, the dan
ger is great, because the servants Y'ig Golonaka-wakened, shoyu, and sometimes w
ill create many victims, not only among animals but also among men.
165 And when the stars are spotted tailed beside Sirius, the great misfortune wi
ll happen to the royal houses, and brother against brother will rise up and thro
wn down the war and famines.
166 And rejoice unto Niogty henchmen, shakaloglavogo genie, and reap the fruits
of strife, and that which vozzhiruyut.
167 Bodo's going to happen to you get to the rites of this day, buried soundly,
lest they have seen you,
168 the same way, no doubt, ubiyut you and bring you to sacrifice to their gods,
169 and your spirit will remain in great danger,
170 and jackals howl at you and your soul, you're leaving.
171 And happiness is, if you're going to die soon, because the worshipers enjoy
Niogte slow shedding of blood, they will find something through force, and they
have great power in their rituals.
Watch carefully as 172, but for all that they do it, and all that fame,
173 and write down these things in the book, no one will see koyu how I created
these things,
174 for the good of these things turned around for you in the near future, when
you can recognize them by their words and deeds.
175 And should you win amulets suprotiv them, koi will spell them null and faded
through the burning of the names of their gods on parchment il silk in a roasti
ng pan that thou hast made.
176 and will carry and lay Fravashi burned on the altar of their charms them,
177 and Velma are scared they are,
178 and put off his actions while,
179, and stones to crack,
180 and on a very ancient himself against his servants.
181 Write the same book, koyu conduct, without corrections, and clearly,
182 and when the time of your departure, as it came to me, as the judges pass in
to the hands of those who are able to use it well,
183 and koi are faithful servants of the Elder,
184 and who are willing to swear an eternal battle with the rebellious jinn, hun
gry to exterminate the human race.

185 And remember that you must clear the temple of thy branches of cypress and p
186 and no evil Devas, penetrating into the home, can not enter there,
187 and no ghoul does not brood, as they are doing this in an unclean place.
188 are enormous ghosts of the night, twice a man, but breed in the discharge th
ereof, and even the rumor on his breath, and reach a height of horrific
189 and leave it as long as a magician priest il did not dissect them to a coppe
r dagger, saying the name of Shub-Niggurath seven times seven, loud, shrill voic
Sura 5. Last message Majnun al-Khazraj
A silent night, coming in broad daylight.
2 howling jackals quiet and barely discernible.
3 Perhaps they are looking for something different?
4 But if I can be convinced in this?
5 For a sign of Hastur did not leave his place behind the back of mine, and incr
eased in size, casting a shadow over these pages, I write koi.
6 Encouraged, I Fravashi, but prevents that meter is something that overshadows
my commandments, as if staying in a certain malaise aforesaid, and stunned.
7 Books lost my light and frozen in their place, though dormant il dead animals.
8 Obsessed I am the voice, audible now, like the voice of my home, left this wor
ld so many years ago that you can not even believe that they were close.
9 I understood the untimely, unnatural death of them?
10 Can the jinn, waiting in Outland, so maliciously distort the voice of my moth
11 My brother?
12 My Sister?
13 Izydte!
14 is this book was a talisman, Stamina!
15 Black ink were my gods, not men!
16 But should make haste to my records, and if you can not either read or compre
hend written, perhaps, will restore it unto thee a sign of strength and power of
the jinn, with which they have here and now, no doubt, and caution, lest you bd
il and did not call them carelessly, but only with due care.
17 And let not ever be opened, the gates of these mindlessly in Outland, because
you can never understand the seasons of the Ancient times, even bude can be cal
led true seasons of the earth, the reading of which I was told before.
18 Times and Seasons in Outland, and randomly come wonderfully to our minds, for
they themselves are ischisliteli whether ancient of all time?

19 Do not they have set the time in their place?

20 It is not enough that the older (may Allaah have mercy on his servants, they
are!) Reported wandering stars of open spaces, because these spaces are created
mere Ancients.
21 Does the sun shine to, did Shamash would have been born, if the summer is not
used flowed so quickly?
22 Always, to the gates were shut out of Outland, and sealed properly names and
seals, according to the directions given to you by me.
23 should always be a deterrence force adherents of the ancient service, so they
did not increase the power of the blood and the victims of their own.
24 The scars they know you're them, and smell them, because they were not born l
ike a man, but in another way: some of the seed of the wicked spirit il, koi giv
e them different, unknown to our abilities.
25 And they prefer dark places, for they are God worm.
26 Y'a! God be with me luck! Y'a!
27 Come out! Come out!
28 Y'a, conjure! Y'a, conjure!
29 Bast!
30 Y'a Nariks! Y'a!
31 Y'a!
32 The stars grow dim in their place, draw back the veil and the moon is the fla
me of the sun before me.
33 Guli shakaloglavye around my shrine.
34 Wondrous rays intersect walls and the curtains of my tent, and the light beyo
nd the brightness of his lost mine.
35 Wind rose.
36 Dark Water worry.
37 Se there are secrets, koi can not find in any other book, because they are un
known to mortals.
38 There is no price you can pay koyu for them, because they may not like taurat
es or Zabur or Injeel, or sayings of Muhammad, or the holy Avesta.
39 But such is the quirk of a poet - to share them and throw them in the dust fo
r the future, like a pearl precious, koi will be collected men il hooves trample
d pigs unclean.
40 O you who have read the book, even for the first time, bless the name of Jabi
r ibn Abdullah ibn Abdullah ibn 'Amr al-Ansari al-Khazraj!
41 But when you read it you for a second time, curse his name with sorrow and mo
urn with tears, koi are given to you.

42 But those few who read it a third time, God bless him again, and may be opene
d before them, all the gates.
43 For behold is the Book of the servants of the gods.

Library of ancient
Fragments of manuscripts unpreserved
The scrolls of sacred lies, known as the Book of Aruru
Son Mishargi
Vision Yaddita
Yvon. Book by Yvonne
The Legend of Segha, they do not know that there is
Legend of the earth and rock Mnar, who came to Sarnath
Tablet Maclou
book fravashi
The book is Fifty
St. John the Evangelist. Revelation
Manuscripts Pnakota
Pech Hong Lana. Tablet Aklo
Muhammad ibn Abdallah ibn Abd al-Muttalib. dawn
Saddam ibn Shihab. Dreams Valley Pnakota
Saddam ibn Shihab.
Composition of the castles and the mysteries of the Damned forbidden
John Dee. Liber Logaeth (Liber Mysteriorum Sextus et Sanctus)
Ryan Parker. Necronomicon Myths and magic of ancient Arabic
Tenebrous. Aeon of Cthulhu awakening
Experience necromantic studies of nature and man (newest Necronomicon)
Gizer. Magic of the Ancients
Suleiman. Path of the Priest
Alexei. The hostile nature of
Three books of the Forces

As written Book of the Dead - Necronomicon

Vadim Sumin. Book of the Dead Gods
Nyarlathotep Otis. Wilson v. Simon?
Lovecraft and the authorship of the Necronomicon

Fragments of manuscripts unpreserved

A. Book Iodine
... What should not be ...
Dark ... lives deep beneath the earth on the banks of the western sea.
You will know him as a cloud of darkness and the gathering of the shadows.
None of the powerful hidden world of the Ancients and the other stars there
beside Him, for He dwells hidden in the darkness of the underground.
He has no more than a name, for He is the essence of the maximum sentence, t
he immortal emptiness and silence of the ancient night.
It is the Day of darkness, and darkness covers the light, all life, all soun
d, all movement disappears with the appearance of him.
Sometimes he is in the hour of the eclipse, and although He has no name, cre
ature of darkness know him by prorank Tsishakon ...
Two. Papyrus Ilarneka
The first ... of the human race emerged from the primordial slime of the wor
ld highest in the land near the North Pole ...
In ancient times ... opened fire Tuun'ha and therefore diluted flame over th
e set of special occasions ...
Three. Papyrus dark wisdom
Bokrug ... did not get to the land, but chose the home of his black Ubbot La
ke, which lies in a deep and impenetrable darkness Nug-hull beneath the surface
of the moon.
Groth-Golko the brother Bokruga, descended upon the land in the southern edg
e of the Arctic Circle, where he still lives, walking on the black slopes of old
polar mountains.
Yes! He - the monstrous ruler shantakov serving him in his dungeon with thei
r leader, Kuumyaggoyu, the first broad-Golko Groth favorites:
and those that dwell in the clefts of midnight under the black rocks of the
south polar,
and living on the tops of inaccessible Leng terrible, where the great Ytakua
, Going-to-wind, namestnichaet him in the icy deserts of the north.
And the mighty-Shagnar Fagn, living not far, and a terrible Aphum-Zhah who s
ettled in the black belly Yarnaka, icy mountains to the North Pole they all serve him, even ilidhim tribe, the Great Frost, and the ruler of th
em Rlim-Shaykort ...
4. Manuscripts crypts Zina
Tree ... Yotha cursed demon ...
Time ... when the gray-blue spongy branches range from wind blows ...
Ever ... resides in the depths of Niogta piercing red Yotha ...
Five. Manuscript Martin Gardener
So ... recheno Black Book of Names, contains the story of those who preceded
the men.
Great Old Ones were one and the many.
They were not separate souls, as men, but they were separate wills.
Rumors of others, that they were the stars; other well - that they were soul
firmament, when there onaya of the cloud from the cloud.
For all life comes from a place where there is no consciousness.
Mirror of life required, therefore, they captured the world of matter.
There they became the enemies of themselves, because their appearance is emb

odied in them.
Desired to get rid of the Great Old Ones appearance, therefore, they rejecte
d the burden of the flesh.
But they lost the power to act, because they are in need of servants ...
6. Tablet Tsanthu
Fomalhaut ... with soidet lightning to the ground at the call of magician:
"Ktugha raleff'ka ETT Ktugha Nuva skarak."
Repeat three times, spell these things with due expression ...
[In general, most likely, these tablets are devoted to the history of Pacifi
7. Medieval manuscript XIII-XIV century
He guided the men ... as a dwelling in the darkness, the brother of the Anci
ents, known Niogtoyu, one who does not have to be.
It may be called to the surface through certain secret caves and crevices, a
nd beheld his sorcerers in Syria and a black tower Lang.
From the cave thang that Tartary, was he jet-black, in order to carry terror
and destruction amid the tents of the Great Khan.
At midnight the hidden caves of dishonor, in whom dwells He, his return can
only cross in the circle, zelie Tikkun and the spell-Vac Viraja:
"Y'a on kadishtu nilgh'ri stell'bsna Niogta,
K'yamak phlegetor l'ebumna siha'h n'ghft,
Y'a hai kadishtu r'luh ep-eeh eeh Niogta,
S'uhn NDH-athg li'nee orr'e siha'h! .. "
Eight. Fragments G'harna
In the hour ... unprecedented roar grew by itself Y'ha-ntlei with arches and
pillars of his ...
Author Unknown The scrolls of sacred known as the Book of Aruru
Scroll 1. Anthem ever sleeping
A Y'a Cthulhu!
Father of two great,
3 Priest unmatched,
4 Lord of voids,
5 out of the darkness came down,
6 when the heavens
7 when the firmament
8 were not separated
9 from each other.
10 You always look to us 11 But we are blind!
12 You, always sleeping in R'lehe 13 But we do not sleep!
14 Thou, always calling us to 15, we heard the call of Yours!
Take 16! Join! Join!

17 For we are marching

18 in the sacred silence,
19 stretches out his hands to Thee,
20 on the Cthulhu!
21 Y'a Cthulhu!
22 K'nyan blessed,
23 blessed Kadafi,
24 Lomar blessed,
25 Irem blessed,
26 Mo Ouriyu blessed.
27 Y'a Cthulhu!
28 Y'a Cthulhu!
29 Appear out of the water!
30 Appear out of the water!
31 Appear out of the water!
Your wait 32 Priestess of the Bridegroom!
Your wait 33 Priestess of the Bridegroom!
34 Do not we violate the vows, the Father of data.
35 We lighted fires on the altars of thy
36 and the groom brought the victim!
37 Y'a Shub-Niggurath! Behold!
38 Cthulhu fhtagn!
39 Cthulhu fhtagn!
40 Cthulhu fhtagn!
41 Father, we honor,
42 grand, old, incomparable,
43 who saw a void of Outland,
44 sleeping in the depths
45 sleeping in R'lehe,
46 where even the shadows do not dare

47 to touch the precious box of Thy ...

48 Sleep Forever!
His 49 hour waiting!
50 Y'a Cthulhu!
51 Y'a Cthulhu!
52 Y'a Cthulhu!
53 Y'a! Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
54 Y'a R'leh! N'gagi n'bulu
55 n'lolo Bwana!
56 Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
57 Y'a Cthulhu!
58 Eternal Sleep ...
59 Y'a Cthulhu!
Waiting 60 hours of his ...
Scroll 2. Rite Vlasov serpents
A Y'a! Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
2 Y'a R'leh! N'gagi n'bulu
3 n'lolo Bwana!
4 Y'a! Y'a, Lady Tiamat!
5 Y'a! Y'a, Lady Idhya!
6 Mighty Cthulhu, come forth out of the water!
7 Your child has died!
8 It has died!
9 Lady devoid of Vlasov, the mighty Cthulhu!
10 The one that knows no time, he knows!
11 The one that knows no time
12 brought the Black Stone
13 out of the ground midnight 14 Black Rock, Crocodile Rock.
15 The one that knows no time

16 dancing in the moonlight

17-Stone round the Crocodile.
18 Y'a! No more mistress of Tiamat!
19 Yo! No more Lady Idhi!
20 Y'a! There is no greater than the
21 maintained that the fire
22 in the Black Stone - Stone-Crocodile.
23 Y'a R'leh! N'gagi n'bulu
24 n'lolo Bwana!
25 Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
26 Your child is dead!
27 It is dead!
28 the one that knows no time, knows ...
Scroll 3. Praise Ran-Tegota
A Y'a! Y'a! I go to Run-Tegot!
2 I'm coming to you with the meat ...
3 For a long time waiting for you
4 and scantily fed,
5 but now you obryaschesh
6 promised.
It is above 7, the
8 what you expect.
9 You have turned it
10 to Nothing
11 You vypiesh his blood
12, together
13 with his doubts,
14, and through these things
15 shalt be powerful ...
16 And when will
17, he revealed the way,

18 as evidence of
19 Thy glory.
20 On the Run-Tegot,
21 is infinitely great
22 and invincible,
23 I am thy servant
24 and High Priest of Yours!
25 You're a smooth,
26 I will give you food.
27 I read the signs of Thy
28 and led you to power.
29 I will nourish your blood,
30 And you love me - thy moschiyu ...
31 Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
32 Sacred Kozlitsa with a thousand youthful!
33 ai'eey Uzza! I'kaa haaaaa! Bhoo-iiii!
34-Ran Tegot, Cthulhu fhtagn!
35 Y'a! Y'a! Y'a! Y'a!
36-Ran Tegot, Ran-Tegot, Ran-Tegot!
37 Lord of the spawn-Horn Yidika
38 and fumes K'thun!
39 Worm, howling
40 in a whirlwind of Azathoth!
41 O thou, who could be
42 sacrificed
43, and become immortal
44 and now betrayed him
He was 45 and a priest!
46 Watch out - because he suffers from famine!
47 Watch out - because, lishas priest

48 It is no longer to be merciful!
49 Yo! Yo! Revenge for me!
50 Yo! Yo! This, the great god,
51 deprived of food, craves blood,
52-giving him life.
53 Yo! Yo! Great Run-Tegot!
54 Ancient descend to the ground ...
55 It appeared from the depths of Yuggoth:
56 where his temple dwells ...
57 He Needs a victim
58 It is smooth,
59 He is waiting ...
60 Did you hear him 61 He is here.
62 Worship and serve Him.
63 ai'eey Uzza! I'kaa haaaaa! Bhoo-iiii!
64-Ran Tegot, Cthulhu fhtagn!
65 Y'a! Y'a! Y'a! Y'a!
66-Ran Tegot, Ran-Tegot, Ran-Tegot!
Scroll 4. Worship Ancient priests Kadafi
A Y'a! Y'a, the oldest, most ancient,
Two fathers lords, fathers, masters,
3 descended from the emptiness of Outland,
4 litsezrevshie depth of all things!
5 Y'a, mere!
6 Y'a, mere!
7 Kadafi, the country is unfading,
8 where you come down,
9 Kadafi, where do you eat your eats
10 and smooth your thirst!
11 Khadafi, the country of your thoughts,

12 praises the oldest Fathers

13-kings glorifies the Fathers,
14-praise the lords of the Fathers.
15 Y'a Yog-Sothoth, the Lord of the gate!
16 Y'a Hastur, dancing wildly!
17 Y'a Nyarlathotep, in no power!
18 Y'a Tsatoggua, curator of the abyss!
19 Y'a Cthulhu, ever sleep!
20-Ran Y'a Tegot, eating the food!
21 Hymns are sung in your sanctuaries,
22 of the conquerors of the heavens and the firmament.
23 Yes, you hit those about whom no rumor!
24 Let it be assigned to you
25 crown of shining,
26, and so exhaled star
27 slipping in the voids
28 universes:
29 "Y'a, ancient!
30 Accept our blood,
31 take our insides,
32 take our brains,
33 take our breath of life!
34 Y'a! Devour us
35 holy messengers,
36 lord of the Void! "
37 Let it be our joy,
38 let it be our joy,
39 When you take
40 of our offerings,
41 For we are responsible:

42 Gladney you.
Filled with blood of the 43 bowls,
44 on the altars spread out those
45 who will receive your blessing.
We give you 46
47 man and maid
48 kind of noble,
49 close to Jehovah.
50 And let them know they are enjoying it!
51 And let the breath of life to rise up
52 to the limits of the last creations!
About 53 Khadafi, where the bottom of heaven
54 praises of the Ancients, nizvergnuvshih
55 of those for whom no rumor!
56 Behold, the country of gold,
57 as a young and virgin Mt'aa,
58 and the first elected
59 dedicated,
60 learn about our Fathers!
61 Y'a! Let it be our joy!
62 Behold, the country is elevated,
63 as a young Pt'aa,
64 heralds the true words
65 messengers of the good things
66 belong to the monastery Vsemateri.
67 Y'a! Let it be our joy!
68 Thou, O Shub-Niggurath!
69 Thou, O Marduk!
70 Thou, O BSL!
71 Thou, O-Y'ig Golonak!

72 Thou, O Orobla!
73 You are our pastors,
74 children Kadafi naivelichayshie pastors.
75 Thou, O Shub-Niggurath!
76 Thou, O Marduk!
77 Thou, O BSL!
78 Thou, O-Y'ig Golonak!
79 Thou, O Orobla!
80 colliding heavens and the firmament,
81 wind and water, light and darkness,
82 creative and destructive.
83 Y'a! Let it be our joy!
Kings 84, sitting on thrones
85 Lloygor and Tshar,
86 Dragon the eternal void,
87 kings, whose laws they honor
88 beloved children!
89 Y'a! Let it be our joy!
90 Y'a, eternally alive!
Scroll 5. Song Y'ig-Golonaka
1 O Thou, whose name I knew!
2 O thou, who stood by me
3 surrounded by winds abyss!
4 O Thou, the Spirit of the Damned!
5 O Thou, who descended from the stars!
6 Thou - a sign,
7 you - shine
8 You - mystery.
9 I broke Your Print
10 and want to see

11 true hypostasis
12 my lord,
13 of my illustrious priest,
14 create it rite
15 in honor of the ascent of the moons
16 to ladiyu limit.
17 Oh, I'm closer to you.
18 You spoke:
19 "Express Yourself,
20 thoughts
21 aware.
22 become a single,
23 become a single,
24 become one. "
25 But in what?
26 And then was given a gift 27 slave, whose bosom knows no intercourse
28 in the mother's dress Shub-Niggurath,
29 crowned, the royal virgin
30 vsevechnoy thousand youthful.
The gift was given to 31 32 slave, whose bosom knows no intercourse.
33 I enjoy
34 naked valuables,
I drilled 35
36 Brilliant Stone
37 on a bed of onyx
38 for a box of onyx.
I'm 39, drinking juice of tender body.
40 I in any way a revelation

41 I in any prayer.
42 stars are merged into the web,
43 and six in his home
44 expect the one whose bosom knows no intercourse.
45 And six will caress Sister
46 and give rest to her in the crypts Zina
47 in the smoke of incense smoke,
48 hours of knowledge,
49 hour marriage to Vsevechnoy,
You'll be 50 when the
51 particle of the motion of stars wandering
52 and the tower Leung
53 brand plucked out of a cry:
54 Y'a! Yo!
55 Y'a! Yo!
56 Y'a! Yo!
57 Zaryatnatmih,
58 Gianna,
59 Etitnamush,
60 Hadzhrash,
61 Fabelleron,
62 Fabenronti,
63 barzakh,
64 Tabarzul,
65 Nisa!
66 Wharf Shub-Niggurath!
67 Gabush Memrot! "
68 Y'a! Previous rites of Six.
Scroll 6. Mixture of heaven and the firmament
A good kind of priest,
Two royal shepherd

Three sanctuaries of the Ancients

4 whose eye is directed
5 to tysyachelikim moons,
6 directed his steps
7 to the home country of golden Fathers.
8 "What he has accomplished these things?
9 What he wanted to come to know? "
10 No matter what 11, he asks himself
12 in the sanctuaries of the country's gold,
13 where they honor the laws of the Ancients.
14 Glorious Kadafi,
15 sparkling, stored Ancients,
16 fell down those whom no rumor!
17 Priest kind of good,
18 Priest of Shub-Niggurath
19 and thousands of Chosen
20 stretched down and asked:
21 "I'm not owning the name,
22 I am ignorant of the truth,
23 I, whose breath stinking,
24 wonders of the Lady,
25 Mother mnogorozhdavshaya,
26 Kozlitsa omnipotent
27 with a thousand young,
28 kolebatelnitsa the heavens and the firmament;
29 walls of the organizer,
30 law giver.
31 You, on the first-born,
32 live forever,

33 tell me!
34 unclean, accursed
35 plagued by Kadafi - a country of golden,
36 unclean, accursed
37 Lomar torment - a strange taste,
38 unclean, accursed
39 K'nyan torment - a country of hidden,
40 unclean, accursed
41 Mo-plagued Ouriyu - know the country.
42 Those who commanded,
43 those who were cast,
44 plagued country of golden.
45 I behold! - Victims are poor,
46 I behold! - Altars are empty,
47 I behold! - Bowl desecrated
48 I behold! - Priestess unclean,
49 I behold! - The laws are broken.
50 unclean, accursed
51 plagued country of golden! "
52 They answered live forever:
53 "is not about owning the name,
54 podymi your eyes.
About 55 unaware of the truth,
56 podymi your eyes.
57 O thou whose breath stinking,
58 podymi your eyes.
59 visibly good, smooth, and satisfy our!
60 Y'a! Yes betray forgotten ones
61 who commanded those who were cast!
62 Yog-Sothoth strikes deals -

63 were the ashes of them,

64 strikes causing Hastur 65 were the ashes of them,
66 Shub-Niggurath strikes deals 67 were the ashes of them,
68 strikes causing Nyarlathotep 69 were the ashes of them,
70 Orobla strikes deals 71 were the ashes of them,
BSL does 72 hits 73 were the ashes of them,
74-Y'ig Golonak strikes deals 75 were the ashes of them,
76 strikes causing Azathoth 77 shattered them!
78 Y'a! Y'a! Y'a!
79 Those who commanded,
80 those who were cast,
81 They are scattered! "
82 Priest kind of good,
83 pastor of Sovereign,
84 sanctuaries of the Ancients
85 whose eye is directed to the moons tysyachelikim,
86 saw the confusion of the heavens and the firmament;
87 lady saw the war,
88 floating in the streams of burning,
89 saw the war chariots
90 flying over the plains extensive.
91 The ancient, ever-living,
92 blows applied,

93 and the ashes scattered

94, those who commanded,
95 those who were cast!
96 The oldest are asking,
97 ancient, old,
98 organizers of the walls, the thrones of rulers:
99 "resting there in the world
100 country of golden?
101 resting there in the world
102 country Kadafi?
103 Rest of the world is
104 of our sanctuary? "
105 stretched prostrate
106 Priest kind of good,
107 pastor of Sovereign
108 Ancient temples,
109 whose eye is directed
110 to tysyachelikim moons,
111 stretched prostrate
112 and said:
113 "I saw,
114, and I listened,
115 and signs
116 inscribed I
117 for the blood of the high priest
118 haggard you!
119 Y'a! Accepted our offerings!
120 Y'a! Crowned,
121 Mixing the heavens and the firmament!
122 I behold! - Victims of abundant,

123 I behold! - Gifts of the altars,

124 I behold! - Bowls filled,
125 I behold! - Priestess pure,
126 I behold! - The laws of honor,
About 127 people who maketh
128 countries of golden,
129 of those who plunges
130 unclean and damned
131 of those who commanded,
132 those who are defeated!
133 Y'a Yog-Sothoth!
134 Y'a Hastur!
135 Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
136 Y'a Nyarlathotep!
137 Y'a Y'ig-Golonak!
138 Y'a BSL!
139 Y'a Marduk!
140 Y'a Orobla!
141 Y'a Cthulhu!
142 Y'a Azathoth!
143 Y'a, eternally alive!
I saw 144,
145 and I listened,
146 and signs
147 inscribed I
148 for the blood of the high priest
149 haggard you. "
150 Call of Shub-Niggurath heeded,
151 Week Its offerings heeded.
152 stretched prostrate

153 approached, they

154 and have seen the naked skeleton of Togo,
155 in whom a mixture of heaven and the firmament:
156 "Y'a Shub-Niggurath!
157 Almighty Kozlitsa
158 to a thousand youthful!
159 Behold the mystery is 160 listened to you.
161 Behold a revelation 162 have known you.
163 Ce is the truth,
164 sec is the truth,
165 sec is the truth.
166 Y'a! Sand in the palms of my hands,
167 and thy bones whiten
168 is on the sand.
169 Y'a! Your body - Food Week,
170 dogs Leung luxurious feast.
171 Y'a! Blood of the high priest
172 haggard from the vessel
173 of my loins.
174 Ce have pleasure
175 has some poison for you,
176 and you woke up in the circle of tombs,
177 and seest thou over them
178 languid dance
179 leper whores - my daughters.
180 Oh, sweet kisses them!
181 betrayed coitus with them 182 and so holy, you will!

183 awakened in the circle of tombs,

184 lost its name,
185 young virgins
186 you learn
187 in terms of the tombs,
188 where the signs are joined together:
Call 189 Crimson Wife,
Call 190 for ever Eaten
191 Yellow Sign,
192 sign of the Elder.
193 Y'a! May it be Thy will to it,
194: for behold there is a desire
195: for behold there are unexplained,
196 when dissected rises in the darkness.
197 Behold the mystery is 198 listened to you.
199 Behold a revelation 200 have known you.
201 Y'a! Blood of the high priest
202 haggard from the vessel of my loins. "
203 Y'a! Previous rites of Six.
Scroll 7. Finding Yuggoth
1 These things given to you,
2 For you know the desired
3 and read through the sand
4 letters invisible
5 Fathers of the oldest,
6 For you created from the flesh
7 and dressed in clothes
8 decay and death.

9 Truth! Come to know you!

10 Do not speak a lie, but the utter truth!
11 Listen and remember
12 before the face of it,
13 O thou that pyliyu became
14 on you, that was nothing
15 before the face of them hidden.
16 Hha! Y'a!
17 Azathoth! Azathoth! Azathoth!
18 found a stone in your hand 19 it is the essence of the Gate
20 what you're looking for
21, and inquire about this
22 in those silent
23 and behold the ignorance
24 and the insignificance of you,
25 dressed in clothes
26 decay and death.
27 Bending your head 28 destined to shine!
29 Slopes of thy body,
30 Stretch out your body,
31 and the root of your pluck,
32 on the insignificance of nothingness,
33 and ate feces thy
34 For you have dared
35 stand before the face of them!
36 Hha! Y'a!
book (surviving fragments)
Fragment 1. About Hyperborea
For the pole ... for limiting Tuloma, rise urban towers, like the graves of ...
As long as my soul ... persecuted sim fear the throne and the kingdom of this wo

rld will be shaken. Bodo even Hyperborea awaken! ..

Fragment 2. About Tsatoggua
The first ... that was here, it was black and had these things Tsatoggua, came t
o the gloomy Saturn koy no further than after the creation of life on earth.
He appeared before the ascension into the world of the top to the ground, the pl
ace faded through these things ...
Fragment 3. On wand Ktughi
Must ... find your first rod Ktughi, or as you come down on his anger.
Only someone who owns a rod symmetry, close to the Lord of fire, and his servant
s he will be able to ask for help themselves.
Call upon the Lord and he shall bring him the victim per se, that he deigned to
preserve intact the life and soul of calling ...
Fragment 4. On invocation Ktughi
Grooves ... altar, created in the rock, but will descend to the ground.
Yes, a sword will pierce any sacrifice guards without killing it, though.
Death is so slow and painful.
Repeated appeals to the suffering is ancient.
The more victims realize what awaits them, the more frustrated in my life, and t
he loud and terrible suffering them.
Their blood will be released even when the full light of the moon and cloudless,
and may impregnate her deep dust of the earth.
Yeah cause the sorcerer to his body in the first three characters of the alphabe
t Nug-Sota, IAO.
So be it a dark robe and bears it in circles, embroidered with gold and silvery.
And yes all the time the action will be lifted up mine eyes to the mountain,
And let his spirit free from all thought, being in a vacuum, ready to take the L
ord's eternal flame.
When the ground around him blush and saturated with the blood of the victims, bu
t the dark sorcerer sing these words:
Y'a! Y'a! Ktugha an'olf! An'alph Ktugha!
Naa Thrush Ze'ev Shamash Ktugha! .. "
Fragment 5. About hounds Tind'losi
In the beginning ... endless time on the other side of it, in that place, whose
secret was hidden in the essence of the stories under the name Tind'losi, on the
other side of light and darkness, good and evil, thou naidesh outlandish and si
nister land where lurk Hidden horrors and true fear of unseen prey.
There's a dim, eerie like Breg border pale gray and misty, slowly washed by wave
s of boundless and unimaginable time.
And there, going back over time, once committed was terrible and indescribable a
ct on any dare not say a me.
Through these things are generated by a nameless offense was terrible and evil c
reature, nicknamed Tind'losi hounds.
At the beginning of time left, they clean, and now in Tind'losi, amid complete s
ilence, they roam around their horror, indescribable thirst tormented by everyth
ing that is pure and undefiled.
These are the offspring of the Notes-Yidika K'thun and evaporation.
They were expelled from the six directions, koi are united with all the angles o
f time.
Only through the haze of the angles they are moving now, because this is the cur
se of the Elder.
They can not move on the Crimson Circle and enter yourself into the ground besid
e the twisted worlds, but dholy and some of the men can help them, and they can
swear allegiance to Shub-Niggurath and serve her.
All the evil of the universe is concentrated in the bodies of their skinny, not
like the bodies of mortals and eternally experiencing smooth to those of the hum
an race, koi in ancient times were not involved in the act.
And they uchuyut you, if you're too close proidesh, and catch, and with the acts
of death and their bodies filled with wickedness, and their poisonous tentacles
viyutsya incessantly.
Again and again they returned to their macabre feast, snarling and unsatisfied.

Blue pus cover they offered her, beheaded her, and twine triangle of folded rock
Even a dream about them calling them to the dreamer!
If you can avoid them for a long time, as did Sargon these things, they will sli
p back where you were initially, beyond time and space.
Neither small nor great exorcism Phnom not stop the hounds Tind'losi from harass
ment victims, but the great invocation of Azathoth, maybe you can use in order t
o bring them back.
Once was a way to protect against the arrival of the hounds, but the way this ha
s been lost and forgotten among men.
Print Tind'losi as humans call it, is on the other side of the wondrous world be
yond the boundaries of time, where they come from hunters.
But do not know how people used the mascot of this departed, koi have died with
the death of former worlds.
Birds of dogs, indicating the soul, hungry for preserving dead bodies are altere
d images of hounds Tind'losi
They howl in a whirlwind, koy are dreadful and terrible, Azathoth - they are ser
vants of the king of the jinn, led by their leader, and ancestor of the Notes an
d the monstrous-Yidikom K'thun ...
Fragment 6. About Bokruge and Golgorote
Disgusting ... and clumsily swims Bokrug Ubbot broad black lake in the eerie and
dark abyss of the Nag hull, and he sleeps with the old, familiar Senior sealed.
His brother also, Golgorot, came to this land in the region at the South Pole, w
here he still lives inside a black top of a mountain great and abominable shanta
ki ministered to him ...
Fragment 7. About Rlim-Shaykore
Rlim-Shaykort is the leader of the Great Frost and one of the servants Aphum-Zha
He gathers the mighty sorcerers as the only suitable food, and adapts them to hi
s coldness, so that never again could they live in the former lands.
Right hand is stretched it to the sun and the earth through the emptiness of the
spaces in the north.
He dwells in the place of refrigerant limit, where no one else can not breathe.
In the days of phenomena will be released in the midst of the islands and castle
s with the wind of human deaths, sleeping in his monastery.
But even he, the ruler of the lords of death, being in the mortal world, it beco
mes vulnerable ...
Fragment 8. About Tsishakone
Lord of Darkness ... splash out his revenge on disturbing ancient relics ...
Fragment 9. About seven gates of oblivion
Seven gates of the terrible nothingness hidden in seven places of the earth.
Woe to him who voidet in them, he hath no turning back!
[In addition, the book described the potion Yuggoth Yvonne, one of whose compone
nts is a liquid G'land and ritual Tsanthu pertaining "A huge black cats, encount
ered a very strange feasts held on the rocky hill behind Vinesom. And these cats
escaped unharmed from the flames. Howl of them, not unlike any known human tong
ues, very reminiscent of the unknown syllables Tsanthu rite. " According to othe
r instructions, it says that "Gabriel and Adam are the same."]
Author unknown Legend of the earth and rock Mnar, who came to Sarnath
There are a vast land Mnar Ubbot motionless lake, which is not fed by any stream
, and therefore no flow from it will not expire.
2 Ten thousand years ago there stood the mighty city of Sarnath Coast, but not w
orth it now Sarnath.
3 Recheno that in the summer immemorial, when the world was young, before those
people came into the land of Sarnath Mnar, hail stood beside a lake;
4 gray hailstones Yib, koy was as old as the lake itself, and peopled Tuun'ha, c

reatures, disliked eyes.

5 dyuzhe strange and ugly were creating these, as, indeed, most of the creatures
in the world, primitive and poor.
6 is written on the brick cylinders Kadaferona that Yiba inhabitants were as gre
en as the lake and the mists that rise above it;
7 that they were pucheoki with flabby, puffy lips and pointed ears, and dumb.
8 It is written also, that came down from the moon at night Tuun'ha fog
9 they are motionless and the vast lake and gray stone castle Yib.
10 However, we can Glagol confident that they are worshiping a stone idol of nav
y blue, carved in the image Bokruga, Ancient One, who was the incarnation of the
great water lizard;
11 before whom they danced horribly when the moon was kruglolika.
12 And it is written in the papyrus Ilarneka that they once opened fire, and the
refore the flame diluted by the set of solemn cases.
13 But there is little written about the creatures now, because they lived in ti
mes dyuzhe old man is Mlad and little knowledge of the oldest of the living.
14 Now after many epochs were men of the land Mnar, dark shepherd herds his peop
le with fluffy, koy raised Traa, and Ilarnek Kadaferon on a bend of the river Au
15 Other tribes also are likely in the works, rather than in luxury, have been p
ushed back to the shores Ubbota and built Sarnath at a place where they were dis
covered in the land of precious ore.
16 Not far from the gray stone castle Yib laid the first stone of wandering trib
es of Sarnath, and wondered they were very Yiba creatures.
17 But the astonishment was blended their hatred, because they thought that they
meet creatures like appearance, until he will come the twilight world of men.
18 Do not love gave birth to men, and marvelous sculptures in gray stone Yiba,
19 For these statues, so long at peace, even before the arrival of men, who had
nothing to tell;
20 For the earth was very Mnar detached and removed from most of the land, like
a dream from reality.
21 While Sarnath became stronger people, grew up in them and their hatred for th
e people Yiba,
22 and it is not weakened, when they discovered that these creatures are weak an
d spineless, like jellyfish, before touching the arrows and stones.
23 Therefore, once the young warriors, the slingers and archers and spear bearer
s, were beside a Yiba and destroyed all the inhabitants thereof, pitting strange
body in the lake long copies, because they did not want to touch them.
24 And because it does not instilled in them a love gray carved stone Yiba, they
threw them into the lake, too;

25 marveling at the grandeur of Labor, with whom stones, obviously, were brought
izdaleche once, for there was not similar in the ground Mnar il in neighboring
26 And since nothing survived in the ancient city of Yib, they saved the idol na
vy blue, carved in the image Bokruga, great water lizard.
27 young warriors came back with him as with the evidence of victory over the sa
me gods and creatures Yiba and as the sign of authority over Mnarom.
28 But the night after he was installed in the temple, a terrible thing happened
, for the wonderful glow was visible above the Ubbotom,
29 and the morning found the idol humans disappeared, and the high priest, Taran
-Ish - lying dead, as if in horror unspeakable.
30 But before he died, Taran-Ish scrawled upon the altar of chrysolite with coar
se features and unsteady character: "Rock."
31 Many centuries have come and gone, in whom Sarnath prospered exceedingly, so
that only the priests but the old woman remembered what Taran-Ish inscribed on t
he altar.
32 How to become a powerful Sarnath, and worked at the famous and beautiful, he
is tricked out hordes of aggressive, in order to conquer the neighboring castles
33 and in this time sat on the throne of the king of all the earth Sarnath Mnar
and many of the surrounding land.
34 High and wondrous are seventeen bashnepodobnyh Sarnath temple, built of brigh
t multi-colored stone, unknown anywhere else.
35 In the land of the palaces were so large and magnificent as the palaces.
36 gathers a crowd of them, in order to worship the Zo-Kalar and Tamas and Lobon
u, the supreme gods of Sarnath, whose incense wrapped in the tomb were similar t
o the thrones of kings.
37 And on the lake at night dyuzhe create it a secret and ancient rite of hatred
Bokrugu, the great water lizard,
38 And there was the altar of chrysolite, mottled rock signs Taran-Ish.
39 Every year, was celebrated in Sarnath holiday in honor of the destruction Yib
a, during whose wine, songs, dances and merriment of all kinds were in abundance
40 Great honors were offered up and then the shadows of those that destroyed the
wicked old creatures,
41 and the memory of the creatures, and so the old gods they made

fun of dancers,

42 and crowned with roses luteists of the royal gardens.

43 And the king threw a glance at the lake and curse the bones of the dead lying
beneath it.
44 was a magnificent celebration of the thousandth year's plan of destruction Yi

45 For ten years it was on the lips of everyone in the land Mnar,
46 and as this day approached, arrived in Sarnath on stallions and camels and el
ephants men from Traa, and Ilarneka Kadafedrona, and from every city and land Mn
ar her.
47 Previous marble walls in the night were assigned to spread out tents and cano
pies princes strangers.
48 In his banquet's hall reclined Nargis-Hei, the king, upivshiysya old wine fro
m the vaults of conquered Pnakota and surrounded by nobles and the hustle-bustle
of idle slaves.
49 There were many wonderful treats dine at the celebration of the family;
50 peacocks from the distant hills of implantation,
51 blisters of Bnazikskoy camel of the desert,
52 nuts and spices from the groves Sidatrianskih,
53, and pearls from the waves washed Mtala, soaked with vinegar from Traa.
54 While celebrating the king and his lords were in the palace, feasting priests
in the temple of the great tower.
55 And among them was the high priest Gnai-Kah,
56 koy first saw the shadow, descending from the moon kruglolikoy the lake,
57 and cursed the green mist, arising out of the lake,
58 in order to meet with the moon, envelop sinister haze the towers and vaults d
oomed Sarnath.
59 After him, and being in the towers and the walls have noticed bizarre glow in
the water and saw that gray rock Akurion, Koya before uplift high above them, n
ear shores, almost sank.
60 And while the fear grew vaguely, but so rapidly that the princes and far Ilar
neka Rokola removed and collected their tents and left - a few were in charge of
the reason for their departure.
61 Then, closer to an hour after midnight, all the bronze gates of Sarnath were
opened, and plucked frantic crowd that captivated the plain, for all princes and
pilgrims who arrived ran away in fright.
62 For on the faces of the crowd was still inscribed insanity generated by the s
hock of a monstrous,
63 and the languages

they were the words of so terrible that no one could hear the

64 People whose eyes were wild with terror, cried out loudly,
65 seeing the banquet in the royal palace, which is now visible through the wind
ow is not the shadow of Nargis-Hei and nobles, and his servants,
66 but the horde of indescribable, green, silent, pucheokih creatures with plump

, flabby lips, and pointed ears;

67 creatures that danced horribly, bearing in their paws golden trays, studded w
ith rubies and diamonds, and keeping an open fire.
68 And now, a great gray rock Akurion completely submerged.
69 For all the land and the lands surrounding Mnar reverberated testimony of tho
se who fled from Sarnath,
70 and did not find the cursed castle caravans more.
71 And where once stood the walls of three hundred cubits and towers is much hig
her, now stretched only the marshy lake Breg vast motionless Ubbot,
72 and gray rock towered above Akurion Breguet.
73 Rock was in Sarnath.
74 But polupogrebenny in a hurry, Found item was a mysterious green idol;
75 dyuzhe ancient idol, carved in the image Bokruga, Ancient One, who was the in
carnation of the great water lizard.
76 Idol these things stored in the high temple Ilarneka, later worshiped by the
moon in the earth kruglolikoyu Mnar.
77 And now, during the hours of low tide you can behold the sign on the gray roc
k Akurion, was listed in any writings of the Ancients:
78 "Yib destroyed, but the ancients are still alive.
79 At the other end of the world remains deg sister, Ai-Yib, hidden under the ea
rth, in the barbarian lands of Cimmeria.
80 There is still thriving nation Residents of the depths
81 and stay there the gods, to whom worshiped since ancient times;
82 before the events of Cthulhu. "
Author Unknown Tablet Maclou
Contrary to popular belief, the text is not identical with the same name the sou
rce, the well-known Sumerologist. Some of his chapters (2-6, 17-18) are indeed a
lmost exact translation of the Sumerian tablets separate spells Maclou, slightly
processed, taking into account the overall context of the Al-Asif, Chapter 7 is
actually a fragment of text extracted from a spell, is the foundation of Chapte
r 8, Chapter 12, for apparently, is a compilation of different fragments of Sume
rian original source, the origin of the remaining chapters is not installed. Com
ments before and after a spell, probably added Al-Khazraj, in part - based on th
e comments given in the ninth plate of source material, while the authorship of
the first, introductory chapter belongs, of course, Ibn Jabir. On this basis, we
can assume that al-Khazraj possessed some alternative list of tablets Maclou un
known to modern science, or made part of the spell itself, relying on their own ex
perience and inspiration. Because one way or another, the text is the product of
a creative rethinking of Abdallah al-Khazraj, we do not consider it necessary t
o translate the nine "Classic" plates Maclou and prepare a consolidated view of
the manuscript translated from Al-Khazraj, and caused his stuff as it is, only s
lightly straightened obvious translation errors on the basis of the Sumerian sou

Chapter 1. On the burning of evil spirits

Xie is a book expulsions, burnings, and bindings, presented me Nariks, Lady, on
the ruins of Ur.
2 Yes, these should be performed by a priest over a cup with three guards proper
ly, as described above these things.
3 Yes spells will be read after Fravashi will be called, and he will accomplish
zamyslennoe passed him spells.
4 And when he come back, may He be sent, as before he was called.
5 Know then, when ready images, one must burn them to ashes, the ashes will be b
uried, but also cautious, where nobody will disturb him, because touching that m
eter is equivalent to death or fate worse than death.
6 Know that the main evil of the jinn, seven, and shared in the same essence of
the seven Amesha-Angra, koi ripped the heart out of a man and mock his Gods.
7 And the magic of a very tightly, and they are the lord of the shadows and over
the depths of the sea, and recheno that they reigned over the first Maganov whe
nce they came.
8 Exile, Let there be a distinct voice uttered, without trembling, without a tre
9 Hand over the head should be kept in the position of the priest of Shamash, th
e same eyes that they may be to contemplate the spirit of Shamash, bude se even
have time to sleep for the Shamash Gate Skorpionovyh mountains.
10 Not a single word of it shall not be changed.
11 Let these things will not be shown to anyone, but only to the initiated.
12 Show them who bring a different mean-Golonaka Y'ig curse on himself and on hi
s seed.
Chapter 2. Binding of evil sorcerers
When you are plagued by a spell of admirers of the Ancients, created images of t
hem, one male and one female, and burn them in the bowl of the Three Guardians o
f the flame, the rumor linking spell these things:
2 "To you I call the gods the night!
3 Together with you, I cry to the night, the bride hidden.
4 I call at dusk, midnight and dawn,
5 For sorcerers bewitched me,
6 sorcerer and witch tied me
7 cunning slandered me.
8 They Called my god and goddess of mine,
9 koi are shunning me
10 koi cry for me today.

11 I began miserable for those who will see me.

12 hurt, I boliyu disease.
13 I am standing because I can not lie
14 no night or day.
15 They stuffed my mouth verv!
16 They gagged my mouth with grass!
17 And they removed the water from my mouth!
They are 18 drinking water oskudnili my!
19 Joy of my darkened, and the fun became my grief.
20 Arise, my great gods!
21 Take heed to my sighing!
22 Judge in my affairs!
23 Behold my ways!
24 Daruyte calculation!
25 I make the images of the sorcerer and sorceress
26, and my obvorozhitelya obvorozhitelnitsy mine.
27 I put them on the fire for you, that you gave me a settlement,
28 For they have done evil suprotiv me
29 filled with lies its charm suprotiv me.
30 Let them die, but I'll live!
31 Witchcraft them their fortune-telling, charms them that they may be discarded
32 Tamarisk, sublime, Crowned, so purify me!
33 fig tree, catching winds everywhere, so set me free!
Sheet 34 mashtakala that fills the earth, but will wash me!
35 The fruit of the pine, full of seeds, so set me free!
36 front of you, I become bright: bright, like grass.
37 I am clean and washed, like Belous.
38 Enchantment witch hated me.
39 Yes back their words in their mouths,
40 Moreover zapletutsya their tongues!

41 Yes prevail against the gods of the night the spell!

42 Yes, dissolve three Guardians of the night evil spell!
43 Yes, they will zevy fat!
44 But will their tongues soliyu!
45 The word of my curse, uttered something they
46 so melts like fat!
47 Enchantment, koi, they have imposed,
48 yes dissolve like salt!
49 Their site is broken!
50 Their deeds are destroyed!
51 All their speech fills the deserts and wastelands
52 at the behest, approved by the gods of the night! "
53 Next, draw a star in the air, fire sword Fravashi.
54 On this done.
Chapter 3. Building damage to the sorcerers
1 "On Nariks, se are the images made

me swear, cross images have made

2 seconds is a vicious images of me and enchanted me

3 is a cross images fascinated me and fascinated me,
4 is a cross images befuddle me and befuddle me
5 is a cross image enchanted me and my enchantment,
6 is a cross images of the enemy of my enemy: and mine,
7 Behold network gate of my images and my vorogini,
8 is a cross and the images of my pursuer presledovatelnitsy mine
9 is a cross images of my accuser and my prosecutrix,
10 is a cross images slandereth me and slandering me,
11 Behold there are images of my detractor and hulitelnitsy mine
12 Behold there are images of punishing me and punishing me,
13 Behold there are images of the villain and the villain.
14 Judge Nariks you knowest it, I know not of.
15 Intrigue them, their fortune-telling, charms them, evil plots,

me swear;

16 witchcraft, suppression, slander, lust, hatred,

17 perjury, murder, numbness of the mouth,
18 palpitations, heat in the face of madness 19 everything they have done, they have brought on themselves.
20 Behold, they have, se are the images of them, for they can not represent them
21 And now I commend you.
22 O Thou Nariks, judging that catches the bad and hostile, they caught a first,
than I'll be crushed!
23 Those who have created images of mine, I imitated the appearance,
24 they attacked my face,
25 They tied my neck,
26 So they smote my breast,
27 are bent back my own,
28 they eased my hand,
29, they have deprived me of courage,
30, they drew the heart of my God in anger at me,
31 they have weakened my strength,
32 because they were pulled out of my hands,
33 they have held down my knee numbness,
34 they have nourished my weakness,
35, they nurtured me meat curse,
36 auxiliary, they curse me with water,
37 they bathed me in the aid,
38 bad juice, herbs, they have defiled me,
39 They made

fun of me as a dead man

40 put them in my grave Jauhar,

41, they drew a god, Caesar, sheik, Hagan in anger at me;
42 Thou, O Ktugha, burning witches,
43 destroying the seed of evil sorcerer and witch
44 iznichtozhat villains, is that you!

45 I appeal to you, as a dispenser will Shamash:

46 Heal me, give me account!
47 Burn the witches!
48 Devour enemies of mine, an absorber of those who wish me evil!
49 But the storm brought down on them Thy
50 so they will find their deaths, they, like waste water,
51 may be one of their fingers cut off, as the masons
52 Thy commandment, something does not change
53 and thy promise, something not falter! "
Chapter 4. Spell in order to disenchant with an image of your
A Bodo knowest thou the names of annoying you, write to the signs of witches wax
image of the add, on which shall lay a curse and melt koy in a roasting pan, se
t thee in the terms of the security, spell and read these things:
2, "Who are you, a witch, who took my clay from the river?
3 Who are you, my zhegshaya images in the dark your house?
4 Who are you to shed water over my grave?
5 Who are you making up the fruits of my woody at the corners?
6 Who are you, my garments vsporovshaya seam in the house of a tanner?
7 Who are you, my feet the dust gathers on the doorstep?
8 I sent Fravashi in the shelter, where the oil was bought for you.
9 I sent Fravashi in the ditch, where the clay was taken for you.
10 I sent you a minister beside a fire,
11 and the flame kindled much, forever one with GIBIL, the eternal lamp of the A
12 Nodens in Ur,
13 Shamash at Larsa,
14 Ktugha together with his people,
15 Shub-Niggurath in Akkad, in his own house.
16 Yes, they fascinate brat sorcerer and witch, to whom innumerable!
17 Yes, they will strike a witch, but I'll stay so live!
18 For I have bewitched her, she put a spell on me!
19 For I am not over her enchantments, she used enchantments on me!

20 Believe it charms, koi she had made

21 I also believe GIBIL, sudie my!
22 Ktugha, burn her!
23 Ktugha, it fell!
24 Ktugha, crush it! "
25 And Fravashi send a curse upon those for whom it is uttered.
26 And they shall die.
Chapter 5. Spell clay figure, greased
A Bodo does not know you or the names of the sorcerer sorceress il, beset you, n
or their persons, but only that they are trying to harm you, created a clay like
ness of man, with all members, but without a face, and signified smazh fat.
2 And on the face image of the word choose it: "Warlock".
3 Hold the image of the roasting pan over a fierce, strong rumors of him these t
4, "Who are you, a wizard, I was continually looking for?
5 Who are you, a witch, annoyed me constantly?
6 Who are you looking for me with evil thoughts?
7 Who are you to me unceasingly searching with bad intentions?
8 I know not, I hail thee,
9 I know not of thy house,
10 I know not thy name,
11 I know not thy dwelling.
12 Yes, you will visit shoggoty!
13 Yes, you went out and brought ghouls!
14 Let the circle shantaki beside you!
15 Yes, come down on you a cruel epilepsy!
16 Yes, would lift his head beside a navetchiki you angry!
17 Yes amaze you and the lord of Ahura, ancient!
18 Yes, you will dip into the waters of the great ancient!
19 Yes snatch GIBIL rabid, ignorant of pity, thy will!
20 Yes Nat-drain Hortat, the great healer, your cheeks!
21 Yes ardent GIBIL burn your body!

About 22 Shub-Niggurath, Pure Naksir daughter, Mistress of Heaven, thy vessel ot

23 Lay in his heart, and the sorcerer sorceress, on GIBIL-deliverer!
24 Let the flame of thy high as heaven!
25 Let there be all-consuming fire him!
26 Burn them once, my charming and my enchantress!
27 weed it out of their lives!
28 Give me life, that I may praise thy power;
29 that I may admire thee! "
30 Then the same cast in the image of the frying pan.
31 The smoke emanating for real things, behold you the name of the sorcerer sorc
eress il inscribed.
32 And can you then send Fravashi, that carried a curse.
33 And this man will die.
Chapter 6. Appeal to Ishtar, the good face of Shub-Niggurath
A Koli want you to appeal to Ishtar, the good face of Shub-Niggurath, that kept
you from the magic spell, write, and the image of a normal circle of Shub-Niggur
ath placed on the altar,
2 and in order to help encourage her, to create a spell, like unto the priests o
f the ancient spell of Ur:
3, "Who are you, the Witch, annoyed me,
4 in whose heart lies beside a slander me,
5 on whose language is created magic suprotiv me
6 on whose lips are born beside a spell of me?
7 You crossed the road,
8 are you following me,
9 You alchesh death of my tirelessly
10 do you contrive evil suprotiv me incessantly,
11 you entangles me,
12 you pick me
13 Do you follow me and go on my heels.
14 The acts committed by you, based death!
15 But I command of the queen Ishtar

16 dressed in horror
17 fury fused,
18 is armed with power, and my sword.
19 I am captive thy mouth,
20 I am thy tongue captive,
I'm 21 captive thine eyes sighted,
22 I am thy captive feet diligent,
23 I am your captive knee-reaching,
24 I am your captive hand of giving,
25 I have linked your elbows behind the back of thine!
26 I will make you tremble
27 I will make you flee in terror,
28 I will cast thee,
I tracked down 29 you
30 I shall bring thy name among men,
31 I will cover your dwelling among men,
32 I will tell of thy charms among men,
33 I blew your incense amid the vicious men,
34 I exposed your wickedness and malice
35 and destroy the magic is yours!
36 Yes, two-faced Nodens destroy your body,
37 so he will throw you into a ditch of water, so he slept you!
38 Yes, would be thy face, The Witch, singed and yellow!
39 Not I, but Shuddi-Mell, the mistress of the witches,
40 and the queen of heaven, Ishtar Shub-Niggurath
41 commands you! "
42 And if these minions and sorcerers are still you, when possible these things,
because their power comes down from the stars - and who are led by way of the s
tars? - Then call upon the Lord of secrets, Nadur, koy, of course, oberezhet you
43 And you must create a spell with the naming of him, and some are Nindinugga N
imshimshargal Enlillara.

44 And you just loudly proclaim this name seven times, and He will help you.
Chapter 7. Other binding evil sorcerers
Take a verv with fifteen nodes.
2 untie one node every time the word "Come out!"
3 When you finish this, throw it in the frying pan into the verv, and give prais
e to the gods.
4 "The images give you my dead, begone!
5 gave you my images for the dead, Come out!
6 Images of my saw you with the dead, Come out!
7 Images of my cast you in the direction of the dead, Come out!
8 Images of my cast you into the land of the dead, Come out!
9 Images of my cellar you are in the crypt of the dead, Come out!
10 will my death betray you, begone!
11 Images You are my immured in the walls, begone!
12 Images of my trampled you in the rapids, begone!
13 Images of my signed you to the gates of the wall, begone!
14 Images of my buried you under a bridge in order to transgress marching throug
h them, begone!
15 you dug deeper in the hole for dirty linen and buried in it are my images, be
16 dug deeper you are in the gutter, and buried her in my images, begone!
17 Images from my tamarisk, cedar, from the fat, wax, sesame, resin, clay, dough
18 images, like me, and face shape, you have created, and threw them to dogs and
pigs to be eaten, on the birds of the air poklevanie, threw them into the river
, begone!
19 Images You betrayed my Idhe, daughter Naksir: this made
es, begone!

you, you and your croni

20 Images You betrayed my GIBIL, but deliver me Ktugha! "

Chapter 8. Azathoth Exile and His messengers
Let us make a cross from the stalks of cane.
2 Fill the stem cross both the blood and excrement, prepare two images, greased,
and strengthen them to the four points of the cross.
3 Drop the cross with the images in the frying pan into the bowl of the Three Gu
ardians by reading this spell:
4 "Kipi! Kipi! Burn! Burn!

5 The vile and wicked, does not come in, go away!

6 Who are you, whose son?
7 Who are you, whose daughter?
8 You who sit here and commanded thy charms, thy plots,
9 that the deed You - beside a me!
10 Yes Nariks set me free, mistress of magicians!
11 Yes, she turned to dust Your evil sorcery!
12 names of Marduk Asalluhi, magician of the gods, the son of Nariks wise!
13 I fetter thee, I bind thee, I commend you Ktughe, the lord of the flame
14 that sears, burns, shackles, and overcomes the lack of wizards,
15 before whom even the mighty Cthulhu trembles!
16 Yes confers vsesozhigayuschy Ktugha force the hand of mine!
17 Yes GIBIL grants, the lord of fire, the power of witchcraft I think!
18 injustice, murder, mortis mouth and loins,
19 tearing of the womb, the heat in the face, devouring the flesh, and madness
20 for all the ways you persecute me with thy pack,
21 the mad god of Chaos!
22 Let me Ktugha free!
23 Thou hast chosen me for dead, but deliver me Ktugha!
24 You gave me the skull, so set me free Ktugha!
25 You sent the night of ghosts haunt my family, so set me free Ktugha!
26 You sent me to the ghouls haunt my ways, but deliver me Ktugha!
27 Devas wandering wasteland You betrayed me, so set me free Ktugha!
28 Ghosts crumbled ruins You betrayed me, let me free Ktugha!
29 steppes, deserts, land taboo You betrayed me, so set me free Ktugha!
Walls 30 and the outer walls of the inner You betrayed me, so set me free Ktugha
31 Lady of the steppes and the high land you gave me, so set me free Ktugha!
32 Baker, stoves, coal buckets and blacksmith bellows You betrayed me, let me fr
ee Ktugha!
33 The water poured out my You're near dead, so set me free Ktugha!

34 The water poured out my side You're dead, so set me free Ktugha!
35 Water You buried me in the grave the dead so set me free Ktugha!
36 You water my buried in the crypt of the dead, but deliver me Ktugha!
37 You water my imprisoned in the body of the dead, but deliver me Ktugha!
38 Water is scooped up my skull You: let me free Ktugha!
39 Water gave you my king, Gilgamesh, let me free Ktugha!
40 For the gutter You chose me, but deliver me Ktugha!
41 my throat slit before you Nodens, but deliver me Ktugha!
42 my throat ripped you before the Lord set me free so Ktugha!
43 my throat ripped you before the constellations Cygnus and lizards, but delive
r me Ktugha!
44 You cut my chest before Naksir, Nariks and Nadur, but deliver me Ktugha!
45 You are my loins burned before Nyarlathotep and Shub-Niggurath, but deliver m
e Ktugha!
Previous 46 gods and goddesses of my mine,
47 yazata before the gates of the north, east, south and west,
48 before Shamash and Y'ig-Golonakom, wandering stars, and motionless,
49 before the windows and doors of my home,
50 before the others, companions and servants in it,
51 with the Father and mother, brother and sister, son and daughter in it,
52 before the inside and the gate, a slave and concubine, both small and great i
n it,
53 You made

me vile in the sight of them.

54 Do not disclose the same in more than thy mouth beside a curse me!
55 I fetter thee, I bind thee, I commend you Ktughe, the lord of the flame
56 that sears, burns, shackles, and overcomes the lack of wizards,
57 before whom even the mighty Cthulhu trembles!
58 Gori, a mad genie!
59 Kipi, the mad god!
60 Yes raspletet flame Ktughi Your Sites!
61 Yes will remove the spell from the fire Gibila verv Thine!

62 But the law will cover burning the throat thy!

63 But the law will take vengeance for the burning me!
64 Not I, but MARDUK, son of Nariks, Mistress of divination, I command thee!
65 Glorified Ktugha, the wise, the son of Naksir, Deliverer! \
"Chapter 9. The expulsion of the crown Naksir
In a moment of danger but the priest shall put on the head of his perfectly whit
e with a crown Naksir osmiluchevoyu Print Chaos and may arise due to the invocat
ion of the tablets at the breast and a copper dagger Shub-Niggurath in his right
hand upraised.
2 For recheno: if a man throws fire, not whether he throws it into the pit, so a
s not to burn yourself?
3 Therefore this is the truth about gulyah recruits, because they are like fire,
and every precaution should be taken so that they are not swallowed the priest
and all his descendants.
4 Exile Naksir same crown as follows:
5 "I laid the crown of heaven, star, a powerful hoop Naksir on his head,
6, and so yazata Fravashi good,
7 like a god, I did,
8 stayed forever in my head,
9 so that I found the glory of the Elder.
10 Angry Ghoul!
11 Wicked E-ho!
12 The evil specter of the night!
13 The evil Satan!
14 An evil god!
15 Angry shantak!
16 Angry shoggot!
17 No evil spirit
18 no evil genie,
19 no evil Ahura,
20 no evil devas,
21 no genie witch
22 no genie, eats garbage,

23 no genie steals,
24 no shadow of night,
25 no cover of night,
26 or Ms. Jinn
27 no scion of the jinn,
28 no evil spell,
29 no fortune-telling,
30 or witchcraft 31 no evil in the world under the il onym,
32 from beyond the world of the world il
33 does not take possession of me here!
34 Come out, from the darkness of the sky nauchitel!
35 begone, Maid of the darkness of heaven!
36 Spirit of God the heavens conjure!
37 Spirit of God's earth conjure!
38 Kakammanunu! "
Chapter 10. The expulsion of the names Nariks
Use one of all these things beside a manifestation of evil:
2 "Enngi Spirit, the Lord mighty, conjure!
3 Spirit Ninngi, Mistress of the mighty, conjure!
4 Ennula Spirit, the Lord mighty, conjure!
5 Spirit Ninnul, Mistress of the mighty, conjure!
6 Spirit Ennu, inhabitant of the abyss, the mighty Lord, I beseech!
7 Spirit Ninnu, dweller of the abyss, the mighty Lady, I beseech!
8 Spirit of endings, the messenger of wrath, conjure!
9 Spirit Nindy, messenger of wrath, conjure!
10 Spirit Endula father haram, conjure!
11 Spirit Nindul, mother haram, conjure!
12 Spirit Enuddila Bountiful, conjure!
13 Spirit Ninuddil Bountiful, conjure!
14 Spirit Enmeshira-giver, conjure!

15 Spirit Ninmeshir-Bringer, conjure!

16 Spirit of Enna, the father of vows, generated by the Nadur crowned, conjure!
17 Spirit of Ninny, a mother vows generated Naksir crowned, conjure!
18 O Lady of aromatic rod, rolled up the loins of an evil enemy, having passed h
is trembling before the river, save me from him, conjure!
19 O Mistress solntselikaya, mistress, bitvonositsa, Mrs. of self, I beseech!
20 On the queen of the gods, the voice of heaven, the voice of Naksir, Mistress
of the heavens!
21 Y'a! Heaven rock and abyss of death, I beseech Thee, O mighty!
"Chapter 11. Spell suprotiv Ancients
One should read these things every year when the Bear hangs over his tail in hea
2 "The devastating storms of the clouds and winds of evil - behold there they ar
Evil 3 hurricane, destructive storm Gazette.
4 An evil storm, a forerunner of destructive storms.
5 They - the mighty children, Ancient.
6 Bulletin of the plague,
7 prestolonostsy Yidry.
They are 8 - Flood seeking through the earth.
9 Seven efreet spacious skies.
10 Seven efreet spacious land.
11 Seven of the Ancients - behold there they are.
12 Seven mighty efreet.
13 Seven greedy gods.
14 Seven evil jinn.
15 Seven Genii oppressive.
16 Seven in heaven.
17 Seven on the ground.
18 Angry Ghoul!
19 Wicked E-ho!
20 The evil specter of the night!

21 The evil Satan!

22 An evil god!
23 Angry shantak!
24 Angry shoggot!
25 Spirit of heaven, conjure!
26 Spirit of the earth conjure!
Nadur 27 Spirit, the Lord of land, conjure!
28 Spirit Naksir, Mistress of land, conjure!
29-Ghost Y'ig Golonaka son Naksir, conjure!
30 Nodens Spirit, the Lord of land, illuminating the night, conjure!
31 Spirit of Shub-Niggurath, the mother Golgorota, conjure!
32 Spirit of God the heavens conjure!
33 Spirit of God's earth conjure!
34 Come out, from the darkness of the sky nauchitel!
35 begone, Maid of the darkness of heaven!
36 Leave the place of this,
37 For my mind this place has rejected parishes Thy Thy goings!
38 Name of the Nameless, take all thy pets and their guns with him!
39 And let thy name be forgotten in this world, until the time the serpent devou
r his head!
Chapter 12. The protective spell suprotiv servants of the Ancients
Will manufacture an image of the palms of the fat and throw it into the bowl thr
ee guards with the words:
2, "Hand, Hand, the mighty hand of,
3 like a lion, a man missing
4 if the sling, the man puts,
5 if the network beset strong
6 like a snare, catches in front,
7 like a trap, covering the mighty!
8 Just devour Ktugha,
9 as ispiet Ktugha,

10 as well banish Ktugha!

11 Thus Ktugha darkened palms sorcerer and witch!
12 So dry up Shamash obvorozhitelya my images and my obvorozhitelnitsy!
13 Let your voice of the Ktugha beside a mighty Hand!
14 Yes He will burn your body, because your hand is defiled themselves acts of m
15 Yes destroy Nariks son, magician, your power!
16 Let your breath Ktughi envelops your face!
Like the furnace 17 through the sump it
18 like a pot of soot through it,
19 may cut off your rabid Ktugha!
20 Because your magic, spells your evil, truly, do not come close to me!
Yes, 21 are open, but will dissolve the sorcerer and the witch!
22 Yes, they bring down, but they will find they are the death of her!
23 Yes, they will die, but I'll let live!
24 Yes, they poidut deviously, but I let poidu straight!
25 Yes, they reached their limit, but I let age!
26 Yes, they are faint, but I am so going strong!
27 Intrigues of evil witches that they may be destroyed!
28 Let it be my guardian beside a spell of evil is reliable!
29 I'm getting up, like a fish in water mine
30 like a pig in mud me,
31 mashtakal like a meadow,
32 like a reed in the shallow river,
33 if the seed of ebony on the banks!
34 Shining Shub-Niggurath, illuminating the wind,
35 over the fate may exalt me,
36 name of the law, which was spoken Ktughoyu powerful,
37 named Ktughi burning, Naksir son, a savior!
38 Spirit Golgorota, magician, implore! "
39 Read these things seven times in a circle, inscribed flour, since discovered

that the servants of Tiamat's forces beside a rousing thee thy neighbors il.
40 Or you can read this, when the Big Dipper on harden his tail in heaven, for b
ehold there is time, in some disastrous servants gathers to worship their own, w
hat they say their reckoning.
41 Grace be with Naksir you!Chapter 13. Spell beside a seven lying-in-waiting
1 "They are seven! They are seven!
2 In the depths of the ocean, there are seven.
3 In the shining heavens, seven of them.
Based on these four from the depths of the sea,
Based on these five of the secret hiding places.
6 They are neither male nor female.
7 They stretch like a chain.
They do not give birth to eight spouses.
They do not give birth to nine children.
They are strangers to charity 10.
11 They are indifferent to the prayers.
12 They laugh desires.
13 They - the worms, which are from the mountains of Ararat,
14 gate of our Lady, Nariks.
They are 15 - Vengeance of the Ancients,
16 Stand up for disaster
17 obryaschuschee force through anger.
Gate of 18! Gate of! Gate of Seven!
19 They are seven! They are seven!
20 They are seven times seven!
21 Spirit of heaven, conjure!
22 Spirit of the earth implore! "
Chapter 14. Exile won a deva
It must be a Glagol this, when the body is possessed when the far-il must remain
2 should read these things within thy Circle, before Fravashi:
3 "A bad Ahura!

4 Bad Devas!
5 Jeanne desert!
6 Genie Mountain!
7 Jeanne Marine!
8 Jeanne Marsh!
9 Bad Genie!
10 Ghost of a terrible night!
11 The bad winds!
12 Jeanne, the body covering!
13 Jeanne, rending the body!
14 Spirit of heaven, conjure!
15 Spirit of the earth conjure!
16 Genie, a man covering!
17 Genie, a man covering!
18 Dev, evil servant!
19 The seed of evil genie!
20 Spirit of heaven, conjure!
21 Spirit of the earth conjure!
22 He who creates masks,
23 He casts the spell,
24 evil devil,
25 evil eye,
26 angry larynx,
27 bad language
28 bad mouth
29 naizleyshee witchcraft.
30 Spirit of heaven, conjure!
31 Spirit of the earth conjure!
Yidra 32, wife of Dagon!
33 Then she would force him to turn his face to the place, in any way it stays!

34 Yes, jinn evil perish!

Yes 35 will cover one another!
36 Yes, they will absorb each other's bones!
37 Spirit of heaven, conjure!
38 Spirit of the earth implore!
"Chapter 15. Curse of the heavens and the earth and all between them gained besi
de a deva
One should read these things seven times over the body possessed, not as long as
devas izydet from the nose and throat thereof in the form of liquid fire, and l
ike clockwork green.
2 Once this person will be robust and must sacrifice to Shub-Niggurath in the te
mple of her.
3 And let not neglect these things, otherwise the same gate deva, whose expelled
4, "the Spirit of God the heavens conjure!
5 Spirit of God's earth conjure!
6 Spirit Nodens conjure!
7 Spirit of Nyarlathotep conjure!
8 Spirit of Shub-Niggurath conjure!
9 Spirit of Shamash Utu conjure!
10 Spirit Ktughi conjure!
11 Spirit of Marduk conjure!
12-Ghost Y'ig Golonaka Adar conjure!
13 efreet conjure spirits!
14 Genies conjure spirits!
Nadur 15 Spirit, the Lord of land, conjure!
16 Spirit Nariks, Mistress of land, conjure!
17-Ghost Y'ig Golonaka son Naksir, conjure!
18 Nodens Spirit, the Lord of land, illuminating the night, conjure!
19 Spirit of Shub-Niggurath, the mother Golgorota, conjure!
20 Kakammu!
"Chapter 16. Exile devs who want to break the circle
A "Spirit of heaven, conjure!

2 Spirit of the earth conjure!

3 Golgorot, begone!
4 Daolot, begone!
5 Ahura, begone!
6 Dave, begone!
7 Destroyer, begone!
8 Crusader, begone!
9 Shantak, begone!
10 Shoggot, begone!
11 Ktilla, begone!
12 Ytogta, begone!
13 Ghatanotoa, begone!
14-Zot Ommog, begone!
15-Nat Hortat, begone!
16 Gul, begone!
17 Phantom of the night, Come out!
18-Y'ig Golonak, begone!
19 Ytakua, begone!
20 Angry Ghoul, go to the desert!
Evil E 21 th, go to the desert!
22 The evil specter of the night, go to the desert!
23 An evil devil, go to the desert!
24 Angry God, go to the desert!
25 Angry shantak, go to the desert!
26 Angry shoggot, go to the desert!
27 Come out!
28 Go into the wilderness!
29 Spirit of heaven, conjure!
30 Spirit of the earth implore!
"Chapter 17. Curse of the mountains of Ararat
A spell these cause numbness enemy and confuses his thoughts.

2 also signified the essence of the binding, so wicked sorcerer saw that the spe
ll was not to the desired end shall come, but melt like wax honey il.
Mountains of these three being named Shadu, and these should have a secret place
serpents Tiamat.
4 Charms are utter destruction, if put under the broiler with a stone mountain.
5, "Gore even cover you!
6 Mt but leave you!
7 Gore so relax you!
8 Mount da crush you!
9 Gore may devour you!
10 Mount izrygnet yes you!
11 Gore may cut off you!
12 Mount thinned so you!
13 mighty mountain fall on you but,
14 and let you leave my body! "
15 After this, throw a pinch of powder, prepared ahead of time of equal parts of
sulfur and incense in a brazier of coals.
16 In the formed trace the smoke from the top of the triangle is isosceles Posol
17 Stay the same during the reading thee to the southeast.
Chapter 18. Most perfect enchantment beside a sonmisch devas, attacking in the n
Every one learns so mukarrib spell these things by heart.
2 Perhaps the cross is your only means of salvation, if you lose control over wh
at happens.
3 Must sing and signified it, walking along the outside face of the Circle and s
howering his torment.
4 In Hand can keep the image of the fish, the spell will be pronounced the same
but clearly, every word, whisper soft il cry loud.
5 "Sginte! Sginte!
6 Leave! Leave!
7 Fly! Fly!
8 Run! Run!
9 Get out! Izydte!

10 Retire! Umchites!
11 Let your anger rise up to heaven like smoke!
12 Arise and leave my body!
13 From my body go away in shame!
14 From my body izydte!
15 From my body to remove!
16 From my body umchites!
17 From my body sginte!
18 leave my body!
19 Do not go back to my body!
20 Do not approach my body!
21 Do not touch my body!
22 Do not hover round the body of my!
23 Life Shamash, Glorious, commanded!
24 Nariks Life, Mistress of the Abyss, I command!
25 Life Asalluhi Marduk, the great magician of the gods, I command!
26 Life Ktughi, your fighter, I command!
27 Yes, you will leave my body! "
28 turning to the place where you have worked for the burning, sprinkle a neighb
orhood sweet water with fruit il brush golden pine and will create a sign of Ur,
ending the spell these things with the words:
29 "God be all the power of the gods to me!"
Author Unknown The book is Fifty
A small but interesting text found in the Library of Al-Khazraj. Verse 37 second
scroll and calculations made
on the basis of comparison with the third cycle of p
recession sura Signs Book allows you to confidently date of its (Or at least the
primary source on which it rests) from 505 to 76 BC. Oe.
Scroll 1. Genesis
And one stays Y'ig-Golonak on Saturn.
2 And dwells Ran-Tegot between Jupiter and Mars.
3 And dwells Niogta between Mars and the Sun.
4 And Nodens stays on the moon.
5 And Ktilla resides between the Sun and Venus.

6 And Marduk dwells on Jupiter.

7 And dwells Shamash the sun.
8 And dwells Balon between Jupiter and the moon.
9 And Ktugha resides on Mars.
10 And dwells Tefris between Abyss and Venus.
11 And dwells Hukato-Siegel between Venus and the moon.
12 And dwells Byatis between emptiness and Saturn.
13 And dwells Tiamat between the Sun and Mercury.
14 And dwells Orobla between Saturn and Mars.
15 And Segha resides between Saturn and the Abyss.
16 And dwells Ubbo-Sutley in the Void.
17 And stay Lloygor and Tshar between Saturn and the Sun.
18 And the Cthulhu dwells in the darkness of this world.
19 And the light dwells Vultum between worlds and Jupiter.
20 And dwells Nat-Hortat between Abyss and Jupiter.
21 And the light dwells Ghatanotoa between the worlds and stars motionless.
22 And he dwelleth in the light Tsatoggua worlds.
23 And dwells Shuddi-Mell motionless between the stars and the abyss.
24 And Hastur dwells in the Abyss.
25 And dwells Ran-Ratog between empty and motionless stars.
26 And the King remains motionless between the stars and Jupiter.
27 And dwells Ytogta between Jupiter and the Sun.
28 And Ftaggua between Abyss and Mars.
29 And he remains motionless Ytakua between the stars and Saturn.
30 And dwells Thiophene between Mercury and the moon.
31 And dwells Shub-Niggurath on Venus.
32 And dwells among the stars Yidra motionless.
33 Azathoth dwells in the Void creative.
34 And dwells Abhot between Abyss and Mercury.
35 And he dwells between Dagon the moon and darkness of this world.

36 And dwells Groth-Golko between Venus and Mercury.

37 Nyarlathotep dwells on Mercury.
38 And dwells Zot-Ommog between Mars and Mercury.
39 And Yog-Sothoth resides everywhere and in eternity.
40 And dwells Aphum-Zhah between the worlds of light and Mars.
41 And dwells Daolot between emptiness and light worlds.
42 And dwells Bokrug between Mars and the moon.
43 And dwells Atlach-Nacha between the moon and the darkness of this world.
44 And the light dwells Bast between the worlds and the abyss.
45 And dwells Tultssha between Abyss and the Sun.
46 And dwells Tsishakon between the sun and the moon.
47 And BSL remains motionless between the stars and the sun.
48 And dwells between Hada-Hagley light worlds and Saturn.
49 And dwells Golgorot between Jupiter and Venus.
50 And dwells Idhya between Mercury and the darkness of this world.
Scroll 2. Phenomena
And there appeared a Y'ig Golonak-year four hundred and thirtieth.
2 And was Ran-Tegot year nine hundred and thirty first.
3 And there appeared Niogta year one thousand four hundred and thirty first.
4 And there appeared Nodens year one thousand nine hundred and thirty first.
5 Then came Ktilla year two thousand four hundred and thirty first.
6 And Marduk was the year two thousand nine hundred and thirty two.
7 And it was the Shamash year three thousand four hundred thirty two.
8 And there appeared a year Balon three thousand nine hundred and thirty two.
9 And it came Ktugha year four thousand four hundred and thirty three.
10 And there appeared a year Tefris four thousand nine hundred and thirty three.
11 And there appeared Hukato Siegel-year five thousand four hundred and thirty t
12 And there appeared a year Byatis five thousand nine hundred and thirty three.
13 And Tiamat was a year six thousand four hundred and thirty four.
14 And there appeared a year Orobla six thousand nine hundred and thirty four.

And there was a 15 year Segha seven thousand four hundred and thirty four.
16 And he came Ubbo Sutley, a year seven thousand nine hundred and thirty five.
17 And they came and Lloygor Tshar year eight thousand four hundred and thirty f
18 And they came Cthulhu year eight thousand nine hundred and thirty five.
19 And there appeared a year Vultum nine thousand four hundred and thirty five.
20 And Nate was a year-Hortat nine thousand nine hundred and thirty-six.
21 And there appeared a year Ghatanotoa ten thousand four hundred and thirty-six
22 And there appeared a year Tsatoggua ten thousand nine hundred and thirty-six.
23 And it came Shuddi Mell-year eleven thousand four hundred and thirty seven.
24 And Hastur was a year eleven thousand nine hundred and thirty seven.
25 And there was a Run-Ratog year twelve thousand four hundred and thirty seven.
26 And the King was in the year, twelve thousand nine hundred and thirty seven.
27 And there appeared a year Ytogta thirteen thousand four hundred thirty Eighth
28 And there appeared a year Ftaggua thirteen thousand nine hundred and thirty E
29 And he was Ytakua year fourteen thousand four hundred thirty Eighth.
30 And he was a year of thiophene in fourteen thousand nine hundred and thirty n
31 And they came Shub-Niggurath in the year fifteen thousand four hundred thirty
nine and walked away.
32 And they came Yidra year sixteen thousand four hundred thirty nine.
33 And there appeared a year Azathoth sixteen thousand nine hundred forties.
34 And there appeared a year Abhot seventeen thousand four hundred forties.
35 And there appeared to Dagon year seventeen thousand nine hundred forties.
36 And there appeared Groth-Golko year eighteen thousand four hundred and fortyfirst.
37 And there came Nyarlathotep year eighteen thousand nine hundred and forty-fir
st, and remains today.
38 And will be a Zot-Ommog year nineteen thousand four hundred and forty first.
39 And will be Yog-Sothoth in the year nineteen thousand nine hundred and forty

40 And will Aphum-Zhah in the twenty thousand four hundred forty-second.

41 And will Daolot in the twenty thousand, nine hundred forty-second.
42 And will be a year Bokrug twenty-one thousand four hundred forty two.
43 And they will Atlach NACHA-year twenty-one thousand nine hundred and forty th
44 And will be a year Bast twenty-two thousand four hundred and forty three.
45 And will be a year Tultssha twenty-two thousand nine hundred and forty three.
46 And will be a year Tsishakon twenty-three thousand four hundred and forty thr
47 And will be a BSL year twenty-three thousand nine hundred and forty four.
48 And will Hagley Hada-year twenty-four thousand four hundred forty four.
49 And will be a year Golgorot twenty-four thousand nine hundred and forty four.
50 And will be a year Idhya twenty-five thousand four hundred forty five, and re
tire, and begin a new cycle.
Scroll 3. Utterance
1 And vozglagolil Y'ig-Golonak: I am the worm of doubt, Tochal Tree of Knowledge
2 And-Run vozglagolil Tegot: In the words of the victims do not nourish the gods
3 And vozglagolil Niogta: Secret wisdom given from above - an obvious nonsense.
4 And vozglagolil Nodens: The smallest puddle reflects the moon.
5 And vozglagolila Ktilla: a intimidated scorpion, which showed the tail? ..
6 And vozglagolil Marduk: A worthy foe more beautiful to me thousands of nonenti
ties, crowd into friends.
7 And vozglagolil Shamash: Indifferent to the sun, who will warm it, and who fal
ls, but it can not shine.
8 And vozglagolil Balon: boliyu friends with, because it gives knowledge.
9 And vozglagolil Ktugha: Do not bowed the knee before the fire, not razvedesh f
10 And vozglagolil Tefris: Suffering is punishment for failing to enjoy.
11 And vozglagolil Hukato-Siegel: What is left of you, from me on the right.
12 And vozglagolil Byatis: glancing in my eyes they fear his face.
13 And vozglagolila Tiamat: Destroyed in the name of creation finds eternal life
14 And vozglagolil Orobla: Silence - a gold in the mouth who knows how to keep s

15 And vozglagolilo Segha: The best way to kill a god - to prove its existence.
16 And vozglagolil Ubbo-Sutley: Oh, how small sources of the Tigris and Euphrate
s! ..
17 And vozglagolili Lloygor and Tshar: Back to Back! Do not stand in the worlds,
when we are together!
18 And vozglagolil Cthulhu: Everyone will be devoured me, but only a select few
- a favorite condiment.
19 vozglagolil Vultum: I love can not stellar edge, where I was born, but I have
selected the land where I am.
20 And vozglagolil Nat-Hortat: Lessons learned from dreams, or rather the experi
ence of lost reality.
21 And vozglagolil Ghatanotoa: Knowing your weaknesses will give force.
22 And vozglagolil Tsatoggua: The first commandment of false gods - "Yes, you sh
all have no other gods besides Me!"
23 And vozglagolila Shuddi-Mell: The uninitiated consuming, Finder adds, multipl
ies the student, teacher divides.
24 And vozglagolil Hastur: Do not take the name of what not to comprehended.
25 And vozglagolil Ran-Ratog: Just looked up from their roots, the seed becomes
a tree.
26 And the King vozglagolil: Blood of the Ancients in the veins of your! Does bo
w before the gods, brother by blood?
27 And vozglagolil Ytogta: Honed on the border of two worlds, I have known the f
reedom of both.
28 And vozglagolil Ftaggua: fire burns, so it does not burn.
29 And vozglagolila Ytakua: How big is willing to sacrifice, the more worthy to
30 And vozglagolila Thiophene: not disappointed in the incident, but expected.
31 And vozglagolila Shub-Niggurath: merge souls more comfortable in the shells o
f flesh.
32 And vozglagolila Yidra: Imitate inimitable!
33 vozglagolil Azathoth: Laugh when the universe is born and laugh when the univ
erse dies.
34 And vozglagolil Abhot: Procedure - Property dead, not alive.
35 And vozglagolil Dagon: Opposites, prityanuvshis, destroy each other.
36 And vozglagolil Groth-Golko: All the songs are not sung, not read all the boo
37 vozglagolil Nyarlathotep: Do what you want - wish for the impossible.

38 And vozglagolil Zot-Ommog: On the lake - ripples on the sea - waves.

39 And vozglagolil Yog-Sothoth: living in his right hand in this - not only his
future but the past.
40 And vozglagolila Aphum-Zhah: When the ice is stored memory.
41 And vozglagolil Daolot: Shock allotted in advance - a missed kick.
42 And vozglagolil Bokrug: hasty crocodile die hungry.
43 And vozglagolila Atlach-Start: Every action has a thread on my web, one with
the other.
44 And vozglagolila Bast: Sneezing and learn to fall in the cat.
45 And vozglagolila Tultssha: What can be recheno not worth utterance.
46 And vozglagolil Tsishakon: Stepping into the darkness, not trusting the mirag
47 And vozglagolil BSL: The Life of triumph through the grave worms.
48 And vozglagolil Hada, Hagley: Judge of the gods of their prophets.
49 And vozglagolil Golgorot: A bird rests on the air.
50 And vozglagolila Idhya: The world will not perish as long as our children gro
ws up in our bones.
Author Unknown Sofinerom
Among the admirers of the Ancients assumed that the original of this text is wri
tten in the late 3rd - early 2nd millennium BC. Oe. and is based on primary sour
ces of Astlante (Atlantis). However, a number of stylistic details can be consid
ered a questionable dating. Apparently, it has emerged among some Gnostic sects
Mediterranean in the early centuries of the Christian era, and evidence of an im
pending advent "Son of Man" added to its authors, is likely to make it "Antiquit
y" and the credibility of the Christian Gnostics. This text was part of a set of
sacred writings of one of the Gnostic schools of Beth Arabaye, which belonged t
o the mother of al-Khazraj.
Chapter 1. Ancient
The ancient one was, is ancient, ancient re-will.
2 At the dawn of time, in the original Chaos in the midst of the Pleroma, referr
ed to as Naksir, were ancient and not-been;
Three swam in the waters of darkness, they not form in Naksir without form.
4 And there were ancient blind.
5-The light was not light.
6 Life was non-life.
There were seven all and a non-existent.

Eight great chasm - the great illusion of form - had not yet been created, becau
se it arose only after the void Naksir.
9 And then she got a name: Yog-Sothoth, the demon without form, the essence of e
very form koy Lord.
10 He has overturned thirteen, inverted triangle, the curse of life, Koya are no
11 Se is a supernatural transition between life and non-life, a terrible and vic
ious, whom no man il Archon will not be able to experience ever.
12 In the midst of His Naksir lived in the guise of original chaos, the forces o
f boiling, Abraxas, the Father manifested, koy essence of the Logos, the Son of
purified, the image of Sophia, the Mother.
13 and his name is - Azathoth, the blind demiurge, endlessly burn, and from the
death of his sphere of manifestation are born, and the wandering stars, and moti
onless, and the sun, and their inhabitants.
14 It is he who sits on a double throne.
15 It is he who invests Yog-Sothoth His flesh.
16 Yog-Sothoth, the flesh without form, the illusion of eternal koyu no one pers
on is not able to overcome Naksir forever.
He was 17 at the threshold and the threshold.
18 The shape of Him - Cluster perelivchivyh areas, and they have a circle next t
o the other.
19 He kills with a laugh, his deadly emanations of those who succumb to inadvert
ently deceive him.
20 It is a distortion of the form.
21 Many names he called his men, but only one true name he has.
22 From Chaos pristine appearance were ancient.
23 The appearance of evil and wicked to clean clean.
Verily I say unto 24 you, what is this indescribable power called Sothoth and do
es not belong.
25 Sothoth is the servant of the Ancients.
26 But, verily, He is the essence of the Lord Himself.
27 How would he be able, if he could not solve?
28 are the manifestation of His life in the world of men.
29 He himself was an emanation of the essence Nariks.
30 Nariks embodied the essence of the emanation Naksir.
31 When found Yog-Sothoth appearance, showed up in the ancient body of the Plero
ma, and have gained dominance over the universe.

32 And was this time when the ancients were Monad before one pair became unpaire
d and unpaired - new pair.
33 The first emanation of the essence Nariks Messenger, Nyarlathotep, he of no g
lagolyut humans with awe and horror, his Crouching narekshi Chaos without beginn
ing or end.
34 He will participate in the final collapse of the universe, led us, and He wil
l return, as well as other demiurges, in the darkness of night time, in any home
to the greatest of the Elder - Naksir.
35 After Nyarlathotep in early times were revealed in the flesh of the universe
the great Cthulhu and Hastur unnameable.
36 Great Cthulhu has taken possession of the Big Dipper, and the mighty Hastur s
ettled on a star flaming, Koya in Orion.
37 which was the trace of Shub-Niggurath, vsevlastitelnitsa, to populate the ent
ire universe, and she took possession of the created world.
38 Behold there is a time when the primeval darkness Nothing left in order to cr
eate the Pleroma.
39 But a lot has changed since then.
40 became the demiurge man, and man became the demiurge.
41 And whosoever of demiurges appeared in the lands inhabited by men, and set hi
s dominion over them and made
his reverence.
42 Se there is time, in some men became the demiurge, and lived among them.
43 For the other, the distant edges of time and space, they founded the city of
its own.
44 middle of the ice desert, called Kevaalyu, they built a mountain, Kadafi, hei
ght of five hundred miles, and there they placed the castle, named Khabirom.
45 There are settled archons, and many, many times these should have appeared am
ong men.
46 Has Shub-Niggurath guise Kozlitsy black with three white horns and wings of a
falcon, the light shining brighter than the sun.
Took 47 Cthulhu guise of the serpent of seven eyes, what were stars him.
48 And every star was presented to the people, the seven nations of the space of
the Pleroma, as heptad rises to octads, in order to become a Monad and again he
49 And all return to normal.
50 embodied Hastur falcon with the head of the solar surface and the rim of the
sun, and left talons clutching a flaming sword, He.
51 Nyarlathotep embodied in the form of a human, as the high man with a fiery Bl
asius and in the long scarlet cloak, he wrapped up in the koy;
52 and wore a crown of fancy, a circle of gold with the sign of the sun and two

of golden dragon, flowing over his shoulders with his head.

53 No one could look at the beaming face of his, not blinded by it at all.
54 And Azathoth was a boy a few months old, blue-skinned, with ud nestoyachim.
55 And he took Yog-Sothoth thousand and one appearance, but they were a favorite
among sphere perelivchivye, addressed to the faceless monster koi with tentacle
s, eye gazes at his only past, present and future.
56 And nothing was immutable.
57 Were these things are the demiurge, that the spaces were the deepest.
58 Then they left them for the time is nigh.
59 And he rent of Cthulhu Hastur, Nyarlathotep by Shub-Niggurath, Azathoth from
60 And the time has come, in koyu shook the universe from their strife.
61 has been driven into the depths of the deepest Cthulhu, Hastur, and ascended
the heavens shining.
62 And the kingdom over them to the moment when the gates were flung open the ab
yss, and they are dreaming, your dreams, flooding the universe.
63 Then came the change, and demiurges stayed together on the same star, the Typ
64 And they separated from each other flame barrier.
65 And they lived there after dark so this year, for once, they expect that the
rock be done.
66 And it happened.
67 Nariks, angry feuds between their children, destroy the world, where they liv
68 Then, while wandering in space, they have sought refuge in the remote depths
of the deepest sleep.
69 But these things did not help.
70 And uttered Nariks, expelling them, the sentence is terrible.
71 She plucked them out of the abyss and shared, and then the pair became unpair
72 And they found refuge in the land of the primordial.
73 First, they strengthened on Yuggoth, and then on the ground that they called
74 There, in the young this world, they founded their own kingdom.
75 However, due to the curse of not more than they were able to return to the st
ars, to whom they belonged.

76 And the seven fragments of the great stars Shanir it cast them to the ground.
77 It was this world of primeval lumpiness bunch of lava, and all life was impos
sible in such conditions.
78 But not for them.
79 They were not alone.
Etherlords 80 first-born of Typhon descending on the other demiurges, among whom
Nodens, King, Dagon, Shamash, and others.
There are 81 recognized the futility of war between brothers.
82 And they will raise today as the world among themselves.
Darkness to 83 years they lived on a mountain high.
84 On top of this world, they built a city of golden, city of pyramids.
It took 85 years before the darkness so than any other country they founded.
86 Astlante, Lemuria, Falushiya, Pacifis and Hyperborea were part of the land.
87 was the kingdom of Shambhala as an underground, dug in the womb Sharhaha.
88 And they worshiped as gods, though the gods were not over.
89 And the other entity inhabited Sharh.
90 It was these things khullov tribe, a people of giants, the tribe devastating,
almost disappeared from the memory of man.
91 The anger unleashed by the ancient tribe of this, some ventured to enslave th
e Lemurians.
92 they were swept from the face of the earth, but some of them still live in co
nstant fear of being discovered.
93 Then the tribe was zogov, hairy monsters, gigantic growth with glowing eyes a
nd gaping mouths.
94 they came down to the idea of Lewatit insane to destroy the Ancients.
95 But the ancient destruction of the strongest answer: they have destroyed all
the seed, and shall make the land desolate moon still, revolved round the Koya S
96 And some of the Moon were thrown into deepest space, prey vicious Yog-Sothoth
97 Four of the Moon were at first Sharhaha: Lewatit, Saran, and Yoghort Dhashuf.
98 And the other tribes were on the ground of men, Sharhahe than the sons of Ada
m and daughters Havva.
99 Batorhi, a tiny, koi, too, dared to challenge the Ancient and were wiped out,
100 And bhaliksy, outlandish people of the winged men Miirna, koi imagined that

would be able to deceive the Ancients.

101 So they divided the fate of others.
102 Meanwhile, the ancient lost, and the power of Yog-Sothoth in a weakened, but
still they remained outside the pit.
103 In order to preserve the power of their own, they built a huge pyramid with
a cleverly arranged crystals, koi can cultivate, and gathers strength, obtained
from the expanse of the universe, from the remotest of interstellar space.
104 But not happened yet Naksir the latter part of his punishment.
105 And she destroyed the land, they took refuge in any way with the help of Rid
er spaces.
106 And the great disaster plunged it seven stars of the constellation of the gr
eat, and overthrew the ancient lands of the abyss.
107 Few survived the family in distress.
108 Tetrad, because of what happened at the last moment she was saved.
109 But, in truth, was the tetrad is this octads.
110 they became unpaired, and the rootstock, they decided to transfer the ancien
t teachings.
Cthulhu and Hastur 111 left in the kingdom of Al-Khem.
112 King Shamash, and went into the land west and then to land the Middle Kingdo
m, at the extreme east.
113 This is the chronicle of the Ancients, which were the out of nothing.
114 Now, they do not reside in the vast, led by men, but in the angles between t
hem, and one day they will return, in order to prevail, where it prevailed at th
e time.
Chapter 2. Kadafi unknown
And it was a time when the ancient settled in the north, a river of fire, in the
icy wilderness where mountain erected unprecedented.
2 Kadafi! These things had their dwelling.
These things have been three houses of those that came out of the chaos and went
into oblivion.
4 Therefore take heed!
5 Behold there is a story about how they wandered in the open spaces and how the
y prevail on their seats.
6 It was a time when men were unknown to the ancient, time in any major secrets
are hid.
7 And the men, angry at his waist, concealed them and wrapped them with darkness
and horror.
8 Therefore take heed, I will tell you about those who dared to reach the top of

the throne, on which sits Azathoth and where he will reign forever.
9 First, yes you comprehend - that no one can know the mystery, bude, he did not
pass the test triple.
10 Verily, plunge you into despair, and your mind pocherpnesh there a secret wor
d, the essence of some of the highest source of power.
11 The word that you will know, there is Val.
12 this word can not be applied, if you did not feel had gained a new one by the
power of thy loins.
13 And when you'll feel it, you vozneseshsya up, and the fiery cross the river a
nd the desert vorveshsya in the twinkling of an eye.
14 Desert shall call you this very Hadith, because you can not even utter the tr
ue name of it.
15 If you would have done this, it would have struck you, and be plunged into an
abyss of madness.
16 I tell you that it has created Nyarlathotep at a time of great chaos, when th
e whole universe was his.
17 And he, the voice of the Ancients, has increased in strength and wisdom, and
desired to master a terrible secret, Koya hid the stars.
18 He reached the foot of the mountain.
He sought the 19 mark, and the triple sword forged from steel, come down to him
and stuck his feet before.
20 Encouraged, he began to climb.
21 When he reached the top, Marduk met him and barred the way to Him.
22 Then said the Nyarlathotep seven double word of the secret power: Yahd-Dahna.
23 this word is hidden in the forest enchanted, into the deepest sleep kingdom,
where everything and nothing.
24 There is salvation in the world!
25 The only way out - to confront the mysterious Sentinel, koy lies outside of t
he abyss, with the flaming star.
26 And he rose in all his glory, and stood beside a demiurge young, desired to m
aster the secrets of the unseen, known as Koya print Oth.
27 But he rejected the demiurge charms, and retreated Guard.
28 And, crossed the bridge riding on shantake Pleroma, raising his sword, a flam
e, a sign of His, He entered through the great gates of the Black Stone.
29 And he saw the print.
30 powerful, blazing, destructive.
31 And there was a voice of majestic brand plucked out of the focus of the infin

ite Nothing.
32 Thundering, rolling, because the fierce arrow, which was started through the
heavens, a great burst Nadur in all his glory.
33 And He gave demiurge old, has reached this place, the great seal.
Lightning flashed 34 in the minds of Nyarlathotep;
35 and he was revived, giving rise to Himself.
36 And before him were declared aeons.
37 And before him, gave his name Nadur, and through these things created a range
of archons.
38 And the kingdom to endure for ever, day and night.
39 And lifted Nyarlathotep degrees on the mountain top, that settled it archons.
40 And the mountain has been destroyed, so no one could climb it.
41 And the bridge was built, that they might come and go archons at the request
of his.
42 But now I will reveal to you a great way, whom you'll be able to come to the
city celebrated.
43 This is the first thing that must remain in you, and then much more.
44 After this, you must create before him a secret sign Bahr.
45 And thou shalt let the name of Yog-Sothoth, so he showed the way before thee.
46 When you arrive, you meet the One who has no shape and who is hiding under th
e mask of changeable Chaos.
47 And He will open the path before you, whom you'll be able to reach the Black
48 And between the two pillars you shout the name of the Mother and repeat three
times, the name of the Father.
49 But I swear! If you create these things without being willing to create this,
you vosstanesh against himself.
Chapter 3. Khranmirh
1 Look at the stars at night, in whom the moon is black with scarlet and cries,
and you behold the flame will begin to spin in the heights perelivchivoe them.
2 Now know you that you must accomplish.
3 But I swear! Great danger lies in the actions now.
4 Rite Argonara not forgive the one who approached him without proper preparedne
5 You who are the master of hundreds of live fires emptiness of Outland, you wil
l understand how foolish it is to defy the forces of darkness without the necess

ary state of readiness.

Six hundred fires are the creative spirits, the purest essence of the divine.
7 It is dangerous to challenge them, but the movement of the crowd can always fi
nd the compassion in the sight of the Ancients.
8 But you are so bude courage, to create these things ... then yes naidetsya a g
uardian of the abyss compassion for you, because it will not be with us!
9 For he is the keeper of the threshold and the threshold.
10 statements to him, where he was himself at the time they last, and when he wi
ll turn the key to the gate be opened.
11 Yes, you are now to create something that no one before has dared to create.
12 Open to the gate!
13 Take It!
14 Be Him!
15 Quoth he, and hereby call upon the Word of indescribable chaos, living in the
16 When do you call a him, you know his name, what are your name, because he is
and is not him, but he will.
17 Official Gazette to you that a lot of heads have a black snake, but no one tr
uth among them.
18 It will be just what he will.
19 Because you're so take the sword, but shall lay the bowl on the altar of the
sacred, covered with a black canvas.
20 Then he uttered your name, and the taste of honey knife is yours.
21 And when these things come to pass, call me, and vykriknet He then addressed
the world.
One has done this, you will be able to jump into a black passage.
2 Do not Look: there is nothing for your eyes.
3 Only a void in the breath of the serpent.
4 does not know you sign the fallen!
5 Do not hesitate!
6 And when he read the fourth verse of the Third Book: "Look back there you beho
ld the past, present and future!"
7 Do not repeat this It.
8 Therefore do not delay.

9 Collect the seeds and scattered them to wind round the self.
10 do you gather the fruits of time, of which no.
11 But not a verb of the time, for it is gone.
Only 12 of the disclosure of higher monads rumor.
Hsieh is one that you first must create than you thought your prevzoidesh, becau
se only then everything is possible for you.
2 Therefore, reversibility your prayers in your heart, then concentrate on your
image and contemplate.
3 behold you are invisible and inaudible hear.
4 This is what you must create.
5 But now I will teach you how to use the correct thoughts higher.
6 In the beginning was the void.
7 But now behave in Outland, go to the star, voidi into it - and absorb the forc
e of this.
8 After this, yes you are the essence of your prevzoidesh.
9 But thou shalt be able to create a void and be in vain.
10 Then the sign of the affirmative and direct your thoughts to him.
11 Then the same sign forget to perfection!
12 Lift up your image and be part of the Pleroma!
13 Merge the Father Almighty, creator and divine!
Chapter 4. Revelation of the Ancients
They were one where there is, where will be.
2 In the time it came out of the water snake, and a thousand sparks came out of
his eyes.
3 Hsieh was a time when humans were demiurges were demiurges men.
4 Behold, it was not a time when all there and nothing was possible.
5 Time to return these things at the end of the circle when soidet serpent from
the throne and died in the waters.
6 This mystery is hidden until the end of time, and nobody knows it.
7 Sage numbered the number of times, because for him it will be nothing and fift
y-five to nothing.
8 The one who knows the number of these things, proidet Gate will see Ladder of
srebro and gold and in the dungeons of the palace soidet where everything is and
is not-is, where everything exists and nothing remains.
9 Behold there is a place, something must be open.

10 When thou comest thou?

11 time, he has no value and there is no importance at the site.
12 Time - always the place - everywhere.
13 will know you this, when you will stand before the last illusions of the Mona
d, because all things are, indeed, part of it and part of you.
14 How do you know the things?
15 When lightning hit the oak tree and the water will rise up, then the sword wi
ll cast out those who are not ordained.
16 do you behold these things, these things all, because these things were writt
en in times to come, and will be revealed during the past.
He will rise from 17 water otrinet sword, lose him!
18 Then he will look for the cup, and when the sword of ispiet thereof, it will
be compressed in a fist on him, but he vbiet it into the womb of the Mother of S
ofia, in order to elect could be reborn, having rejected her.
19 Behold the word first, second, it is said, the third meeting, the fourth is h
idden in the womb.
20 Se is what happened when the earth did not exist, and behold is what happens
when the earth odryahleet.
21 He does not know this, but will look for the cup and put it in a secret templ
e, housing the goddess of stars and invisible.
22 is not completed then, there will be a start, it does not start, did not have
what end.
23 abide it like it is, all will rise and everyone will be sacrificed.
24 In the end they come back, but you believe you did not know because they neve
25 but one day you will know them.
26 And on the day of wrath of the Son of the scarlet snake would raise his head
and his proliet saliva on the face of the earth.
Triad 27 Truth, for octads hidden veil, but, in truth, pentad remains.
28 This is the creation of a true, something he will, not knowing.
29 Similar to a blind man he in this world, but that will be his salvation.
30 It will be at the mercy of the elements raging anger, but they will not harm
him, for he is the essence of it.
31 It should explain these things, but nobody will do this.
32 Forbidden these things!
33 to break the law means to obey the court of Senior.

34 Yes, and end impunity for apostate defilers, since infinite compassion for th
e archons, then the wrath of a thousand times more destructive.
35 Such is the warning given by the custodians of the sacred temple, as they are
four, and Nobody.
36 Meaning in numbers, not outside them, because apart from them there is nothin
37 Now know you, what was the chaos generated by the darkness.
38 But the flames rose high to the top of the heavens, and severe rains devastat
ed the depths of the abyss.
39 Then came the lightning, in the azure blue haze, and shut the gate.
40 It was the beginning of these things, behold there is an end.
41 All told, nothing is solved.
Chapter 5. Playing the serpent (Tarnheym)
Xie is a secret record of some of us, written some time before the destruction o
f the last kingdom Astlante.
2 Do you understand now why is this chapter was written.
3 When we descended to the primitive world is this that even in captivity, and a
hot fire, we have arranged our shelter on a mountain top, we have arranged koyu
, cool.
They came four great waters, and the mountain was an island and the island becam
e a great land.
5 these things happened before more than the first particle is born alive in thi
s land.
6 Now know the ancients, that is not filled with the full sentence, and then we
started to do what must be done.
7 The first country founded by us, was Hyperborea.
Eight were in charge we are, what our people had to die without a trace, so that
a new luster could revive it later era, a new glory.
9 It was not in this world and the first opportunity for the creation of living
creatures, because it was not in the proper salts.
10 were in charge of us, that we should create living creatures like us, though
much lower, so that we could be reborn in a single day.
11 And then we chilled some of the edge of the earth.
12 Then, as we have taken care of in order to grow the volume and weight.
13 And when the earth was made dry and frosty.
14 There was a time when we have created some of the edge of life: the sea, lake
s and rivers.

15 these things were the prerequisites for the survival of the simplest plants.
16 Then, we created species, koi should have to make the human race: the higher
of the plants.
17 Recheno that there was a certain independence of the plants now;
18 they could move, though were not able to cross the great distances without wa
ter, they koyu scooped from the ground.
19 Life is this developed, and the bark has become the bone and covered with ski
n and muscle juice.
20 At this point of the body predchelovecheskoe are not a collection of viscera,
but rather, outlines, towering behind the solar plexus, koi allowed him to draw
the lifeblood, going down to the expanse of the universe with invisible rays of
the spaces.
21 The blood is not contained in the heart and blood vessels, but free to spread
over the body.
22 Then the fleshly body was strengthened in the linen appearance of the first m
23 It was a body covered with long Blasius, arms were so long that nearly reache
d his feet.
24 then found the flesh of a more developed view similar to ours, but they were
lower (seven feet flywheel growth) and lighter (two and a half the weight of tal
25 This was the beginning of life in the wild world called earth.
26 There were differences among the tribes due to the peculiarities of the condi
tions of nature.
27 Thus, the peoples of the South has learned to withstand the burning rays of t
he sun, releasing substances that make the skin dark.
28 After ten tribes was hereditary property of these things.
29 Other nations also developed differently.
30 Main tseliyu nasheyu was planned creation of the genus, in any way we could a
t times be at the corporal level through the incarnation and the establishment o
f proper exercise.
31 This was the main goal, but we must not forget that the creation of the human
race was just one of many drawings on the tissues of the universe.
32 In fact, the creature was this sort of demiurge in our image, after our liken
ess, but all the things that they may be being accomplished in their turn.
33 From a simple particle originated people, in order to become a demiurge.
Chapter 6. Argonar
A fiery black star in the darkness of space, and Judge otrinet cup and a sword.
2 The word this is the law.

3 He who does not understand the essence of a worm crawling in the mud of the se
Now you know the four that truth is one, and no one would be told of a time gone
5, he remembers what it was recheno, remember that there will be vozglagoleno re
members what was said never.
Your mind is open six wonders of the Pleroma, and immersed in it.
7 Behold is invisible, read nenachertannoe, and you will know!
8 come to know you then miracles, koi are in the secret casket concealing hidden
9 that there was no recheno: key vseotmykayuschy.
10 Oh, these things would be bliss, and spring will come through the winter, and
signified, for slietsya tetrad in the dyad and dyad become Monad.
11 No one knows this, because there was this ever inscribed, will not be inscrib
ed and will not exist forever.
12 Like these things that recheno: the image of the Pleroma and the Void, who ar
e the inside of him, beyond him, and He Himself.
13 My word these things unintelligible.
14 Do not you comprehend this.
15 No, because other secrets should be revealed, otherwise the same ardor of thy
men be corrupted through this thing.
16 He remembers that it was recheno: He was smitten to the Monad will become Tri
ad, Triad in Monad, Monad to the Triad, eternal Monad.
17 Recheno these things at one time, and will recheno these things in the days,
koi will come when you preidete.
18 Official Gazette you this, and pretty.
19 Then you'll be killing in the heat of anger, thy day of thy pride in unforgiv
ing wrath.
20 It is mistaken?
21 Are there any in him suffering and groaning?
22 Where the right hand is stretched to the hearts of my, it was not these.
23 shall see them, as you will fall.
24 will not fear!
25 For these things happen bude, My right hand will raise your velvet.
26 Now know you that they are in the Monad and Dyad Monad in the dyad, such as t

27 Indeed, it was recheno this, and it was interpreted.

28 clouded your mind ... do not you think about this!
29 where I dwell, low price of time: it is gone.
30 But even if se is the truth, unless you will understand?
31 No! For the time has not come yet.
32 The time will come when it will disappear.
33 Son of Sam to stand up, raise his crown and sword to save.
34 He Wants to what has been lost, what Naidus, something that does not exist.
35 Behold, behold there is my word and covenant.
Chapter 7. Darkness impenetrable (Rhan-Hoch)
1 When seest thou in the north, as the Taurus crisscrossing the heavens, looking
at your back, then you otyschesh truth.
There are two star koyu kindles it in heaven: behold there is my star, the cross
is our star, the cross is the star of the world.
3 hladny temples, forgotten time, is what will be lost.
4 Time has passed, the moment came.
5 Uniform gods have disappeared, the stars are silent on the language of their o
nly sea glagolyut them;
6, many gods changed his ways, while they passed, in order to come back later.
7 Behold there is no time for God and man, but the saviors and legends about the
8 All these things are letoskazaniya, in whom told, as were the gods have been c
ast aside, and how humans have risen;
9 is a cross chronicles the creation of the world, whose car - dissolution, and
eternal bliss.
10 Not at all, not at all!
11 Where I am, there is only death remains.
12 Tears is a veil, exposing lies, and evil looks on the covers just.
13 These are her servants.
14 Verily, they shall be established forever.
15 It is the essence of evil triple, triple test of the waters of eternity.
If you know the 16 that is hidden behind the gates, you will become king.
17 And if after you will know these things, save more and what does not know, I
have become.

The flames are 18 red blood of his father.

19 The cross was defeated, and there was nothing left, no, just the joy and eter
nal bliss.
20 If you understand what I say unto, you'll be able to cross the threshold of t
his, so passionately desired, and so coveted.
21 Behold my word there, behold there is my test, it was something, something th
ere, something will.
22 Do not be afraid of what they say.
23 they did not know this, they have only half in my right hand as a single, som
e will remain as it was.
24 And thou shalt know these things.
25 He is the Lord, though thou knowest not this.
There are 26 test and test, the court and the Court, but for the winners is a ha
ven for me.
27 And when you say a "What is the word that compels men to tremble?" 28 Then I will answer you, leaning over you, "I'll whisper in your ear the word
velvety honey, and acquainted with the unknown, hidden it in writing herewith.
29 The wise will reveal it to someone who deserves this.
30 The end is all words - in me. "
Chapter 8. Wind east (Ban-Har)
Look upon a star, and watch my heart.
2 going to leave you a secret circle and comest to us.
3 Behold the wisdom of the peoples, koi were koi koi will be there.
4 Listen well and lament over what comes from afar and looks to the east.
You behold five thousand lights ... one thousand faces of death.
6 Behold: My glory shines in my secret temple.
7 Behold is a start, but there are also different: there are dyad, formed Koya o
f the Triad and pentad, heptad become.
8 What is this then?
9 This mystery is hidden until the end of time.
10 Behold the Word, something was uttered at the top of the mountain sacred.
11 this word - Twenty-Four, but there are also different.
Number 12 is a fraud, the Word is a revelation.
13 The signs now - My secret, the secret essence of Koya power, fame and power.

14 Do not be otherwise when it is Black, whose numbers - Nine.

15 But, verily, nine - the number of lunatics: Leave them to their madness, they
should understand.
16 Could they know, but they do not follow the paths of knowledge.
17 Verily say unto you, that does not exist for you before me, no power in the w
orld, Koya could hinder you to reach me under the darkness of the abyss.
18 And they did not believe what they say to you, they lie.
19 Who are these?
20 You know them.
21 But you already knew them, and little time was spent on these things.
22 Yes there is now a condition of this, a monstrous and disgusting, let fools f
ollow their archons, you do go on to do yourself!
23 Do that, and will not go wrong.
24 By eternity, Koya are H.
25 Now may be a word of my home, but not the end, because, in truth, nothing at
all, and it began to end.
Chapter 9. The power of God (Ruth-Ha)
Xie is a point in the middle of the night, a star, a dark and sleepless.
Any two star alive, because we have not been established.
3 beware of those who declare themselves thy other: through these things fills a
4 And the serpent! Xie is a mystery koyu able to open a few, many do not disclos
5 Behold there is a secret force threefold, in itself a prisoner;
6 is a cross my strength, my cross is the power.
7 I will tell thee what thou must do: a moment of your act in itself has not com
e yet.
8 For the sleep and dream, night, night, dreams and daydreams.
9 For those who honor me, is the key, bound from the beginning of time.
10 Recheno about him in the head Khranmirha.
11 But its significance was ignorant, he who has not comprehended this, does not
get better, because he definitely fell into error.
12 But now, hear me: for a free will, unforgiving, violent, will rise above the
darkness of the abyss, reborn Father in the Son and mother mourn herself.
13 Do not I allowed to disclose more.

14 Only the last piece of advice I can reveal: and behold the river of the soul,
and thou shalt something that does not know.
Chapter 10. Black light (Yorr-Hanh)
1: Look at the ant, the waves of the sea, the rain incessant, and know se is a m
ystery, Koya inside you and outside.
2 Similar to Ran-onaya Tegotu, the owner of a terrible thirst vserazrushitelnoy.
3 Similar to onaya fiery wind that furrows the heavens at any time in any place.
4 It was, it survives.
5 thou knowest not what was recheno!
6 Do not despair, because my secret is hidden in me, and nobody but the serpent
deep, does not know it.
7 Name secrets - Valgur, for it are the power and strength is in it.
8, it inhabits the house of the Black Stone, to whom the name - Wrotham.
9 will know you did, when all come to pass.
10 My house everywhere, but it is hidden, although it is known.
11 Those who live in my house do not know him.
12 There is madness!
13 Give them names different from other teachings, wrong this, but it is not.
14 Narechen I by those who honor me, and despair to those who do not believe in
15 I am the giver of happiness and joy, I am the happiness and joy - in me.
16 No other outside, except that in me, and my Lord, koy in me.
17 Behold the Father, the Son abides in Him, and only the mother prevails over h
im, serene in the seven heavens.
18 This is the pentad, but there is in him, and mystery, something can not be di
19 For to say that everything in his power, to say nothing.
20 The key to this more than he seems, for behold there is my word.
21 Now, and ever and ever and ever! Three times Amen!
Chapter 11. Tar-O
1 Give ear, O thou who lived outside of space and time!
2 Tsarish you without limit, where the triple star blazes with gold.
3 there - the true and undivided kingdom of the Ancients.
4 Ibid your house is boundless, endless, in itself abides.

5 leave it thy soul, O man of confusion: a lonely, unhappy, nothing is protected

6 confusion in the Pleroma desert - until I reach you of what I say unto: home.
7 Without any direction, any place and any time, regardless of the Nothing stays
our house, dark, invisible and secret.
8 eternity without limit, peaceful and ancient.
9 They are the ones that lurk in the darkness, beyond the infinite void.
10 Se is the origin of things, the beginning and the end-.
11 appeared before them with a myriad of dark stars, where life taketh her breat
h and where death reigns supreme.
12 Behold the island of lost, frozen in the desert of the spirit;
13 do not try to move the abyss, so to achieve it, otherwise the same fury fall
on you.
14 Know that demiurges set, but only three of them support the infinite greatnes
s of the universe.
15 Hastur, Azathoth, and Nyarlathotep reign unchallenged in your house, koy are
the abode of every person.
16 And you have built a dark shadow before him, a dark Cthulhu, the serpent of t
he abyss, create spells, dreaming, in the depths of the universe.
17 Do not look for much, and in vain, for death, you who dared to come here!
18 The key is hidden in you, but many are looking for him.
19 Do not despair, when it is said these words, since the end of everything - in
the days shall come koi when it does not become more.
The past 20 days to return the power of the Ancients, and no one dares oppose ou
r way, because he was meaning to us.
21 When heaven otverznutsya, lightning pierce the heavens and the earth shall de
liver coldly the flames, you will know that the time has come our, and all the k
ings of the earth will submit to our government.
22 Se is the voice of the Ancient and your kind, for the monad was the Triad and
Tetrad is nothing more than nothing.
23 Secrets of these are too heavy for understanding: I will reveal them only one
who is unworthy of this.
24 Will allow it time to go through a range of space;
25 these things happen, he will, and these things will become familiar heaven, d
eclaring the arrival of the Ancients.
26 So it was, so it is, it will be again.
27 shall never be at the end of eternity, and the time will never bring down.

28 Now he waits, he will be tomorrow!

29 And the keeper of the seven heavens will not lift a finger, therefore, did no
t pray for His help.
30 they are hidden under the seas, waiting for his moment of awakening.
31 In that day will cover the cry of the earth, and they shall see the oppressio
n of men's hearts with terror.
Chapter 12. Hex-Ar
Chaos has made an of itself, and the outlines have been light.
2 Hastur vozletel at the top, and the heavens were opened.
3 He came down with the blade, splitting open the space into two parts.
4 Then the fire was kindled in the darkness and the king shone.
5 Neither was this not the beginning nor the end.
6 Then the light is divided, had caught the Son Daughter Father gave birth to hi
mself, and the mother became pregnant.
Seven aeons have generated the Son, koy rise above all earthly kings.
8 these things was the Logos, koy was the beginning of time, and non-monad becam
e a dyad, triad, and ascended to the summit of fame.
9 Then God destroyed the house of the mad flames glowing.
10 still remains an imperishable house there, where no Archon will not let go, e
xcept the Son of Man.
11 Tremble, O man, and angels and devils, for the time the Son of Man coming!
12 And he has the time, gave birth to himself, and without a word he said the im
age, and the world through Him.
13 Se is the beginning, the creation of all things, whom the punishment - death.
Chapter 13. Word of Azathoth
A path started in his message remains.
2 Hear, man, and will understand you why: Monad to the Triad and Tetrad in the d
3 The above disclosed the end of time.
4 Hearken unto the voice, hear the song, give ear, they are ignorant.
5 They shall come back to where left in the past century, and dwell there, where
lived in centuries past.
6 Behold the Word, ce is the Law, has the power to behold, behold is our joy and
peace will come koy.
7 Listen to the distant night, when she roars: I generating thunder and lightnin
g when the sky sails and brings the storm into a frenzy.

8 When you behold the light of magic, purple and gold, and purple srebryany, you
will know, and abide with thee bliss and wisdom of the Pleroma.
9 The word this is Azathoth, your law and our law.
10 Se is our word.
11 Behold the voice is ours forever koy not fade and will always be noticeable.
12 tables of marble installed on a secret altar was kindled when the lights of l
13 behold, these things become our law, inscribed and leading into the depths of
the abyss.
14 Do not tarry in the temple, because he did not serve.
15 He is coming.
16 He knows where to stay gates.
He has 17 gates, and the key is in Him.
18 Eye of the Lord crisscrossing the skies in his ladie velvety color azure.
19 Legends of these, these parables are word nenachertannoe a voice of silence.
20 Frozen vacuum for your voice exclaiming.
21 heavens shining out warm winter sun;
22 light of the world invisible, he will never be visible.
23 these things were written before the fall of the great giant, and vozglagolit
it in its hour of a great fall, when the sword of the firmament, and vyidet War
rior devastate the water below it and above it.
24 These things will be familiar: My word, my law at all times.
Author Unknown Manuscripts Pnakota (scattered fragments)
Scroll 1. Altak Rare
(Phage Shudshuthi)
A land not-exist.
2, it floats in the vast nothingness, approaching each day by the end of his, ko
y not aware of it.
Outside 3 turns many worlds, not subservient imagination.
Each world is populated by four servants, inhabitants of the worlds now, for the
same onymi observe the Lord, who are the ancients.
5 Servants, be in all the worlds that exist now, there are those who are exposed
to and transfers.
6 All of them are unhappy differently than men, but each of them is prone to fat
e and the intentions of the Lords, fatal to their souls.

Only seven Lords of worship may have some slight effect on the fate of their unh
8 True worship and follow the victim can clear the mind of them, making them sla
ves to those who have decided they serve.
9 And they made

these things can only be destroying evidence of its superiority.

10 Only by killing his brother, we deny the family.

Only by killing 11 relatives, stands we are spiritually.
Only 12 sacrificing the human race is separated from him forever.
13 Because only a person in particular and the servants of the whole creation is
too small to admire themselves, they must obey the supreme creations,
14 and these things will reward them, depending on the number of shadows that in
habit the world.
15 Lord of every world is different.
16 Some of them have only a product of fear of death.
17 they are horrific, but suschi, and they represent an extreme horror for the p
rofane and the wonderful perfection to have chosen the way of worshiping them.
18 No person may attend the dedication of the servants.
19 Should it completely renounce their former lives, in order to be reborn again
later in the same body by its worship of the image and likeness.
20 bestowed by him then the rewards will be a miracle for him.
21 Lost in the dark abyss, he can not understand that the gifts brought him imme
asurable void for those who now directs it.
Scroll 2. Altak Arok
(Phage Fudfutdu)
Everything has a servant.
2 Those who are below that are weaker than him, who can be used to appoint him a
s a thing in accordance with the power of it.
3 The sun is the earth, the horse is a man.
4 are the servants of the Lords.
Only five are not ancient, but they and even their servants have an inherent pow
er, superior to the most horrible imagination.
6 The ancient power to control the elements, forcing them to serve themselves, b
ecause they themselves are the elements.
7 subject to the servants of the elements, koi themselves are the servants, in t
urn, regardless of the service thereof.
8 is given to man to survive and to clear only when he accepts his destiny and a
purpose in it.

9 Ancient Worship is ultimate accolade granted to every one of us.

10 Se there is no choice and no freedom, but debt.
11 Ancient Masters is our undeniable, nothing and no one escapes the notice of t
12, and ever more desirable to sacrifice themselves for the sake of joining them
, than to live beyond their influence.
13 It is to the idea of shoyu should be dedicated and donated all of our childre
14 Perhaps one day that, when a thief will Khadafi out of the shadows in order t
o be devoured there zemleroyuschimi underground monsters.
15 The blood will flood basalt slab prednachalnye forever.
16 How many of us will complete the circle of life brilliantly with countless se
ts of remains,
17 permanently filled the valley Pnakota him,
18 bones strewn sea,
19 movements are movements whose gigantic dholov,
20 sizes of which correspond to their wisdom and patience in waiting for boundle
ss day, when all the earth be like unto the sea!
Scroll 3. Altak Wide
(Dar Fattsefad)
An ancient dwell in the firmament, and in the air, and in the depths of the sea.
2 unknown to them the boundaries of time and space.
3 The only obstacle for them to have their prison, created the Senior.
4 cloistered, they reflect on the past glory of the coming of their own and thei
r return.
5 Cthulhu dreams and waits, lulls nightmares and horrors of human depth.
6 R'leh - home of him and imprisoned him, and woe betide those who try to break
the seal!
7 His servants are multiplied, seeking fertile daughters of Adam and Havva.
8 Residents of hatching offspring shared in the same depth, the particles of the
great Cthulhu, carried by those.
9 Hastur, who appeared in the other world before the Ancients, lives, defeated,
in the depths of the lake Khalil that lands Khan.
10 Visions, koi He sends, once torn the souls of all those who worshiped him.
11 to live in exile, to be in non-action in nedvizhenii, endlessly trying to inf
luence what happens 12 no mortal ever be able to understand this, because such isolation would have

destroyed his body and soul.

13 his way to freedom is hidden in the depths.
14 He descends deeper and deeper into depression his prison, in order to find it
out, and he will return predvozvestnikom devastating.
15 memory is short-lived one that can not save the will for revenge.
16 But the devastation will come!
17 Wave relentlessly izlietsya tseliyu it with a single - to kill;
18 incredible wave of hatred and millennial expectations.
19 rage, washes it all, living and dead, those who dared to contemplate il admir
e someone other than he!
20 Indeed, no need to Hastur servant, servants, koi have honored his existence.
21 Return to happen, and the horror of it will be such that zaliet land it in th
e past, present and future.
22 The whole world will fill them Hastur, and compassion is all foreign to him.
23 Yog-Sothoth, dwelling in the depths of space and time, splitting time in sear
ch of a possible passage amid an infinite number of outputs, proposed to him.
24 The punishment of Yog-Sothoth - to be gripping the worlds Nahat, amid the inf
inite and boundless space.
His 25 sons - of the elements.
26 Each of them has the power of his element and the world, and everyone is his
27 Tefris - one of them.
28 It remains as in our world and brings misery to his father, that Tom brings l
ittle joy, negligible in comparison with the suffering of his in prison.
29 Monstrous Ytakua, Going-to-wind!
30 expelled and imprisoned within it everything freezes.
31-Aphum Zhah, flame dopolyarnogo refrigerant, which was the ancient times in a
foggy Fomalhaut in Yarnak.
It serves 32 Rlim-Shaykort, but beware of anger Mistress him, Koya worse than he
is, and ever wandering in his hladny caves under the mountains, the sign of the
Senior constrained.
33 If naidet She'll be the only way for you - death
34 and written Phnom, a prophet Hyperborean that day will come when it will cove
r the land of men!
35 Shub-Niggurath, means worship is now only a few.
36 What is the loss of grandeur for her, Mistress of fertility!

37 The day will come when the offsprings revive forgotten her and will bring his
Mistress chaos limit, which would reward and punishment for a few to many.
38 Atlach-Nacha, weaving the fabric of the universe without end, the end means b
e the end of the world.
Its 39 fabric are a reflection of the beginning and end of the precursor.
40 Overcoming the endless ways our worlds sharing the connection with the countl
ess souls that yearn to be enclosed in cloth plain, will be the completion of th
e fabric of the universe, involving the destruction of all things.
41-Ran Ratog, ugly monster that exists only in nightmares all the creatures of t
he world.
42 He is the one to whom a man can not worship, because it can not comprehend th
e nature of him.
43-Y'ig Golonak. Exile.
44 Unhappy His people there is only hidden.
45 Anger and poured out the poison will be on the executioners!
46 Fury and his juices fill his heart and belly of female fertile, that revived
his people.
47 Return of His reward will be the last.
48 Such abuse of power of the Senior, whom he is, would be sufficient, in order
to destroy the press and subjected to the destruction of what should not.
Scroll 4. Altak Tzarok
(Yui Gill)
Only then can one have the greatest ancient power, when they fear and worship th
2 What can they do, who knows if their waking day?
3 For no power over the ancient times, but there it is for many of their servant
s, pursued by cruel and greedy men.
4 Some of them fell victim to his fate.
During the past five worshiped them as gods.
6 But now they appear nightmare night, and the memory of them mercilessly exterm
inated, like wicked pigs in the slaughterhouse,
7 and older are forced his servants to worship the infirm, izmyslennym gods eart
8 The sad fate of inhabitants of depths, grads whom appear and disappear.
9 No longer servants of it, in order to build the tower, and worship the lord of
them - the great Cthulhu.
10 Y'a fhtagn!

11 What we talk about-Shuddi Mell, a princess who is digging deep!

12 She Moves by the firm with a single tseliyu: to protect his people, a small,
century survivor.
13 What will happen to the towers of black basalt in the city of her, aligned in
terms of population?
14 Cho-Cho, astlantiytsy, Hyperboreans and other nations have already disappeare
d from their sacred knowledge.
15 Cursed forever destroyed their teachings were committed to the new faith.
16 temples demolished them, and their objects of worship on the areas exposed to
17 What is atheism!
18 What blasphemy! ..
Code II. BRATAK fragile
(Gough IOI)
Two thousand years a tree encircled by a circle cut out on the tables of charact
ers, the meaning of which escapes me.
2 Perhaps the cross is the knowledge of the Worlds, the signs of faith here befo
re the former inhabitants have long since disappeared koi? ..
3 Next on the way this and the bridge of jade, thrown through a narrow river.
Only four of her passing, the traveler will go down to the hills, through the ko
i gets it in the dark forest K'tai.
5 Here awaits a meeting face to face with the dangers of many, overcoming of whi
ch requires considerable courage and luck.
6 This is part of the forest edge now, koi contact with other, more beautiful pl
7 corners of the worlds, forgotten by all.
8 stars with incredible and terrifying residents.
9 Woe to those who meet them there, do not prepare in advance!
10 Therefore rejoice, and I'm crossing the river, that I was under the protectio
n of the great Apostle.
11 The sign still are very powerful protection beside a gate of those.
12 unaware of it and fear it in all parts of the world.
Vyidya 13 out of the woods, does not need more than a stranger in any directions
, in order to understand where he is.
14 The stone pillar stands on a mountain top and seems to emit a certain glow, d
espite its lack of any color.
15 ominous presence of his dominion is over all the valley.

16 It seems to me that, instead of emitting light, it is, in contrast, absorbs i

t, attracting travelers to the symbol itself.
17 A further journey in search of tireless runs, because the mountain is this po
wer has charuyuscheyu.
18 In fact, to reach the tower, takes a few days, but the burden of deferred rew
arded with a vengeance.
19 The base of the tower of gigantic size.
20 marvelously smooth ledges of it, and it seems that time has no power over her
21 It seems to me that while it exists in several worlds.
22 Indeed, since the founding of the neighborhood if it were dissolved.
23 Replacement of these should dozen kinds of visions, and each of them are the
gates of a thousand worlds, strange.
24 When a traveler is going to leave the tower, he does not know for sure where
would be.
25 It happens that he is in a strange place, but it can be sinister in places in
habited by unspeakable creatures.
26 I saw the features of this world, looking out over the horizon of the tower.
27 I even believed also that I behold the incredible worlds and forbidden, like
Kadafi, Khalil il terrible plateaus Lang.
28 What I saw froze my blood, and immediately had an idea to leave the tower, fo
r the awful majesty of her for me was unbearable.
29 is wholly covered with strange letters.
30 Signs of these on the tower are nothing but a message left the same as me, st
rangers who had come from the land and all sorts of wonderful times.
All 31 letters are devoted to the same Ancient, this inhabitant of the tower: th
e Messenger, whose character ever remained in my right hand.
32 Se there is only one of the inscriptions date, koyu able to distinguish betwe
en my eyes,
33 others were either too absurd, devoid of all meaning, or too high above me:
34 "Y'a! Y'a Nyarlathotep ralfak that way! N'tog ralfak that way!
35 BSL s'yug frightaghu El'yas n'yartak zga'aar! "
Body of missing pages in the Greek Benath list (Except the first chapter include
d in the Al-Asif under the heading "Invocation Ktughi" along with excerpts from
the book Yvonne, and the individual fragments, as cited in Al-Khazraj, and prove
the authenticity of which at least some of these scrolls.) He is known only by
the late translation from Arabic manuscripts (Only partially coincide with the G
reek), discovered in the house of Edmond Baldwin and passed after his death, the
bishop of Rouen, an adviser to the Pope Pius VII. Translated from Arabic into F

rench made
Ratskavom Mohammed, but it is mixed with the source code comments and l
ater vpiskami who can not always be separated from the original.
Scroll 1. Benath Ktugha
A "C

Fomalhaut soidet lightning to the ground at the call of magician:

2 Ktugha raleff'ka ETT Ktugha Nuva skarak! "

3 It should be repeated three times, these things with due expression.
4 is written as this in the tables Tsanthu.
5 It must first find your wand Ktughi, otherwise the same wrath down on you the
person to whom you are appealing.
6 Through these things, not only Ktugha, but His servants, the lights of insanit
y, may be called upon.
7 Behold is a fiery substance, flammable all the incessant changes of its best a
nd the melting steel forging.
8 Yvon Pisano these things:
9 "Only he who owns the rod symmetry, close to the Lord of fire, and his servant
s he will be able to ask for help themselves.
10 Call upon the Lord and he shall bring him the victim per se, that he deigned
to preserve intact the life and soul calling. "
11 Call Ktughu!
12 Se is madness, and maybe this for you.
13 But how can you survive the test of the family and how the offering will be s
ufficient for the Old?
14 Therefore, I quote here the rite described in the Book of Yvonne, not knowing
, but as far as possible to execute it, and what is its effectiveness:
15 "The grooves of the altar, created in the rock, but will descend to the groun
16 Yes, a sword will pierce any sacrifice guards without killing it, though.
17 Death is so slow and painful.
18 Repeated appeals to the suffering is ancient.
19 The more victims realize what awaits them, the more frustrated in my life, an
d the loud and terrible suffering them.
20 Blood of Allaah be released in the full light of the moon and cloudless, and
may impregnate her deep dust of the earth.
21 Yes to cause the sorcerer to his body in the first three characters of the al
phabet Nug-Sota, IAO.
22 Yes it is a dark robe and bears it in circles, embroidered with gold and silv

23 And let them be the duration of the upraised eyes of his grief,
24 and so will his spirit free from all thought, being in a vacuum, ready to tak
e the Lord's eternal flame.
25 When the land around him, and saturated with the blood of the victims turns r
ed, so dark magician sing these words:
26 Y'a! Y'a! Ktugha an'olf! An'alph Ktugha!
27 Ze'ev Naa Thrush Shamash Ktugha! "
28 So, what should happen then, can describe only one who will do these things.
Scroll 2. Benath Pnakot(Good Feyir)
1 In the midst of nothingness are Pnakota cave.
Serve these two boundaries pass.
3 Non-existence and infinity!
4 outlines their incomprehensible to men.
5 is the first race zmiechelovekov, these caves allow them to go to all corners
of the world.
6 Not only is the transition point was the cave, but the beginning and the end f
or any kind of Zmiyov.
7 There they stayed the altar, the place where the departed souls of evil, lost
8 Recheno about this in the ancient legends:
9 In the depths of the earth, in chain of caves,
Y'ig 10-hour waiting Golonak, to be reborn to life.
11 And he dreams of deaths. It would be arrogant
12 In his day, and a moment among those who must go back.
13 It is cold like ice. He strangers killer.
14 In the worlds in the void around the curl Pnakota
15 He was a foregone conclusion as his black willy ...
16 And He it blacker. He is reborn to life!
17 It breeds in caves Pnakota zmiechelovekov race.
18 Only in the dark dungeons of the maze Pnakota can conceive their wives, and n
owhere else.
19-Y'ig Golonak also tayaschiysya in caves now,
20 in the depths of the labyrinth,

21 at the intersection of all paths

22 is ready to respond to calls from anyone who appeals to him,
23 and in the groans of lusting women, in whom He poured out its juice and the S
erpent Lord.
24 Haunted hungry strangers revelations,
25 are still traces of the cave Pnakota punishment imposed by a ferocious-Y'ig G
olonakom all the uninitiated,
26 negligence, and untold suffering of which gladden my heart and strengthen my
27 Suffering and the finest and rarest pleasure of death comes then only when ac
companied it as exquisite, painful and cruel treatment.
28 Voluntary self-mutilation gives a subtle flavor symmetry acts.
29 Even I, who passed through Pnakot, will be eternally jealous of the fate of t
he wanderers now honored with the greatest cruelty of the torturers of all world
30 caves are available from every corner of Pnakota light, because they are in e
very place and in all ways.
31 Woe to him who imagined, as if the loss of power can take place unhindered zm
iechelovekov the caves Pnakota, in order to wander all over the world!
32 Wondrous creatures that came from the unknown Outland, conquered the cave and
stay there freely.
33 I saw the hounds Tind'losi and avoiding them.
34 Beautiful creating these rare subtlety are evil incarnate.
35 was my salvation army Lang, for a big game it was.
36 Cries of pain and horror of the soldiers now permanently imprinted in the cav
es, koi spread through Pnakot a warning to those weak and foolish.
37 Only a transition for me was Pnakot, serious way to the heavenly gates of inf
inity Moon and the knowledge that burning flame unquenchable tormented my mind.
38 was paved path of the remains of those unfortunate, my brave men that went to
these places without drugs Mreda .
Note Ratskava Muhammad: "This drug is described by Pierre d'Azradom, which ruine
d pyramid of Amenemhet at Dahshur, in order to maintain its secrecy. He found a
secret place in the mosque, dedicated to the ancients. I cite here the informati
on that travelers could get ready, and not blaspheme the wicked Egyptian gods. "
39 If there Pnakot intersection, just move to other worlds, the heavens of the m
oon connects everything in full.
40 Infinity think there is visible, and from there I did not visit even a neglig
ible portion of the available.
41 It is also negligible, as the place of my miserable existence, I was dragging

something, in comparison with the immensity of the world and the wonders that e
xist in it.
42 But, I think, it is possible to map this, despite the giant dimensions and an
gles incredible .
Note: one of the former owners of the manuscript (Possibly Edmond Baldwin): "In
our world Pnakot really only available in some locations, preferences based on t
he universe of space: in Kadafi, in the ruins of Ksinopa, the now submerged isla
nd of Yaddr and cursed swamps Rannoch Moor in Scotland. It is from this last pla
ce, I entered in the maze of luxury. "
43 Dangerous, depressing wasteland creatures, covered with mud:
44 is not a sorcerer goes to Pnakot, but some of the caves Pnakota extend to him
like tentacles, in order to compel him to visit other worlds.
45 sacred words should be sung strongly and sharply.
46 Nudity and blood of an animal would be a help magician, remember these things
Only 47 debauchery and depravity can send a stranger.
48 Other means of self-flagellation as naidut uncomplicated, in order to connect
the mind with magical singing.
49 Rumors word il threatening foe of his, vskroy him in the middle of singing th
e womb, in order to plunge into it beats yours and urinate in the very center of
his giblets.
50 Where are less fortunate is he who with a pure mind speaks the word, is not a
ccompanied by any distortion of the add, personal spiritual il.
51 The words of these, koi should be repeated twice, as follows:
52 "Al'aa strosht'aa!
53 Strosht'aa stag'n!
54 Y'ig that Erb nofraba iktor fhtagn! "
Scroll 3. Benath Karak
Note Ratskava Muhammad: "The assumptions similar to those described here, first
appeared at the Steinberg or Randolfski. In the reference books mentioned that t
o date the only work whose author is Randolfski - a "Contract of the Ancients."
"Contract" written by his own son's blood, the victim of his adherence to the an
cient science in search of a new personality. The past, therefore, is described
with a look into the future. It is important to compare similar arguments to the
theory of parallel spaces that coincide at the quantum level and in the time co
ntinuum. "
Apart from the overtly fake Errtag Holof chapter, this chapter presents the grea
test doubts about its authenticity researchers. Perhaps (although convincing evi
dence, we do not have), Karak Benath written in XVI-XVIII century by the same au
thor as the Errtag Holof.
Never a science can neither solve nor explain the appearance of beings that came
out of nowhere.
2 Not six, not eight and not a thousand directions in space.
3 Infinitely it is not within the boundaries of its own, but the number of lines

that constitute it.

4 The level of penetration into the mysteries of the universe of mind determined
by the number of directions, he grasped the koi.
5 Mastering a new direction can push the boundaries and the ways of the Spotless
6 Common Man exists in the space of six lines, and stays there, without being aw
are of other areas: past and future, memory and dreams.
7 mastered with these four areas will be able to change it and bring the Lords.
8 Moving amid the nothingness, they are able to command the magicians, like the
light of the ruling before.
9 Witchcraft these things - other than the connection of several areas, correlat
ed with those in whom these creatures move.
10 It is easy to call people, scrying in dreams.
11 will be called by the call and then come back to his world of six directions.
12 But who knows what may come, if clumsily imposed if the sorcerer spells il ha
s not quite spells!
13 Do not come, whether owning them?
14 Fortunately for the men, who vanished in the infinity of ancient measurements
15 In order to encourage them, one must therefore perform at the singing of the
only pronunciation of whose can lead even the strongest of wizards to samoubieni
yu il madness.
16 Only a union of several magicians can lead to success in the Ancient Sorcery.
17 Incredible knowledge can get their magicians before, than to be murdered and
devoured by those whose wicked sleep disturbed, they
18 For the universal equilibrium determines the punishment is commensurate with
19 Therefore ... [the end of the scroll is missing]Scroll 4. Benath Mordrekk
If one of the great look of the temple land of Zin, Aldebaran is near Andromeda.
2 The motion is directed him to infinity and has many similarities with Ksikrita
3 Swimming in blood under the semi-invisible light darkest dreams foes
4 a while the stench of decomposing bodies of the set,
5 leads to the edge of the mind of thoughts of those vile creatures
6 essence of which are decorated with inhumane suffering, encouraging the spirit
and brightened the way.
7 View this rich, surrounded by monstrous hatred and horror,

8 where the servants are saturated with fears of the weak,

9 in order to use what they fear most of all, united for the sake of torture,
10 releases the pilgrim and makes the madness overtake him much earlier than the
start suffering.
11 Call out your name stars, each of them many times, from the beginning to the
end of time, unabated and not giving up this world for ever;
12 waiting for a single fee, some will never come, but something will be the onl
y effective way to inform yourself about the universe, populated by ape creature
s, marching between the worlds.
13 Fortunately, there remains Guard.
14 He shall abide there for ever, ready to support the afflicted and to punish t
he weak.
15 Its appearance is decorated with shiny darkness to torture sophisticated, imp
osed on them.
16 Se is incorrect, and unfortunate, and vain, and satisfied with their weakness
es, and reptiles like worms in the dust of his faith, and sinking into insignifi
cance her.
17 Yes Yotag punish them all, the lord of the Guardians!
18 Always be ready to guard, where the past overshadows the shadow of the future
and destroy all life.
19 But now they are destroying everywhere signified shall find the outlines, bec
ause it knocks out of the way they live, to the paltry desires of the flesh, in
the No Mind thereof.
Code IV. ERRTAGScroll 1. Errtag Alyach
1 It is important in order to elect w